JML Halowave Aircooker Deluxe – – Excellent Aircooker!

This halowave aircooker is absolutely brilliant in use. It’s lighter than the glass model & the non-stick bowl is fantastic as it’s easy to wash. The glass bowl on the other model is heavy & i hated cleaning it whereas this non stick metal bowl is simple to clean. I made the mistake of not checking what accessories were with this cooker & found that it didn’t have the flat basket which was a nuisance as it’s expensive to buy the accessories after you buy the cooker. The only thing i don’t like is the rotisserie bar which holds the chicken & mesh drum for chips etc has a tendency to scratch the non-stick lining of the metal bowl when you’re trying to fit it for use. Apart from that though it’s excellent & i would happily recommend this aircooker to anyone.

Been able to cook a cake at last. Find this oven so easy to use.

This was our 4th halogen oven in 15 years and unfortunately the one with the shortest working time. We bought in in january 2018 direct from jml and in may 2019 it died. Jml have now replaced the machine with a new one as it was just 4 months out of warranty. When working it works well and has the rotisserie which is great. We haven’t used the oven for months except for large items. On the negative side, the very poorly transferred characters for temp started to disappear within weeks so after that it was hit or miss. The locking button for the lid is badly placed for a right handed person, both my wife and i don’t like it. Jml customer service old school, they want you to shop with them again so it’s the way it should be.

Chicken on spit is wonderful. The chip basket kept opening. Had this two years and the timer has gone so not too happy as it is expensive.

Liked and very good hologen, the rotisserie could do better on the spindle and screw as they don’t tie in clearly with indentation as not even marked a or b or y.

Only one complaint a single screw missing from the air frying basket ?.

Halowave cooks lot better and quicker than others i have had before tasta better lot easer to clean so happy but do find it difficult to use chip basketyou have to screw basket on bar and screw it on to the bar do find this fiddly and hard.

Here are the specifications for the JML Halowave Aircooker Deluxe –:

  • Rotisserie Spindle for juicy joints, self-basted kebabs and evenly-roasted veg
  • Air-fry with little or no oil for healthy, but crispy results
  • Instant cooking without pre-heating
  • Roast, grill, bake, fry, even slow-cook on your worktop
  • Digital timer with ‘delay’ function that cooks while you’re away

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Aircooker!
  • it dose get very hot so wear oven glove when lifting the lid
  • find this oven so easy to use