Jabra S450-XT BlueParrott 82 Percent Noise-Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headset : Great device

Though a jabra subsidiary company, they aren’t exclusively jabra. Blueparrott is made for different purposes and these headphones shouldn’t really be viewed as a consumer home audio solution. They’re made for work/office use; the original aim of these was a car hands free, however i think the double-can setup and noise blocking would be a bit dangerous for driving (other models are available with only one can) so these are ideal if you work from a laptop or computer, need to make calls, but also want some privacy. The effort in the technology has gone in to the nfc (near field communication) and overall connectivity – i’ve tested these and it seems true, your calls won’t drop if you walk from room to room or enter a place with a weaker signal. These work particularly well with skype, as i find it frustrating having to skype through my laptop speakers and having all my housemates hear the conversation. The other models seem to have less emphasis on the sound quality of the headphones in terms of music, as this isn’t really what they’re intended for , but this model had added ‘hifi stereo’ which is pretty decent. It means you can switch and listen to some music whilst also doing work, then easily take a call – it’s not the most amazing sound quality i’ve ever heard (bearing in mind i’m used to pro audio headphones and i am a music audiophile snob) but it’s damn near good enough. Overall i would say these headphones have mastered everthing they intended to – audio quality, connectivity, and noise blocking.

This headset is by far the best bluetooth headset i have ever used. I am a lorry driver spending all week away from home. The headset holds its charge all week. The volume is so loud you cannot have it on full. Absolutely no issues with background noise, even with window down. It works perfectly in the back of my lorry, while the actual phone is left in the cab. I cannot recommend this headset highly enough.

Good quality headphones i do like these, i use headphones when i have to review stuff so need something that cuts out any background noise so i can listen to it and these really do the job. While being bluetooth they also have a plug in facility so you can use them the old fashioned way too. I found the sound quality to be excellent and noise cancellation from outside distortions very good too. For what i have used them for i highly recommend them.

Probably the most comfortable and clearest bluetooth headset i have worn. Great for noisy environments or cabs, and it even fits under my hard hat. It is quite big and bulky, and it is not exactly unobtrusive, but i does its job very well. There is a certain amount of adjustment in the head set. I must have a big head because i have it on the biggest setting. The boom mic does move out of the way, which is just as well, i have almost dunked it my my tea. It paired with my iphone instantly, and it seems to have plenty of talk time capacity. My phone will run out of charge before the headset.

The headset is packaged in a glossy cardboard box covered with information about the product. The headset is held securely inside a cardboard form which is all recyclable. The only plastic packaging is the small bags that cover the spare foam covers; usb cable and car socket. The headset is quite sturdy with a headband length of 12′ (35cm) that can be extended by 1 1/2′ (3. 8cm) for a more comfortable fit. The leatherette ear cover can be overcovered with a foam sleeve which is better when you are wearing the headset for long periods of time as the leatherette one makes you sweat a bit. There is only one hear peice, the other side is a solid bar that sits snuggly on the other side of the head to hold it in place. The microphone can be pulled down so that the ear piece can be placed over left or right ear. There is also a spare sponge cover for the microphone. Led light on the on/off button is red when charging and turns blue when fully charged, the charge lasts over 24 hours.

I bought this wireless headset to use on my laptop for work calls. If i walk a couple of yards to my window during a call i get complaints of crackling. No chance of making a surreptitious cup of tea2. I find it very uncomfortable and it is heavygiven the poor range, i would have been better off with a wired set which would give better sound quality as i get lots of issues with no signal from this despite sitting next to the router with 70mbps. After my old jabra one, i regret going for a cheaper headset. This was not good value for money.

Bought and used now for a week. I tend to make & receive a lot of business calls and i’ve tried quite a few headsets around £80-£100, they all promise great call quality and background noise suppression. , but none have delivered on the claims. After my last headset stopped working after a year, i researched quite a bit and decided on the 450-xt. Below are the pros & cons in my opinion:pros:brilliant battery life, with 3-4 hours talk time a day, i’m recharging the end of every 3rd day. Call volume – i can adjust the headset volume to 80% and i can hear every word, even in noisy environments – 100% actually hurts my ear. Noise suppression – absolutely amazing, jabra quote 96% noise suppression and i now believe it. Nothing else i’ve tried comes close to this. I even tried it in the car at 70mph with the window down, the other person couldn’t hear the wind noise. In every test i’ve done, i can be heard clearly and with no background noise to speak of.

Quite a clunky and unattractive headset. Sound quality is good, even in noisy environments. Instructions could be better. Expensive compared to the competition.

  • Phenomenal background noise suppression
  • Best headset for lorry drivers
  • Range is very short. Very uncomfortable and heavy to wear.

Jabra S450-XT BlueParrott 82 Percent Noise-Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Product Description, Looking for a Bluetooth headset that will give you both crystal-clear conversations and hi-fi stereo audio? Your search is over. The BlueParrott S450-XT puts advanced noise cancelling together with aptXTM audio technology to deliver uncompromised, hear-and-be-heard sound quality. Even in the noisiest environments. Add customisability via our exclusive Parrott ButtonTM, 300 ft of range and more than 24 hours per charge for music, movies or calls and you’ve got the talk of the Bluetooth stereo world: The BlueParrott S450-XT.

Box Contains, 1 x Stereo Bluetooth Headphones w/ Microphone (Includes Carry Case)

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These are cracking headphones. It took a fraction of a second to link via bluetooth. I like the way it tells you the power is on if you are wearing the headset when it is switched on. It then tells you the battery level and that you are connected. The clarity of the sound was outstanding and the mike mouthpiece worked perfectly. Others have said they thought they were too tight and uncomfortable. I wore them for over 2 hours whilst preparing for and presenting a radio show. I found them to be perfectly comfortable throughout. I cannot fault them and can highly recommend.

This device is definitely more practical than elegant and is mainly designed to use your right ear (but the microphone will swivel to permit left ear operation). At first i thought the head band did not extend long enough but it stays in place fine and the speaker keeps your ear warm (just the one). To answer or end a call you just have to briefly push the larger button. If the blue flashing led is annoying it can be disabled (details in the user guide which can be downloaded from makers website). Pairing was easy enough with my android phone and it has spoken announcements e. “power off”, “power on”, “your headset is connected”. It seems also it can link to two devices at once. Sound quality is okay and no complaints from people i have talked to using it (not really hifi quality for music however). Usb charging, low battery warning by led changing colour.

Although fairly bulky, this headset is lightweight and easy to wear. The microphone really does cancel out a lot of extraneous sound, making conversation clearer and less stressful. The excellent bluetooth pairing makes it easy to stay connected handsfree in your car. I had not liked to use a handsfree phone in the car until i tried this, as the sound was poor quality and i found it a bit distracting, so would not use it, however, with this it is much clearer, easier and not distracting at all once you are used to wearing the headset, which is comfortable. My son paired it with my phone as i was not confident i could do it correctly, but he did it very quickly and said it was easy to do. I tend to only use it on longer journeys, avoiding phone use in the car at all on short trips, but for anyone needing to stay in touch when on the move, this would be ideal. I have not tried the music option.

At last i can talk uninterupted where ever i am. My wife cannot tell if i am driving, the charge lasts me 2+ weeksgreat product would recommend.

Ok im a 50 year old an slighty deaf, have used different head sets an found them difficult to hear peoples conversation. This head set has good volume, good tone an comfortable to wear. Bonous with the headset is that you can listeb to media, mp3 etc as some sets are only for calls.

A fantastic office headset leaving one ear free to listen to conversations around you if a bit on the bulky side. Whilst it may be a bit bulky it compensates by being all day comfortable to wear unlike some in ear solutions. Futhermore the noice cancellation has been fantastic with people i’m calling not being drowned out by the ambient noise and neither am i. Sound quality is excellent and battery will last all day with lots of talktime to spare. The construction is also robust enough for the office having survived being ripped off and slung on the desk a few times.

As reported, quality of sound is brilliant, noise reduction very good. Had a glitch in that if you interrupt conversation by turning off bluetooth on mobile it sends an annoying buzz which only seems to resolve if you put headset on charger. Would have sent it back to seller however will simly try updating firmware.

It connects to a phone via bluetooth, and can connect to two devices at once, useful if you have both a personal and work mobile. The microphone enables better speech, and this is more comfortable than an ear piece, while the other ear being free enables you to still hear traffic or other office speech. I found i could wear it for a couple of hours comfortably. The ‘parrott’ button can be programmed, for example, to dial the last number, or a favourite number. Useful for those on the go who usually phone a regular number, such as home.

  • Phenomenal background noise suppression
  • Best headset for lorry drivers
  • Range is very short. Very uncomfortable and heavy to wear.

Jabra S450-XT BlueParrott 82 Percent Noise-Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headset

A bit bulky but its worth the size given the performance?.

I have used this product nearly everyday for four months and has been brilliant. Great noise cancellation, had absolutely no complaints about people on the other end of the line not hearing me. I work in a noisy environment and drive an eighteen tonne lorry which as you can imagine is not the quietest so have been very impressed, no one seems to hear the noise around me , only my voice. Also the battery life is excellent and charges very quickly.

Ok, this is a pretty good headset – long battery lift and very clear sound, comfy to wear. It does drop a star however because, as other people have found, the foam cover thing on the earpiece comes off easily and is a bit annoying. A dab of glue would probably fix it except then it’s stuck there.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Blocks out background noise with 82 percent noise cancellation
  • Last a full day on the move with up to 24 hours talk time
  • Enjoy music and videos in Hi-Fi stereo
  • Pairs two devices at the same time for flexible connection
  • Connect your headset with a cord or go wireless with Bluetooth
  • Roam up to 300 ft from paired Bluetooth devices
  • Streams your music, GPS directions and more