Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Compatible : I just simply love this earphones

The only bad thing i’ve experienced is that it’s extremely easy to loose an ear tip. Not so much a problem with the foam tips, they aren’t coming off, but the silicon ones, which is what i prefer to use, ar sliding off. Lost a tip twice in a short period of time.

Pairing headphones (macbook)it works as expected, but i had a one time problem. Thing was that my first pairing was with an android device. After that i tried with a macbook and it didn’t work. After some online research, i found out that i was supposed to reset the headphones. And indeed resetting the headphones did the trick. Again, this was an one time thing. All subsequent pairings were automatic and without issues. Pairing process could’ve been easier. Sound qualityi’ve used several headphones until now, but none of them in this price range. The sound quality is good, if you would ask me and the fact that you can change the sound profile from a mobile app is definitely a plus.

Beautifully sounding earphones, you won’t find better anywhere else. The price is a bit steep, and would expect to get a more premium carry case as seen with the x2s, since this product comes with a cheap little bag. Ear wings are also a massive pain to get in to place. Companion app is also awesome.

These are absolutely fantastic, i was hesitant at first, but once i got the fins into the right position they blew me away. Having the strap tightened around the back of my head is fantastic, no more wires in the way. You could be thrown down a hill with these on, and by the time you got to the bottom, they would still be in your ear. The only issue i have is that when i turn all the way to the left the bluetooth cuts out. It’s bizarre, but not something i’ve noticed too much. I’d recommend these to anyone.

Has a few month and reviewing as there would appear to be real issues with this product. Personally, i have found a great, comfortable for which does not move while running. Some have complained here about the sound, but i suspect many of these people have not used the supporting app which givea almost infinite control. Again, i have found a sound i really enjoy. I normally use wired shure earphones and actually enjoy the sound from these more. So far so good, but the issue, and it is a major one, stops me recomending these to anyone. The bluetooth connectivity is appalingly bad. I can be sitting, at my feet with the phone less than 50cm away and it constantly drops out for a second, then continues. I have tried resets, other phones and the result is the same. This makes the music impossible to enjoy.

I have waited on reviewing these as i wanted to put them through there paces. The sound quality is not as good as all the reviews made it out to be. Sound is a personal thing so maybe it’s just me i managed to get an ok sound out of these after many hours of trying thanks to the excellent app. So to sum up good quality phones , “best sounding though “ i don’t think so but like i said that’s a personal thing as for longevity time will tell a couple of months in and still going strong with good battery life.

These are great earbuds if they fit your ears. Sadly these didn’t fit mine and no matter what combination i tried they fell out of my right ear all the time whilst running as i know my right ear hole is bigger than my left. Of course i tried different size ones for each ear but, for me, these just don’t work so i’ve gone back to my powerbeats 3. For the right ears though these would be great and my daughter loves hers.

These are the best headphones i ever owned. The sound quality is superb and they sit perfectly on my ears. The controls are easy to manipulate and nose insulation (with the foam tip) is excellent. However, i do not recommend using the foam tips if you are planning to run on busy roads. I have 80% charge left after an hour’s workout.

  • Comfortable, easy to use and great sound but
  • 5 months in and i’m still using them daily
  • Great headphone when set up correctly.

Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Compatible with iOS/Android Smartphones Designed for Sport/Running/Fitness – Red

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Pros: i love the audio quality when using the adaptive foam. It also provides a great noise isolation. Cons: sound is interrupted for a second many times when i move my head. It’s very likely due to a wrong wire link and many people keep reporting this. They are also very unbalanced because of the remote.

Aside from just that, it’s not too bad. Sound quality is great and with the app made by jaybird you can fine tune it to sound however you like which is absolutely great. It also comes with a bunch of accessories and a nice carrying pouch which helps it live up to the huge price, but once again the earbud situation is quite frustrating as it’s quite easy to lose them.

These were well worth the investment. Bluetooth so far has worked perfectly and they keep me going for my long marathon training runs. Took me a couple of wears to work out which buds fitted me the best but great to have a range to find the best comfort.

I’m really impressed with these headphones. I have gone through maybe 20 pairs of headphones when exercising, and was looking for something that was both sweat-resistant and fixed in-ear. I have tow other bluetooth headphones but they are not in-ear, so are restrictive on long runs. I wear these under ear with the fins attached. I changed the ear fittings for the soft sponge fitting and they fit perfectly and stably in my ears. I have run with these over fast 5k and also a more sedate but sweaty half marathon and they have not budged. All the previous in ear headphones i used needed tape to stay in and i was constantly adjusting them. From an audio quality point of view, i was initially disappointed with the flat sound, until i read the manual and realised there is an eq app available that lets you configure the sounds as you prefer. This process was seamless and i now have punchy bass and nice treble without tinniness that gets irritating over a long period of time.

Excellent sound quality with use of the free downloadable app. Very comfortable to wear and can use for about 5-6hrs on a single charge. Things i don’t like, the silicone/rubber ear buds are a little big so they require pushing back into the ear every few mins, the foam ones are not durable for sweat. Away from the gym, walking around london with my phone in my pocket, the signal repeatedly dropped, sometimes every 20 seconds after 10 mins of walking. Could be static as others have suggested, or bluetooth signal interference. This this doesn’t show in the gym when the phone is mounted or rested on a machine and i am moving freely. Overall, i think that the sound is excellent, the comfort is great, the ease of use is fantastic. The minor issues i have seen are probably common with this technology from high end wireless bluetooth down to the cheapest pair. I think the price i paid (amazon used) was a fantastic price for the quality and 1 month in with almost daily use i have no regrets.

These are good but they have problems. I’d like to start by saying you are paying for the wireless technology not the sound quality as many non wireless earbuds have much superior sound quality for cheaper price like the carbo tenore, with that said i have had these for 5 months now and while i like and still use these some of the problems have become apparent. My main issuethe poor design of tube you put the tips on makes the tips stick in your ear or just fall off when not in use as there is no lip to keep them on, this wasn’t a problem for the first few months and it only seems to happen to the silicone tips not the comply/foam tips. This is also a known issue a simple google or look on the jaybird forums will show you i hope they redesign the tube for the x4 as i wont buy another pair of the x3 when these break simply due to this problem. Sound qualitylike i mentioned at the start the sound quality is not amazing for the price however it isn’t terrible and the equaliser app lets you change it to your liking which i recommend you do as the default is rather flat. There is no tininess and the bass is present but you can get better quality sound if you don’t need wirelessoverall they are fine i doubt you can get better wireless earbuds for this price but know what your getting.

Bought to replace a pair of powerbeats (broken after three months due to sweat). The fit is perfect, battery life is truly useful, and the sound is awesome, particularly with the mysound app.

I’ve bought it in november after a couple of months i’m using i’m not really impressed. The sound is average, not really detailed but it’s loud and the dedicated app with the equalizer helps but still it’s nothing impressive. Cheaper bluetooth headsets have the same sound. As other have already said the pin used to charge it is very annoying because you need it to carry it everywhere and without it it’s impossible to charge it. A simple micro usb port would have been much better. The battery life is very good though, can listen to music for hours without need to charge it and the microphone for phone calls is good. I haven’t had any problem during a call and the other caller could clearly hear me. I’m still having great problem with the fitting, i’ve tried the different sizes and materials of the tips and fins but still i have to constantly adjust them during a simple treadmill run. Overall is an average product that would have been great if sold at 50/60 pounds but with a price tag of over 100 pounds it’s not worth it.

  • Comfortable, easy to use and great sound but
  • 5 months in and i’m still using them daily
  • Great headphone when set up correctly.

Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Compatible with iOS/Android Smartphones Designed for Sport/Running/Fitness – Red

I’ve took some time for testing. In overall, sound of the headphones is magnificent. Never wear one with better sound, but battery lifetime is a froad from jaybird. There is no way that they can last for 8 hours. I’ve managed 4 hours on flat equalizer, and minimum volume, i’ve bearly heard music from them. I don’t know why jaybird still advertise 8 hour battery liftime, when it’s obvious, from google and other complaints, that 8 hour battery life is impossible.

I just simply love this earphones, they’re my daily drivers lately. I love the design, the sound, the fit. I use them in the gym, on the street and at home also. I really appreciate the sound customization possibility in the jaybird app, this is a unique feature. The only thing i dislike (or hate) is the charging dock. Sometime it’s frustrating, if you forget to bring it with you in a trip, there is no possibility to charge the headphones.

Good quality headphones, plenty of accessories to make sure they fit well. I use them intermittently through out the day at work and in the evenings for the gym and the battery lasts for most of the working day without needing a charge.

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