Jabra Move Style Edition Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Beige : Superb sound quailty and really comfortable

I have been using jabra audio equipment from around 2003 when i first purchased one of their simple bluetooth in your ear mono handsfree headsets. As the technology developed i subsequently purchased speakers which clipped onto the car visor. Enhancements to car audio systems have resulted in my no longer requiring these items routinely, however, i still own an older mg sports car and either with the hood up or down, i have found that the only way i can make calls is with a jabra headset, although until now, it meant that my music and telephone operated separately. So what do you get with this purchase. Firstly it comes well packaged, with a strong enough cardboard box to retain the headset should you want to store it or keep it safe, when not in use. Inside the box is a beige headset (more of that to follow) a micro-usb charging cable a 3. 5 mm jack to directly connect to a phone and a set of multi-lingual instructions – setup and operation is so simple that i found that the instructions are appropriately brief. Once set up, operating the headset for functions are all controlled via the multi-function button to include:+ music play+ adjust volume+ selecting tracks+ checking battery status (lasts 8 – 10 hours)+ answering calls+ reject and redial last number – i found that i couldn’t select manually a number i wanted without accessing my phone. The headphones are more beige than gold and come fully charged. Connection to my morotrola handset was simple, as was pairing with an iphone and an amazon kindle fire.

I have been fortunate to use these headphones for a couple of months now and i must say, i am impressed. They are comfortable to wear, made have titanium and a sleek black/graphite design. As another positive, the battery is fantastic. I use these nightly connected to bluetooth and they need a recharge but once a week. Even then, it charges in under an hour. They are great for use in the gym or even jogging due to the over ear and and adjustment of the head band. Really impressed and they are also priced really competitively. Would greatly recommend this product.

Mid-range, lightweight, bluetooth-enabled headphones with an option for cable connection, the “jabra move style edition wireless bluetooth headphones – titanium black” is one of the three colour options available – the others are blue and white. The intention is they are for use on-the-go, typically while out running, on the way to or from work, on a train or with its cable on a plane. The included audio cable is standard 3. 5mm audio that can connect with anything that fails to support bluetooth although some may also need an aircraft audio adapter. The claim is that they will automatically pair with any bluetooth device that could include a phone, media player, tablet or computer. A full charge is sufficient to provide up to 14 hours of music, movie audio or talk time on a phone or 12 days of stand-by time per charge. Experience with other previously tried bluetooth phones has shown that some will only pair with difficulty with certain devices while others make it look supremely easy. The phones are quite lightweight and depend primarily on plastics in all areas. The rather small on-ear units fit centrally on the ear-lobe and help limit weight, and are comfortable although not to the degree of luxury models. The size of diaphragms used isn’t given but may be smaller than the typical 40mm used by most ‘compact’ designs.

Being used to more fitted and substantial headphones these are quite odd to wear because they seem very small and as if they’re going to fall off, but they haven’t so far, which is nice i guess. Some niggles:multi-device bluetooth just didn’t work for me. The sound was garbled and cutting out all the time. I now disconnect my phone or laptop depending on which i want to use the headphones with. The other issue i’ve had is the low volume can be very loud, and decreasing it more mutes the headphones. I’ve not had this with other headphones on the same devices. Good for the sale price, and the sound really is quite ok for what you pay & being wireless. For sound quality reference, i’m otherwise using apple music on high quality with wired beyer dynamic dt770 or wireless seinnheiser hd 4.

Bluetooth function was easy to set up for the mobile (samsung) but the sound quality was poor. Rather like listening to a radio when the signal isn’t quite perfect – slight distortion and a bit rough sounding. Plugged in the sound was okay, but frankly not as good, or at least only the same, as that from a variety of cheapo headsets/earphones which i regularly use. The controls on the side of the set were fiddly and inconsistent – sometimes a tap will activate the function, other times it won’t respond. Like other jabras the phones are small and round so they sit on rather than around the ears which makes them uncomfortable after a while. Don’t think these will be getting much use.

I more associate jabra with bluetooth headsets for mobile phones than i do quality audio, so was intrigued to try them out. Perhaps as expected, connectivity works really well – no problems pairing or with the signal dropping. The battery life is pretty good and it’s handy to have a cord for longer journeys when the battery won’t last. Sound quality is not bad, but not great (hence 4 stars and not five). The bass is pretty robust, but it’s not quite got the clarity of some (admittedly wired) sony headphones that i use. At a shade under £100 at the time of the review, i think this is an area of potential improvement as is comfort. Overall though, build quality is good, connectivity excellent and they represent decent value for money.

They are very well presented and nicely made small form factor on ear headphones. Designed to be used mainly over bluetooth connection to a phone or other bluetooth enabled device they can also be used with a wired connection using the supplied cable. The padded earpieces are covered in a leather like material that feels good on your ears. The headband is also padded and covered with material for a finish that is comfortable [less sweaty and stylish. This headphones are the latest edition in the jabra move line. The small form factor on ear design looks up to the minute stylish. There is little sound leak or spill so you shouldn’t disturb others nearby with your tunes. Sound cancellation / reduction is passive – relying on a good fit and is achievable at reasonable volume levels – this will of course depend on the ambient sound level wherever you are using the headset. ]

Comfortable, great for the gym, good quality sound.

  • Fuss-free connection, solid build, crisp sound, good bass.
  • Great sound, no noise leakage, stylish – easily as good as the £250+ brands I’ve had.
  • Comfy and great sound.

Jabra Move Style Edition Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Gold Beige

Colour Name:Gold Beige
Product Description, Engineered for music on the move. Unrivaled wireless sound A big sound for a big world. Engineered by some of the world’s leading sound experts, Jabra Move Style Edition provides unrivalled sound quality in the wireless headphone category. Jabra’s signature DSP delivers a crisp digital sound that is bound to bring out the true depth and clarity of the music you love. Designed to inspire, but built to last. Simple, Scandinavian design of Move Style Edition to encompass a powerhouse of sound and functionality. The light adjustable headband is designed for a more comfortable fit and maximum durability. Move Style Edition keeps your music pumping no matter where you may find yourself. It’s time to leave the cords at home. Wireless technology has never been so liberating. Move Style Edition is easy to connect and allows you to leave your phone in your pocket and easily control your music and phone calls from your headphones. This is life on the move – the easy way.

From the manufacturer

Jabra Move Style Edition, Black Wireless Bluetooth Music Headphones
Jabra Move Style Edition

Engineered for music on the move

The Move Style Edition offers exceptional wireless sound quality that makes all your music and entertainment sound great. And it’ll be with you for the long haul, thanks to an ultra-light headband that gives you all-day comfort, battery life for up to 14 hours and up to 12 days of standby time.

Jabra Move Style Edition, Black Wireless Bluetooth Music Headphones

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  1. Jabra Move Style Edition, Black Wireless Bluetooth Music Headphones

    Handy button controls

    Control your headphones

    Conveniently placed buttons mean you can control your calls and music at the touch of a button.

  2. Jabra Move Style Edition, Black Wireless Bluetooth Music Headphones

    Enjoy all-day comfort

    Ultra-light headband for all-day comfort

    Keep the music going all day. An ultra-light, comfortable headband you can wear all day long.

  3. Jabra Move Style Edition, Black Wireless Bluetooth Music Headphones

    3.5mm cable

    Keep on listening

    Run out of battery, or can’t connect wirelessly? Attach the 3.5 mm cable to keep listening.

  4. Jabra Move Style Edition, Black Wireless Bluetooth Music Headphones

    Ultra-comfy fit

    Listen in comfort

    An ultra-light, comfortable headband means your headphones are comfy enough to wear all day.

  5. Jabra Move Style Edition, Black Wireless Bluetooth Music Headphones

    Up to 14 hours battery

    Stay connected all day

    Get up to 14 hours’ battery life and up to 12 days of standby time on a single charge.

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  1. Jabra Move Style Edition, Black Wireless Bluetooth Music Headphones
  2. Jabra Move Style Edition, Black Wireless Bluetooth Music Headphones
  3. Jabra Move Style Edition, Black Wireless Bluetooth Music Headphones
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Wearing style
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Engineered for
Calls and music Calls and music Calls and music Calls and music
Battery life
Up to 14 hrs Up to 5 hrs, 15 with chrg case 8 hrs using ANC, 13 hrs w/o Up to 8 hrs
Charging time
< 2 hrs < 2 hrs < 2 hrs < 2 hrs
Key feature
Exceptional sound quality Wind noise protection Professional-grade ANC Ambient noise reduction tech
2-Microphone technology 4-Microphone technology 3-Microphone technology 2-Microphone technology
Voice command
Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant
Protected against
Built to last Water & dust Water & dust Water & dust
Corded option

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These are nicely constructed and feel reassuringly solid. After charging for about 2 hours these paired easily with my phone, but i was not successful in my attempts to pair them with my amplifier. The cups are on-ear but the synthetic material coating the pads doesn’t breath so i had sweaty ears within a few minutes of use. They fit over the head well enough and don’t clamp too tightly to the side of my head but when i was moving i found they had a tendency to slip forward. The controls on the cups are easy to use. The wireless range is reasonably good and i didn’t experience distortion within a 6-metre range, outside of that there is some occasional crackle and it drops out after about 7-metres. 5mm jack is a good addition and i’ve found i get a few more hours of play using them as a wired rather than wireless device. Sound quality is fair, the base is reasonably solid without being oppressive but the mid and upper range come across as more muted and vocals lose out on clarity and definition. Sound leakage is an issue with this model, so be mindful of others if you are using them in a public space.

I know that when i get a set of jabra headphones i’ll be in for a real treat, and these are no exception – they are the bees knees of bluetooth ‘phones. So easy to pair – i’ve paired them to my laptop – all it takes is, literally, a few seconds. The instructions, whilst short, are to the point and easy to follow. There was enough charge in mine to allow me to test them immediately upon arrival, so i’ve now been wearing them continuously for a couple of hours and cannot believe how comfortable they are. The well-padded cups sit snuggly over my ears and obliterate all outside noise. In fact i’ve only just realised my husband has been talking to me for a couple of minutes and i haven’t heard a word. The fully adjustable headband is padded and covered with cloth fabric, and the cups are clearly marked l and r. Sound quality is superb; sharp, clear and with a really good bass. I’ve tried several different types of music, and dialogue and all are brilliant. My one quibble with them would be the controls – they are a bit small and fiddly, so anyone with less flexible fingers might find adjusting the volume, which is located on the left ear cup, a bit of a fiddle. I’ve run my thumb over the switch a few times to familiarise myself with it, so i know where it is and which way is up, as they say. The on/off switch is on the right ear cup. A little green light comes on when it’s switched on and a voice should tell you you’re connected; unlike my other jabra ‘phones, this doesn’t tell you how many hours charge you have but, apparently, it should hold a charge of 14 hours. They can also be used connected to a suitable device as the appropriate cable is included.

Great earphones – reasonably priced, stylish and most importantly, great sound. They’re also really comfy.

I’m not tech savvy enough to comment on the sound quality or any technical aspect of it. But to my untrained ears, the music sounds fine. I personally don’t think the headphones look £90s worth. I guess it’s that expensive because of bluetooth etc. Features, but i don’t think anyone would see them and think “oh they look expensive. ” not that that bothers me in the slightest, but i guess i’m just not 100% sure what i’d be paying £90 for. Very comfy to wear, and like i said, the sound quality sounds fine to me. It was funny the first few times wearing it, getting used to no wire, but once you do you realise it’s the future and will never want to go back.

These are stylish looking navy blue and brushed steel over-ear headphones. They are bluetooth which means no annoying cables. They charge via a micro usb connection on the right earpiece. The left earpiece holds the volume control adjuster. You can get 12 hours of listening time on one charge. They can also be connected directly to your listening device via the included 3. 5mm phono cable, which connects to the left earpiece. The bass in these is really good and deep. The cushions on the ears are comfy even after hours of listening, even though they are quite low profile compared to other headphones i have tried. The upper notes are crystal clear, midtones are rich and bass is resonant.

Lets get the elephant in the room addressed first. There are many cheap headphones on amazon that cost a fraction of the asking price here. The cheaper versions tend to have good physical quality but they all fall apart in comparison when you consider sound quality. With headphones like jabra and sennheiser, you pay more but pay once, and when you do hear the difference in sound quality you tend not to go back to the cheaper versions. I compared the movestyle to my senneiser hd25 headphones, a set that i have owned since 2006 and are still the best wired headphones i own (see what i mean about pay more but pay once – in use continuously for 13 years). Given that the jabra movestyle is a bluetooth set, it does very well. It and the hd25s have very similar sound responses, although the hd25 wins in the extreme highs (but i think that is because it is a wired set). The movestyle does not have a flat response, which other jabra headphones i have used (such as the jabra elite 65t) do have. The advantage of the 65t is that you can change the response away from flat towards something more in sync to your music style, but the disadvantage of ‘flat response’ sets is they require the jabra eq app (‘jabra sound’) to stop them sounding colourless; for most modern ears, they actually sound flat out of the boxthe movestyle (and for that matter, the hd25) have a slightly coloured sound out of the box, but this is the typical response most people would see as a good default, so i see this as a positive. With the movestyle you do not need an app to make them sound good; just turn it on to connect and you are good to go because they sound great out of the boxin terms of operation, no worries whatsoever in connecting to my phone (a oneplus running spotify) and no loss of reception.

I was pleasantly surprised by these. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and i’d never heard of the brand before. They’re also my first bluetooth headphones. They came in nice, shop ready packaging, with instructions for use, charger cable and jack for when you don’t want to or can’t use the bluetooth feature. The instructions weren’t even necessary. Like all well designed electronics these days, it was pretty straightforward how to use them. Power/bluetooth switch on the right speaker, volume control on the left. The bluetooth connectivity was pretty rapid, and the sound clear and balanced. Currently using these in place of my sony (mdr10rc overhead lightweight folding headphones) headphones, and very happy with them.

My plattan urban ears broke after i left them in a hot car. But hey, time for headphones. After a bit of looking about, i settled on these. If you’re into the brand/packaging experiences, then this is absolutely top drawer. Lovely box and with it you get some decent quality cables. Was a shame to not get a pouch or bag for the headphones but i’ll survive. The switches are small but not fiddly. Bluetooth connection is very fast. Makes a cool noise when you switch it off.

  • Fuss-free connection, solid build, crisp sound, good bass.
  • Great sound, no noise leakage, stylish – easily as good as the £250+ brands I’ve had.
  • Comfy and great sound.

Jabra Move Style Edition Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Gold Beige

Really nice sounding headphones with great comfort (and a certain style) which justify a £40 price tag, which is why i am rating three stars, because they are currently £89. If i was to completely ignore the price, they’d be four stars, but here they are two important questions to consider, and they should be considered by anyone buying headphones in 2019:1. Do you want active noise-cancelling?2. Do you want an assistant button?i don’t have particular advice on either – everyone has different preferences, and i personally use both nc and regular over the ear headphones, and i don’t have any with an assistant button yet. But consider them you must before spending nearly £100 on a product. Having done that, if you still want standard ‘phones then unless these have dropped to half price, i recommend looking elsewhere. The sound is good, if a little over-bassy, they are light and comfy, and the bluetooth doesn’t degrade the sound, but i just can’t recommend spending £90 on these £40-50 cans.

There is a lot to like about these overhead headphones. They are supremely lightweight; they are very comfortable to wear (the can does not swaddle the ear, leaving it hot and sweaty); the bluetooth connectivity is excellent; they can also be connected using a wire; charging genuinely takes under two hours but lasts over 12; and the volume/call answering controls are well placed and easy to use. I also like how the on/off switch is tucked slightly under the right can – on a pair of sony’s i had, the on/off button was on the side of the can, meaning it was often activated by accident in my bag. There is no chance of that happening here. However, the sound doesn’t really live up to expectations for a £90 pair of headphones (as of march 2019). I have a pair of jam earbuds that can be had for around half of that price, and which produce a sound at least twice as good. Deeper, rounder, crisper – the lot. I would also like these jabras to have come with a storage pouch. The product packaging is very elaborate (and frankly a pain to get into), but not much thought seems to have gone into where to pack the product when on the move. I don’t want them round my neck the whole time, and i don’t want them rattling around my bag with other things, getting marked and damaged.

At the time of writing (march 2019) these are available at £90 (with a penny change) packaging is nice. They’re designed to be hung from a retail display via the little hanger. Peel a couple of small tabe tabs from the bottom and the sleeve can be removed. There’s a lot of nicely designed packaging around for all kinds of objects these days and it adds to the perceived value; certainly for these jabra’s i’m thinking if they perform as nicely as the packaging they should be good. So there’s a separate small box inside with all the gubbins easily accessible: quick start guide, phono cable and usb charge cable. Cables are nothing special but work fine. Plug in the phono option and sound is immediately impressive. It lacks some subtlety and perhaps a tad overblown and muddy in the bass, but listenable for sure. What’s clear is a quality recording makes a big difference.

Feels a bit tight on ears after an hour of wearing as the headphone pads are not particularly large. Nice look and the sound is fine for a non-audiophile.

Jabra move style edition wireless bluetooth headphones are really comfortable to wear and the music quality is very good. It really is difficult to find anything wrong with jabra who make top quality headphones. Jabra moves is £90 in april 2019. The jabra sits on your ear, without squashing them. Not leather but it does feel comfortable, even with glasses on. The controls on the right are for power and pairing. The controls on the left are for +/- and action. Choose from 3 colors; blue, black, or white.

I’ve previously had a pair of the standard jabra move headphones, and liked them a lot. These style edition move headphones are a bit of an upgrade in terms of build and sound quality, so it’s no surprise that i like these as well. The phones are easy to pair (i’ve been using them with my iphone xs); there’s also a 3. 5mm jack socket if you prefer to use them wired. The build quality is pretty good; they feel reasonably weighty without being overly chunky, so are definitely not lightweight and flimsy. For the price band, the sound is good — pretty clear and with good volume, although the bass, while reasonably impressive, isn’t quite of the same quality as more expensive phones. The bluetooth range is also a reasonable 5 to 6 metres (i’ve played around to test this). At this price level, these are really good headphones. My preference is to use noise-cancelling headphones, which these aren’t; however if you’re okay with this then i can thoroughly recommend them. I’m very pleased with these.

For headphones in this price range, these deliver the sort of sound i would expect. It’s obviously not audiophile grade but overall it’s fine with some good separation between the mid and low ranges. It does lack some subtlety at time and i did need to adjust my phone’s eq settings accordingly. I must have had about 8 hours bluetooth playback with the volume pushed up to about 75% and according to my phone’s bluetooth icon, there’s still 30% battery left. They look good, sit comfortably on my ears but the head band could definitely do with some extra padding. My head’s shaven and it’s get uncomfortable after a while. Nothing that i can’t cope with, but i do notice it. Provided you have the google (“ok, google) app set up correctly on your android phone, you can make hand’s free calls.

Jabra headphones – 4 star reviewthese headphones come with a usb charging cable, a cable to plug into the headset and into the audio jack of a device when not connecting via bluetooth, and the headset themselves. You’ll need to get your own wall socket usb plug, but that’s not unusual these days. The headset charges fast – fully charged in an hour and a half, and has a led indicator on the side that goes green when fully charged. The same led flickers blue when connected to a device via bluetooth. Connecting via bluetooth is easy, a handy switch on the side of one of the earpieces you flick from ‘off’ to connect. Volume controls are on the opposing earpiece. Tracks can be skipped forward and back via the same volume controls, and phone calls can also be made via the headset, although i haven’t used that capability. What i have found is the ear pieces are smaller than some other noise cancelling brands, but are still fairly good at keeping out background noise. The headband is easily adjusted and padded with a basic padding. They have a fairly secure grip.

The jabra move style edition wireless bluetooth headphones are nice and compact. Rightly, so they are compact, these are the move edition meaning they are smaller and comfortable, more for people on the go. Handy, for people on the tube or cyclists. These are nice and the ear-cups are well padded and comfortable. The sound quality is very good. They cover the whole spectrum of sound well within this price bracket, don’t expect great depth of bass as these are priced accordingly. The drivers give a good level of treble and vocal sound is clear and sharp. The headphones look nice as well, the navy blue is subtle and they do look smart and unobtrusive. The bluetooth is easy to setup and reliable, even in the house your can have your phone in the other room and you can still have a great connection. These are a great set of headphones for youngsters on the go, even nice for a brisk stroll in the park or a quiet bike ride along the countryside.

Everything about these is nice to the touch and the eye – a class product, well packaged, good documentation and every so easy to use. I have quite a big head (take that as you will) and the cups are not over-ear for me (probably nor you, unless you have very small ears) and although some people prefer that, i prefer full over-ear cups. The sound via bluetooth is initially lovely – far too many headphone gives you loads of middle range, but little sparkle up into the treble area. These do middle frequencies well and provide a real sparkle at the top end so – for me – it was a while before i realised that there was not much in the way of bass.No problem, i adjusted my media player eq to provide bass, but came there none. Even with the bass ranges way up the bass sound was still not prominent. Tried a different player and different music types and – yes, these headphones seriously lack bass – very unusual for headphones. I suppose it possible that my review unit is faulty – but it may just be that these deliberately do the other ranges well as a differentiator from the endless sea of muddy bass boom cheapy headphones with which the market is flooded?. The bass notes are there, they are just not as emphasised as they should be – esp with the equaliser supposedly accentuating those ranges. Not a huge problem for me, i intensely dislike too much bass, but equally the lack of it does spoil some kinds of music.

Really lightweight, great sound, no noise leakage, charge lasts a long time. Noise cancelling not really a strength, but they do a decent job. Only downside is they don’t fold up, but they’re so small and lightweight it’s no problem. Comfortable fit even with a long wear.

To be honest i don’t think i could use a pair of headphones now that weren’t bluetooth capable. I have accumulated a few sets of headphones over the years and i only use the bluetooth sets. My son also uses them too; he’s 12 and i don’t like him to use anything with wires so sets like these jabra ‘phones are ideal to use with his ipad. I very rarely have connection issues and i didn’t with these. Tested them with an ipad and a couple of samsung phones. At £90 you would think the sound would be pretty decent, but unfortunately the sound is pretty flat and lifeless, which is a shame as the ‘phones themselves have a reassuring weight to them and as stated earlier they connected first time to our various devices. The cans themselves are a little on the small size so suit my son rather than me, but that’s fine, i’ve had similar issues on sets that have cost twice as much. So not a bad set of headphone all in all, i just think for the money you could probably do better with another manufacturer.

These are classy looking headphones in a stylish ivory and gold colour. They come smartly boxed; in the box are the headphones, instructions, a usb micro-b charging cable and an audio cable with 3. As well as being wireless, using bluetooth, the headphones can be used as standard corded headphones, using the supplied audio lead and the socket on the left earpiece. Bluetooth pairing was straightforward, there are spoken instructions in the headphones. Each earpiece is clearly marked for left and right, with the right having the on-off switch and charging socket and the left the jack-socket and volume and function switch. The earpieces sit on the ears and once positioned they are very comfortable and have very good sound with good bass and clarity. They are quick to charge and the battery life is very good. I really like these headphones.

These good-looking, no-frills headphones are comfortable to wear, as on-ear headphones go. Their light weight helps, and i like the synthetic material over the padding on the ear cups. They produce excellent sound, especially given the competitive price. The bass is punchy, high frequencies and voices pure and clear, with an impressive sound stage. The microphone does a decent job, on voice calls. The wireless connection is easy to establish and works reliably up to 7-8 metres. It’s good to have a cord for when the battery needs charging or for in-flight use (although you’ll need a two-pin adapter on some aircraft). Battery life isn’t the best but will be adequate for most users. I get around 10 or 12 hours of listening. The right ear cup houses a power/bluetooth button and a micro-usb port for charging.

Testing these as a free product from the amazon vine program. Jabra as a company has been around since 1983, founded in copenhagen, and merged into the gn group in 2000. Considering this is the same country that gave us bang & olufsen, these are quality headphones, but at a more reasonable price. The sound was crisp, and the bass smooth. The headband and ear cuffs are soft and comfortable. It’s worth noting that these were tested listening to mp3 via phone, cd and also portable cassette tape player (yes i still have one)bt connection is easy, and pairing was straightforward. These also come with a lead, which is excellent if you need to use them on an aircraft for example. Whereas i don’t consider £89. 99 to be cheap, these are excellent for the money, before you consider dropping 3 times that on a high end set, give these a try. Not sure why it’s part of the rating, but these are not noise cancelling.

These phones come nicely presented, although given where we are in the world, less packaging would be even nicer. They are very simple to set up, connecting easily via bluetooth. They come almost fully charged, but charging is quick (and leads provided). They are a straightforward design and in my view clean and simple, and with that, attractivethe crucial thing is the sound. Unfortunately its the usual problem that the bluetooth sound is distinctly inferior to cabled sound. If you are listening to speech, or just putting them on for a few minutes between train stops, that is probably fine, but for longer listening, i would want to use the cable, which gives a decent and altogether more satisfying experience. £90 is a modest price these days for a mid range set of phones, but that’s still a lot of money. For me, if that’s what i could afford, i would not bother with a wireless pair, and spend the money i had on a purely wired pair: i can’t see the point of paying for additional bluetooth technology only to be rewarded with poorer sound quality. But its a judgement everyone needs to make for themselves.

I usually prefer ‘over ear’ headphones rather than ‘on ear’ ones like these as i find after a while they start to hurt my ears. These though have been fine, although they stay on quite securely they don’t put undue pressure on your ears, i’ve worn them for a couple of hours with no ill effects. They are quite a simple unfussy design and are pretty good looking. All the controls you need are on the headset ear pieces themselves, so you can take a call on your phone with minimum fuss once you get used to the controls – the microphone works well and the caller sounds super clear. The ear cushions are a kind of leatherette effect and the headband is covered in a fabric, now my version is a beige colour and i could imagine the headband getting grubby looking over time even though it’s supposed to be stain resistant. The instructions that come with them are clear but minimal and the headphones pair up easily enough. Although wireless they do come with an optional cable to plug into your device and also have the ubiquitous charging cable but strangely seeing as these are portable headphones they don’t come with a carry case/pouch. They have quite a decent sound that seems to lend itself to most types of music, if anything i would say the midrange is slightly forward, but the bass response is quite nice, pretty tight and the treble end is clear but not overly harsh. The soundstage is nice and wide and in some cases quite spacey. One thing i did find is when the music gets a little busy i felt some of the detail gets lost.

In our household, we now have four pairs of bluetooth headphones and this pair rates very well. I’ll break the review down into several categories below:==============================sound quality==============================overall, i would rate the sound quality as deserving 8/10. I tend to listen to most music through my phone. The sound quality is excellent up until the last two loudest volume settings on my phone. At these two loudest points, the bass stays at the same level and the mid and high notes continue to get louder, so there is some distortion. However, it’s a relatively minor criticism as i personally would never have my music turned that loud. Even when enjoying say dance or pop music while at the gym, these final two volume settings are a bit too loud for me. The (slight) weakness in terms of sound is in the bass. Even using a graphic equalizer app to turn up the bass, the bass is very good but it does not get quite loud enough for me. I would score the bass as deserving of 7/10 points.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Jabra’s signature Digital Signaling Processing giving you crisp digital audio reproduction and high quality call performance in true HD Voice
  • Comes with an optional cord so you can use your headphones on flights. Stay connected – on the ground and in the air
  • Automatic pairing mode for fast and easy pairing with up to 14 hours talk/music time and up to 12 days standby time
  • Multi-function button for control of music and calls directly from the headphones
  • Ultra-lightweight and adjustable headband to fits all head-types, dirt resistant fabric and premium durable design for life on the move
  • Connects to all Bluetooth ready devices including phones, computers, tablets and more