Jabra PRO 9470 Mono DECT Headset Midi-Boom Wireless Headset – Worth every penny!

Range is phenomenal i have used two storeys up from a base set on the ground floor. Would highly recommend only criticism is that it need to be plugged in via usb lead to the desktop which is a minor thing it just restricts where the headset can go on the desk. Brilliant though none the less top class piece of kit.

This is an amazing piece of kit. It plugs into my desk phone, my pc and connects to my mobile phone. So i can seamlessly go between listening to music on my computer (by changing the default sound output to jabra pro after connecting it via usb), to switching to a conference call, to answering a call on my phone – without ever having to take off my headset. I personally own the double ear piece version, and it is so comfortable. It sits so softly over my ears and the cushion keeps my ears warm – and it never gets too hot. I’ve never had to take it off due to it being too tight or too sweaty. I’ve spent maybe 8 hours with it on my head, switching between internet radio, conference calls and talking on the phone. The touchpad on the screen is really helpful in keeping an eye on what’s connected and what the latest situation is. The sound quality is not amazing, even when connected via usb to the computer, it’s better than listening to music over the phone, but you do get that slightly grainly quality – which is perfectly fine with me because i’m used to listening to the radio so a drop in quality is no problem for me. I can still listen to the music without any problems what so ever.

Upgraded from an earlier jabra and this one is very good. Connects with pc, phone and mobile and supports the handset lifter. Noise cancellation works well, the touch volume/mute can be hit and miss, the only real negative for me. Range and battery life is good and adjustable to lower power if desired. You do have to press the screen to reconnect the mobile when you take it out of range of the base station but its a simple tap on the screen to do that so not really hard to do.

I bought this for the office and have it linked to skype on my pc, my mobile via bluetooth and my cisco ip phone via the telephone cable and the cisco specific electronic hook switch cable (which you need to buy seperately). It is truly brilliant – any call on any device is answered on the headset, the mute control touch on the side makes it perfect for pacing round the office while on conference calls and the ehs means that on the desk phone you can hang up by pressing the button on the headset (skype and mobile work natively this way). The range is excellent, well over 15m through walls (not something to brag about but i can make it to the toilet in our building without dropping a call – again the mute is very useful here)it was very easy to set up and i use it every day, i’ve used a lot of headsets and this is the best i’ve ever used, no question. It is expensive but in this case i think you get what you pay for – i don’t think there is anything better for the task out there and the unified comms for all 3 devices is a true winner.

Though expensive, great quality headsets. I am looking to get the piece that will cover the other ear. I get distracted when people talk around me.

I’ve had this product now since 2011, and just love it. It’s followed me around from 3 different jobs, and never lets me down. It’s currently connected to my cisco 7965 ip phone, my iphone via bluetooth and skype on my pc. While expensive – it’s worth every penny, and i’ve certainly had my monies worth. I used many other products on other phones at various stages – none come close to my jabra pro 9470. Setup is a breeze toojust note that you’ll require a separately-purchased ehs cable, depending on which deskphone you’re connecting to (or the gn1000 for the manual handset lifter).

The mic is advertised as having a noise cancelling mic suitable for ‘busy open plan offices’ but it simply doesn’t cancel out background noise at all (unlike the much older versions which were great for doing so). Furthermore on this version there is no manual adjustment available on the mic but the lower versions of the 9400 series do have, so we bought the 9450 next – which still doesn’t cancel background noise effectively but it is better. Other than the mic the headset is good, comfortable, can wear all day without knowing it is there. Its a great product but if you are in a call centre type environment, dont buy it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Noise cancelling mic is poor
  • Worth every penny!
  • Awesome product – expensive but a great buy