Jabra Revo Corded On-Ear Headphones : snap/crackle/pop?

Excellent build quality – feels first rate as soon as you open the box. Good sound, perhaps a tad more needed on the high end, but nothing the eq on my phone can’t sort out. I would prefer hard buttons to the touch ones for volume and skip, but a very minor point. Very pleased to get these nearly half price at £105. Caveat – i’ve only had them for a few days so can’t comment on longevity.

Well made good sounding headphones but i’ve had problems with the app that you really need to get the best sounds the jabra app. Maybe because i have samsung s7 edge shame as i read all the reviews. Plus these are from 2013 and a lot has changed in three years. Now 2016 little disappointed.

Solid build, great sound, comfortable wear and long battery lifeafter pondering for a while, i decided to give bluetooth headphones a go. Reading similar products’ reviews i was concerned about the quality of the sound and possible sound break-ups due to bluetooth connection. These concerns were literally blown away by the sheer quality of this product, excellent from every point of view. The solid, quality build of the product is apparent right from the packaging, which is actually quite attractive in itself. The small instruction manual included is definitely handy for first-time pairing of the headphones with your device. The cord for direct connection and the usb cord (both in orange non-tangle fabric for the black model) are also pretty cool-looking. As pointed by other reviewers i am absolutely pleased with the product’s build, audio quality and usability. But i am even more pleased with:1) the comfort of the headphones: i tried many headphones before and these were by far the most comfortable to wear over long periods of time. 2) the great battery life: using them well over 10 hours you start getting the message about low battery but the surprise is that between the first warning and when the battery runs completely out of juice it can take another good 3-4 hours. Once the battery is completely drained, cyou charge it for 3-4 hours and start all over again.

Very good sound quality, easy to use and connect. The handsfree option is also a big bonus. The design is good, and they don’t stick out too much on your head. They fold up nicely and feel robust and well made. The headband is not very tight. Light running / exercise / movement can make the headband fall off your head. They are also a bit rubbish at keeping out noises / voices (athough they are not noise cancelling or over the ear, so this is to be expected).

I bought these headphones for my daughter’s christmas present, as she wanted some nice headphones, and i knew a friend of hers had just recently got a pair of beats, and so i wanted to get her some decent ones. Having considered many different options in the sub-£200 price range, i settled on the jabra revo headphones as offering the best balance of features at the price. I paid £164, and these are now going on amazon for £104, so although that was nearly three years ago, in my view at that price they probably still hold as the best bang for buck you can get. The headphones come in a very attractive box, which offers a lot of protection for the ‘phones should you choose to use that as a place to store them between use. The headphones themselves are very stylish also, and not too big and clunky looking. Jabra are a well-renowned brand for headset technology, but i’d only really come across them in a work setting in call centres, and hadn’t really thought of them as a serious option for a premium set of headphones before ordering these. But now i have new found respect for the brand. The feature set on the headphones is very impressive, and given their presence in telecommunications kit, i wasn’t surprised to find the headphones feature a microphone and can be used to make phone calls – which they do very competently indeed, with great clarity of sound. The addition of dolby digital is also amazing, and although this is a matter of taste, it’s a great feature to have, and one the jabra has that many of its rivals don’t. Sound quality for music is fantastic, and the best i’ve heard through any headphones, let alone ones operating wirelessly.

This is a solid piece of item. Useful and sturdy in the hand. Great item and keeps your ears warm in the cold. You really don’t need to download the jabra app to make this work. The cords both mic and charging are very very well made and feels like a high quality product. Headphones also feels exceptionally well made. I listen to podcast from radio 4 to all types of music from country to r&b.

I’ve given this three stars because they only worked for ten minutes then wouldn’t switch on again. However, when they worked the sound was fantastic. I don’t know what was wrong with them but they worked ok with the cable, but the bt took ages to charge (8 hours) and then took around 4 minutes to turn on when they were first used. The battery died within 10 minutes then they wouldn’t turn on again despite being on charge overnight – i’d suspect a dodgy battery or connection somewhere but not a sign of good qc. Packaging is excellent and they feel good and sturdy apart from the wires on the earpieces which look prone to damage. Anyway, i did the return process and got sent a label which should have been freepost but wasn’t and the supplier didn’t reply to my enquiry about the £8 postage costs. Amazon as usual came to the rescue despite it being a third party sale and refunded me. Full marks to amazon, none to the supplier and i won’t be buying these again – or anything else from trusted goods.

These were bought purely as compact and convenient wireless ‘phones for use on a regular 90 minute commute, not as an audiophile device. They are beautifully made, work brilliantly wired or wireless and boast a genuinely decently battery life between chrges vis the usb socket. If phone access is required the supplied audi cable must be used, as this contains the microphone. I was surprised at the decent sound quality, which is superior to many similar products i tried, nowhere near my grado wired ‘phones but at this price unbeatable. An excellent product, which outperforms others cosring double.

  • Best headphones I’ve ever bought – great looking, even better sound and an excellent feature set.
  • Excellent
  • Great headphones for the price

Jabra Revo Corded On-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote – White

Style Name:Corded  |  Colour Name:White
Product Description, A companion for your music device. The Jabra Revo headphones enhance your experience with convenient features and optimised sound. Play or pause your music, skip tracks and take calls with ease by using in-line controls instead of searching around for your phone. Hear and be heard with high call quality.
It is partnered with Dolby to bring you powerful and mobile sound enhanced by Dolby. With Jabra’s sound app, Dolby provides rich and full-spectrum stereo sound that brings your device to life and adds extra depth and dimension to your music.
Designed to be used and abused, these headphones are built with aluminium and steel construction, a shatterproof, ultra-flexible headband and reinforced fabric cables. Drop, bend or fold, the cable is tested to the max to ensure they can take whatever life has in store.
Comfort and Ease of Use
Experience high comfort with Revo’s padded headband and plush, memory foam ear cups. Featuring two jack connectors so you can share music or films with a friend and a foldable design for quick and compact storage so can throw it in your bag and go.
Get an enhanced music experience with the Jabra sound app – a music player that gives you the full Dolby sound and more. Use the app to create and browse through playlists, share music and adjust the graphic equaliser so you can play your tracks as you want to hear them.

Manufacturer’s Description, The perfect companion for your music device. The Jabra Revo headphones enhance your experience with convenient features and optimised sound. Play or pause your music, skip tracks and take calls with ease by using in-line controls instead of searching around for your phone. Hear and be heard with superior call quality.
We partnered with Dolby to bring you powerful, mobile sound enhanced by Dolby. With Jabra’s exclusive Sound app, Dolby provides rich, full-spectrum stereo sound that brings your device to life and adds extra depth and dimension to your music.
Designed to be used and abused. These headphones are solidly built with aluminium and steel construction, a shatterproof, ultra-flexible headband and reinforced, fabric cables. Drop, bend, fold and cable tested to the max to ensure they can take whatever life has in store.
Comfort and ease of use
Experience super comfort with Revo’s padded headband and plush, memory foam ear cups. Featuring two jack connectors so you can share music or films with a friend and a foldable design for quick, compact storage so can throw it in your bag and go.
Exclusive Jabra Sound app
Get an enhanced music experience with the Jabra Sound App – a music player that gives you the full Dolby sound and more. Use the app to create and browse through playlists, share music and adjust the graphic equaliser so you can play your tracks as you want to hear them.

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Used it for one week, amazing sound, amazing feel, and the whole thing just feels sturdy, i go three days without charging and that’s cool. Also i love how it feels on my ears, the pads are comfortable and keeps noise low. Update after about a month: everything is great except for slight issue with connectivity with my macbook pro (mbp). When i use spotify and pause the song, it tends to disconnect. Also it takes a few tries of turning my headphones on and off again to connect to my mbp. Lastly, the “play/pause” button on the headphone triggers itunes instead of spotify.

Updated review as i have been using these for a year now. If you’re anything like me then you might get a bit annoyed by wired headphones. Don’t get me wrong, not saying headphone-wires are on par with life’s other stresses. Just saying they can be a bit of a nuisance, getting tangled in bags and/or interfering with clothing. I went looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones that would sound good (first and foremost), be reasonably priced, look fairly good and have decent battery life. The jabra revo wireless fit the bill, and a year later they’re still going strong. Sound-wise, even though they’re not “aptx” headphones you still get a great listening experience over standard bluetooth – i’m no audio engineer but there’s a full/balanced/defined range of bass/mids/highs with the only criticism being a slightly (and i do mean slightly) muddy midrange when used in wireless mode, only noticeable when you plug in the supplied cable to convert it to “wired” mode and compare it. There are probably better sounding wireless headphones out there for specific genres of music, but these do an excellent job of being “all rounders” that cope well with a wide variety of music (i’m partial to a bit of dubstep/metal/classical). Don’t bother with the dolby sound application download, it’s just an equaliser and won’t work with the vast majority of android/ios music players anyway. They’re also pretty light if you’re used to a larger set of on/over ear headphones – you can easily forget you’re wearing them.

These headphones are superb in build and sound quality, not the best i’ve heard but pretty dam close, easy to pair up with a computer that has bluetooth or a mobile phone, i have the black and gold, they look great also feel comfy on my ears, i cant believe the negative reviews of 1 star or 2 for these, maybe they have a rip off copy, you will not be disappointed,.

This is one of the best things i’ve ever brought. I happen to own some very expensive sure headphones because i brought into the audiophile thing. What they don’t tell you about headphones like that is if you listen to them above a whisper your hearing is wrecked, and you hear ringing. These headphones by contrast have a sound which seems quite precise but also very enjoyable and can be listened to at a comfortable volume. There’s some bass, but it’s not overpowering and the sound isn’t at all cheap or fuzzy. This is the perfect kind of device for listening to music for the sake of actually enjoying it. The product as a whole goes out of its way to impress. The feel of the materials, the great design, the comfort, the controls. There’s all kinds of little features, bells and whistles which make it so much better than any other pair of headphones i’ve owned. It seems like the people who made this really cared about what they were trying to achieve.

After reading other reviews wasn’t sure what to expect. Pro’s – good sound which is main thing. Own beats solo 2’s as well and not quite as good but same ball park. Build quality seems good as well. Con’s – fit is good but not great. I have a larger than average head and even for me, these ain’t that tight. Again, compared to others, fit a bit loose limiting activity u can do with them. All in though, for what i paid, good set of cans and would recommend.

Great headphones, works with my mac book pro retina (late 2013) and old mac mini 2008, also have it at work on windows 7 using the asus usb-bt400 3mbps usb bluetooth v4. Works a cinch while being connected to my iphone 4 by bluetooth to. Announces the number of devices connected. Usb charger cable also acts as another way of listening while charging to. Found the music a bit bassy, but with spotify plugin for pc version : www. Me – its now perfectiphone now has equaliser for the app: https://support. Com/uk/article/ios-equalizerstill to install the airfoil app for my macs: http://community.

These are my first bluetooth headphones and, i’ll hope they keep on going as, i enjoy these. Sound quality is good, so is the design. I do like how jabra provides 4 different colours which is nice but annoyed how they increase price on certain ones. Setting these up were easy but had issues with charging. 0 usb port will not charge the headphones. 0 can, which i never knew about. But i’m not sure if they could of been charged from a computer or not, because i was installing a firmware update even though it’s not neccasry, but i did it incase for any future problems. This might of stopped the headphones from charging because when connected they weren’t charging. But no worries, i got them to charge with a wall adapter. Like i said the design is good but they do tend to slide off which is annoying. The touch features are great, but the right side of the ear cup are funny at times. For example when trying turn the volume down or up, it sometimes goes bit weird but does the job. Switching tracks is really annoying as the touch sensitivity isn’t that precise.

These headphones are awesome. Great sound, super easy connection and fast connection once setup and the ability to control music is superb. You can also connect two devices at once which is impressive. They’re really comfortable and can be worn for prolonged periods with no discomfort ( which is something i’ve experienced with other products in this category ). I used a price check website to ensure i got them when the price was reasonable (£111 and not £185) so be wary of price when you consider.

  • Best headphones I’ve ever bought – great looking, even better sound and an excellent feature set.
  • Excellent
  • Great headphones for the price

Jabra Revo Corded On-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote – White

Someone had a great time designing this pair of headphones. The controls are novel, clever, and work well. The bluetooth is fast to connect. My only complaint is that the signal is a bit feeble. It drops out when i turn my head sometimes, even when my phone is in my chest pocket.

I want sure which ones top get for the longest time but after deliberating for weeks, i am very glad i got these. The sound quality is great, never tinny or too bass heavy. They are also very comfortable, and even though my ears were slightly sore after wearing them for a particularly long journey, for normal everyday wear they are awesome :).

Best headphones i ever bought. Loved the size, colour and fit. Had no problems using the touch dial or microphone. Connected really easy to my pc.

Brought for my husband for his commute to work just as he wanted. Comfortable (even though he has a larger head). Battery life more than enough for a 2 hour commute listening to music and the odd call. Able to link seamlessly to both his personal (samsung s5 mini) and work (i-phone 6) mobile phones. Making and receiving calls from both while synced. Also he has used with laptop for internet calls via usb cable and again no issue.

My previous akg’s decided to only work in one ear, so went on my extensive search for replacement headphones, with bluetooth, this time. A week into using these grey jabra headphones, they are very well thought out, they connect to my phone in the blink of an eye, after downloading the jabra app. I got the headphones for £64 which i though could of been cheaper, but looking today, they have jumped up to £110. I don’t understand this pricing on amazon. The actual headphones, are in a really nice package, the usb cord and the audio cord are in a wear and tear friendly outer nylon-esque material. The design is clean, even the connecting usb sits flush with the headphones, aesthetically pleasing, they are one of the best looking headphones, from what i have seen. I think they sound really good, and i listen to mainly indie/rock/metal/industrial and throw in a bit of dance music such as the prodigy, they sound very nice. Going from lightweight akg’s these do feel a bit heavier, i am hopeful i will get use to them as i really do not have any alternative in mind. Another quirk is, they seem to be the only manufacturer that hasn’t look at ‘planned obsolescence’ and really looked into the everyday wear that is only natural with headphones. They have tried and tested to make sure they do work, even if you are rather rough with them.

Nice sturdy, comfortable and handsome headphones. Pairing is simple, and it is impressive to have two simultaneous connections. On the negative side these have clumsy, muddy bass at the very low end and also couldn’t get this to work with a windows 7 machine (although it’s not advertised for this). I use the eq to lessen the monstrous bass so combining that with the great features, good looks and price, it’s an ok deal.

So these were my first wireless bluetooth headphones which i bought in december 2015. A year and a bit later, they’re still working fine, the battery has lasted very well and jabra were kind enough to replace the audio jack cable that i lost a few months ago, for no extra charge. The headphones sync perfectly with my phone and laptop. The bass is great with rock/metal songs and the distance is pretty good too. The pads are comfortable, even for long periods and they fold really easily so it’s easy to store in my bag. Update: it’s now september 2018 and the foam is now exposed on the left ear pad as well as the hinge on the left side has broken (my fault from tossing it in my bag every day). They’re held up brilliantly though for just under 3 years and have now just purchased the jabra move wireless headphones to keep me going.

These headphones are ridiculous value for money. I was looking for beats solo or wireless at more than double the price. If you like the weight of base on beats and the general tone, save yourself £150 and buy these. They are made just as well, have better features with app and sound control from ear cup. Only very minor complaint for me is that they don’t fit well enough for jogging or other activities like gardening. Just about get away with mowing the lawn or vacuuming without them dropping off. Sound quality is great though. They don’t sound any better than beats solo or mixer, but no worse either, they are built as well, if not a touch better. I own some denon reference headphones too, which are way superior, but not portable, or noise cancelling, so these headphones are a great alternative if on the move.

I absolutely love these headphone, the sound is crisp and clear; both the depth and the height of the music is a delight to listen to. I have found these hard to replace. The fact i have the option of wireless and use with cable is also very practical and useful.

I’ve had these for almost a year now and they are worth every penny. I use them on planes and i can hear perfectly without the noise cancelling: i actually tried my mates bose noise cancelling ones and didn’t like the buzzing that they often produce. The headphones are really comfortable, but can sometimes get a little to warm on the ear due to the memory foam, but other than that i can’t complain. The app that you can use doesn’t work with spotify which is slightly disappointing, but the original settings are fine for what i listen to (very eclectic taste from electro to hard rock). They fold up pretty compactly and are easy to store in the little bag that comes with them. I have also used the headphone jack cable when on longer flights to listen to the in flight films with no problems at all. Generally, i can have them connected and playing music for a couple of days, sometimes a week without having to recharge them. All in all, they’re a great little set of headphones for someone that wants a good quality product without having to pay hundreds of pounds.

On listening to these when i took them out of the box i have to say i was quite satisfied seeing that they are bluetooth headphones. But when i compared the sound with my audio technica wired headphones i understood why audiophiles avoid wireless and especially bluetooth headphones like the plague. The sound is quite boxy, although quite satisfactory to the average user. The headphones are comfortable and the controls on the earpiece although takes some getting used too is quite useful. I don’t think you can get better bluetooth headphones at this price. You can definitely get better sounding ‘wired’ headphones for much cheaper. But you’re buying headphones with bluetooth for a reason. In conclusion, if you want bluetooth headphones then buy these. They look great and sound great for bluetooth headphones.

Love the build and quality of the headphones, and the tap/touch controls (not having to actually press buttons). Comes with very nice orange cables (both usb and audio) and carrier bag. The only downside is that they are on-ear headphones and press firmly against the ears so prolonged use does cause discomfort. All my other headphones have been over-ear so not sure if it’s the on-ear design or the headband.

Purchased these and a pair of the jabra move at the same time to compare, i was impressed by both pairs of headphones. Both sets of headphones are aesthetically pleasing, and the sound quality is great too. However the jabra revos gave me more of sense of being at a concert or a gig. The main reason being the bass, it’s a lot ‘fuller’. I listen to a lot of electronic music, so an important aspect for me. One small criticism of the revo’s is that they don’t sit quite as snug on the head, compared to the move’s. Perhaps that’s just because i’ve got a big head, who knowsall in all, the revo’s are a quality pair of headphones.

Bought these for £105 having spent forever trying to decide what to get. Looked at sennheiser, bose and sony, as well as going through reviews on what hi-fi and several other on-line review sites. All i can say is the sound quality is really good, i have bose quiet comfort 3s, and sennheiser cx400s and i can safely say that the clarity on the jabra’s beats the others. My reason for buying was that i was struggling with cords at the gym (was using my sennheisers), always seeming to get tangled up or in the way and secondly having a new baby, i want something that allows me to play on the ps4 whilst the wife catches up on her sleep, without giving baby a cord to play with. Bluetooth quality is great, haven’t had any drop out yet, and i’m able to play music from the i-phone in the other room. All in all if you can get a £100 deal for these i’d say they’re well worth others at 2-3x the price. Other useful features include being able to have the iphone and ps4 linked at the same time, so if i need to i can take calls without having to move / pick up phone. I don’t use siri that much, but being able to use these to dial a number without the phone is also really useful. Finally the app for the iphone is also good, only complaint i have is that it won’t play some of the tunes i’ve downloaded due to drm. In summary, if you’re looking for wireless headphones, buy these.

Pick a pair of these up for just over £100 and couldn’t be more pleased. Use them wirelessly on the way to work and then plug in the 3. You can even listen through the usb cable from a pc also whilst they are charging and use the bluetooth whilst charging also. I comfortably wear them for 10-12 hours a day. Sound quality is good, but they don’t match up to wired headphones around the same price such as the ath-m50x’s, which as of writing this are the same price. These are easily the best headphones i have purchased and the only pair i need for just about everything. A tiny issue i have with these, which i also have with all on-ear headphones is that they can get uncomfortable when i have glasses on. This is only a minor issue as it’s only slightly uncomfortable where as other headphones just make my ears hurt.

Great technology, good looking on the go audio with much welcomed freedom from cables, deep high quality sound, sadly they were not as impact resistant as promoted; a 45cm drop resulted in the plastic headband cracking. The sound and mechanics are are still intact and functioning, but the fit and sound quality and leakage have been severely compromised. Let’s hope jabra can resolve this issue. Good allrounder with the intuitively responsive jabre music software package all you could ask for, i love the ability to create multiple playlist, rate tracks, upload artwork and edit info whenever and wherever i am.

Excellent product, bluetooth, super comfortable and great sound. At the beginning they made my ears feel hot as i was not used to having them covered. Using them at the gym can make your ears sweat, but i would still prefer to have them on than not have them at all. Sometimes they disconnect from my device for no reason or they don’t identify the device, but the solution is to forget them as a device on your phone/computer and pair them again.

These headphones are amazing, sound quality and build quality is excellent. Prosthe option to listen via usb. Longer battery life, not having to recharge frequently. (offcourse depends on the usage, but with average usage i dont have to charge it every day)build quality is solid. Sound quality is excellent via bluetooth. Option to connect multi device. Consmay feel tight when used for longer duration (but i am getting used to it).

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Dolby Digital Plus sound
  • Single, in-line control for calls and music
  • Lightweight – only 16 grams
  • Foldable design
  • Connects to all devices with a 3.5mm connector