Jack Stonehouse 4L Compact Instant Hot Water Dispenser – Fast, efficient, energy-saving and every home should have one

Excellent value, makes a very quick brew.

So pleased i bought this, greater volume of water 4ltr and not noisy at all. The stainless steel finish is great as is the display.

After several years of using a similar product that keeps water at a constant temperature this is a different system where water is only heated when required. I’ve used this for a few months now and find it excellent. I usually set it for 300 ml at 85° and it finishes pouring in 50 seconds which is very acceptable. The choices are easy to select. If a second cup is filled immediately after a first the temperature does seem to rise and beware some steam venting. When not in use there is a rather redundant ‘0’ on the display, but that is not really important and overall i’m very pleased.

It’s a replacement for another make which finally gave out. Yes it holds a lot of water so doesn’t need constant re-filling. But conversely it’s very difficult, because it’s so bulky, to rinse out when needed. It also needs very frequent de-scaling, despite our water not being very hard. On boiling water setting it just produces clouds of steam and a reduced amount in the cup, meaning a top up with a smaller amount is needed. However i have to say the variable volume and temperature controls are useful. Update: i continued to be dissatisfied with the performance, so contacted the seller. They agreed the appliance must be faulty, and offered replacement or refund.

Looks sleek and smart although 4ltre capacity doesn’t take a lot of room easy to use.

Only had this for four days and it’s fine ,not very noisy and quick to boil the water you need. Arrived a day early so that was a bonus, great service ,thank you.

Really good machine and easy to use. The only problem i have found is that when the machine has finished its program it will most likely start dripping out water. Apart from that i love it and so pleased with it.

After problems with a breville hot cup i thought i would try a new device and i glad i did. After years of using the breville thinking it was delivering boiling water, i now realise it wasn’t. This water heater is great and delivers plenty of boiling water in set amounts (100, 200 and 300ml) or even continuous. It will dispense 300ml of hot water. At 100c – 60 seconds*at 85c – 45 seconds (this seems like a similar temperature & speed of our old breville)at 75c – 35 secondsat 65c – 30 seconds* at 100c it is a bit steamy in operation but that’s the reality of producing proper boiling water and not just warm water.

For what it is it’s a fast water heater the temperature settings are good enough but i would have liked to have been able to choose my own amount of water dispensed the dispenser allows only 100ml 200ml 300ml and a zero setting for a constant flow with the ability to stop at any time for that reason 4 stars this looks good clean and stylish sometimes a little to much steam and you get a better flow of water when it has a higher level of water in the tank. Be warned the taste of plastic in the water at 100 degrees fades after a short while.

Dispenses 100° water in seconds. At 85° it dispenses 300ml in around 35 seconds. Just as good as the £180 morphy richard’s alternative & much better than lesser machines many of which are very expensive. The 3 cup sized are not perfect (same as morphy richards) but at least it has the option unlike most other dispensers. Very efficient as only boils the water it is dispensing as it dispenses unlike breville which boils a small tank before dispensing. Definitely the best hot water dispenser under £150 you can buy.

I purchased this to replace my kettle, and what a great decision it was. This is so easy to use and holds plenty of water – i’m getting about 15 large cups of tea out of this each timewould highly recommend.

Does all functions perfectly. Here are the specifications for the Jack Stonehouse 4L Compact Instant Hot Water Dispenser:

  • INSTANT BOILING WATER – powerful 2600W heating element boils water to 95°C in just a few seconds.
  • STYLISH & COMPACT DESIGN – stainless steel finish with digital LED display, sensor touch, and a child safety lock. Fits comfortably on the kitchen side – H29 x W19 x D33cm.
  • WIDE RANGE OF SETTINGS – 4L tank with water level holds up to 16 cups of water. Select different water volume – 100ml, 200ml, 300ml or continuous flow. Also select your desired temperature from 55°C, 65°C, 75°C, 85°C or 100°C.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – save money, time and energy by boiling less water every time you make a cup of tea/coffee.
  • DETACHABLE WATER TRAY – easily slide the water tray in/out to prevent unwanted spillage and mess.

Kept dripping hot water and after every use it the display and buttons were really streamed up and dripping of the machine. Awkward to fill and water smells really plasticity and chemically. The body of the machine is really flimsy. Also you have to pay to return it then claim your money back from amazon.

Does what it is meant to do.

Reading the reviews there was more good then bad, ive had a smaller version of a one cup and find they work extremely well, but wanted a bigger tank with more options, jack stonehouse 4l water dispenser is really good, im pleased with it so far so good, it does what its ment to do i would recomend this dispenser as a great buy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Hot water as requested.

  • Love this machine

  • It holds four litres