iXunGo Portable Pico Projector – Clear picture with good resolution

I initially didn’t expect much from that little guy but was surprised by brightness and functionality. I have had fun seeing how many places i could project a movie on and the picture quality is fantastic. Enjoy some great movie nights with the family. Good for indoor outdoor entertainment !.

It’s ok if you set it up directly facing your screen. If it is lower your picture is on an angle.

It’s really good but doesn’t work with powerpoint unfortunately.

After using the it this feels like an awesome buy. I had it set up quickly in my man cave , used it for some movies , played my ps4 , watched tv shows and some playoff football. I don’t know the exact response time but didn’t notice any significant input delay when playing movie and games. The resolution isn’t as good as my 4k tv but i didn’t expect it to be in this price range and the resolution certainly doesn’t look bad.

I like picking up this little video prjoector, because it’s nice to be able to throw up a screen or sheet to have an outdoor movie night or put on music videos to spice up the regular playlist during a late night barbecue without having to fuss with a separate media player or laptop. This one is the best i’ve ran into. The usb ports can read a lot of different files and wifi streaming video is also very simple.

I mainly use this projector for family fun nights with the kids or during big sporting events where there are lots of people. Everyone loves it and always asks about it. The quality is just as good as hd. It’s compact and so quick to set up and doesn’t require a lot of accessories, so you can easily bring it around to friends or family gatherings.

This is great for so many uses. If you go camping, or like entertaining outside or your moving around – this can replace a t. For a bit, or if you simply have a big wall and want larger view, it has many reasons for use. It isn’t big and clunky, small and takes very little space. The sound is a little small in outdoors but is easy to hook up to externer speakers through the headphone jack port or bluethtooth. Also it’s a pitty it comes without a tropid, you have to buy one by yourself.

The mini projector is a ideal size to carry out, it’s light weight but have all features i needed. Easy to operate and the picture quality is awesome. My kids love to watch their favorite movies with it. It’s a pity, the sound is a little slow, i need connect with bluetooth speaker everytime.

Battery life is very low – low battery warning sign appears on the screen and it cannot be removed.

This is an amazing compact & powerful projector. I’m so happy that the seller brought this product to the market as i had been looking to make a purchase of a ‘pico projector’ for a long time since first coming across the existence of them in an airport dixons shop. That it was something that had to be purchased, the only question was ‘when’i have now enjoyed several wonderful ‘movie nights’ with my family and friends using this projector, one such night we even took it to the top of ‘arthur’s seat’ and then paired it via a simple ‘plug in’ bluetooth transmitter (purchased separately) to our ‘boombox’ and had the most awesome time watching ‘the raid’.Volume up full blast, pop corn and snacks to hand – a night to rememberthe features all work superbly – battery seems to last a very long time, i use an external power bank. Just to make sure that i don’t miss the end of the longer films. As was the case with one of my favourite classics: ‘dances with wolves’. The projector is extremely bright and it’s surprising just how huge a surface it will flood with colourful light and images. Try setting it up to display music videos on the outside of your house.A funky way to let others know where the party house isbuy today.

I just share the experience for all people: i bought this projector to watch movies. My favourite part is that i can connect my iphone to this projector directly without a cable as it is wifi connectable. Open the network share and press trust on the iphone, to connect it immediately. The image quality is better than i expected, and the video can be viewed without stress in a dark environment. The projector has built-in speakers, but i believe it would be better to use with an external speaker. Buying this projector at this price is really worth it.

Absolutely love this projectoreasy to hook up and use straight out of the box. I didn’t need the tripod, but it’s of good quality if needed. The picture quality is very good, and there is a useful scale adjustment within the settings/display which allows you to set the projection to your screen size perfectly. The focus wheel allows for easy achievable sharp images. Mine is hooked up to external speakers, so the sound is not a problem. There is a built-in speaker, but you’re better off using external speakers if possible. You can connect to your home wi-fi and use the inbuilt software to go online, i tried iplayer, which worked fine. My blue ray player tested out fine using the hdmi cable supplied. Finally, i tested my macbook air with the projector and that worked brilliantl.

Quality of the picture is really nice. The contrast is really good. The unit itself is very lightweight and compact, without sacrificing any picture quality. The color is projected really well. It’s a vivid and life like, unlike the other ones i’ve used in the past you don’t know how to get color bleeding. I use it for my children to watch some videos even during the day and it comes out quite clear. Here are the specifications for the iXunGo Portable Pico Projector:

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    by entering your model number.
  • High Resolution & Brightness – OSRAM LED lamps with 30000 hours of lifespan,300 ANSI lumen brightness, 854*480 Native Resolution, support 1080p 4K video decoding, bring you wonderful video viewing experience.
  • Compact & Portable – Palm size with rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows to play a movie for about 100 minutes without charging. Fits easily in your pocket, backpack, travel bag and convenient to take it wherever you want to go. You can enjoy the big screen indoors/ outdoors/ office or anywhere.
  • Truly Wireless- Built in Android OS, 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi connected to the network. Run streaming and media apps flawlessly. Support HD-IN to laptop, game host, TV box, support external Bluetooth speaker. Can be operated by mouse and keyboard. Support iPhone and Android phone wireless screen share.
  • Super Compatibility – Built-in rich ports such as HD-IN, USB, TF and Micro SD ports are available. Connect with your iOS devices via Airplay, Android devices via Miracast and Laptop/PS5/Xbox via HD-IN port. Widely used for watching movies, parties, business presentation, football and basketball matches, camping, etc.
  • Package Content – 1* Mini Projector, 1* Power Adapter, 1* Remote Control, 1* HD cable, 1* User Manual. Mini projector covers a one-year iXunGo service. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us to get timely assistance.

If i can give 10 stars i would no hesitation to give. This is a wonderful projection it is portable light easy to carry during my travel to my work which i do need th use this very offer and the picture quality is excellent. And the price is reasonable,i am for this purchase so far.

This is the perfect projector for a budget shopper who has a dark room in which you can view movies, or those who like to watch it at night. It takes you back to the old movie experience when everything didn’t seem digital. It is highly portable to use in different environments.

I tried it with my laptop, my ps3, and my phone. I haven’t used it outside yet but inside quality is perfect, and the sound is great as well which is something that i didn’t have on my last projector, and what’s best when using my phone i can use an external speaker via bluetooth and i can turn the volume up as much as i want, which is awesome for music.

We are suprised for its look. He could not wait to set it up. We connect to our speakers so it made it louder. Hubby is very pleased & happy with this.

Nice mini projector, super easy to use. It’s the sort of thing you can buy and set it up to project onto kids bedroom wall. Honestly say this projector doesn’t seem to suffer the resolution problem some other cheap projector s do. Words are easily readable when focused. Push it closer to the wall, the picture is watchable even in with daylight. Overall a really good buying.

I am very happy to pick up this projector; i have purchased other slightly cheaper projectors, but this projector is better than other projectors and is worth the money. This is the pocket size and the battery lasts for a few hours so you can carry it. Even if you just use it at home, it’s still good. Although you really need to use it in a darker room, i am amazed at the quality and quality that this projector can produce. I managed to connect it to the tv box and my phone now i don’t think i will need a tv. The only thing that dissatisfied me is that the brackets it is equipped with are not stable enough and are generally worth buying.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good value for money

  • the video projector bring me much fun

  • Portable, bright and sharp

I like the projector for watching movies.

 small in size so it’s super portable and compact. Great picture quality against the right background and the picture is sharp even if kept at a distance. Easy to set up and use with clear instruction leaflet showing how to connect mobile phones both wirely and wirelessly. The crystal audio performance really impressed me. I can also connect my headphones to it. So goodthe video i shared here was projected from mobile phone. If you connect directly to your pc using hdmi input the image quality is much brighter and clearer. I haven’t figure out how to zoom out the screen, will need to ask in the amazon buyer community. Now need to searching for a good projector wall screen :d.

I got it so my kid could watch tv in his room, but didn’t want to put an actual television set accessible to his curious little hands. The picture quality is fabulous, my kid can enjoy their favourite cartoons in big screen.

Main things you would want to know about a projector:brightness, picture quality, and interfaces/connectivity. Brightness: this unit is actually pretty bright and serves well under dim sunlight, however best results are definitely in pitch black. I found that shining it on a wall that is usually not touched by the sun gave the best quality. Quality of picture: the unit itself can only output 800x480p, but accepts 4k signals. The overall quality is good as far as projectors are concerned. Noise: this fan of the unit is not very loud, you can connect a bluetooth speaker to avoid the fans affect. Connectivity: this unit is filled with connection possibilities, has 2 usb port, 1hdmi port, 1 tf port and 1 ethernet port, you can use hdmi connect your pc, game host, tv box, fire stick and so on most impress is the ethernet port, i can plug in network cable directly get a stable speed and i love it. Overall this projector is very good and i really look forward to continuing using it in future.

Bought to go in my laptop bag so i can present anywhere but also so i have tv/movie access via my amazon firestick whilst i travel. Nice and small and very simple to set-up with built in o/s that has you tube and a few other apps (can add netflix from the store) – tested it watching hd football streaming service on firestick in daylight room at about 40′ on a cream wall and worked perfectly. Sound was sharp but not very loud (would use a speaker in most situations anyway) everything else was very impressive for a small device.

My wife and i had decided on purchasing this projector based on the fact that it easily connects to a phone. When we were testing the projector out we had used it up against a blank white wall and we were amazed at the picture and sound quality. I would highly recommend that if anybody is in the market for a projector to consider this model.

This is a great projector for the price. We bought it for the purpose of using it outside in the summer for movies. But my husband says he may even use it for watching football.

It’s easy to use, i just plug a usb to the projector or connect with my home network and project movie to ceiling of my bedroom enjoy movie with my girlfriend.

I have to say the mobile projector does its job, as a person constantly travelling with work its light weight very reliable and easy to set up and usei would highly recommend this small projector to anyone that is in the same roll.

I bought this projector to watch movies. My favorite is that i can plug the ethernet directly or connect with home wifi to watch all kinds of movies without delay, don’t need to connect with iphone, really great ideal. The image quality is better than i expected, and the video can be viewed without stress in a dark environment. The projector has built-in speakers, but the sound quality is not particularly good, so you should consider using an external speaker to have better sound experience.

I bought this projector several weeks ago and i am extremely pleased with it. I was easy to set up and connect and i was watching in a matter of mins. The resolution is great and they have made it simple to adjust for perfect view with the focus scroll and keystone. It is great as a home cinema but you can use it for other stuff as well. It has built in speakers with good quality tone ,but i’ve plugged my surround system into it for more powerful sound. Overall ,i am very happy with this purchase and hopefully it will last long.

This is a neat little projector that is easy to set up and use. For general home use in a darkened room it is adequate for most purposes. However i needed it for showing powerpoint presentations in an office and it simply wasn’t bright enough to copy with normal office lighting. Although the images were visible, they were very washed out. Also, the wifi connection to a samsung smartphone was easy to set up, but it constantly dropped the connection. So sadly i had to return this projector. For the price it is a nice little unit, but, for more serious use in an office it seems that 500 ansi lumens is the minimum requirement.

 im very impressed with this mini projectorits perfect for home or travel as its really small. Its made from high quality steel and it feels very robust. It works like a charm, menus are easy to use and it works really fast. I have included a video so you can see for yourself how good it is.

 fantastic picture quality. This small lightweight projector has a builtin battery so is super portable. We took our children and some friends camping in a neighbors field last weekend and took the projector. We hung an old sheet from two trees and watched old films late into the night. What a way to spend a summer evening.

This projects are better than i expected, bought a cheaper project before but the resolution was unexpectedly bad. But for this projector, i projected a screen about 120 inches and i still had great resolution.

The sound quality is also very good. I really like this projector. There is no radiation from the projector. It is much better for the baby.

If you think it’s a radio, you are wrong. It’s mini palm projector with a classic radio apprearance. I like the smart design, it’s the most fashion one i ever see. Besides, the brightness is also out of my expectation.

Clear image and easy to connect to my laptop. 100 ansi lumen is enough for watching the video at home. It is so small for fitting in my pocket. It will be better for watching at night. I have had a great time with it.

It works fine, it does need few improvements though but overall its a good product. It’s compact and tiny with bright sharp pictures, easy to carry around, i can enjoy movie at home or outside.

I am very impressed of this portable projector. It is very mini so i can carry it to anywhere in my pocket. The picture quality is good enough, i did connect it with a speaker to make the sounds lound. I can’t believe this little thing does the same job like tv. It is easy to use, we enjoy to watch video with it just like in the cinema with so big screen.

I brought one other projector about 6 months ago but it’s too heavy to carry around and it need a bag to carry with, which is quite inconvenient when i visit my friends’ place for movie night or football night. This is no longer a problem with this new mini projector. It has satisfied all my needs. It is lightweight and it can fit into my trousers’ pocket easily. As from the video i shared here, it produced clear image and sufficient loud voice volume. I am very happy with the result. In the box, it also came with a stand which makes life much easier. Overall, lightweight good quality, there is nothing to complain if the price could be slightly cheaper [smile. ]

Our family loves this projector. It’s makes playing video games so much more enjoyable. Having a giant screen allows us to focus on our characters throughout the gameplay. I was impressed with the clarity of the display and can’t wait to use it outdoors this summer to watch movies. With the many different inputs such as hdmi, usb, etc. I am sure anyone can find something to display on this device.

I like this projector its easy to use and connect. The quality of the video is so clear and the sounds is loud. Its easier to connect on ipad or iphone, android phone. Also you can watch video only by connect to home wifi directly, which is very easy to operate.

 easy to connect to youtube,i will be using this projector for halloween showing window halloween decorations.

Bought this wifi enabled wireless mini projector and so far loving it,the set up was extremely easy and i was able to watch a 2 hour movie without any issue s. It is extremely portable and can be carried along anywhere. Mirrored my iphone to projector and worded like charm,the item was shipped on time, this projector is amazing. I will definitely recommend this as a mid range portable projector.

Projector is smaller than other,we can take it anywhere. It brings me lots of fun,i can sit on my sofa watching my favoriate movies.

My projector so far, i am very satisfied with this projector. This is an attractive projector that packs well and feels durable. I was impressed with the size of this projector, which made it truly portable. Power cord and manual socket, great – hdmi, sd, usb and av, audio output is also very useful for sd and usb, digital camera quality is really good when you want to watch your photos or videos. It works great in a bright room but works better in a dark room. Overall, it’s a reasonably priced projector, and it works well if you want to display pictures or videos.

We got it to show videos on the side of the house when we are in the spa, and it works perfect for that. We will be getting a screen for better performance, but it works well already.

 the screen quality is amazing i feel like i have a movie theater set up in my house. I am using it to share pictures and videos with the family and watch movies. I would say it’s a good deal compared to the price and the picture quality.

We took it camping and the kids loved it. It’s pretty easy to use and the picture quality is impressive. It’s easy to take it around and hook up.

Absolutely love this projector does everything i want it to do. I’ve added a bluetooth mouse so navigates great.

Very happy with this projector so far, extremely small and light. Very impressive customer service from wotech. I had a email out of the blue shortly after the purchase to ask if everything was alright. I was feeling slightly irritated with the small tripod which had a loose leg but it was not enough for me to bother complaining about. Because they made the point of asking me, i told them about the tripod. A few days later i received not one but two replacement tripods in the post. Very impressive in this day and age.

This is projector has been a great buy ,it is small enough that ,you can carry it in your pocket ,really great picture quality ,when project onto a white wall or screen ,it has great sound quality as well no need to leave to cool down before you pack it away,you can do this as soon as you turn it off ,really easy to set up. Great buy for all the family ,almost like you are at the cinema. I would highly recommend this to family and friends and great price for this projector very happy with my purchase.

Great little projector just what i was looking for came packaged very well great quality like it said you can charge it got a indicator to tell you when its charged.