Jabra Elite Active 65t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds : Excellent totally wireless headphones

The short review is simply; get this if you want1) true wireless buds2) way better sound quality than apple3) exponentially better buds for the pricethese buds are amazing. I got these for my birthday and i couldn’t be happier. They cost a little more than airpods but the cost to benefit ratio is far greater than the apple alternative. These buds sound amazing, and the in app equaliser is a huge bonus if you’re a little particular about the sound. You can tweak these buds to sound almost like any other major sound expert (bose, b&o, hk) etc. Even without the eq the sound is exceptional. The buds don’t fall out and isolate sound very well. They fit comfortably in my ears and as someone that does plyometrics at the gym (basically lots of jumping around and sporadic movements), these fit in you ear truly snug and secure. The app is superb, and the support for updates from jabra increases my confidence in the brand. As a lover of bose products, i was disappointed to find out that the soundsport free did not live up to hype, were heavy and stuck out awkwardly.

Great earbuds, very nicely made and very comfortable. Using the application from the google play store these were very easy to setup and configure to my personal preferences. Sound quality is excellent and the built-in equaliser within the application is excellent for configuring the sound to you personal preferences. Call quality is excellent and it is easy to setup with alexa or the google assistant. The earbuds are nicely made and they a premium look and feel and i have used many bluetooth wireless earbuds and these are probably the best so far, unlike some others i have not noticed any disconnections or drop outs or lag when watching videos. I can highly recommend these.

I’ve always found the idea of truly wireless earphones an appealing concept, but never took the plunge and purchased a pair because it seemed that most models suffered from connectively issues or fit issues or looked ridiculous. However, after recently upgrading from an iphone 6 to xs, the absence of a headphone jack finally pushed me into seriously considering a pair, and after some research, i settled on the jabra elite 65t earbuds. Right off the bat, i can say that i have had no connectively issues with these headphones. They have never dropped the connection, and i am even surprised about how far away i can wander from my phone and still have a strong connection. This may be because they support bluetooth 5 (as does my phone). As these are bluetooth wireless earphones, i was never expecting the sound quality to be incredible, and it isn’t, but it’s quite good. They are great for podcasts of course and listening to music on these is a more than acceptable compromise for the convenience of having truly wireless headphones. Two areas that surprised me were voice calls and “hear through” mode. Indoors voice calls were excellent and people could always hear me clearly without any issues. Walking around outdoors was a little bit more hit and miss.

I took my time doing some research before buying these. Very easy set up, and most importantly they remain connected to your phone such that when you take them out of their case they are ready to go. I have to manually reconnect my b and o headphones every time. Sound quality great, comfortable in my ear and will not shake out. Battery life seems more than i need. Noise cancelling ok but not at the level of on ear or over ear headphones. Despite tiny size, not that comfortable if wearing in bed and rolling onto your side such that your ear is pressed against the pillow. But next to no noise leak so perfect for nighttime use. The lack of magnet in the case isn’t an issue for me, they are snug in the case and the case is very secure when closed.

Only had the jabras for two days but already think they’re great. I am an iphone user and was seriously considering airpods but wanted something for exercising with that felt more robust. I decided to go for these and am not disappointed. These were well packaged and felt great quality. The standard eargels work for me perfectly. Just one word of caution, if you have small ears, you may struggle to get these to fit and stay in place. I tried a smaller one and the sound was suddenly really tinny as it wasn’t a good fit in my ears. Went back to the mediums and the great sound was back. The connection with my device is great, thanks to bluetooth 5.

I have just purchased a pair of jabra elite active 65ts … revelationpros:• comfortable, secure fit in my ears. • have paired automatically every time i’ve used them. • easy to get in and out of the charge case. • quick charge of 20 mins or so will give you 60-90 mins worth. • charge case small and light. • beautiful sound, in both ears, every time. Good bass, just lovely sound• still going strong after 3. 5 hours on one charge (not used for longer yet)• controls are easy to use and there is a volume up / down control that is also easy to use. • if you lose / break a single bud or the charge case, you can buy replacements, even down to left earbud or right earbud, at the website, i. You don’t have to replace the whole shebang. • charge case will do 2 x full charges, which is a total of 15 hours (claimed)cons:the price is fairly eye watering, but to be honest the quality of these beauties makes them worth it, in my view. The app is a little cumbersome to use.

Just collected these amazing little earbuds myself and i find them pretty awesome for how little they are. Sound quality is very good but there is room for improvement, i would say a 8/10. I am pretty sure the sennheiser ones are better in sound quality but they are more expensive, a lot more. They cancel the noise really well, like anything maybe there is little room for improvement but for sure they are very good at canceling noise around you. They come packed with feature thru the android/ios app and they allow you to adjust loads of options. Where these shine is the battery, while the competition barely reaches 4 hours, not even that sometimes, these little gems get up to 5 hours and with the super fast charging case, you will have a blast throughout the day. Here comes my only gripe with these. So many good things about them and they couldn’t push a 30% more volume when at max?. I was so disappointed when i heard the max volume being so low. Even a 20% increase to that max would of been a blessing. The only way you will be satisfied with maximum volume is if you have a sensible hearing. Would like to dream at a firmware update to increase a bit the max volume but i am pretty sure that is wishfull thinking, as now they rely on the last edition on the market i think. . Nevertheless great little earbuds, i would recommend them, just that volume.

To be honest, these are the very first pair of wireless earphones that i have had the pleasure of acquiring and i have to say, i am enjoying the experience jabras has to offer. I’ve only tested them for a couples of days however i have been using them almost constantly to gain an understanding as to what i felt were the pros and cons of the device. Pros:*battery life is reasonable. 5 hours and then an additional 2 x5 hours when charged using the case providing a total of 15 hours battery life. More than enough for a days worth of music. * i like the overall aesthetic of the earphones. It’s very conservative and from another persons’ perspective, it does not seem out of place compared to devices such as the airpods. *i really like the noise cancellation capabilities of the earphones. With the app, it enables you to choose between having background noise being able to bleed through so that you are still able to stay alert to your surroundings or having the background noise reduced to the point you simply cannot hear much at all. It’s not perfect but it’s noticeable in a good way.

  • The best truly wireless earphones in late 2018?
  • Superb earbuds!
  • Amazing little earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 65t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case and One-Touch Amazon Alexa – Copper Blue

Colour Name:Copper Blue
Product Description, Jabra Elite Active 65t is engineered for true wireless music, calls and sport and features a secure-fitting design for enhanced in-ear stability when you are active, customisable equaliser, integrated motion sensor and up to 15 hours battery life – 5 hours in the earbuds and an extra 10 hours from the included, pocket-friendly charging case. Registration required with the Jabra Sound+ app. Operating system dependent.
Sidetone Sidetone enables you to hear your own voice when you are on a call. Sidetone settings can be configured using the Jabra Sound+ app.
Auto-pause music When you remove an earbud from your ear while listening to music, the music will automatically pause. To unpause the music, place the earbud back into your ear within 60 seconds. After 60 seconds (or when mono playback is preferred) the music can be unpaused by pressing the multi-function button.
Auto power off To conserve battery the right earbud will automatically power off when it is out of range of your smartphone for 15 minutes and is not in the charging case or when it has been inactive for 1 hour. The left earbud will automatically power off when it has not had a link with the right earbud for 15 minutes and is not in the charging case. To power the earbuds on, place them in the charging case or hold the multi-function button on the right earbud and/or the volume down button on the left earbud, until the LED flashes.

Box Contains, Charging case, micro USB cable, 3 sets of silicon EarGels, Quick Start Guide, Warranty and Warning Leaflets, TA label

From the manufacturer

Jabra Elite Active 65t is engineered for true wireless music, calls and sport.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

A fit that’s snug and secure

Enjoy an active lifestyle with secure fitting earbuds that provide dependable in-ear stability.

Auto pause

Never miss a second of your favourite track. When you remove an earbud your music will auto pause.

Jabra Sound+ App

Jabra Sound+ app

The Jabra Sound+ app is the perfect companion to your Jabra headphones, adding extra features and letting you personalise the way you use your Jabra device.

Choose your voice assistant, customise your music profile, modify how much nearby noise you want to hear, keep track of your battery charge and much more. The app will constantly evolve; delivering new features to further enhance your Jabra experience.

Built for active lifestyles

Jabra Elite Active 65t features an IP56* rating. Wherever your day takes you and whatever your activity, it won’t get in the way of enjoying sports, music and calls.

You can also optimise your workouts. Track fitness and performance with an integrated motion sensor.

*Shenzhen Morlab Communications Technology Co., Ltd (20/12/2017)

Long battery time

Power your performance

With up to 5 hours of battery life from a single charge, and up to 15 hours in total with the pocket-friendly charging case, your needs are met from the start of the day to the end.

Rapid Charge. 15 minutes rapid charge gives you up to 1.5 hours battery.

Proven connectivity

With Jabra 3rd generation true wireless stability that helps reduce call and music drop-outs, there are no wires to get in the way and no reason why you can’t enjoy conversations and uninterrupted music.

Active 65t, 65t, True Wireless, Truly Wireless, 65t,

Jabra Elite Active 65t Jabra Elite Sport Jabra Sport Pulse SE
Jabra Elite 65t Jabra Elite Active 65t Jabra Elite Sport Jabra Sport Pulse SE
Wearing style True wireless True wireless True wireless Around-the-neck
Engineered for Calls and music Calls, music and sport Calls, music and sport Calls, music and sport
60 day free Audible Trial
Battery life 5 hrs, 15 with charge case 5 hrs, 15 with charge case 4.5 hrs, 13.5 with charge case 5 hrs
Charging time < 2 hrs Rapid charge: 15 mins gives 1.5 hrs battery < 2 hrs < 2 hrs
Key feature Wind noise protection Accelerometer, rapid charge Built-in heart rate monitor Built-in heart rate monitor
Microphone 4-microphone technology 4-microphone technology 4-microphone technology MEMS microphone solution
Voice command Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant
Equaliser Yes – via Jabra Sound+ app Yes – via Jabra Sound+ app Yes – via Sport Life app

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Everything about these earbuds have quality all over them. The design and build feels solid, the charging case is a good size easily fitting in a pocket comfortably. The sound is better than on any previous earbuds with only the deepest bass really being an issue, however you’ll never get this from a set of buds. What jabra have created really is a masterpiece for those that don’t like over ears. Small extra touches such as sound passthrough which activated the microphones and plays surrounding noise into the ear so you are able to hear your surroundings. They had me at the auto pause feature though. Very happy with the purchase. However i will mention that the sound quality and comfort completely rely on the fit (hence the 4 *). They do come with 3 sizes of rubber earpieces and none of these worked comfortably or stayed in my ear.

These have so far proven comfortable. The audio quality is very good and i like the cute and small case. This is the second jabra product i’ve bought and i’m impressed. Haven’t yet run out of battery as the longest i’ve used the headphones is about three hours in one session, but they do seem to recharge very quickly.

  • The best truly wireless earphones in late 2018?
  • Superb earbuds!
  • Amazing little earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 65t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case and One-Touch Amazon Alexa – Copper Blue

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Secure fitting earbuds with three different size ear gels included for custom comfort
  • Customisable music using the Jabra Sound+ app equaliser. Operating temperature:-10° to + 55°C
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Third generation true wireless; remember to update your firmware in the Jabra Sound+ app to experience the high sound quality
  • 5 hours of battery on a single charge and 15 hours with charging case
  • AutoPause your sound when removing one earbud and AutoPower off to save your batter
  • One touch access to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant
  • Find my Jabra earbuds functionality via the Sound+ app

Product Info

  • Product Dimensions: 2.7 x 3 x 2.3 cm ; 18.1 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 358 g
  • Delivery information: We cannot deliver certain products outside mainland UK ( Details). We will only be able to confirm if this product can be delivered to your chosen address when you enter your delivery address at checkout.
  • Batteries 4 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number: 100-99010000-60