James Martin by Wahl ZX833Table Top Grill : it was so good that it will now be in regular use in

Arrived when it said and is perfect for a small bbq outside.

This is fantastic, food is lovely.

Oh this grill really does food too very high standard easy too maintain as well very much i recommend it.

Excellent table grill , cooks food to perfection, the gridle part is great for getting the fat out of burgers and sausages and any other fatty meats, tge smoout part is great for cooking diced foods such as onions, peppers, mushrooms and any other diced veg in this way.

Since my old gas cooker was condemned i have been longing for the delights of a good fried egg butty and now thanks to this cool piece of equipment i can once again indulge myself.

First one i received was obviously a reconditioned unit, there was felt tip covering scratches on the base, and first time of using, it burnt everything solid to the plate as thermostat was obviously not working. However, amazon replaced it immediately and i have to say i am delighted with it. As everyone else has said, very easy to use and clean and food tastes fantastic from it.

Brilliant, well worth the money. Used everyday in france whilst we were camping, tasted like barbqued meat and begs but without the mess and waiting time.

Eating outside on the patio has never been easier, very sociable to use, and cleaning is so simple.

  • Great grill, but think about how you intend to clean it.
  • Make sure you don’t receive a reconditioned unit!
  • So easy to clean

James Martin by Wahl ZX833Table Top Grill with Flat Plate

Product Description, The Wahl James Martin Healthy Table Top grill with its non stick grill plate with ridged and flat areas and variable temperature control is a very versatile grill and is ideal for a large variety of foods including steaks, fish, vegetables and much more.1500W;Drip tray; Easy clean removable parts.

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Wahl James Martin healthy table top grill
  • 1 x Variable temperature conrol
  • 1 x Instruction booklet

  • From the manufacturer

    Variable temperature control

    Easy-clean drip tray

    Healthy Table Top Grill

    The Wahl James Martin healthy table top grill has a non-stick grill plate with ridged and flat areas. This versatile grill is ideal for cooking a large variety of foods including steaks, fish, vegetables and much more. Included with the product is a selection of recipes from James Martin.

    Easy to Use

    The 1500W grill has variable temperature controls and a power-on indicator so your food is perfectly cooked to your taste every time.

    Easy Clean

    The table top grill is easy to assemble and dismantle and comes with a cool-touch drip tray and easy-clean removable parts.

    Versatile grill

    Seal of Approval

    Each product has been thoroughly tested by James and is designed to his and Wahl’s exacting specifications. Wahl and James are dedicated to bringing you high-quality products.

    What’s Included
    • 1500W plate, size 380 x 209, non-stick flat and ribbed grill area
    • Variable temperature control
    • Power-on indicator
    • Cool-touch handle drip tray
    • Easy-clean removable grill and drip tray
    • Includes James Martin recipe guide

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    I use this nearly every day when grilling steak or sausages etc. It’s easy to clean and so far the non stick is still ok.

    A very useful grill indoors for when it is raining and you want a bbq. It has its limitations but you soon learn what to cook. For example it won’t finish off sweet corn, like a charcoal fire.

    Ok if you don’t have a cooker or space. But for the price its pretty cheap made and poor. Save your money and buy a nice cast iron frying pan.

    Use it for healthy grilled meat and vegetables.

    This is an excellent grill-much easier to use than the folding variety. Easy to clean with the removable top and grill tray. My only tiny gripe is that it is very hard to get the lead to connect again after the plate has been removed for cleaning-there seems to be to strong a spring or something of that sort that makes it hard to insert. Otherwise, excellent and a really good buy.

    Grill on the oven stopped working so bought this until it got fixed. This is so good, still not got round to fixing the oven grill .

    It works well and is now our favoured device for cooking breakfast. Bacon, sausages, black pudding, fried bread, tomatoes, mushrooms all cook perfectly. Eggs cook less well because of so little oil but minimal oil means a healthier breakfast. Above all, it is easy to clean.

    I am trying to lose a little excess weight and i thought that this would be a good idea. I was right – to a pointplug in and switch on and all is well. Drop the food onto the platter and it cooks. Very little oil used in cooking, in fact i am using a few squirts of oil instead of the gallons i was using before. The food is delicious, no doubt about that. So, what not 5 stars?simple really. It’s too big to fit in my dishwasher with anything else in it, and it won’t fit in my sink, so i end up having to wash it under the showerthe two different griddle plates – one flat and one ribbed – could have been supplied as two plates – that would make a lot more sense. Anyway, if you have a huge sink or don’t mind firing up your dishwasher for just a couple of items i’m sure you will be very happy together. Me – i’m still searching for a griddle that comes in smaller parts.

    • Great grill, but think about how you intend to clean it.
    • Make sure you don’t receive a reconditioned unit!
    • So easy to clean

    James Martin by Wahl ZX833Table Top Grill with Flat Plate

    Have used for dropped scones.

    Needs to heat up a lot before cooking. But when its hot it cooks well.

    We are really pleased with this.

    Nice item with space for plenty of bits and pieces but its going to take longer than the standard grill. Quite a bit longer so its going to be hit & miss with steaks. Not much smoke which is good and not a lot of fat splattered over the table. So i would recommend this but watch the food is cooked properly.

    Was a bit suprised with this item as it was rather large was expecting it too be smaller picture is a little deceiving also it takes most of the worktop space so its best to have a lot of worktops in the kitchen if you need this product cooked food well easy to clean too.

    Superb quality cooks food so well very easy to clean brill.

    I’ve used a few f these grills and often they can be under-powered. Rather than quickly cooking food, retaining flavour, they sort of steam them. Quick and powerful cooking and plenty of space. I use this for korean bbq and robatayaki type cooking at home.

    Adequately powerful hot plate so don’t have to wait too long for the food. It’s like having a table bar-b-q. Great fun entertaining, but one is sufficient for about 4-6 people. With more guests, you really would need two.

    This is the best grill i have bought, it is very easy to clean the removable parts make this process easy.

    We love this so much we brought another one for our caravan.

    Replacement for a george foreman grill. We use it when caravanning instead of a barbecue,. It is easy to use, heats up quickly and , best of all, is easy to clean, unlike the gf grill which was impossible to clean. All in all an excellent product and a hundred times better than the gf grill.

    Works well, nice size and easy to clean. A regular in the caravan now, leaving the heavier gas barbie at home.

    We bought this to use whilst camping, it was so good that it will now be in regular use in the kitchen at home, its fast to use and a really easy to clean.

    Bought as a gift son love it really useful.

    I love it, i spray it with fry light before use and it grills lovely. The only thing is you need your window open it can get abit smokey just like a barbecue.

    Used everyday on holiday in france. Cooked meat and fish to perfection. Also bacon and eggs for breakfast. Very healthy minimum oil needed.

    It works really well with both meat and fish. No fluctuation with heat settings.

    I like this grill very much. However, after using successfully once, i found the ‘power on’ dial not working when using for the second time after recently purchasing. – the only time i did manage to cook, it was fantastic. – i have now returned and requested a replacement hoping that i do not encounter the same problems next time round.

    Features and Spesification

    • Versatile, non stick cooking surface with flat hot plate and ridged grill areas – perfect for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and fried foods
    • Ideal for party ‘table top’ cooking, general cooking or a compact appliance for students and caravanning
    • Variable temperature control can be adjusted for different foods and cooking styles
    • Large hot plate / grill area of 37 cm x 29 cm allows cooking of multiple foods or a complete meal at once
    • Easy clean removable grill plate and drip tray