Jaybird 985-000766 Freedom 2 : Comfortable, adaptable, intuitive to use

Really good runner’s earphones. The odd looking ear supports are the magic here; with quite a lot of trial and error, you’ll eventually find a combination of tips that fit snugly but comfortably into your particular ears. Once found, they stay put really well even when running on hard pavements. As sports headphones they#re so good that you do run the risk of being at times woo deeply inside your music cocoon, so do please remember to remain situationally aware at road junctions etc. As for sound quality; these phones really do benefit from a period of burn in; set them going on their own for a couple of days and when you come back you’ll find the treble has smoothed off a little and that tones are rich and pacy. I do wonder if they are tuned to be pacy deliberately, to help with the motivation?. Whatever, it’s a great sound and the included equaliser app, if you like that sort of thing, also proves opportunities for you to further personalise the sound signature.

This is the second pair of jaybird headphones i’ve had, and they’re good. Compared to other bluetooth headphones, the build and packaging quality is great and they look the part – discreet and stylish. However, i had real trouble getting them to stay in/on my ears. I found the ‘fins’ to be not very intuitive, so ended up rotating them for a while before i found a comfortable fit – which then didn’t last long, as they slipped out. This was the case with all the earbud sizes (fortunately, different variants are included in the box). Aside from that – which could well be an issue with my ears rather than the headphones – they were excellent. Battery lasts more than a day with pretty regular use, and battery life can be doubled since the charger doubles up as an extended battery pack. – if you do then there’s not a great deal of options to bring your headphones back to life. And it’s small, which is great – but very easy to drop down the back of a sofa.

These connect well in the ear and give a great sound. The tone is adjustable by way of an app so you can tailor these to be warm, boom-tizz or however you like your music conveyed. I especially like that they don’t fall out when doing strenuous exercise and more so, the two earbuds are joined together with a wire that goes behind your neck. This is helpful for if you want to take one out to talk to someone, and of course if one drops out accidentally you won’t lose it. Throw in an inline remote and i fail to see how these can be bettered.

These are the first wireless headphones i have tried, and i would say in general they are good quality, but they are missing a couple of things to make them perfect. Firstly, the connectivity is easy to set up ,the app is very useful to balance the eq and the charging is very quick. The female voice is a little urgent “charge me”. Which can surprise you mid exercise. The charge itself will probably last three hours without issue – i never tend to use them for that long, but you get the charger block which will give you at least the same again. The main gripe is the buds which, as mentioned elsewhere, are prone to escape, as one did on a dog walk one day. So now i only have one ear bud as i go, which is probably a lot safer anyway. In summary they are very easy to set up, very easy to use, but a little to easy to pull apart.

Found these pair up easily with my phone through bluetooth and are comfortable to wear- didn’t have a problem getting the right fit. The app is great and the overall quality of build and sound output impressive. The fin attachments are ideal for maintaining the stability of the earpieces, particularly if you are exercising/on the move quite a bit. Audio-wise they are more than adequate for the intended use of this type of headphone and the battery life is good- there is a stored charge facility in a clip that is innovative and handy- giving a good eight hours no problem, which is plenty for my use. Comfortable to wear and unobtrusive, intuitive to use, adaptable and water-resistant- they can actually take some punishment in that department.

The only thing i dont like about these headphones is the somehow very irritating voice hwich tells me they are connected etc. Other wise this is a beautifully packaged, small and lightweight headset with a good range of fitments to ensure a comfortable fit in the ear. Once youve found the right size, they are light and you forget they are there. I’ve tried these around the house, at work and while running , and theyve not slipped onece. The sound is excellent, and the extra charge pod a neat idea; you can use it for extra power (although it does add a bito f weight to the lead) or plug it in to a usb socket to recharge from t he mains or pc.

Like everything about these. Paired with remarkable ease and have continued to do so every time i tried them. Are easy to control from the control gizmo. Fit well in my ears, although adjusting them from normal fit to over ear was a bit of a fiddle. The enthusiastic american voice that greats you every time you turn them on can be a bit annoying, but it’s better to be informed than not and most importantly the sound is excellent. The phone app gives you the ability to adjust the graphic equalizer to your tastes for extra bass, extra treble or middle for whatever rocks your boat. I picked a classical setting that someone else had done and it works fine for me. They are designed for runners, one of which i am not, but on the occasions i have used them they have stayed in place. The price is a bit frightening, but if having music on your exercise is important to you, these are quality items and merit the premium.

I’ve been using these headphones for a couple of weeks on my daily commute to work. As is the sound setting is not great, but if you download the free jaybird app (i have an iphone 6s plus) you can easily customise the sound and use loads of pre-set options. They fit securely in the ear and are not uncomfortable – unlike other in-ear headphones i have tried. They are great at blocking outside sounds and you don’t have to have the volume up too loud to enjoy music. They are a quality item and i feel they will last. The inline control is easy to use and does everything it needs to. I am very pleased with the headphones and really enjoy using them.

  • Poor bass response unless you get a perfect fit
  • A great set of pods, good fit and good sound
  • Superb sound challenging fit worth the fiddle factor

Jaybird 985-000766 Freedom 2 with Speedfit Wireless Headphones – Blue

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These are truly smart and stylish headphones. Easy to sync with your devices. They come with a number of ear bud things to fit whatever size ear you have although i have one dodgy ear so they never quite stay in. Perfect for running and exercising. These are an update of a previous version which i already have. To be honest apart from the fancy charging dock and packaging there isn’t that much difference although they are similar in price.

I use these earphones for commuting and i find them excellent. The good points:- lightweight- batteries last long enough for whole day- very good fit for my ears – they don’t fall out easily and don’t hurt- the cable is unobtrusive and help not to lose them- sound is the big thing here, i had sennheiser momentum before and these are jaybird ones are equally impressive and cheaper- bluetooth has very good rangei am unsure if there are any really bad points for me. Were i running maybe, but for normal waling, commuting etc.

These earphones ooze quality. The metal effect is very cool, they are small and sophisticated, and the sound quality is top notch. You have to fiddle around to get the fit right, but honestly, did you expect anything different?. All in all, excellent sporty ear buds. Apparently, the cost of freedom is very high. These are very expensive, and for this price, you are competing with bose and beats. These are good, work well, stylish and practical. And if you can get them at the right price, i’d say go for it. But you have to decide what that price is.

Review for jaybird freedom 2 wireless sport headphones with speedfit (white)these headphones have a superb sound to them, with incredible balanced range. Producing a very clear vocals and punchy bass while keeping the mid’s unmuddied. I haven’t had sports fit headphones before and they are challenging to get to fit, i had to find a picture on their website to find the best way to wear them. Upside down with the cable over your ear seems to be the best way. I am used to the wires dropping down and maybe getting in the way, no problem here as they are out of the way. But then the remote is slightly behind my right ear, which takes some getting used to, but still a faff to get it all fitted or i would have given it 5 stars. Charging is via a docking station which also acts as an extra boost battery which makes then heavier on the right side but it is not too bad. The mic quality is ok but being behind my ear it sound like i am far away, clear but a bit faint so you end up talking a bit louder than normal. Overall it is a good package once you get used to the quirks. A nice (ish) white and gold contrast in a durable looking rubber coating.

I was really looking forward to using the jaybird freedom 2 earphones since their feature list is just what i was looking for in a pair of earphones for the gym: bluetooth connection, decent 4 hour battery life (that’s easily extended with a clip on battery), in-line controls and microphone, plus the clever cord management system which prevents the cord flapping about when you run. There’s a lot to like about these earphones. However, no matter which combination of ear tips and fins i used, i couldn’t get a comfortable fit. These things just wouldn’t stay in my ears when i moved with any real intensity. Unfortunately, because of the fit issues i find it difficult to comment about the quality of the sound (but the other reviews on amazon seem positive in this regard). If you can get the jaybird freedom 2 to fit there’s a lot to love about them, but unfortunately they just didn’t work for me.

Although you can pay more, these sell at a premium price – so i was expecting to be impressed. There is no doubt that these are good earbuds which provide a very light and comfortable fit that make them ideal for exercise. The idea of a separate battery pack for the extra 4 hours use is good, but the design does not allow for the direct charging of the headphones. I can almost guarantee that at some stage i will mislay the battery pack which will render the phones useless. I could keep them as one i guess but they are so much nicer without the pack attached. Spares are available – but will cost you more than a basic set of headphones. My chief gripe however is that these are lacking in bass. The app helps a little, but they are very small drivers and therefore you really need a perfect fit in your ear canal to get the best out of these. I simply haven’t been able to get that fit. It is frustrating because when i hold the earbuds in my ears, the bass response is pretty good.

I usually don’t use in-ear headphones as i have tiny ears and most brands i have tried either hurt or fall out. I was therefore interested to see how the speedfit technology works. My first impression of the headphones was that the design was simple and stylish. I then tried to fit them to my ear shape and still had problems. They are more comfortable than some other brands, but i ultimately did not find them particularly well-fitting and they did fall out quite easily. You can certainly adjust them a lot more than most brands so i am sure they would work well for some people, but if you have weird ears like me don’t assume these will be the answer to your prayers. I did find setting up the headphones very easy and had no problem syncing them with my devices. I also thought the sound quality was very good.

I’ve used jaybird freedom headphones for a while, and always found them to be that rare breed — a pair of phones which actually fit into my ear without falling out, even when exercising. This is achieved by the material they’re made of, and the large number of combinations of earbuds and wearing positions that are possible. The freedom two earphones are similarly brilliant; the one plus point over the older model is that the sound quality, which was really good before, is now downright excellent — it’s clear, well-defined, and good at both top and bottom end. I’ve used these for about a week now, and been really impressed — they fit, they’re comfortable, and they sound brilliant.

  • Poor bass response unless you get a perfect fit
  • A great set of pods, good fit and good sound
  • Superb sound challenging fit worth the fiddle factor

Jaybird 985-000766 Freedom 2 with Speedfit Wireless Headphones – Blue

These are a pretty good set of in ear bluetooth buds. They come with a variety of tips and hooks and i found no trouble getting a really good snug and comfortable fit. However, i find the charging process a bit cumbersome. Instead of plugging directly into the hones, you have a clip on battery which passes the charge to the battery in the phones. This gives you about 8 hours run time (4 on the clip on battery, plus 4 from the inbuilt battery, i get 6-8 hours from a budget set of bluetooth phones that take charge directly so i don’t understand the need). The clip is relatively heavy and so drags the connecting cord around slightly uncomfortably if it is being used. All in all 4 stars – they’re pretty good in most of the important aspects, but the fiddly charging process is a bind.

These earphones produce a surprisingly good sound. That is once you get them correctly positioned in your ears, which isn’t easy, with the right size buds (they supply four sizes). Connection was straight forward once i had worked out that you press the middle button on the headset to turn on and to connect. There is a book of instructions that looks substantial but only a few pages in english. Com does not cover the freedom 2. The buds for freedom are memory foam whereas the ones supplied with my freedom 2 are basic buds. 5 star sound but 3 star in ear comfort so 4 stars.

I am listening to these now. Clarity is good and clear, with a good dynamic range, even at low volume everything is unmuffled. It is worth spending time selecting from the four different ear fitments. I started with the default ones then went down in size because i thought my ears were small, but it turns out the largest ones give the most secure fit. The cord can then be shortened to taste. Packaging is the usual overkill hard cardboard box, clearly these are aimed at the ifans. They paired immediately with my perficecy m290 player. I have some discomfort with in the ear pods and the surface ones fall out of my ears, but these, despite being surface mounted on my ears, ie, nothing is in my ear canal, seem secure enough. A novelty with these is the split battery module, rather like the latest kindles. You have a rechargable battery on the cord but by clipping on another small capsule its life can be doubled.

Overall, and after a few weeks use, i can safely say i like these. I had to change to a larger pair of ear tips to keep them securely in position, but other than that everything worked a treat straight out of the box. They are easy to pair (bluetooth) and when you switch them on you get a clear voice confirmation that they are up and running, and also a battery percentage reminder. The battery does seem to last really well i find. The sonic quality is really nice and smooth. I listen to a lot of classical music, and and also voice based podcasts, and i find the overall tonality for both these is really very pleasant and makes for an enjoyable session. There are simple controls on the connecting wire for volume and on/off, and plenty more options in the app. I wear them for walking and cycling, and find they stay in place pretty well. The charging cradle is easy to fit and works well, and there is a nice carry case for all the bits included.

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