JAYS Wireless Headphones : Too pricey for the sound

Battery life is absolutely fantastic – only charged about an hour total for over a week’s use. Charging speed is also impressive. Sound quality is surprisingly good from this small set, with good lows and crisp highs. Ear buds are also light and well fitting. Note tested by a sound engineer.

Attractively packaged, there is however little in the way of instructions, as is now quite usual today, to accompany these earphones, and what there is requires a magnifying glass to read unless your eyesight is top notch. Yet set is is very easy, and as they are about fully charged on receipt you can be up and running in a few moments. In use i have yet to find a satisfactory and comfortable fit, maybe the problem is my ears but the side with the controls just will not stay in. I like to wrap the wires of the earbud over the ear for a more secure and comfort fit, however the short length of cable between the earbud and the controls makes this difficult in practice, and maybe the added weight of the control switch is too much. As for sound quality i am totally underwhelmed, listening to serious music is not something i would choose to do with these earphones, bass is almost non-existent and the sound generally i find tinny and seriously lacking in definition. I’ve been wearing them while contemplating and now writing this review and they are already becoming uncomfortable and the sound irritating. The big attraction of these earphones is i understand the 12 hours playtime, which is good for such at this price. That seems somewhat irrelevant unless they are comfortable for long wear, and the sound quality is tolerable for lengthy listening.

A well packaged item so i thought this could be excellent. Unfortunately, on opening although the phones looked good, the instructions were poor and you need better than 20/20 vision to read what’s there. As the phones are virtually fully charged on receipt, one has only to choose the ear bud size to fit and you are away. Simply connect to your preferred device via bluetooth (no harder than any other device i’ve encountered) and off you go. Sound quality: * for audiobooks, quite good as the words seem clearly defined * for music, very disappointed. Even with adjusting my ipod’s sound control output i found the bass to be almost non existent and, by doing so, it badly affected the uppermost registers. On resetting to try to enhance the upper registers, the bass virtually disappears. The controls are similar to most other ear phones these days with – forward/back within the track being played, play and pause, volume control, call take and finish, mic activator and, finally, battery status. I find the inability to jump to next/back to previous track a real nuisance. If, when listening to an album, you come across a track you don’t like, i would like to bypass it.

These are very comfortable and practical earphones that are bluetooth wireless and can be used with music and/or phone. They come in a quality package like a box set cd case which opens out with the phones, a selection of earbud sizes and small usb charge cable. They come charged so i was able to get connected to my phone straight away with quick and simple pairing. The phones have a small control panel for most functions and on the war they fit well with a neck wearing style rather than head. Sound – quite good but not breathtaking, base and richness could have been a lot more and they are i would say above average/good. For generally listening i am happy with what they deliver and volume is decent with no distortion. The control panel allow:- forward and back- play/pause- call take and end- volume- mic activiate- battery status audioup to 12 hours battery life and a generally good build quality throughout. These have replaced my wired earphones and are decent pair.

I use these for running and for this purpose they score much better than, for example, the reviewer who wanted to use them for music editing. I usually prefer the collar design or the type that hooks over the ear, but these stay in well despite the movement and shock from running. They are easy to use, light and comfortable. The sound quality is fine for audiobooks and classical music. Those who want a thumping bass should perhaps look elsewhere. As for the instructions, they are not up to much but you don’t really need them.

Been using these on my morning jogs with the dog. The sound is really good with a nice clear bass and distinct higher frequencies. Connection to my mp3 player over bluetooth was a doddle and the easy access controls, which lay just below my jaw, make adjusting volume or skipping tracks a breeze. In the main i found the ear buds themselves very comfortable, but i did find that with one bud i had to keep pushing it back into my ear, as worked loose quite regularly while jogging. Of course that may well be down to the shape of my ear as i generally have that issue with most ear buds i’ve used in one ear or the other. These earphones are clearly well made and appear very durable. What i particularly like about them though is that they are nice and easy to stick in a pocket or bag without that annoying need to wind up a scraggly cable that eventually gets knotted and uncontrollable. For the money these phones are very good value.

Overall the bass, mids and highs are very well balance which i already expect coming from jays headphone. , i found it quite muddy at first until i tried to swap around each ear tips. Apparently, the ear tips are not my kind and i have swapped them out for final audio replacement ear tips and it sounded so much better.

I am not generally an enthusiast of mobile sound / small headphones or generally sound on the move but this headphones reallly are very good and at this mid price point, i woudln’t pay any more for ‘desinger’ names or the cache of having a dj’s name as the logo. These are more than good enough for high quality and frequent use. They pair very easily with any device (that i tried, e. A smartphone) and have built-in hand controls. Sound quality is very good – controlled top end and fairly extended bass. Battery life proved to be as good as claimed.

  • Awesome
  • Amazing Headphones
  • Good overall well balanced sound but lack of good ear tips

JAYS Wireless Headphones, a-Six Bluetooth Headphones with a Massive 12 Hours Play Time for Running, Cycling, Gym and Sound Isolating With Mic – White/Silver

Colour Name:White/Silver
Product Description,
Box Contains,

  • Five sizes of silicone ear tips (XXS, XS, S, M, L)
  • Charging cable
  • User manual

  • From the manufacturer

    bluetooth headphones

    wireless headphones

    This is JAYS

    Our team here at JAYS is a dedicated group of engineers and designers who believe that there’s only one way to properly build a great product — to do it one detail at a time. From the unboxing experience to your everyday comfort using our products, we assure you that every detail has been carefully considered and improved by us over the years.

    Jays a-six Wireless Headphones

    Bluetooth Headphones with 12 hours playtime

    Our first wireless earphones have been designed with all the values and principles that JAYS have come to represent: Great sound, functional design and high-quality build. With a-Six, you’ll have a pair of bluetooth earphones that you’ll love to take with you wherever you go.

    • Best-in-class battery life
    • One of the world’s smallest
    • Trouble-free wireless connection

    long battery life

    Enjoy 12 hours of playtime

    Enjoy a full day of listening to your favorite music, whether you’re commuting, working, or exercising. Travel in style with a-Six, your ideal travelling accessory that’s a perfect combination of quality and comfort.

    bluetooth headphones

    Unrivalled performance

    Technology should work for you, not frustrate you. Enjoy your favorite music uninterrupted and in great quality with a-Six’s unrivalled bluetooth performance with its robust bluetooth range and stable connection. Just you and your favorite music.

    in-ear bluetooth

    One of the world’s smallest

    Small but powerful, lightweight but durable. a-Six has been made with similar design principles of q-JAYS, our high-end model, to ensure that you get to enjoy a well-made and comfortable pair of earphones at a fraction of the price.

    metal headphones

    Made in metal

    a-Six’s entire construction has been precisely engineered to deliver high acoustic quality in an astonishingly small size. Encased in an aluminum housing made by CNC, a decal plate made of stainless steel finished with laser-cut holes serving as a tuned bassport, a-Six lets you enjoy your favorite music in better and higher quality.

    long battery life

    bluetooth headphones

    in-ear bluetooth

    metal headphones

    jays headphones

    Inside The Box

    • Jays a-Six headphones with 12 hours wireless playback
    • User Manual
    • 5 Pairs silicone ear tips; XXS, XS, S, M, L
    • Micro USB Charging Cable

    metal headphones

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    I must say i’ve seen better. I already have two sets of bluetooth headsets, both cost less than these and the sound quality here is not quite as good. I like the ergonomics of the set and the features of the small control piece but the main thing here is sound. I found them to be a bit tinny and certainly not as good as my existing equipment. Like one of the other reviewers i have trouble getting the things in my ears so i’m probably not the best judge of that feature. I know many people who have no problem while i tend to go for ear buds with ear loops. I like the idea of 12 hours playtime which is certainly good and eases the charging problem. I tend to use mine on the daily bus commute so they should last a week with no problem. My final issue is the lack of instructions and the size of the print on that provided. You can do better than that.

    Well design set of headphones. Good sounds and battery life.

    Very light weight and sound really good. Bass is a little light but very open sound with clear vocals. For the price they are an absolute bargain. I would highly recommend them.

    These have very little bass, that said everything else is superb even the price seems about right, they connect easily and quickly, it looks like they might be clumsy and fall out, but nothing of the sort – find the correct size from the included selection and they are secure enough for everyday use. The sound is crisp and clear with plenty of volume. They charge up quickly and the charge lasts aa good 12 hours enough for daily use. The controls are very easily accessible and react well, although the voice informing of the “baddery” state is tiresome. One other criticism, external noise is at a minimum i had difficulty hearing voices or noises above the earphones unless the volume was at a minimum so any use other than relaxing somewhere with no hazards, the volume should be lowered to the minimum so any danger can be heard.

    Great product and it arrived on time. Jays are a great brand and their products are built well and give a great sound. I will only buy jays from now on.

    These bluetooth earphones from jays are a nice pair of headphones, relatively easy to use although the instructions could be better. Fit in the ear well and come with different size earphones so you can find the perfect fit for you. They are well made and look good, the white/silver design is stylish. Works well with an iphone and is great for commuting. Price is a little high but they are a good quality item.

    I have used and lost so many headphone during my commute to work so i have a good range of product experience when it comes to using bluetooth head sets. Jays are the best headset i have used. A whopping 12 hours of battery life, i hardly seem to charge them up. The set comes with various ear buds to ensure your ears get the right sort of comfort. The sound is perfect also, not too much bass and they dont have that tinny echo sound that some headsets seem to have, no distortion just pure beautiful sound.

    • Awesome
    • Amazing Headphones
    • Good overall well balanced sound but lack of good ear tips

    JAYS Wireless Headphones, a-Six Bluetooth Headphones with a Massive 12 Hours Play Time for Running, Cycling, Gym and Sound Isolating With Mic – White/Silver

    Features and Spesification

    • Make sure this fits
      by entering your model number.
    • 12 hours playtime – Your ideal travelling accessory that’s a perfect combination of quality and comfort. Enjoy a full day of listening to your favourite music, whilst commuting, working or exercising
    • One of the world’s smallest earphones – Small, powerful and lightweight, a-Six has been made with similar principles of q-JAYS, to ensure a luxury pair of earphones at a fraction of the price
    • Seamless wireless experience – Enjoy your favourite music uninterrupted and in great quality with a-Six’s unrivalled performance with its robust Bluetooth range and stable connection
    • Precision-made, metal housing – Precisely engineered to deliver high acoustic quality. Encased in an aluminium housing, a decal plate made of stainless steel finished with laser-cut holes