Jabra Evolve 65 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset For Pc : Excellent for mobile phone and Skype on PC at the same time

Update for 2018:a colleague who’d been having the same audio issues as me with these said a firmware update in 2018 had fixed them. I dug them out, almost 1½ years after giving up on them and did the update – audio now working perfectlymy only gripe now is they didn’t survive falling off my head to the floor. The only mechanical connection from the ear cups to the headband is a thin plastic tube carrying wires through it, which the ear cups swivel around. A small drop caused one ear cup to break off and dangle for a few seconds by the two fine wires momentarily, before they snapped too. My summary would now be: almost perfect, but don’t drop them – very fragile design. 2016 review:i want to like these headphones, i work from home and do a lot of conference calls over lync/skype. Pros: build quality, comfort and features, particularly dual connectivity with a phone at the same time as a pccons: everyone else on the calls says my audio goes robotic or unintelligible every few minutes for about 30 seconds. I’m using an hp probook 430 g1 laptop running windows 7, so i accept it could be a driver issue. Given they were £100 i’ve struggled on with them, tried recording sound with other software and the same thing happens, so it’s not skype or network issues. Updating the firmware has made no difference.

If not for the price, i would have given this headset 5 stars. Connection was a breeze – simply plug in the bluetooth dongle into your pc, turn on the switch on the headset and you’re away. I’m using this at work with skype and i’ve had no problems with it at all. It is so much better than the wired one i had been using before as it offers up a lot more freedom and you don’t have to keep moving the cable away from going over the keyboard while talking and typing at the same time. I’ve not yet managed to pair it up with my phone as well (yet to try that properly) as turning on bluetooth on my phone didn’t show up the jabra. The description says that this can be done, but there is nothing detailed in the start up manual. I especially like that you can store the microphone out of the way onto the head strap. It clicks into place via a magnet in the strap. The only issue i have is that with both ears covered, it is hard to gauge how loudly i’m speaking, but i’ll probably get used to that.

A brilliant headset for my work calls every day. The only thing i have to remember is that they go to sleep overnight, so i have to remember to turn them off and on again to wake. The range with the provided usb dongle is much greater than bluetooth and gives a more reliable signal, although it’s nice to have bluetooth there as a backup (and cable connection as a final backup when i forget to charge them).

Mainly use these headphones for business via lync or mobile. When you spend a lot of time on the phone, these are great. Sound quality is very acceptable, distance is also acceptable (can walk around house easily and not drop connection). People on the other end do not know that i am on a set of bluetooth headphones. I have these connected to computer and mobile at same time. Manage to easily get through a day full charge of headphones. No noise reduction on these, but for the price and the functionality they did what i needed. At time of writing, i don’t know how i managed previously without them.

Great product, very comfortable for prolonged use, with great sound and very clear and directed microphone that prevents noise to enter the conversations. Syncs well simultaneously with my iphone and my laptop and works perfectly both through skype for business, zoom, gotomeeting, whatsapp or whatever else you need to use it for. Good standard bluetooth coverage (though less than the enhanced advertised coverage). Overall a very good choice, better than the plantronics and senheiser bluetooth headsets i used previously.

The headset is fine, the quality is good and the signal is reliable. However, i treat my equipment very well and this headset has broken it seems there is a very small and thin piece of plastic holding the earpieces onto the headrest and this one has broken meaning the earpiece is dangling. I have emailed support as the warranty is for 2 years and i only purchased 8 months ago. If support is good i will revise accordingly but for the moment, i am pretty disappointed. Edit nov 17: i sent it back to jabra and they replaced it with no issue. It took around 3 weeks but the new one is working fine.

This headset is almost perfect. I say almost and giving 5 starts, because the only negatives are that it doesn’t have active noise cancellation for its user, but only for the other side – but there is higher model option which does both. Distance range and sound quality when using dongle is unreal – full open-space office of people using dozens of devices on 2. 4ghz and this headset simply doesn’t care, it just works. Connectivity to two devices at once – one via dongle and one via bt – is great, enabling me to use the headset with my pac and my mobile phone ‘at once’ (one call at a time of course, but both devices connected at once). And jabra is actually releasing firmware upgrades for it every now and then. I understand the price tag here, it is definitely worthy.

I had a wired version of a jabra headset and this is much easier to use without a wire. It is easy to setup and use and works with lots of different computers tested with ipad, iphone and macbook and worked very well. Only minor issue is if you put your head forward they can slip off very easily which is a little annoying.

  • Fashion over function
  • Excellent headset if a little pricey
  • Great little kit, but sadly broke

Jabra Evolve 65 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset For Pc, Laptop, Smartphone, Softphone and Tablet

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I was looking for a wireless headset for microsoft skype for business & music and this seems one of the few higher spec ones. The band fit is good for me, though you have to re-compress the headphone sliders to get it into the provided pouch meaning you have to reset that each time. A bigger issue for some is the mic boom is slightly short and a bit close to my face. Sound quality is good for voice, but not so good for music especially considering the price, with noise leak to be expected from this type of design. Headset build quality good, the usb wireless plug feels like it is going to catch on something and break eventually (though the design is different from previous jabras which always died that way in the end for me). Note i could associate the headset directly via bluetooth with my pc, but got unreliable results and some features were not integrated with skype well (eg mute indication) mic/headphone source selection.

5 years ago, and it’s a great headset, use it regularly at work for voip. Sound quality is great, mic does a good job (from what i can tell) in terms of noise cancellation (the office can get noisy) and battery life can roughly at least a day, even with regular use. It’s pretty comfortable for long term use, and i’m sure other people benefit from the adjustable headband. I also like the magnetic mic stand, it can stow the arm so it just looks like earphones. A few niggles:- as a women with long hair, it sometimes get caught in the joints, which can get pretty annoying. – when connected to the pc via the usb dongle, it does have some issues connecting correctly. You do have a faff about in windows to get it right sometimes. If you connect it to the pc to charge, it can cause some conflicts there as well. 5 years, the usb dongle stopped working. I used it a lot, but i expected a bit more quality. – having to switch to bluetooth to connect to my pc, the audio quality is not so good; i trust it’s more the issue of bt rather than the headset. – i wish the headset carrying case had a pocket for the usb dongle. So it’s done the job over the past 1.

Good pointsit’s fast to get out when you get a meeting reminder in outlook. You just flick on the on button, you get “pc connected” in your ear, and off you go. There are no wires to worry about which is one of my main reasons for upgrading. The dongle is easy to pair with if you only want it for pc use. It’s a stylish minimalist design. I tried a logitech wireless headset and it was totally unusable. This headset is usable and will work fine, just don’t expect it to excellent and do expect some moderate annoyances. Problemsthe problems i experienced include it being difficult to hear properly on the stereo version. The headset blocks your ears so you can’t hear your own voice. If you must buy it i would get the mono version instead.

The mechanism for sliding the headset phones in and out of the headset is a weak point and will eventually break, unless handled delicately. Noise cancelling is good, voice reproduction is also good. Terrible for any kind of music though – but that’s not what you get these for though.

I particularly like:- works with skype for business well- connects to 2 devices at the same time- red light on the headset to show i’m busy- jabra connect software is unobtrusivewhat i less like:- as others have said the headset clamps to your head quite tightly. It’s not uncomfortable but compared to my previous logitech headset it isn’t as comfortable- have to install the jabra software to get it to work with skype for business. I would have assumed it would have worked out of the box with windows 10. – jabra software requires administrator rights.

This headset was expensive but a friend had one and it worked great. Now that i have my own set i am thrilled. This is a very high performance product. What i really like is the audio status when you push the side button. It says ‘mobile connected, battery full’. There are a few other messages too. When i saw what the competition had to offer i realized i had a bargain.

I bought this headset purely because we were about to have a baby and i work from home a lot, so thought the noise canceling microphone would be a great tool for conference meetings. I use this headset almost daily for calls, and it works really well and picks up little noise from baby crying (in next room). I have experienced a few issues where the headset occasionally loses connection with my phone and i have to remove and re-add which is why i am giving 4 stars.

I run a home business and this bad boy is my saviour, went from using desk top voip phones to soft phones and this handles calls on my mobile as well as 2 soft phones on my laptop, not a bad bit of kit, so much so i recommended to a friend who is also over the moon with it.

  • Fashion over function
  • Excellent headset if a little pricey
  • Great little kit, but sadly broke

Jabra Evolve 65 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset For Pc, Laptop, Smartphone, Softphone and Tablet

Good quality and good sound however keep disconnecting from my pc. So think the bluetooth is a bit emotional but otherwise good.

Bought these as my previous headset didn’t have noice cancelation for the mic and i often host conference calls from within a noisy environment (several complaints that people couldn’t hear me over the background noise). However, not a single complaint since – the noise canceling is fantastic on the micthe sound quality over the headset is not great though – very faint, with no noise canceling ability, so while others can hear me well, i struggle to hear them over the noise around me.

Works like a charm and seamlessly with our company skype system. Got the skype version and very pleased. Connects to my laptop via the dongle and bluetooth to my ipad and the ipad automatically mutes when the phone rings. Greatcan just about eek out three consecutive 12hr shifts before needing a recharge. One negative is that if you’re away from the desk with these around your neck it’s easy to miss a call as the ringing in the earpiece isn’t so loud. Maybe a vibration option perhaps?.

I’ve only had this headset for about 10 days but i’m already very impressed although it would be fair to say that for the £106 i paid for them i should be. I’ve tried a number of bluetooth headsets as i need them for my work on a daily basis, my requreiments are:- must work with an iphone (6 at the moment)- clear audio in both directions (need to use in noisy environments and in my car, i’ve decided i need a boom mic therefore)- reasonable time between charges- must fit my big head- comfortable to wearfor the last 9 months or so i’ve been using the ‘agptek 2in1 bluetooth headset with boom mic’ and they did work although they weren’t particularly comfortable and they lacked high frequency response so with some people i talked to i was constanly having to ask them to repeat what they’d said due to them sounding indistinct. They were a fraction of the cost of the jabre evolve 65s so maybe that’s to be expected. The evolve 65s though are so far faultless, excellent sound quality, very simple to connect and turn on and off. They’re comfortable to wear for extended periods and the battery life has so far been impressive. The boom mic is a little short which can lead to the person on the other end getting some heavy breathing but is easy to re-position and can be stowed vertically against the outside of the headset band when not using the mic. The mic though won’t stay attached in the stowed position when the headband is opened to anywhere near maximum (which i need). This is a negligable issue though. So far i can heartily recommend this headset for anyone needing to use their phone while working with their hands.

The jabra evolve 65 is a great headset for both in the office and at home. It’s comfortable to wear and has excellent sound quality, but my favourite feature is that it connects to my mobile and my desktop at the same time and can swap between calls.

First off, this was bought as ‘used – good’ with cosmetic package damage for a roughly 20% discounted price. Actual item, not a mark anywhere on the package or item, so literally as-new – bonus. As for the headset itself, i bought a wired evolve 40 to test before bulk-buying for our office. While excellent, the cable was coiling and getting in the way overthe keyboard so i thought i’d try the evolve 65 after hesitating based on a few of the reviews. All i can say is, for me, with my setup (a dell latitude 5490) the evolve 65 works flawlessly. Connected via bluetooth to my laptop the audio is slightly worse that when using the provided dongle, but still acceptable. Range was also excellent on both, allowing me to roam the house with no dropouts. However, i would strongly recommend that you do use the dongle as you get a number of benefits:- it is called ‘pc’ when it connects- it connects faster than regular bluetooth- the audio quality is almost as good as the wired version- there is an indicator led on the dongle that shows the status (blue for standby, green for in-use, red when on mute)- you get full control of your computer volume and skype for businessthe battery is also excellent. After a charge and 2 or 3 hours of use, it still reports a full battery. The headset itself is lightweight, comfortable to wear for extended periods, and not having to mess about with a cable is, as per the title, liberating.

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