Judge JEA11 Portable Induction Hob : Really pleased with the hob

Saw some reviews that suggested that not all pots and pans would work. Just remember the theory and all will be well. Testing using a ‘fridge magnet is a good plan. The controls take a bit of getting used to and the electronics will beep an error if things get hotter than they should. This can be disconcerting, but not really a problem. Just restartthis is a light and efficient unit that will fit into any small galley or unit kitchen with a minimum of fuss. The power lead is a bit short, so you need to be near a power outlet. I am not too sure how long it will last, but at the price i’m not bothered. Marked down because of short power lead and error manging electronics, but trivial really this little unit is well worth the money.

Only problem is that the correct pans are difficult to get and are pretty expensive, have not tried proper indian food cooking so that is the acid test as we bought it for frying mainly.

Really pleased with the hob. Heats up food quickly provided the correct pans are used. Surface of hob outside of the ringed area does not get hot, and main area cools quickly when pans are removed. On the negative side, the timer function has not worked from the outset, but this does not affect the key settings of heat and temperature. The unit is solid and stable, and the surface is easy to wipe clean.

Good value realy fast cooking but watch temperature as you could easily burn your food.

This was to replace another make which had a fault on both original and replacement, and is far superior in my opinion, all be it , slightly more expensive. It is a welcome addition to our kitchen and works very well, enabling quick and easy cooking without having to use the main cooker. Good value for money and easily kept clean, yes, i can recommend this item.

This item is almost the best purchase i’ve made. It works so much quicker than the standard cooker. Sometimes it just keeps surprising me with its speed, and it’s so easy to control.

I bought the induction hob to replace my electric cooker’s hob as i broke the glass top. It has been in daily use since i bought it last year. My electric bill has gone down, i am not quite sure whether this is because of using the induction hob or is due to some other factor. I find that it does a remarkable job. I refused to buy another electric kettle just because its element broke, when i found i couldn’t buy a replacement element, so i use a traditional kettle on the induction hob. I turn the hob up to 200, not sure if this is supposed to be degrees centrigrade, as it boils faster. Yesterday i made a large maslin pan of pear chutney, about 15 jars were made and the hob was great. The areas for improvement are that there is little flexibility in selecting a simmering temperature as the hob has to be either 100 or 80 dgrees. It also varies sometimes cooking pancakes, at 160 for the first pancake it is fine, but not hot enough after a while and i have to increase the heat to 200 or more. It is so easy to keep clean and it looks good.

I was looking for a spare hob for times when my main gas hob is fully occupied. I didn’t want to use a butane gas burner in the kitchen and i’ve found electric hobs slow to heat and cool compared with gas. An induction hob seemed to be the answer. Reading reviews of this type of hob i gathered that, while they are very fast to heat and cool, a drawback with most is that the lowest heat setting is often too high for gentle simmering. I searched around for the temperature ranges on different appliances and found that this judge induction hob had a very wide range of temperature settings starting at 60 degrees centigrade, whereas others had a lowest tmperature of about 120 degrees c. The judge has 10 temperature settings ranging from 60 to 240 degrees c. The lowest setting is safe for delicate sauces. Recently we had a dinner party and i had three small pans keeping things warm sitting on the hob set at 60 degrees c and they didn’t burn or over-cook. Another merit of this kind of hob is that when you remove the pan(s) the heating source turns off immediately and are thus much safer than gas or electric if positioned on a work-surface in a busy kitchen. Only certain pans work on induction hobs but i found many of mine do that are not specially labelled as such.

  • Love it despite being a little confused about it
  • A bit too fierce for small pans
  • The Future

Judge JEA11 Portable Induction Hob, Black, 1800 W

Product Description, Designed For Students, Senior Citizens And Camper Vans. Controllable:10 selectable temperatures from 60degree Celsius to 240degree Celsius. Convenient: small, light and portable, for worktop or table use. Easy to clean: Spillages do not bake on the hob just wipe with a damp cloth. Easy to store: just over 1ft square! (31.5 x 33.5cm x 6cm high). Judge 2 year electrical domestic guarantee.

Box Contains, 1 x Portable Induction Hob, 1800W

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Efficient and well priced induction hob although a little irritating that it doesn’t work with smaller pans.

I’m very impressed with this hob which is my introduction to induction cooking. It’s a nice sized unit and impressive in use. Like other users, i think it’s beeping should be quieter but don’t see it as a problem. I bought for outside patio use anyway so the noise level is probably dissipated somewhat. In my opinion, the hob itself is superior to my halogen hobs. Well recommended as a starting unit but also bear in mind that you may also have to purchase additional cookware to go with it.

It took a while to get used to. We had to learn from our mistakes, but we are very happy with it now.

I’d like to agree with the guy who said the beep this product makes is really loud. It really is much louder than necessary – it’s like it’s shouting. I took mine apart and stuck some adhesive foam over the beeper, and it’s still loud. I’m going to disconnect it next – even if that does void the warranty, then maybe the wife will use it too. She won’t go near it at the moment. Apart from that, it’s great. 60 degrees is fine for simmering, which was one thing i was concerned about before buying.

I got this hob hoping to use it for asian style hotpot, where you share a meal with family/friends at the table cooking meats and vegetables. It does what it’s supposed to do in terms of cooking and does it excellently, but the problem i have is that the fan is quite loud. The noise of the fan doesn’t quite create a nice atmosphere. I didn’t find the beeping annoying since it only does that when you press the buttons but the noise of the fan is constant and unavoidable. Another minor problem is that the cord is pretty short and makes it difficult to keep the plug off the dinner table. Overall i think it’s a good hob cooking in the kitchen and does what it says on the box, aside from one star taken off for the noise. However anyone who’s looking for a hob for hotpot cooking at the table should probably keep looking.

I bought this to replace a rubbish portable electric hob for my very tiny flat, and am extremely glad i did. I was concerned about having only one hob versus two, but cooking is so much faster and easier than with the old electric hob that i’ve been able to manage quite well. The pros:the hob heats up extremely quickly, which has enforced some good discipline in me when it comes to cooking. I now have to make sure that everything is prepped in advance – no more chopping up some garlic and onions whilst i wait for the oil to heat, because with this hob oil heats up in no time. Also, it’s also extremely easy to clean. The cons:the operation of the hob is slightly confusing. After you turn on the power, you press the ‘f’ button to start heating the hob. Allegedly this starts at a ‘mid-way temperature’ according to the instruction manual. However, if i leave the hob running at this temperature it shuts down due to overheating. Instead, i have to push the ‘f’ button again to view the temperature in degrees celsius and change it from there.

Was ideal as a temporary and standby hob and to try out induction cooking while the new kitchen was being installed, with a range cooker that includes two induction hobs. This induction hob worked very well with a large frying pan, but found it a bit too fierce with a small frying pan, even on the lowest setting. The same small frying pan work fine with the induction hobs on the new range cooker, with its better range of control.

I bought this chap because it is much more quick and efficient if i want to do a stir fry, than revving up my rayburn. It has proved really useful, and i just keep it in a kitchen drawer when not needed. It’s really good value, and i can recommend it :-).

  • Love it despite being a little confused about it
  • A bit too fierce for small pans
  • The Future

Judge JEA11 Portable Induction Hob, Black, 1800 W

Well made and attractive and very easy to use. Ideal for singles and retired persons. Say goodbye to the old fashioned cooker, taking up unnecessary room. Uses less energy than conventional hob. It is a “win – win” product. Also has a two year guarantee.

I have just returned from my holiday in france where i used this device daily as a cooker and to boil water for tea as there was no kettle . It is so fast to cook with and boils water quicker than an electric kettle, i have only praise for this little device it is absolutely brilliant, what great value and a total asset to any household.

I had searched for a long time for an induction hob which was ideal for me. The price was good and the product is great.

This is the 2nd of these plates i have purchased from you,i have another one which i bought locally,they are wonderful,very quick and very easy on your electricity,i have got rid of my large cooker and use these along with 2 halogen ovens bought from you.

Excellent for frying or browning off meat in the laundry room/garage/outside to avoid nasty cooking odours in the kitchen. This hob heats up very quickly, to a high temperature and is easily controlled.

Overall i am delighted with this purchase, which i bought to supplement my meagre two electric hobs on my baby belling mini-cooker. It is light and small (about 32 x 34 cm) and sits securely on four rubber-based feet. It has a wide range of temperatures, from a gentle 60c right up to a scorching 240c, and also has an optional timer. The first thing i cooked on it was a chilli, and i was extremely impressed with its responsiveness, ably handling the initial frying and browning, through to the gentle simmering, with ease. This thing is easily as responsive as gas – you can see the effect almost immediately of turning the temperature control up or down. And of course it is so easy to clean, being a perfectly flat ceramic surface which (apart from directly under the pan) remains cool during cooking. So those are the positives, but here are three gripes i have, which collectively knock off one star for me:my number one gripe, as has been mentioned by a couple of other reviewers, is the loudness of the beep. Even though i was ready for it, it still made me jump when i plugged it in and it beeped unexpectedly. Every single press of a button generates an equally noisy beep. Worse, simply removing a pan from the hob whilst the unit is cooking causes it to beep incessantly every couple of seconds until the pan is replaced.

Bought this for my 90+ dad who has just moved into his own space within our house. Easy for him to use, with the added safety of an induction hob.

We used this hob while every day for four weeks while our kitchen was refurbished. The settings are very responsive and it was very quick to cook with. The settings are far more versatile than our expensive induction hob in the new kitchen. Yes, but so does everything else in the kitchen and utility when the cycle is over. Good value for a versatile hob. Five years on, the hob has been used during two other kitchen refits. It now resides at our daughter-in-law’s kitchen, where she uses it daily to supplement cooking on her vintage aga. The hob is quite light and very portable, it was taken ‘on tour’ on christmas day to heat the punch at a family event, and then returned home to cook the veggies for dinner.

When i moved into my new home i had space for a dishwasher or an oven. The dishwasher won, and i cook with this, a microwave, a slow cooker and a halogen oven. I’m quite surprised at some of the reviews here, i logged on today to look at prices for new judge induction hobs becasue after five years and a massive overboil of elderberries, mine has possibly (lets see if it works when its dried out) given up the ghost. Its been great,boiling quickly. The only gripe i have is that if the timer is set, it seems to set the temperature automatically to 120 which means you have to choose between timer or low temperature and watch your food. It got some cracks on it early on but it’s carried on working till today when i took my eye off the pan and massive amounts of liquid escaped. Its done me well, and i also love that it doesn’t get hot like normal hobs, so that is one less thing to worry about when you live with a young person. Update: after drying out, it’s survived a soaking too. It’s now going into year six of use.

We needed an independent hob as a stop-gap because my halogen hob has cracked but the oven is still good and we plan to refit the kitchen in the next 12 months. Reviews of this and other makes and models made it difficult to chose but so far we have had no problems. Neither the ‘beep’ nor the fan are louder than those on other appliances. The performance is brilliant although it takes a while to combine the brief instructions with a bit of trial and error until you get used to the power and temperature settings. We had a combination of some induction-friendly pans and some not.

Bought this for a tryout,after this one upgraded to a double.

The only thing that i don’t like about this hob is the loudness of the ‘beep’ it makes when switched on and when changing functions. Otherwise it works so well (provided you make sure you have pans that work with it) and the timer means you can leave food steaming (for example) and do something else without worrying that it might overcook. It is so responsive its like starting an apple compared to a pc (in the world of electric things).

After going through a number of standard electric coil element hobs, each of which decided to either just slowly fail to get hot or melt entirely, i made the jump to one of these induction hobs and have been extremely pleased. Living in a flat without gas, there isn’t a whole lot of choice when you want to mimic the versatility of a gas hob but this product does a decent job of it. The temperature settings are fine enough that you can cook anything you want and, after a short period of adjustment, you can use it much like you would a gas hob. It is a bit loud since it requires a fan to cool the electronics inside, but the notification beeps are loud enough that you won’t find yourself missing those even if you’re several rooms away. It also has a timer function which is great for preheating thick pans (like cast iron ones) when you don’t want direct heat on them, and it gets rid of another little gadget that’s otherwise rattling around the kitchen. The fan is also not so loud that you can’t hear the heat cycling on and off, which helps when trying to gauge what temperature setting you’ll need to use for which foods. When it comes to cleaning, the glass ‘hot plate’ part is dead easy to keep clean and cools quite fast after use so any sticky spills won’t have time to become more difficult to remove. Sadly, the plastic that makes up the rest of the unit has a slightly textured finish and this does make it harder to clean. Also, the glass plate stands a few millimetres above the unit so getting into the corners can be a little difficult too. As others have said, you do need either magnetic cookware (no plain aluminium or stainless steel) or an induction converter plate to cook on it, but many pots and pans are now induction-compatible without having to pay a premium above standard cookware.

I use one of these in thailand, where they are just £15 equivalent in tesco stores. They cook very fast but it should be noted that they only work on iron and steel, not aluminium and copper as they work by magnetic induction.

Bought this hob as it was portable and didn’t need to be fitted in a worktop. Easy to operate and easy to clean afterwards. Will be taking it camping in our trailer.

This is the 4th judge induction cooker i have had. They all worked brilliantly but sadly don’t last too long, some just stopping after just a year. They are guarantee for 2 years so i received replacements. My last one lasted just over 2 years so i had to buy another, when they work they work well.

Price is reasonable in my view, but could have got cheaper ones if i’d shopped around a little bit. Works well so far, no issues with its functions. However, it does take a while to heat up compared to one of my mates who bought hers from china. The only slight issue is the noisy fan when it operates, hence 4 stars. Other than that it does what it says on the tin.

Features and Spesification

  • Only the pan is heated the ceramic plate remains cool
  • Pans heat very quickly and higher than normal cooking temperatures can be reached
  • Changing from a fast boil to a gentle simmer happens instantly at the press of a button