Judge Horwood JEA10 Family Rice Cooker – Good value

I cannot fault this rice cooker. Very good quality and looks like it will last long. I will definitely recommend to friends/family.

Thank you for the fantastic fast service. And the rice cooker works perfectly.

A well made and value-for money rise cooker that does the job every time.

Just rice for a smaller portion of rice, no messy overflow so nice and easy to clean.

Bought as our first rice cooker, for use with sticky/sushi rice – very simple to use as you fill up, plug in and set to cook, the cooking is done simply by a timer and afterwards flicks to ‘keep warm’ – i’ve been caught our a couple of times by forgetting to turn off at the plug and it was on keep warm for a couple of hourscomes with basic steps for rice and steaming veg, i found you need more water than it recommends otherwise the rice will be dry and light brown at the bottom.

Very good rice cooker and can use it for steaming other food as well.

Works really well for rice and steaming vegetables. Just need to get water right depending on the rice.

Love this rice cooker, great for the price. It cooks rice perfectly every time. We are 2 people and the minimum amount is enough to do 2 dinners for 2. Loved it so much i bought another one as a gift.

Good product however i foolishly didn’t read enough of the blurb before ordering (my own fault) so did not realise that the minimum amount of rice you can cook is for 4 to 5 people so a lot of waste for me. I went for family size in order to allow for when i do have the whole family together but most days i only want one or two portions so should have bought smaller version.

This cooker works fine for me. May be the previous reviewer was a little unlucky with his cooker. Whichever country the cooker was made has nothing to do with the problem.

U need to cook at least 3 cups at once otherwise the rice will get burnt. Not suitable at all if u are small family that cooks less than 2 cup at time.

Cooks the rice perfectly and easy to use.

As i have previously bought a judge rice cooker and was so impressed with it that i bought another one for a friend and they love it to. Here are the specifications for the Judge Horwood JEA10 Family Rice Cooker:

  • Fully automatic one touch operation
  • Slow, even cooking high temperature, low pressure for perfect results
  • Kitchen to table removable easy-clean non-stick rice pot with filling markings

It would be too big for a person to use this.

It is not exactly easy to find a decent quality rice cooker in the uk (or for that matter in europe) so this one provides a pretty good quality for a reasonable price.

Easy to use, good size, does the job well.

Brilliant if you cannot cook rice like me. Pop in some garlic cloves to really enhance the rice.

The manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Min size of 3 cup per cooking
  • Great Rice cooker – perfect rice every time
  • Oh Yes!

Good instructions easy to use.