JAM Live True Wireless Earbuds : Decent truly wireless buds

I have used a number of bluetooth connection ear phones in the last few years. None i have found to connect as quickly as the instructions seem to indicate and this set is the same. Took a while to connect via bluetooth to my phone and tv. However once connected the sound as really clear. The earbuds themselves are very comfortable. Instructions clear and well written. Like the idea of the case being the charging point for the earbuds too – neat that. Good sound, the earbuds don’t fall out either.

I’m not sure what to say, i almost feel guilty that these have worked out so well for me and are probably one of the most luxurious little things i own. I genuinely avoid wearing headphones when out and about due to getting tangled in the wires like a loser, and because they always fall out of my ears, and because i feel self-conscious when i get them out and they’re tangled. At the gym i lift weights, which only adds to more opportunities for wire-tangling. Basically, it’s the wires i don’t get on with. I knew these sorts of things existed but i was sceptical. Surely they would either refuse to connect, fail to connect well or simply drop out. These are simple as anything to use. You charge ’em in the little case (they magnet-stick into the sockets, it’s foolproof) and out they come, they sync with each other without any encouragement needed. Now they’re in seek mode, so get your phone/pc on board.

On the whole these are impressive wireless earbuds. They sound surprisingly good (i. Nicely rounded audio with a fair amount of bass: comparable, i would say, to any decent mid-range wired earbuds). They are indeed very light and i personally found them to be a snug and secure fit in the ear and – crucially – comfortable (which is not something i’ve found with other wireless buds i’ve tried in the past). As with all earbuds the key thing is to make sure you choose the best fit rubber sleeves/cups that suit your ears (and the buds come with a wide range to choose from). I like the carrying case/doscking station idea. It is neat and sturdy and once charged provides up to fifteen charges for the buds (or that is what’s claimed). The buds seem to have a magnetic connection to the case/dock which keeps them from falling out of position. I initially found pairing the earbuds to each other a frustrating experience.

The earbuds are very convenient and the fact that the case is also a power store is an added bonus. Sound wise, they aren’t exactly b & o quality but, but for the non audiophile they’re fine.

First off i love the charging case for these earbuds that naturally doubles up as a carry case for them too. I’m so bored of earbuds/phones that come with flimsy bags or nothing at all in which to carry them. The fact that this case is basically portable battery and can also charge you phone is a large part of my enthusiasm for these earbuds. Apart from that it’s all a bit middle of the road. The earbud design is fine although i struggled to find the bud-tips that would lead to a truly comfortable fit that would last. Although with a 3 hour battery life this isn’t likely to be your problem. These might be fine for listening on the commute but if you’re likely to want to listen throughout the day then 3 hours isn’t going to be close to enough. The sound quality is fine, if unimpressive, and largely dependent on getting a good fit with those earbuds. Some reviewers have had connection issues, particularly in getting both buds to connect – i have been lucky enough to have none of those issues.

We were a bit disappointed with these earbuds. Whereas we really like the charging storage system (which we had seen before from a competing brand), the sound in these earbuds and the fit was not quite good enough to warrant the current price of £99. They look great and the storage charging system is fab, but the sound and price does not give full value for the money.

The bluetooth connection is fine. I’m not too keen on the way they sit in the ears though. I can’t seem to decide which of the ear gel sizes is the best, which is irritating. They’re best for sports or exercising. Once they’re in properly they’re not prone to falling out like apple’s airpods. You also get a choice of colours and they’re cheaper than airpods. I will definitely use these for listening to music during exercising. They’re sweat-resistant, the case means they stay charged well, ready for the next session, and the price is competitive compared to similar products by other brands.

These are very very well engineered pieces of kit, they come supplied with various sizes of ‘gaskets’ to fit most ears. Mine fit securely and feel safe, i don’t think anything this big sticking in an ear can be called comfortable, but these are probably as comfortable as they can be. The sound is extremely good for ear buds, it is almost as good as ‘proper headphones’. Exterior sound is almost eliminated, so using them doing anything but sitting is inadvisable and probably unsafe. I also have a few comments to make. When mine arrived i could not, despite trying for ages, get them to pair with each other. Being a conscientious reviewer, i write as if i had actually paid for the item, and after trying everything i could, the first thing i did was to contact jam support and ask what i could do to remedy the problem. My first answer was no help at all, it was simply ‘send them back to the supplier’, which i think – unless it is a physically broken/damaged item, is wasteful if there is something that can be done. Anyway, long story short – after a few ‘to-ings and fro-ing’s by email, i was contacted by a techie from the usa who realised from my description that the earbuds were stuck in mono mode. It was explained to me clearly how to put them back in stereo mode so they would pair to each other, which is all that i wanted.

  • Don’t use them much but seem to do their job adequately
  • Great headphones!
  • Relatively good on a budget

Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds, 3 Hour Playtime, Dual Microphones, Bluetooth and Siri Enabled, Ultra Light, Hands Free Calling, Workout Ready, Carrying Case with Built in Charger – Blue

Product Description, Taste sweet, sweet freedom with the truly wireless Live True earbuds. They’ll give you up to 3 hours of uninterrupted playtime, and when you’re done, the carrying case is good for 16 full earbud charges. And if you need it, you can show your other devices some love and use the case as a backup battery for them, too.

Box Contains,

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live true wireless earbuds

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Jam Audio. We provide the speakers, the stylish design and the pop of colour. You Just Add Music.

Live True

The wireless Live True earbuds have up to 3 hours of playtime, and the carrying case doubles as a charger (good for up to 10 uses). No lie – use the case as a backup battery for other devices too!

true wireless freedom

ergonomic design

hands free calling

True Wireless Freedom

Be free from any cables or neckbands for unrestricted movement whether you’re working, working out or taking calls with integrated, dual microphones. Compatible with all Bluetooth devices and Siri.

Ergonomic Design

Ultra-light silicone is ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your ears for hours.

Hands-Free Calling

You can answer the phone without disconnecting your earphones. Live True knows when a call is coming in and will pause the music before ringing. When you hang up, the music starts where the track left off. If you’re making a call, just start dialling from your phone and Live True does its hands-free thing.

rechargeable case

3 Hour Playtime Battery Life

available colours

Recharging Case with Backup Battery for your earbuds and phone

Included carrying case with high capacity 2200 mAh battery recharges your Jam Live True earbuds 10 times and can also double as a battery backup for your phone.

Up to 3 Hours Playtime

Nothing ruins the party like a low battery alert. Enjoy up to 3 hours of continuous playtime before needing a recharge.

Available Colours

Express yourself in bold colours or chill tones. Patterns and shades for every personality.

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They are solid and feel of good quality and the charging case is a nice touch and works as a backup for your phone (although strictly for emergencies, you’ll be lucky to get a full charge). The sound is pretty thin though, these are ideal for audio books and radio not immersing yourself in music.

Omg i so so wanted to love these dinky little buds but it’s just so hard. First off, offering me a pair of headphones to try out is a brave choice. I’ve owned so many ‘best buys’ from £10 to close on £400 over the years and was, back in the day, (still now to a less obsessive extent), a true, certified hifi nut. I think/hope that based on all this listening experience i have impeccable good taste in sound quality but without the snobbishness that so often comes with it. Look, i don’t expect the £100 buds to sound like the £400 wired cans. I’d give a 7/10 which for me is acceptable but not stunning by any stretch. They may improve with running in. Anyway, the saving grace for these types of products is the dinky effortlessness of ownership i presume. Unfortunately, despite very good efforts and decent enough sound quality, i found these little fellas a tad irritating.

These are quite nicely made headphones, with small form factor and a good range of graduated size gel tip covers. The blue colour is attractive and a bit different, and the charging case is a nice, neat size that’s easy to carry with you (around the size of a pack of playing cards). The three hour run time from a charge is perhaps a bit on the short side compared to some other offerings, but the case can provide several charges (up to 10) before the battery is depleted and needs to be recharged itself. The case also includes a usb output, allowing the battery to be used as a power bank for a phone/ipod, etc. The earbuds actually fit my ears – the first pair of wireless buds i’ve not had a problem with falling out, thanks to a birth defect that means my inner ear is twisted. The buds are small, light and unobtrusive. It is quite easy to activate/deactivate these when settling them into your ears. The sound quality is ok, they’re not as tinny as some other jam headphones i’ve tried, but lack real depth and do seem to struggle at higher volumes. Not a problem for me, as i don’t tend to blast my music. The bluetooth connection is good, and seems perfectly happy as long as the device the earbuds are connected to in the same room in my house, but move to another room (our walls are brick rather than stud and plaster) and the connection typically drops.

These have worked well for me. I’ve used them so infrequently lately, but have only just recently come back to using them the last couple of weeks, so i though it time to write a review on them. First off, the battery isn’t great, especially compared to my normal wired ones. But for ‘wireless’ earphones, they’re as expected. Once popped back into the case, they charge, so not too bad. These are also comfortable for short use, say a commute, but nothing more. Like all wireless earphones, a bulky ridiculous case is required to store and to charge – yet more space taken up by a solution to a non-problem that doesn’t wasn’t an issue in the first place. If you live in an apple bubble, then being shoe-horned into a narrow and over priced field of products becomes the norm, and then these are adequate in that case. If you’re not concerned by pretentious nonsense, then any good ear/head phone will do.

These are the first completely loose, wireless earbuds i have ever owned and it took me a little while to get used to them. You get a wide variety of silicone fittings to choose from and it took me a while to settle on the correct set for me. Once i did, i found the sound quality and noise isolation was excellent. I have to spend a few seconds wedging them into my ears to make sure they are secure and comfortable. It’s a tricky task as it has to be done without pressing the little buttons which can cause re-pairing and other unexpected side effects. Once in, they feel pretty secure. I haven’t felt at risk of losing them on my rather frantic commute on the tube through the centre of london. The battery life is only a couple of hours so they will last for your commute, but you can’t wear them all day. However, they came with a very handy carry case that will charge them several time through the day. I have the largest of the silicone ear plugs attached so i have to make sure i push the earbuds securely into the case to make sure they charge.

Live true earbuds are beautiful discreet bluetooth earphones. They sit comfortably in the ear and are exceptionally light. They are also extraordinarily beautiful with their ruffled appearancethe audio quality is excellent, the pairing to bluetooth is as easy and effective as any bluetooth device. Like all earbuds and airpods the functionality is limited. A button will navigate between phone calls and listening to music. The is a start stop function but no volume control or skip to next track. It is easy to transfer between phone and listening modes. The buds are charged through a carrying case/ power-bank. Put back in their case the buds power down. Taking the buds out of the case turns them on and puts them into pairing mode.

These look and sound fantastic. I love that they come with a little case that protects (and charges) them. I love that putting them back into the case recharges them from a battery which you can then top up again when you are able to plug them in at home, great idea and designthey paired quickly and easily with my phone and i had no issues using them. They just won’t stay in my earsnow that is almost certainly down to me and the funny shape of my ears. These sort of ‘in-ear’ headphones or earbuds have always been problematic for me. But i literally couldn’t take more than half-a-dozen steps without one or the other popping out of my ear. There was no way i could use these while exercising. Sitting down they worked fine, but in that scenario i might as well use some decent wired headphones and then i don’t have to worry about batteries running out.

First off – the sound quality is pretty good. Not up there with sets costing hundreds, but very listenable, with a reasonably balanced sound. Battery life – at a few hours would be low, but bear in mind that the case is a charger so that’s how long you can listen per session and for something like most commutes it’s fine, just not long journeys. The separate earpieces works really well, and the design is excellent – take one out and it turns on, pairs and starts working, take the other out and it turns on and pairs with the first – why aren’t all earbuds this convenient?.The case can theoretically charge your phone, too, but with a limited battery it’s mainly for charging the buds or giving you an emergency few minutes – it’s a nice feature to have, though. There’s magnets in the case so the buds slot into the right place generally for charging, and turn off automatically then, which is also great – much less chance of coming back to dead earbuds. The default covers are quite large, so i found i needed the smaller once, but once the right size was found they felt pretty secure – i could shake my head without them budging as the light weight means they don’t try to move too much.

  • Don’t use them much but seem to do their job adequately
  • Great headphones!
  • Relatively good on a budget

Jam Live True Wireless Earbuds, 3 Hour Playtime, Dual Microphones, Bluetooth and Siri Enabled, Ultra Light, Hands Free Calling, Workout Ready, Carrying Case with Built in Charger – Blue

Pretty good for the price overall.

Over the years i’ve had a few different headphones for different uses from cheap £1 shop ones to £300 plus ones, some for work, some for running or when on my bike and these don’t really fit any category clearly. For the setup i didn’t have any problems and was up and running in no time, i had to try a few different ear buds to get the best fit but there should be enough sizes to fit most ear sizes. Even though i found the right size ear buds i still found that they would come loose a little when on my bike or when running and became extremely irritating after a while. Sound quality was ok but i would like a better base for the type of music i listen to, one thing i found off putting was the place of the button on the ear buds bud without making them any bigger than you need its hard to find another place to put it, this only became a problem when trying to adjust the fit in the ear. Having used these in work i had no problem and will end up using these here in the future as apposed to exercising.

Great headphones for the price, would highly recommend.

Features and Spesification

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  • BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE: Be free from wires that keep you connected to your smart device. The Live Fast is Bluetooth compatible and allows you to roam within 10 metres of your connected device
  • SWEAT AND RAIN RESISTANT: These specially designed, IP67 rated earbuds allow you to combat the elements. Working out? Caught in a monsoon? Not a problem. These earbuds are ready for a challenge
  • CORD MANAGEMENT: This convenient piece allows you to adjust the length of your earbuds’ cord for an optimal fit
  • HANDS-FREE CALLING: You can answer the phone without disconnecting your earphones. Live Fast knows when a call is coming in and will pause the music before ringing. When you hang up, the music starts where the track left off. If you’re making a call, just start dialling from your phone and Live Fast does its hands-free thing