JAM Audio Transit 2 : Recommended

These jam hx-hp425bk-eu on-ear bluetooth headphones come complete with a charging lead, audio connection lead (for non-bluetooth connections) and small print but decent instructions. A 2 hour charge will give you up to 6 hours playing time and the headset which comes with a 2 year warranty. The unit is mainly constructed from black gloss plastic with a soft lining to the adjustable headband and earcups. These headphones look visually appealing and well made plus they aren’t too heavy. The headband is adjustable and the earcups rotate slightly so they should accommodate most shapes of head/ear. The right cup features a control panel which offers control over volume, play/pause, next/previous track. There’s a small switch for the noise cancellation feature and an auxiliary port for listening on non-bluetooth devices – on this model you can’y use bluetooth while it’s charging. You can answer phone calls via pressing a button on the centre of the right panel – the controls are logical and you soon get used to them plus the headset when adjusted properly sits comfortablypairing is easy and i tested these phones with an ipad and android phone – there was no problem in connecting either and bluetooth reception was solid over a considerable range. I could still get reception downstairs with the host device upstairs. The sound is very listenable with slightly soft but clear vocals and reasonable but sometimes slightly muddy bass although there’s a sense of spaciousness.

Haven’t tried them as they are a christmas present but they’re exactly as pictured, came in originally packaging and seem great value.

I liked these headphones but they are not durable at all. Took them on holiday for two weeks (they were only going from my head to my bag) and started having problems with one ear not working and disconnecting or turning off when trying to adjust the sliders.

These are a great set of headphones, easily one of the most comfortable i’ve ever used. I wasn’t familiar with the brand beforehand, but they definitely seem to know what they’re doing. Everything is well thought through from the overall sound quality to the bluetooth and wireless capability. I’ve personally found them very comfortable for long periods too.

Good sounding and light in weight. Very easy to charge and set up. Ideal for cutting out all the sounds on the train.

Love these headphones, excellent value.

This is an impressive set of earphones. Firstly and foremost the connection – connection was without issue, infact it was instant- no messing around. I have connected to my iphone and while i ,admittedly, haven’t strayed too far from the phone -either having it in my pocket or in the kitchen when i ventured to the shed – i have yet to lose connection, so, perfect so far. Secondly the sound quality- this is every bit as good as my much more expensive 2014 bose bluetooth headphones which retail at twice the price. The sound is rich and clear with good bass, i like it, audiophiles probably won’t but i dobuild quality- these are well made made and surprisingly light. They are comfortable on both my ears and across the top of my head. The earpieces are well padded and swivel to accommodate your ears for comfort. The earpieces block out all but the loudest of background noise without allowing my music to leak out and annoy those around me- unless i turn it up to as loud as it can go and put on something with a prominent beat, which is uncomfortable for me and annoying for others around me as they can then pick up the sound of the beat. Ease of use- so simple it’s untrue. The controls are on the outside of the ear piece and are very responsive and intuitive.

They provide a comfortable fit and appear to block out noise (whilst, i presume preventing music from leaking out). I like the onboard controls but found that the sound quality, whilst fine, was not as good as i would like it to be. I’m not sure if this is because i’m unused to wireless headphones (all of mine are wired) or whether this is particular to this brand.

  • Budget noise-cancelling!
  • Fragile headphones but good value for money.
  • Exactly as pictured

Jam Audio Transit 2.0 – Bluetooth Headphones w/ Active Noise Cancelling + Wireless On-Ear Controls, Mic, Sweat Resistant Earphones, 15hrs Battery, Deep Bass, Clear Treble, Crisp Sound – Black

Product Description, The Jam Transit Bluetooth Headphones are ideal for listening to your favourite music on the move. Full bluetooth connectivity to your favourite device, with up to 6 hours wireless playing time. Enjoy hands-free conversations from bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.

Box Contains, Wireless Headphones;Charger;Instruction Booklet

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My wife uses these mostly for a bit of peace and quiet in the office. They work pretty well- no noise-cancelling headphones are going to create ‘silence’ for you, but these do a pretty good job generally. For the money, i can’t really fault them. I’ve seen other reviews complaining about the build quality, but they seem fine to me- they’re plastic so of course *if* you throw them around they’ll break.

In short these are budget in quality of build and quality of sound, though they aren’t what many may consider budget in price. The actual phones are wobbly in the socket to supposedly assist with fit but are disconcerting, the feel is very lightweight and plasticky so they won’t ‘pass’ for a more expensive model. The sound is bass heavy and somewhat distorted/muffled compared to more expensive sets, though they aren’t as tinny as a much cheaper pair would be. This is fine if you listen to pop or bass heavy music or aren’t listening for intricate detail but music enthusiasts or fans of classical music will want to look elsewhere as things get a bit muddy especially if listening to early recordings. What they are good for though is if you just want a pair that you won’t worry about using, unlike investing in a super set that cost so much you’re almost too cautious to use them in case you drop them or they get stolen. These are a perfectly fine pair for exercise, using during diy, travel or for a younger/less careful member of the family if you want something that works but won’t break the bank and will sound fine. If you can spend more then you may want to consider that as there are better out there, but they aren’t by any means awful.

Good points first:nice tight on-ears fit with soft cushionsstrong bluetooth reachanc – active noise cancellation function button on headphone works well to cancel out noise while out and about e. In traffic so you don’t have to turn up the music to the max to hear it. Easy bluetooth setup and connection with a light click on headphonecontrols on headphone for volume and skipping to next/previous song and pause button. Decent sound for bass-heavy musicthe not so good:the sound is not great if you want to hear details in “lighter” music and even during podcasts there is quite a deep sound on speechthey feel a bit flimsy when the headband is extendedall in all a nice product with some nice features but the sound is not impressive and at the current price of approx £59 it might be a bit expensive.

  • Budget noise-cancelling!
  • Fragile headphones but good value for money.
  • Exactly as pictured

Jam Audio Transit 2.0 – Bluetooth Headphones w/ Active Noise Cancelling + Wireless On-Ear Controls, Mic, Sweat Resistant Earphones, 15hrs Battery, Deep Bass, Clear Treble, Crisp Sound – Black

Features and Spesification

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  • UP TO 15 HOURS PLAYTIME: Have your party go late into the night without worrying about charging your headphones
  • WATER & SWEAT PROOF: The Jam Audio Transit 2.0 is water and sweat proof, perfect for a jog in the sunshine!
  • NOISE CANCELLATION: Strong, powerful sound with extra low bass allows you to sit back and enjoy your music uninterrupted, because music sounds way better when it’s just the music.
  • BLUETOOTH 4.0: With new and improved Bluetooth connectivity you can ensure you’re getting the same crisp sound whatever device you connect to.
  • ON EAR CONTROLS: Don’t get tangled up in wires! At just the tap of a button you can play, pause, skip or rewind your music – have it your way!