JAYS 2826 On-Ear Earphones : Top quality for the same price as standard apple headphones

I’ve bought 2 pairs of a-jays in the past (one + two). But i’ve had 2 more courtesy of jays. Whenever there was a loss of sound from either ear the process in claim warranty was quick and easy. Averaging a life of 7-8 months with intensive use. Actively used for many hours a week for relaxing, the daily commute and exercise. Unfortunately accidentally dropping my phone or sharply pulling them off takes it toll. But the customer service and response is clear cut and tailored for your situation. Personally the fit is perfect and additional sized buds should suit a range of ears. I’ve been a firm believer in this product styling and quality and would highly recommend it to anyone. Compared to products in the same price range, these beat the competition.

These earphones sound excellent. The bass isn’t overpowering, rather, very-well balanced with the mids and the highs. The highs are well defined, the mids are clear and crisp, just an excellent listening experience. When you listen to music through these earphones, you honestly pick-up sounds that you’ve never heard using the standard samsung earbuds or sony earbuds, etc. Just fantasticyou get several different sized earbuds with these earphones, so the chances of them not fitting your ears is tiny. They don’t seem to fall out easily either, which is a huge plus. I love the tangle-free cable, it really is tangle-free. No more untangling needed when getting the earphones out of your bag: 10 seconds and you’re listening to music. The flat cable just screams ‘quality’ and i found that the cable is really durable too: no marking, no ripping, after using these earphones for some time now. The only thing i wish they came with was a carry case, but that really is me being pickydefinitely worth the extra over the £10, £20 earphones, there is nothing bad i can say really.

Tired of getting all my headphone sets dead within a couple of months thanks to the cables breaking, i saw the jay threes with their lovely flat cable and thought that they’d be the solution to cables cutting up because of normal round cables always get tangled. So i bought them, not at amazon, i bought them at the airport. The sound is exactly what i was expecting, same quality as the senheisser counterpart, nothing earth shattering, but delivers what you are paying. Funnily enough, not even 4 months since i bought them. They just died in my hands this morning, no apparent damage, nothing to be seen, normal use, nothing out of this planet, just plug them in the iphone and listen to music (what else can you do to treat a pair of headphones badly) the flat cable is fine, perfect, not a single dent but. The jack goes attached to a solid piece of rubber that seems to be the weak link in what otherwise would be a flawless design. That solid piece of rubber is weak, it breaks and of course it is responsible for holding the cable to the jack. Even worse than the worst headset you can find in the market, the flat cable is stunning, the solution to plug it into the connector is shame of design. You are better off throwing your money into the garbage. Updateafter contacting their customer service and complain to them about how their product had broken, i got a replacement order and a new set of headphones on record time. To my surprise, not only they sent a brand new set, but apparently they have also improved the design for the jack, now it has a flat end that rests against the connector on the phone/mp3 making it much harder to snap. I haven’t tried them yet, but i’m sure that it will be better.

These babies are a best buy they out do them selves compared to all the other ear buds i have tried in the price range.

Update: these phones began to show some wear within weeks of use. Be aware that the white cables will get stained by jeans and any other clothing that runs. The connector at source is also quite fragile and any twisting or movement in it results in crackles whilst listening to music – most annoying. The controls have also weakened and button presses must be firm. I wouldn’t recommended buying these anymore, but their sound does retain a 3-star rating. —-i have had a number of earphones over the last few years, and these are certainly one of the better pairs. For the last two years i have used apple’s in-ear headphones and they’ve been more then adequate, but adequate at best. The a-jays four feel like a breath of fresh air after just two weeks. The new a-jays four are not my first phones from jays. I previously had a pair of q-jays.

Spent a long time researching for replacement i phone headphones. These are a fantastic pair of headphones, comfortable, good sound, good microphone. The flat cable is great as it doesn’t get tangled up like other headphones. Was pretty annoyed when my girlfriend accidentally put them thought the washbut. Fully functional- both mic and speakers. Amazing headphones and apparently waterproof.

These earphones are amazing. Apart from delivering the most amazing sound i’ve ever experienced from earphones, they are both comfortable and the cords just do not tangle. If your intention is to use them for music, you will definitely not be disappointed. I highly recommend these earphones.

I’ve had these for about a year now. Amazing products that are still going strong. Typically, earphones last me about a year. Maybe a year and a half before i notice things going wrong with them. But these jays have been a godsend to me. Tangle free so no more frustration and time wasted untangling. I prefer the sounds of some cheaper sennheisers but these are pretty much the same. Wish it had more compatibility with android with its controls though. But i mainly just wanted the button to answer calls anyway.

  • Quality Not Comfort
  • Absolute steal
  • Nice, but maybe not better than fours.

Jays 2826 On-Ear Earphones

Style Name:Q-Jay  |  Colour Name:Black
Product Description, Sensitivity: 103 dB SPL at 1 kHz. Impedance: 50 Ohms at 1 kHz. Frequency response: 15 – 20,000 Hz (full). Frequency Response: 8 – 16 000 Hz (+/-5dB). Isolation: -40 dB at 2 kHz.

Box Contains, 1 x Jays q-Jays iOS Black

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These are very good for sound quality. The cable is sturdy and great design. However, you can hear the cable moving whilst playing music if you’re also moving. Not so great but they will do.

Great headphones at a great price but this is my third set as, inevitably, the joint of the connector eventually starts to crackle and fail. Not as robust as you would hope but while they do work they work very well and sound excellent. I’ve since upgraded to the a-jays with an inline iphone remote and they also, sadly, after 8 months or so have now got a crackly connector and intermittent sound. Seriously such a shame as they’re great headphones.

These earphones seem to be getting a lot of hate due to the poorly fitting earbuds. On the one hand i completely agree, they are terribly designed and do not fit the majority of people’s ears, did they even try them on themselves before actually going in to the full manufacture process?. However, what some prospective buyers may not realise is that they come with a free ‘voucher’ to get some comply ear tips delivered which are some of the best ear tips i have ever used. You just send them an email with your receipt and i got mine in a couple of days which means these earphones were an absolute steal, super cheap yet completely out performs a lot of earphones in the under £100 range. Great hi’s lo’s and mids, and i’ve never had earphones that perform this well across the spectrum, really impressed with them. They also seem quite durable. Why you wouldn’t get these at £24. 90 i don’t know, they’re probably the best value for money earphones i have ever purchased.

Good set of earphones, so good i’ve just gone through my 4th pair as i like them so much. I’ve ad the jay ones and jay threes and these are far better value for money. Sound quality is good and smooth, very enjoyable on those tracks with deep bass. Noise cancelling which is perfect for working and the gym. Different sized ear buds come with to fit your ear which is a comfortable bonus. But as mentioned before my 4th pair, with the same issue arising every time. Each pair lasts about 10 months until suddenly the sound on one side drops to almost zero. Not even jiggling the connection point allows you to get back to the original quality.

I’m no expert in earphones or headphones or anything slightly technical in the music world however i can tell you that these are far better than any other earphones i’ve had. The bass is amazing and they really drown out any background noise making them even louder and more efficient. I’ve had them for about a month now and they’ve only ‘tangled up’ once, it wasn’t even a knot. The sound is fantastic, i can listen at half the volume i used to with my old earphones and get an even better sound with amazing quality. There was a mention of the issue of interference through the cord however this wasn’t a big problem, it didn’t get annoying too often.

Sound nice but fall out too much, i think it is a combination of a shallow fit and a thick, heavy cable as i don;t have this problem with standard earpods.

Sounds great, looks okey, but that the cable is just too ”heavy” making the ear-phone to just about full out or if your at the gym sweating it would full outapart from that the sound & volume is perfect. Still thinking maybe i should exchange it for the whitethe black looks little bit cheap tho.

Nice design, and solid feel just as the a-jays are known for. The remote is nice and works fine. I haven’t used it enough to see if the build quality is better than other a-jays model (4 + one + one+), as they’ve usually died on my within a few months. Audio quality is really good, although i am not an audiophile. The only major minus point is that they don’t stick as well in the ears as the other a-jays models do, for some reason. This is actually the first in-ear headphone where i’ve really felt that they fell out of my ears, and i’ve used 15+ models. Turns out that that while the a-jays one+ and four has a smooth cable, the a-jays five cable is a bit rough, so whenever your shirt/jacket/whatever moves, it pulls upon the cable, pulling out the ear plugs. Still nice headphones though, as long as you don’t move around too much.

  • Quality Not Comfort
  • Absolute steal
  • Nice, but maybe not better than fours.

Jays 2826 On-Ear Earphones

The jays five fulfilled every expectation i had. I bought them to replace my stock iphone ear pods after forgetting them on a long trip, and as a replacement for those the jays perform exceedingly well. What i’m most pleased with is actually the packaging and overall aesthetic design, however. I must admit, the sleek, matte black hardshell case is my favourite part of these earphones, and rolling them up and tucking them away in my briefcase is always a small joy. I’ve actually even had several people at work curiously examine the case when it’s left out on my desk. And that’s to say nothing of the design of the earphones themselves, which is also sleek, non-obtrusive, and fashionable.

I bought this and it came with in the same week. The product itself didn’t disappoint, the packaging is awesome and everything included makes it definitely worth the money. After about 10 mins of messing around with the different sized buds i found the ones that fit in my ears the best, there a struggle to fit on the actual earphone, which is probably beneficial in the long run, them seem to be well built, (which i expected anyway paying around £30. )they block out background noise really well and the bass is insane. The slim design and anti tangle cable make the product that much better, the carry case is well designed and practical,protecting the earphone. I can’t give this product enough praise.

Best headphones on the market today by a million miles. This is the second pair i have owned and they have travelled around the world with me and they have always done the job and more. Great quality and look and the sound is outstanding.

I use these headphones with my sony z3+ and the sound is great. Highs and lows are brilliant and the bass is spot on. The only downside is that the headphones do sometimes get tangled if you have them in your pocket for a while. I’d recommend these for headphones for anyone who wants great sound quality and you get airplane adapter threwn in with a great headphones case and box.

When the teenager broke dad’s expensive in-ear headphones, i thought that was it. Luckily, they are still available – nothing else comes close, according to hubby. Luckily too they cost way less than the first pair 5 () years ago. Luckily for the teenager who has been doing chores to pay off his debt.

I’ve been a skullcandy user for my entire life, until i got tired of them breaking every 2 months. These are slightly more expensive, but you can feel the sound difference straight away – clearer, fuller, with a lot of bass. I’ve been using them for 4 months now and treating them horribly (putting them in my pocket when not in use). I have yet to see them get tangled in my pocket, and/or start breaking up.

My headphones are rarely off my head and hence i can justify spending good money on a quality pair and appreciate the difference. Oddly enough, it seems that the cheap ones last but dont sound good and all too often the expensive ones sound great but dont last. In the past year alone i have had 2 pairs of beats tour and a pair of soul sl49s break on me, issues with control button, y joint in cable and joint on the 3. The beats sound terrific and fit well, the earpiece seems to be solid metal (alloy) and they fit well. However, you only have to look at the cable joints and button to be suspicious about how easily they can break – no mouldings just flimsy plastic covers on the joints. The soul sl49s looked better, particularly the control button, but my pair developed a fault on the 3. 5mm jack in less than 2 weeks, decided to go for a refund and i cant see a new pair fairing any better. Decided to replace them with a-jays four as i bought some for my son at xmas and was quite impressed with the look and sound of them. Ok, so ive had my a-jays fours only a few days, but after several hours use its clear that the sound isnt on par with the beats or soul, but its entirely decent and very pleasing unless you crank up the volume too much and then the bass goes into distortion.

Very well made and great sound. Thinking of getting a second pair. Some say the bass is too heavy but i don’t think so. . No problems with tangles and there in my work bag ever week day. Good reviews everywhere except here it would seem. Great fit in the ear and they come with 5 different size silicone buds because we are all different. I dropped mine in water a year ago and they still work fine.

Not at all as good as i was expecting. The quality of overall sound may be just above average for a high quality brand of earphone, but unfortunately these were not worth the £37. Also, the connector is at a 90 degree bend so it’s easier to break, and that happened within the first week of light pocket use. Returned for a refund, going to switch to the jvc hafx3x, far cheaper and about the same audio quality.

I got these earphones for their low price and tangle-resistant cables. The sound quality isn’t amazing, though that’s not something i particularly care about. The first thing i noticed is that they look a bit strange when you put them on. Due to the outward shape of the earpieces and the sturdiness of the cable, they slightly open to the sides. Not the coolest look:)in addition, the left earpiece stopped working properly after about 4 months. The volume of sound is much lower from the left than the right. Still haven’t replaced them though, as i’m lazy enough to value their tangle-resistance more than the volume:).

Very good sound at at the discount were good value, but i can not get a decent ear fit. These replaced my jays four that died after a couple of years use. Unfortunately they don’t fit the ear as well and fall out constantly. Have tried the various silicones but no luck. I don’t think the anti tangle wire helps. It does make them easy to unwind but like the fours it transmits a lot of sound to the ear pieces unless you stay still and force on them that pulls them out of your ear. May have to get inventive with some silicon molds to finally create the perfect headphones.

The sound quality is top draw, the product is is very well made too, and thankfully there is a clip to clip the phones to your clothing. I say thankfully, because without it these don’t stay in my earsbefore i bought these, i saw a review saying the same thing as dismissed it as silly because of the variety of ear buds supplied. These buds do nothing to elevate the issue. I’ve used big buds to keep them in, and small buds to push into my ear canal (not nice), but the feeling of them forever slipping out is disconcerting. I wish i’ve paid attention to the other reviews, and bought a different product – despite their brilliant quality. The reason is the very fat flat cable, it too wide to sit in my ear, and the added weight (especially on the cable with the controller) is too much, dragging the phones out of my ear. You may not experience this, and they are a quality product. Another annoying thing is the shear amount of packaging these bad boys came in. A foam holder, in a box, that was in another box, that was in another box, that was then all packaged by amazon in yet another box.They must have a lot of trees in sweden, as these guys don’t care about knocking them down.

Great bass and i like the tangle free cords. But if you accidentally pull the cables too hard the wires very easily snap at the junction where they go into a single cable. They’ve never broken the ear piece or plug like most of my other headphones. So if you are careful they’ll make great affordable headphones. They come in this amazing black sliding plastic tube which in my case went straight in the bin.

Tried many many headphones ranging from £10 – £250 including: shure, bose, sennheiser, klipish, phiaton etc etc etc and discovered these to be the best value for money. Up to £70 gets you the best of the lower end (single driver) above that, and upwards to £150 gets you multi driver headphones – but it gets silly at that cost (unless you’re professional). These may have powerful bass but it is accompanied by a nice treble. Plus if you aren’t tied down by the limits of an iphone then you can remedy that with an equaliser, and produce sound every bit as good as those twice the price (and in some case triple). One small issue i find is the thick cable that makes it weighty and as a result tends to dangle and cause a loud ‘doiing’ noise. I’ve left this out of my 5 star review because i believe the average score deserves to be raised (plus i secure it with a paper clip). Some reviews i’ve read mark it down because the white cable gets dirty. Well my response is be cleaner or get the black colour.

Great quality for value, this is my 3rd pair. They provide various sizes of earbuds to suit your ear size. I can wear these on a long-haul flight for 12 hours non stop without any pain. The sound is good and works well for my broad interest in different music genres. There is some cable noise, but you would not notice it unless you keep bumping the flat cables. On average, these earphones lasted me 1. The previous pairs worn off at the connection with the socket, but everything has its lifespan. The only drawback is their so called carrying case which is rather small and difficult to utilise.

Pro’s:- clear sound (not ovewhelming trebbles)- deep bass- tangle free cablecon’s:- don’t fit well in my ears, have to push them deeper in, but they are quite short in design. (however, sinse its my ears that don’t fit these headphones – no stars are dropped for this shortcoming)- not good for jogging (the tangle free cable is too heavy and makes a noise when it bounces, also no clip to keep them fixed in place. Again, these are not marketed as sports headphones, hence no stars dropped)advise: foam buds really improve isolation and sound quality. I had these for over 6 month now, will review reliability after another 6 month in use.

Okay i only gave them 4 stars, i would have given them 5 stars if they would have arrived in tip top condition. Not the sellers fault, but the manufacturer / packaging themselves. The very nice box they come in is completely sealed, but when i opened and removed my headphones, i noticed the flat cable (the reason for liking these headphones so much) was badly twisted within their carrying case. A twist that is permanent, and close to the the actual ear bud part of the cable, so is constantly visible at all times, i find this very unsatisfactory indeed. Every time that i wear them now i have to untwist the cable as it dosent sit neat. Apart from that these are really good headphones in my opinion, i love the sound they reproduce, clear beep bass response without ever flapping or being muddy, and great mids and highs, a very well balanced sound in my opinion.

Just recieved my a-jays one + in the post today. Summary:pros: great look, brilliant bassy sound, good companion app. Cons: slight issue with click commands, but nothing major. Detail:i’m not really a proper music geek, but i can appreciate good sound. Decided to buy new in ears after my last ones died. My taste in music is varied, but i mostly listen to hip-hop, electric, and a bit of indy. On first listen with the a-jays the difference in sound compared to the set i had been using was dramatic. Really rich bass that i would compare to a decent set of over ear cans. You do get a sense of space and a depth of sound with these. I can totally understand now other reviewers when they said they can hear parts of the music that they couldn’t before.

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