JBL Everest Elite 700 Wireless Over Ear Headphone – : Definitly recommended!

Exceeded my expectations coming from an audio technica m50x, in terms of sound quality. The clamping force is a little too high, can’t use these for a long time continuously. I use these for my gaming sessions, and it get’s uncomfortable and my ears get hot. Noise cancelling is very good, though not as good as bose. However, the sound quality and features outweigh that. Brilliant pair of headphones.

For £180, these jbl everest elite 700 are one of the best noise cancelling headphones on the market. The sound is very clear and powerful (you don’t even need to use half of it’s power because of the fantastic job done by the anc, cutting down the outside noise). It gives you the opportunity to tune the sound to your taste which makes it perfect for your music. The noise cancelling might not be the best out there, but it still does a very good job (and does not cost over £200). I use it every day on the underground and my commute to work is much more peaceful. There are only two less good things, one is the sound quality when the headphones are connected through the cable (you need to turn them on for better sound) and when the anc is turned off the sound is just not good. I use it always with anc on (which you can adjust), but some people might not like it. The second problem is with the fit, my head is a bit large, and this headphones are a bit tight. It gets better with time, but if you have a big head, do try them before you buy them. With all said, i think they are a great choice with a very competitive price.

I tested the jbl everest elite 700 wireless over ear headphones for quite some time, here is my review:if you buy headphones this expensive, you can expect quite a bit of them. Unfortunately the jbl did not meet my expectations in every aspect. I’ll start with what was bugging me the most, the comfort. Although if you touch them the headphones feel really good, excellent materials, very well built. I thought on my head they were a bit too tight. Could be because i have a very big head. After some time they got more and more uncomfortable and it felt quite warm on my ears. And not the good kind of warm. Now to what i liked:the app: good lord, there’s nothing you can’t have. At some point the guys at jbl stopped thinking if they should and only asked if they could.

Excellent pair of earphones, good quality, good fit in my ears, great for gym/running, this is my third pair i am checking from amazon, second from jbl, the battery lasts for 7,5 hours ( loud music / quiet music / calls ), fast and stable connection, the music stops playing for a second sometimes but nothing big to be a problem, they could have been little bit more louder but anyway after a while they getting too loud so no problem, happy with them and recommended.

Nice headphonesthey are good in all range very clear and if u need base you can set preference for it , the noise cancelling is ok to but not completely silence as bose qc35 and that is not bad się as no everyone wants cut off from surrounding world. And plus you can set level how much you wanna hear. Comfortable but not super comfortable. Bluetooth stable no problem with that. Mikrofon is ok you can talk , bose have that a bit better. I paid £179 and for this price is give 5 stars as quality sound and anc which i can set to my need. There is reviews that says this headphones are not loud enough, hmm my wife always saying that i am deaf and they are to loud for me so i don’t know how deaf is person who says they are not powerful.

Coming from owning a pair of sennheiser hd595s. Clarity, detail, sound stage, frequency response, bass definition. Bluetooth pairs quickly, and excellent range/stability. No issue with battery life or bluetooth that others have reported. I suspect in most cases it is either due to some defect or (most likely) user error. Only downside is yes you can accidentally hit the shareme button, which is annoying, but not that big a deal. You can learn not to hit it, or you could wedge something thin in the button to make it harder to press if you really want.

The packaging was nice to unbox. The quality of sound for a bluetooth headset is high. The padding on the ears is good but can get annoying after being warn for more than 2/3 hours. It’s range is pretty far too i can have my phone on one side of my house and i’ll be listening to my music at the other end. Only downside is that it doesn’t include a case to keep them in which can be annoying. But overall very good considering the price.

I would reccomend these to anyone who would like some well crafted and superb sounding headphones that sit comfortably on your head. Here’s my full review:go to youtube. Search for – ‘jbl everest 300 on-ear wireless headphones review, unbiased tech reviews’link here – youtube.

  • Excellent headphones!
  • excellent pair of earphones
  • It could be better

JBL Everest Elite 700 Wireless Over Ear Headphone – Black

Style Name:Everest Elite 700  |  Colour Name:Black
Product Description, These JBL Everest Elite 700 headphones feature NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling technology and JBL Pro Audio Sound with 40mm drivers, so you can enjoy rich, enhanced audio for all your favourite music. Bluetooth enables simple wireless syncing.

Box Contains, Carrying case Everest Elite 700 Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones Micro USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable Owner’s manual

From the manufacturer

JBL In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Auto Off

Best-In-Class Ergonomics

Bluetooth 4.0

Built-in Microphone

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JBL Everest Elite 700 is legendary sound brought to high standard. Bluetooth 4.0 enables wireless connectivity while NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling Technology combines the immersive experience of noise-cancelling with the ability to control the amount of outside noise to let in, giving you the power to balance awareness of your surroundings with your listening experience. With legendary JBL Pro Audio sound delivering a dynamic acoustic experience, sculpted ear cushions providing unprecedented fit on your ears, a 15-hour rechargeable battery, and TruNote Auto Sound Calibration, you can enjoy ultimate comfort, freedom and personalisation. A built-in microphone allows for easy call access.

Exclusive NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling

For the first time, JBL combines the immersive experience of active noise-cancelling technology and lets you control the amount of outside noise to let in. So you have the power to balance awareness of your surroundings with your listening experience with the simple press of a button.

Legendary JBL Pro Audio Sound

Enjoy the same elevated experience and incredible sound JBL has been delivering to concert halls, studios and living rooms for almost 70 years.

My JBL Headphones App

Get even more control and personalisation of your listening experience with this free App. Through your mobile device, you can create custom EQ settings, and access all other headphone settings and features.

TruNote Auto Sound Calibration

Be blown away by the cleanest, most authentic version of your music that you’ve ever heard. With the press of a button, TruNote Technology automatically calibrates the sound of the headphones uniquely for you.

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It’s a little too hard for my ears, i don’t want to wear it after 30 minutes. Sound is very good with deep bass, jbl quality. It’s not the best to call, the quality is already weakening. The battery is strong for a few weeks, it can be used for a long time. But after a few months the battery time is drastically reduced.

The headset were for my nephew. Excelent sound and so practic,wireless.

Best fitting earphones i have used, can survive a session in the gym without becoming dislodges as i have found with other products. Battery life is very good i am charging once a week for 1-2 hrs a day usage.

Sound is nice but could be better regarding off priceshould be 5. It seems iam paying only for logo.

Excellent pair of bluetooth headphones. Best fitting headphones i have found in years. There is a choice of three outer buds and three smaller buds to choose from. So mix and max and find your perfect match. The battery is stored in the volume controller, and weighs nothing. A lot of bluetooth headphones have the power source inside the hear piece. The cable is of a really good quaility and feels great. Even the cable to charge is of high quality. I am really impressed with these headphones and will definitely recommend these. The sound quality to me is the same as my wired bose and that’s a good testpackaging 10/10sound 10/10design 10/10extras 2/10i think is should come with a small pouch to carry them in.

I love the full bass sound and the battery life on them.

Great sound and they are very comfortable. The usb cable however broke on me which was disappointing.

So i’ve had these for a little over 6 months now and to be 100% honest they’re ok. They stay in your ears great, never had one fall out by accident. The battery life is good (usually lasts me a couple of days) and micro usb charging is handy. They also turn themselves off after about 10 minutes if you aren’t using them which is a handy feature and probably why i get such good battery life. On the downside for the money the audio quality isn’t brilliant, if you crank them up to full there’s a lot of hiss in the background. Also the highs aren’t great and they’re not particularly base-y when i compare them to my wired sennheiser momentum m2s. All in all i would say the sound quality is ok. On the downright awful side, if you are the sort of person that takes a lot of calls in places with any background noise then i would look elsewhere. The mic on these is absolutely awful at dealing with any background noise at all from a light breeze to traffic they’re a complete no goall in all i think i was lucky in getting them half price. If i’d paid full ticket i think i would have been really annoyed. I hope you found this helpful.

  • Excellent headphones!
  • excellent pair of earphones
  • It could be better

JBL Everest Elite 700 Wireless Over Ear Headphone – Black

Beautiful design and goog quality sound.

I’ve had these headphones for over a year, and here is my review:sound quality: very clear and thorough, i’ve had no problems with this quality at all. Treble: 5/5bass: it’s decent when you put the headphones on a louder volume, otherwise it’s very vague. Starts hurting after about 30 mins if you wear glasses. After wear, and i’ve had it for a year now, it gets squeaky as it’s made out of plastic. You can hear that when music is playing so it’s quite annoying. Not bad when you’re in the gym. It has rubber material on the top which is decently comfortable. Noise cancelling: it’s nothing like the bose qc35 headphones, but it’s hard to hear others on full volume. It has no noise canceling designs. Colour: blue is a pretty good colour, which is what i have, although i think black would look smarter, and white would become dirty quite quicklybattery life: lasts very long, and it doesn’t really take that long to charge. Cable: a bit annoying as the cable is 2. 5mm on one side, which goes into the headphone and 3. 5mm which goes into the jack.

Very good sound quality and construction. Fast delivery, just over 24 hours.

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • Offers hours of music playback on a full charge. The auto-off feature automatically shuts off the headphones when not in use to conserves battery life.
  • Contours to your ears for optimal comfort during extended listening sessions.
  • Enables simple wireless streaming from a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices. Download the My JBL Headphones app for simple control.
  • Automatically calibrates output for optimal audio performance.
  • Built-in microphone with echo cancellation technology delivers natural sounding calls.