Jabra Vega Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Audio Headphones – : These are absolutely my favorite headphones! I mean

These were my first pair of good quality headphones and so far i have not been disappointed. The first thing that i noticed about them was the quality of the materials used. I had noticed when looking at another popular brands headphones for a similar price that the quality of materials used did not compare. The headphones feel very robust and a made of some sort of alloy metal with leather ear covers. The other thing i liked about them was that with so many people going for the same head phones these days it is nice to be able to wear something a bit different, that provide excellent sound quality and look a lot more expensive than they are. The sound quality is excellent, as you would expect for the price, and there is a feature on the headphones that cancels out external noise. I have found this to work very well when travelling on planes and trains. There is also a feature when this is in use that you press and it stops the sound coming through and uses the external microphones so you can hear clearly what someone is saying to you without taking the headphones off. Only a small feature but really handy. Another nice feature is that there are to two connection points on the headphones so two people can listen to the same music from one appliance.

As with most of jabra products, the vega is packaged impeccably. The box design is sleek and easy on the eye. Inside the box you are greeted with a wonderfully sturdy looking set of headphones. They look like a quality set of headphones and i wasn’t underwelmed with how they felt.This really is a sturdy piece of kit, without attaching any music, i can still confirm that these are noise cancelling (that actually works). Another nice touch is the headphone cable ‘anti tangle’. I wish all cable were now designed like this. The sound quality is really good, the base is especially impressive, i was listening to ‘dre 2001’ on my way to work this morning and it was pumping. The mic works fine with my iphone and i’m more than happy to recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a mid-ranged priced set of headphones.

No cheap plastic bulls*** imitations like major conpanies do to cut costs down. The sound quality is great, can’t complain about that. One tiny issue is that earcups may be a bit small, but it’s not worth removing a star because of so.

These are absolutely my favorite headphones. I mean, i have a lot of headphones. For me silence from disruptions is mandatory. My vega’s get me there better than anything else. They are comfy, but i have a big head so i can only do 6-8 hours at a time in a stretch. I would say they are great for bass heads, and classical music lovers. I tested these with dire straits again and was in my happy place. They rockbut these are my best.

Like the design and the functionality e. The eavesdrop button, the cord style and microphone, in fact i like everything about these headphones except i was disappointed with the sound quality, it just didn’t blow me away and i expected more for £130. You can also still hear people speaking around you with the noise cancelling on, but it does reduce vehicle noise on the train.

Design:these are the most comfortable headphones i have ever owned. The headband is really flexible and doesn’t squeeze too tight, but they still feel really secure on my head. The little pads are nice and cushy and the holes for your ears are a good size. While these aren’t the most stylish looking headphones on the market, but i am too old to rock shiny red plastic and much prefer the understated black, soft rubber design of these. The orangey-red cord is covered with soft fabric so it doesn’t get tangled and it has a in-line microphone that lets you take calls and control your music. The cord comes out for storage, but they don’t operate wirelessly, which would be the only improvement i can identify – though i guess that would impact the price and the cord doesn’t present a real problem. Best thing:in addition to the noise cancellation, which works really well and is really easy to turn on, the coolest thing about these headphones is the “eavesdrop” function. If you just push the centre of the right ear, your music mutes and the noise cancelling switches off. The little microphones that are used to do the noise cancellation start to pick up the world around you. For example, when you’re on an airplane and the attendant comes over the speaker, you can just push the button to tune into the announcement then push it again to go back to the music.

  • These are absolutely my favorite headphones! I mean
  • Tl:dr, it’s better than majority of headsets
  • Look & sound brilliant

Jabra Vega Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Audio Headphones – Black

Product Description, Amplify your music experience with high-fidelity speakers and active noise cancellation
All of the music, none of the noise
Take your music experience to another level. Jabra Vega comes with custom-designed high-fidelity speakers, Dolby sound and powerful active noise cancellation that lets you hear your music in pure sound without distraction.
Your on-the-go companion
Block out up to 99% of the noise around you, creating your own personal space on the go. You can tune in and out of your surroundings by simply tapping the Eavesdrop button. The active noise cancellation conveniently powers off when folded flat. In-line controls allow you to manage calls and music and keep your phone in your pocket.
Unparalleled build quality
Jabra Vega is crafted with premium materials for ultimate durability and superior comfort. With up to 35 hours of ANC and music, you don’t need to worry about running out of power.
Experience your music and YouTube content in full-spectrum Dolby sound via the exclusive Jabra Sound app.
Highest audio fidelity
Custom-designed speakers – amplify your music in the highest audio fidelity without distortion.
Tune in and out of your surroundings at the touch of a button.
App Included: Jabra Sound
Avoid using headphones with the volume turned up for an extended period of time. Doing so can damage your hearing. It is advisable to keep the volume at a moderate level at all times. For your own safety, please do not use when driving or cycling.

Box Contains, 1 Jabra Vega headphones, 1 protective pouch, 1 detachable 3.5 mm audio cable (1.2 m), 1 flight adapter, 1 AAA alkaline battery, 1 quick start guide, 1 Jabra Sound App unique registration leaflet, 1 warranty leaflet, 1 warning leaflet, 1 register paper.

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  • These are absolutely my favorite headphones! I mean
  • Tl:dr, it’s better than majority of headsets
  • Look & sound brilliant

Jabra Vega Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Audio Headphones – Black

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  • Block up to 99% of ambient noise
  • High definition Dolby enhanced sound
  • Tune in and out of your surroundings with eavesdrop function
  • Unparalleled build quality
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