New In: #Insta Collection by Rimmel London Review

Since my skin has been on good form for the last month or so since introducing some new skincare products to my daily regime (read all about them in my review of the 3 best products for dry skin), I’ve been spending more time playing around with makeup, as base products now sit better on my skin. So, when I received the new #Insta Collection by Rimmel London in the post, I was sooo excited to get stuck in! The day I first tried these I had actually just arrived home from work to then get ready to got to Haydock Park for a work do, and my first impressions with two of the products was good. So, here’s my review of the new Insta Collection by Rimmel London.

Insta Fix & Go Spray

I will always prime my skin before going in with my foundation, so this product got me a little excited. Better yet, the dual action of being a primer & setting spray, is even better. Firstly, it smells like cucumber – that’s maybe a personal opinion, but I genuinely believe it does. Secondly, it’s very refreshing – face sprays like this usually are quite drenching in terms of dispersing too much product onto the skin, but this delivers a really fine mist which I prefer. However, when it comes to the purpose of the product, I’m not a huge fan. It felt drying on the skin, and even made my skin feel slightly tight and uncomfortable too. I’m not sure if it’s ideal for all skin types, but I’d certainly say it’s not ideal for those with dry skin.

Insta Conceal & Correct

I’ve only used colour corrector’s once before, but this was back when my knowledge of how to use certain products was very minimal – I mean very minimal. However, I like to think I’ve got a hang of these kind of things now. I’ll jump straight in and say I love the formula of this product – it’s super creamy, light-weight, doesn’t cake and is great for my dry skin. As for it’s purpose, I’ve no clue how little or much you’re suppose to use when it comes to colour correcting products. The green worked great for any red blemishes, but I couldn’t work out how to use the other two colours correctly…any tips?

Insta Conceal & Contour

Same as the Insta Conceal & Correct palette, the Rimmel London Conceal & Contour palette has an awesome formula. This is Rimmel’s first ever multi-tasking conceal & contour palette which is an exciting step forward for the brand, but does it work? Well, the concealer is awesome. I’ll jump straight in with that one. It feels so fine under the eyes, didn’t cake once throughout the entire night and is great at covering up unwanted blemishes. As for the contour, I love the subtleness of this – I don’t like anything heavy on my face and I certainly don’t like anything to look too dark or harsh on my face. As for the highlight, I’m not impressed at all. There’s no luminosity too this to act as a highlight and simply came out looking exactly like my concealer, but for the cheek bone…

Insta Dual Contour Stick

Again, the formula for this is great and the contour colour is ideal for my skin tone from the Light range (also available in Medium and Dark), but the highlight part is just letting this range down! I’d like to think I just got a dodgy product from the entirety of the collection, but something tells me the brand just needs to work on the highlighter a little more to get it top notch!

Insta Fix & Matte Translucent Powder

I do love a good powder, and I’ve particularly become a big fan of this one. The packaging is pretty standard, but the design on the powder itself is awesome – it’s a collection of #’s dotted all around to fit with the #Insta theme. As for its purpose, I can’t fault it. It mattify’s any shine, doesn’t add any colour, plus is a super fine powder.