iRobot 21011 Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner : Ok, but not great (battery doesn’t really last that long)

It works, but its expensive. I use sains window cleaner diluted by lots of water. Find the right mix and its fine.

I’m nearly at the end of my first bottle , it has lasted me all year. I regularly wash my floors and i’m very pleased with the results.

Impossible to buy locally, price a bit steep.

It’s cleaning fluid, there’s not much more to say. I put it in my scooba and it works (with a fairly small amount).

I am happy with the purchase. I would use your services again.

I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

Very effective, did a great job with scooba and smells lovely. I am very pleased with the product. It should last quite a long time.

Pity it doesn’t leave some sort of fresh smell like other floor cleaning fluids do. But you can’t use others with scooba.

  • Great stuff
  • Great Value!
  • Works fine

iRobot 21011 Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner, Natural Enzyme Formula, 16-Ounce

Product Description, Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner is an effective, economical and safe cleaning solution formulated for the iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot. All natural and non-toxic, it’s strong enough to clean tough spills, yet safe for you, your pets and our planet. Effective on all sealed hard floors, including wood. 16-oz. bottle. Highly concentrated – 64 uses per bottle. < p >For over 20 years, iRobot® has been developing leading-edge technologies to fulfil its simple mission statement: to create robots that make a difference to people’s lives. So far, our robots have made a difference in the world’s combat zones and at natural disasters, they have explored the oceans and have been designed for space travel… and are in millions of homes around the world. Ten years ago, we unveiled the first Roomba® vacuum-cleaning robot to the world and the latest 700 Series is our 6th generation. iRobot is a robotics company, not an electronics one; we only make robots. So you can be sure our robots are ‘fit for purpose’. And Roomba’s purpose is to clean floors.

Box Contains, 1 x bottle Scooba cleaner

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Good cleaner works well with the irobot – so is a must if you buy and i robot which is brilliant.

We bought this way back in december 2010, and the battery has packed after about a year and a half, which is border line mediocre, especially as it costs about gbp 50-60 to replace, and as recommended in the manual, you have to continuously leave it plugged in the wall, which doesn’t help the electricity bill. We don’t use it that frequently (maybe about 20 cycles over its life). Overall, it seems to do the job, but it does take a fair amount of care to clean its parts. It came out with a 4100ma battery out of the factory, so we’ll try a 4500ma this time to see if it lasts any longer.

Good floor cleaner for irobot scooba devices – stupidly expensive for a floor cleaner – however if you wish to keep your warrenty then you are forced to purchase this overpriced cleaner. It does work well, but no way worth £10.

If you have a scooba hard floor robot this is magic stuff; it gets the floor genuinely clean, you only need a tiny bit so the bottle will last for ages, good value.

Its just overpriced soap but does what it says.

Do not wish to be shallow but life without a car, auto washing machine, central heating, dish washer, tumble dryer and ibot floor cleaner is unthinkable. Its a neccesity like non bio powder in a washing machine.

We love the scooba, or doris as she’s been named. The cleaning fluid leaves the tiled and hardwood floors looking and feeling fresh.

Product ok but why can i not use flash instead?. I have dogs and my marble floor gets very dirty especially if it rains.

  • Great stuff
  • Great Value!
  • Works fine

iRobot 21011 Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner, Natural Enzyme Formula, 16-Ounce

Excellent cleaning achieved with this fluid in the irobot. Only a very small amount required so works out very economical.

Like this cleaner and would recommend it. Seems pretty expensive but you only use a little each time.

Although it does not take care of greasy spots or very crusted up blotches, this detergent does a fine job in helping to keep my wood floors clean. But as with all irobot products, a thorough cleaning with other means every so many months is necessary to deal with the tougher dirt (and edges and such). I particularly appreciate that the detergent has a very mild citrus perfume; no strong chemical or overpowering perfumed smells.

Features and Spesification

  • Scooba Cleaner
  • 16 oz per bottle
  • Up to 64 uses per bottle
  • For Scooba 200 and 300 series
  • Natural