Judge Milk Frother 750 ml – Milk frother

Brilliant, fast and effective. I bought this frother to replace a different design which had the stirrer motor built into the lid and it had seized up. (it was a morphy richards and the fact it’s discontinued is telling). There’s little chance of that here as the motor is sealed in the jug. After a couple of years use i am more than satisfied this was the better choice. A friend has had their’s for five years. An obvious bonus of the jug and handle is that it’s easy to pour – i never used the lid as i’ve never seen it froth over. Also obvious is that you do have to clean it.

Good points: fast, froths well, cuts out at correct temperature. Bad points: does not switch off like a kettle, if you don’t switch off manually, it starts up again when you put it back on its base. Max capacity is only enough for one mug. Must be scoured out after every use as milk burns on bottom, would be better with non-stick coating. Sticking-out handle gets in way on worktop, would be better with conventional jug handle. There must be better milk frothers than this, check them out.

Lovely item and fast post thanks.

I must have tried eight or nine milk frothers in search of the perfect one. This is not actually perfect, but it’s one of the nearest things to it. It does do what it says and does froth milk well enough for a pretty good cappucino.

Very effective, especially when not using too much milk. Better than previous milk frothers i’ve used.

This is great for being able to froth enough milk for me and my friends to enjoy a frothy coffee all in one go. It is also good for doing hot chocolates for the kids (2 of them). However it is a little fiddly to clean.

Very pleased with the milk frother, it turns an ordinary drink into a real treat.

Ordered this milk frother and to be honest i didn’t thing it would be much good but it is terrific . Makes wonderful frothy milk and is super easy to clean, as long as you remember to rinse out the jug before you put the milk in and leave about a tablespoon of water in the bottom, then the milk does not stick or burn. I have had no problems following this method and of course do not fill above the max line, which is printed inside the jug. It heats up the milk to the perfect drinking temperature, which stops the milk from loosing any flavour. You can also order spare impellers should you ever need to. To sum up a great little device that makes the creamiest frothy milk.

Fabulous it does 2 lattes or cappuccinos at a time.

This is the third one of these milk frothers we had had. The good news is they froth the milk up really well even skimmed milk. The bad news is they are not made to last, if you get 12 months out of them they are doing well.

Works great, does exactly what it says it should, easy to clean, quick to heat and froth milk. Its perfect for hot chocolate/coffee.

It makes very good hot frothy milk for capucino and hot chocolate. However as milk is heated up from the base hence the base must be scrubbed thoroughly after each use. Considering we used it quite rarely, after 1 year it stopped working.

Use it with my tassimo instead of using the milk pods , better taste and cheaper in the long run. Here are the specifications for the Judge Milk Frother 750 ml:

  • Cordless stainless steel body
  • Handy lid keeps milk warm
  • Simple one touch operation to heat and froth milk

Great frother but not the greatest design to keep clean as there is a small gap between the element and sides of the unit.

Creates hot milk with plenty of froth very speedily – and is easy to clean.

I am a very satisfied customer as the milk frothier does a wonderful job making it lovely and warm. With plenty of good froth for a yummy coffee or hot chocolate. I first saw my brother in law use his in south africa and was chuffed to see this product equally as good and quick delivery to my house. I recomemend this milk frother to anyone requiring a quick cupa at home.

Does not hold 750ml max is 300ml.

Exerlent , other than it need to have a automatics witch off, like a kettle, otherwise when you have poured the milk out and place it back on the base it starts up again and burns the frother.

Every time you warm the milk it burns the botton of the jug and it is very difficult to get it off i wouldnt recommend it and also doesnt heat up enough milk at a time ,i was thinking of sending it back.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fast and effective frother
  • Excellent while they work
  • Does the job but could be designed a lot better

This is a very good milk frother and much better than the steam ones built into cheap coffee makers. The only issue is that it catches on the bottom and needs a bit of a scrub to get it off. Have been using it every day for the last month or so and still as good as day one.

Hi, as a family we wanted to make coffee more like that from a cafe, and after looking at espresso machines it became obvious that the coffee itself was only part of it. To make latte coffee, you need hot frothy milk, and the steam pipe supplied on coffee machines seemed slow, noisy and hard work. You use it exactly like an electric kettle – pour in a cup of milk, switch it on, it purrs away quietly for a few moments, switches itself off and then you have hot frothy milk ready to use. It is really, really easy to use, makes even instant coffee into quite a good latte, and of course makes frothy hot chocolate etc as well. There are a couple of very minor down sides. You have to remember to switch it off after use, because if you don’t it switches back on itself when it has cooled down enough. And because the milk expands so much when it gets frothy, you can only do quite a small amount in one go – enough for two medium/smallish cups. If you wanted two big cups, you have to do one after the other. Nonetheless, a brilliant way to get hot frothy milk, and highly recommended.

Use this all the time, it’s excellent.

Nice to look at and works ok with two small issues:(1) it has a pouring spout on only one side. No idea why manufacturers would not have put one on both sides. I am right handed but would prefer spout on the other side. (2) more annoying, the unit heats and froths for a fixed amount of time. So, the more milk you put in the less hot it is. Wouldn’t be been better if it always heated to a fixed temperature. Again, the funny thing is the manufacturer includes a thermal switching the unit anyhow (you cannot switch it on a second time, unless you out cold milk in it), so i would have thought heating to a fixed temperature would’ve been an easy option.

Easy to use, doesn’t have loads of pieces to wash. Brilliant gadget for when you are too broke to go to starbucksor costas and you really fancy a latte.

Great for lattes very easy to use would recommend this product it is so fast in heating up milk u can use it for all kinds or milkie drinks.

I bought this product after spending a week with my friend and using her very expensive version. As i couldn’t afford £200+ we looked online and saw the judge heater and frother which had great reviews. It does everything my friends does but for a fraction of the price.Only 2 small gripes, 1 it does seem to over do the froth and 2 it burns the milk on the bottom all the reviews i read prior to buying it did say this was an issue so i was for warned. All i do is soak it for an hour then rub gently and it all comes away no problem. This product is brilliant and equals the much more expensive heaters and frothers.

This is a great product i love it , only takes a minutes or so to acheive warm frothy milk for your cup of coffee or two.

You won’t be disappointed in this product, it’s very good.

Very happy with this product, froths very well though slightly larger amounts of milk is just luke warm.

This is so good i got a second one for my friend. It makes the best hot milk for a good late. I would by this again and again.

Sturdy, quick and easy to clean.

I am going to get another one for work. Paid for itself easily within a month.

Only had it a couple of days, but used several times ,so far it’s excellent, as hot as you would buy a cappuccino in a coffee shop, doesn’t take up much room, i only use skimmed and it foams brilliant,.

Fantastic piece of gadgety kit. Have bought 2 more for friends.

I have previously had a coffee maker with a steam vent – couldnt get it to do much- and a jug a bit like this one that came with a nespresso coffee machine. I had been very happy with the jug but it stopped spinning the little whisk so i looked for a replacement. A direct replacement was £70 which i felt was rather steep. This one is about half the price but froths the milk better. I didnt want a manual type one of me heating the milk and having to keep checking the temperature etc etci fill just above the minimum line with cold semi skimmed and it gave loads more froth than my old jug. The little whisk thing in the bottom is only held on by magnetism onto a little metal blob on the base of the pan so it pulls off by its central ‘handle grip’. I have found the milk catches slightly on the base- it did on my jug – but the stainless steel interior makes it easy to clean off. It does come with rather extensive instructions for such a gadget – but just fill with milk to somewhere between the max and min levels engraved inside the pan, put on the lid, plug in and switch on at the socket and on the pan handle. The light on the on/off switch illuminates as it heats and froths. When it turns off its ready.

This product is very quick at frothing the milk,but on the down side it doesnt heat the milk enough,it is only luke warm,so i rarely use it now.

This is great but us not 750ml like it says it is 300 ml i purchased thinking ut was 750ml i cud av got the 300ml cheaper elsewhere.

I’m using it most of the time and my friends love my coffee when i make it for them and use the milk frosher i’m glad i bought it.

Bought this to compliment my philips saeco coffee machine and it does just that. Heats & froths quickly and is dead easy to clean.

Works good and looks good too.

Doesn’t seem to heat the milk up as hot as i thought it would.

Excellent item, extremely easy to use and clean , end product looks very professional and i would recommend to others.

This milk frothier can make a filter coffee or instant coffee into a latte or other milky coffee, children love the frothed milk as well.

I have quit costa coffee as the frother make great drink.

Heats 300ml of milk quickly with plenty of froth even using semi skimmed milk. Easy to clean, frother unit is magnetic just pulls out. Quick to wash easier to clean than ordinary milk saucepan. Make an expresso first with hot water and instant coffee and you have enough frothy milk for two large mugs. This is an absolute must for hot milky drinks.

Marvellous way to make frothy coffee.

Fabulous machine, makes amazing non lumpy hot chocolate and great frothy milk for lattes. Not only bought myself one but one for my friend who also loves it.