JMPosner For The Home Snow Cone Maker – Slush Machine – Amazing machine

Very happy with this, working well last two months and no problems so far.

Daughter (12) asked for this for christmas – her review – 10/10bought it between my 3 children & they all love it. They insisted on taking it to grandma’s on christmas day & making snow cones for everyone (including the 7 adults – my sil particularly liked her g&t snow cone & is now wanting a machine herself) & it was a hit with all. Very quick & easy to use, & to clean too. Makes no more noise than you’d expect, but as it works so quickly the noise is irrelevant anyway. Doesn’t take up much space either. Holders on the side fold up making for easy storage. If you need more, just use glasses or cups. Children have tried lots of flavourings, from fruit purees to drizzling cordial/squash over to coke & lemonade. Daughter’s verdict – equal best christmas present along with her laptop (which she’s been asking for for years)would thoroughly recommend.

This was delivered on time and works perfectly. Was a great party favourite at bbqs in the summer and so quick and easy to use.

Brilliant easy to use love it.

Should have bought this first and not tried a manual crusher. Can’t wait to start on some seriuous cocktails.

My son loves it, easy to use no fuss and no mess excellent.

Haven’t used the product as it gone old already by the time i ordered it but the product came on time which was good.

Just what the hubby needed to make his saturday night complete. He is now sitting enjoying his vodka slushy thinking he’s on a sunny beach instead of cold and wet scotland.

I got this for my niece’s birthday and it was a huge hit at her party,definitely recommend. Simple and quick and looks lovely too.

Bought this as a christmas present and very pleased with it ,easy to use makes lovely slush not to noisy thank you.

After a disappointed xmas day originally having ordering the smart 5in1 slush maker from a different company, i then ordered this for my son arrived in two days and he loves it very quick and easy to use i have used it for cocktails too so win win all round. Mum points redeemed thanks to the snow cone maker.

By far the best snow cone maker . Have tried lots i’m so pleased i ordered this machineit’s amazingly fast and hygienic you can actually pour warm water into the ice shute to clean it i haven’t needed to yet ,,but that’ shows how well it is made i do wish the ice was more snowy but to just have a machine that is well made with a strong blade i’m happy , it looks cute on the worktop too ,i just tip a tiny amount full sugar vimto in the corner of the ice tray as i also like plain ice , vimto doesn’t stain teeth and lips like syrup and ribbena , i’m 40 with an ice addiction , so walking around with red or blue lips is not a good look 😂.

My 7 year old is over the moon. Would recommend to any slushy lover, child or adult 😉. Here are the specifications for the JMPosner For The Home Snow Cone Maker – Slush Machine:

  • A Snow Cone Maker that Shaves Ice for 4 Cones in less than a Minute
  • Easy and Safe to Operate, Simply add Ice Cubes and Crush
  • Perfect for the Summer Parties and having Friends and Family over
  • Includes 4 plastic reusable cones & Snow Cone Scoops
  • Perfect for Slushies and Snowcones – Slushie

This is 10 stars i have purchased for a bbq party in july this is great for kids and grown ups too with a splash of your favourite alcohol. Works quickly worth the money.

Great machine, does exactly what it says.

Super easy to use, looks nice. My children love the slushies from this – just the right consistency.

Brilliant gift for my daughter she loves it only problem is as sometimes the button seams to stick and it wont switch on other times it comes on fine. It shaves the ice with blades inside the machine ideal for summer days.

Fantastic machine , i bought this well over a year ago and still taking it out to use , easy to use clean and kids and adults both love it.

I requested this product for my 22nd birthday and it’s absolutely amazing. It works exactly as described and looks extremely stylish. The ice is cut in seconds and not too loudly either. I’ve been making snow cones for my friends & family ever since i got it – brilliant for all ages. You can use this to make slush puppies that you buy in shops. The ice isn’t fine enough initially, but if you let it melt it will be fine. If you’re debating between a snow cone and a slush puppy machine, opt for the snow cone machine. The best syrups to use are snowy cones. (also, this machine was never supposed to come with syrups. If you think it should, you’re looking at the wrong product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect

  • Brilliant summer buy

  • Fun for the kids (and grown ups too!)

Had it for my son’s birthday party and all the children loved making the snow cones. It comes with a rounded scoop for that genuine snow cone shape. We bought separately 6 bottles of flavours which they could add. Helpful safety feature means the grinder doesn’t work unless the chute is closed, so little fingers can use it easily. You will need lots of ice, though. We have an ice machine, but still had to fill that up a few times. As a bonus, once the little ones have gone to bed you can fill a glass with crushed ice and pour baileys over it. It does only come with 4 plastic cups, and it would be helpful to be able to buy more.

I have had two family get togethers now since buying this snow cone maker and i think it is a wonderful little machine, looks smart too. I have 10 nieces and nephews and it went down a treat with all the kids. In fact, we dabbled with a few adult recipe snow cones too and there were no complaints. 🙂 i would highly recommend this piece of equipment, it does everything as described, is easy to use and works really well. The kids not only enjoyed the snow cones, they enjoyed watching the process of making them. Delivered quickly and packaged well. If you are unsure i can safely say it has been a very worth while purchase and excellent value for money.

Endless fun and it really makes great snow cones or halo halo style crushed ice really quickly – will order one for family members.

I’ve only used it once but worked well when i did.

This is mint ice can be a bit big but but in pint glass add slush flavor and top up with a bit of cold water mix one nice slush take abit of sweetness away using a bit of water means you can have two and not as sickley ps water make the ice melt just enough to make it more a slush than just ice bits :).

This is perfect for a cool drink in summer. Had mine over a year and its had some use. My younger brothers love it.

Bought for 12 year old daughter. She loves itit arrived on time. It surpringly came with 4 plastic cones, which meant i didn’t have to spend a further tenner on the disposable ones :).

This slush maker was the best ever buy for 3 of my young relations. It was a massive hit with the adults too. Two of my relations have asked santa for one already for next christmas. A super hit for young and old alike.

A great buy and value for money.

After looking at all the options and reviews i opted for this machine, it’s a bit more expensive than the others but is far superior as far as i can see. It quickly belts out snow enough for a couple of drinks from just a few ice cubes. Exellent so far, highly recommended. I got the snowcones syrups and they are exactly like a shop bought one although the blue raspberry one makes your s*** green. I missed e numbers and attention destroying food colourings.

Very easy to use with great safety aspect.

Bought for my husband who loves a slushie and the whole family love it too. Very easy to use, a bit loud but worth it. It basically shaves ice and you pour that and your slushy juice into the cones. So far we’ve also made coke slushies and cocktail ones. Great product thoroughly recommend.

Nice design, relatively easy to use. Take care not to put too much ice in and overload the machine.

Great bit of fun especially in the hot weather. Used it loads and still working well.

I have been looking for week for an ice cone machine. I’ve read reviews upon review. Well put it this way,,, this machine is amazing. . It’s so easy and simple to use. All the children have took great delight in making their own. Everything is of good quality and robust. The only down side to this machine is the amount of melters ice on the side when the children don’t clean up after themselves. I’m so glad i perceived and waited. In one day we’ve already gone through one and a half bags of ice so be prepared.

Very light weight so was a bit worried that it was not as robust as i thought it would be. However it’s been great so far. Shaves/shreds icecubes super fast and not too noisy either, takes such a short time to shred ice noise is immaterial. Bit like a blender noise wise. Good capacity for shredded ice. Havent used plastic cones that were included but the ones as shown in photos.

My 12 year old loved this for his birthday and uses it all the time.

Really nice product -shaves ice so not quite a slushie maker but as near you will get. Kids love the cones that come with it. Maybe shop around for syrups as the ones i bought were full of colouring which stained everything.

Brilliant addition to our kitchen.

Use it in my shop great for the kids.

Perfect, good size, sturdy, daughter loves it and so quick.

Does just what it’s supposed to. I use it with regular ice cubes and put sauce, juice or alcohol on and also freeze the pop or juice itself and put that through. It’s a really good machine and well worth it.

Kids love this, its easy to use and safe for my four kids to make their own slushie. I watered down the syrup i brought to go with it as i thought it was quite sweet,.

My daughters both love this machine. I agree with other comments i read stating that the ice is more shavings than slushie you can’t really drink it through the straw but they love it any how.

Brilliant bit of kit loved snow cones on the beach now can have one all year round kids love it too dislikes none best thing ever.

I bought this for my daughter and it did not disappoint. She had all her friends over and they enjoyed unlimited snow cones. Can’t wait to make myself a cocktail.

I thought this could be poor quality plastic etc. It’s sturdy easy to keep clean and reduces ice cubes to small pieces at a rather scary rate. The safety lock means you can’t get things wrong even if you are making cocktails. If you want something that looks like it is going to last and that will keep your kids it snow cones for the summer.

Absolutely love this machine. I predominantly purchased this due to a severe ice craving during pregnancy and my dentist wasn’t keen that i’ve been chewing on ice cubes lol. It’s so simple to use and i love that most of the components go in the dishwasher. My partner also can get enough of this machine. The smallest gripe i have is that it would be nice to have a longer power cable, but we can easily live with this.

Product itself is the best ive had so far but the condition it arrived was disgusting. Upsidedown in an unsealed box with no protection and the plastic ice bucket is quite badly cracked but luckily doesn’t leek as i really couldn’t be bothered with having to send it back an order another but apart from that great machine.

Brilliant this, kids and adults love it and so easy to use.

So far a fantastic machine, my daughter loves it. It doesn’t shave the ice as fine as a slush puppy, but makes great snow cones very quickly and produces fairly large volumes of ice.

This is brilliant machine, really quick to have a snow cone.

I use it daily with no problems at all and 3 very happy children *****.