Judge Stainless Steel 3 Litre Induction Stove Top Electric Gas Whistling Kettle : Ticks all my boxes

Very good pourer, whistle fine doesn’t screech.

Bought this to use in our motorhome on both a portable induction hob and the gas. Have used it on the induction hob and it works a treat. Am very pleased with it as it is a lot bigger than our low wattage electric kettle and it looks good.

Really well made kettle,handle very easy to use, and doesn’t get too hot.

Well what can i say it’s a kettle it boils and it whistles but not very loud that is the only problem i have.

One of the fastest hob kettles i have ever used. Got to be cheaper than using electric kettle.

This is the best gas ring kettle i have had for a long time. Sturdy to the point that is not lightweight but that’s ok. Whistle is not the loudest but sufficient to hear outside of kitchen. Very pleased with this purchase.

Just for boiling on the gas job cheaper than using a electric kettle.

Seems good for a kettle,not had it long so i can’t really comment on durability.

  • Ticks all my boxes

  • Holds 2.5l of Water. Very Happy After 3 Months.

  • Great kettle & the whistle isn’t horrible piercing one.

Judge Stainless Steel 3 Litre Induction Stove Top Electric Gas Whistling Kettle

The Judge Stove Top whistling kettle has a capacity of 3 litres.The kettle sounds an audible whistle to indicate when the water is boiling.The handle has a comfortable and soft grip due to the phenolic material, allowing the kettle to be moved and lifted easily at all times.The whistle of the kettle raises away from the spout so the boiled water can be poured safely and easily.The kettle has a lid that is easy to removed allowing the filling of the kettle.

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The whistle is not loud just enough to hear.

Bought this kettle for my 85 yr old uncle i wanted a strong handle easy / good grip and a whistle he could hear and you only get what you pay for lovely kettle definitely recommend xx.

It’s lovely quirky and well made. Its bigger than i expected but this is good because the gas burner does not lick up the sides and all the flame is directed to the bottom. It feels and looks like a quality item, unlike an electric kettle where you have to cover the element you can just put enough for one cup in and it boils so very quickly on a gas hob. Love the nostalgia of a kettle whistle blowing.

Excuse the flanders & swann title for this review. First impression was that the finish was sumptuous. It’s a relatively expensive kettle, but the finish was better than the photos. The build is very good too: the lid has a “solid” feel to it, unlike other kettles i’ve had & it bodes well for longevity. The handle doesn’t get too hot either, which shows both good design & insulation. The whistle is good but not shrill. The body design is pleasing on the eye. Overall, the whole construction is first-rate.

Fast boil, good grip, but not too heavy, easy fill into wide neck spout, (no need to remove lid for filling) does not drip on pouring. Replacing one-year-old enamel top-brand kettle which went rusty, so hoping the stainless steel will avoid this and other metal contamination. Particularly like the very positive spout opening lever, excellent, if you do not like the whistle or need to boil quietly you can leave it propped open. Handle remains cool when heated by induction. The only downside for some is that whistle is very low key more of a hiss, personally i am not hard of hearing and do not want a piercing screech so i think this is a win, but for those hard of hearing this may be an issue, for those not hard of hearing its a joy not to be deafened every time the kettle boils and there is no need to wake up the whole house and dog and baby for early morning cuppa. Think this manufacturer has a winner especially at this very reasonable price point. Arrived next day, ahead of delivery estimate, well packaged, no damage.

This little kettle is one of the best gifts i’ve received in a long time. It looks good, boils quickly (i don’t normally fill it to full capacity, but it takes approximately 3-and-a-half minutes at 3l on an induction hob full power). I include a second photo to show when the whistle is up. It pops up fairly smoothly when a little lever on the top of its handle is pushed in (initially a bit stiff, but seems to work fine now). The itself kettle pours without spillages. For those of you who use an induction hob, i lift the kettle away from the hob when i open the lid as it can spill water from the whistle cap on to the plates, which is not ideal – your induction hob might switch off automatically when you’re busy cooking.

Looks great and works really well. Had it a few months now with regular use and it still works like new.

The whistle is not loud, because i am hard of hearing, i would not hear it upstairs.

  • Ticks all my boxes

  • Holds 2.5l of Water. Very Happy After 3 Months.

  • Great kettle & the whistle isn’t horrible piercing one.

Judge Stainless Steel 3 Litre Induction Stove Top Electric Gas Whistling Kettle

A strong, well designed, stove top kettle. The stainless steel is better than my existing electric kettle from a well know expensive brand. I especially like the design of the handle which allows you to open and pour water from the spout without having to use your other hand, therefore avoiding the risk of burns. I was finding my electric kettle was only giving me what i think they term a “soft” boil, so your tea was not hot. This judge kettle boils properly, looks designer and it has a good whistle too.

Five star what more can i say.

Great shiny chrome, works fast on induction hob, good value for money.

Got this kettle to use on induction it is a lot faster than my old kettle whistle louder and feels substantial easy to lift the pouring lid up and down would recommend this product.

Nice weight, good quality, looks good on hob.

Very pleased with kettle just the look i was looking for and whistle not to loud. Ordered on a sunday evening. Delivered on tuesday very happy.

Can’t review it it’s a present.

I absolutely love this kettle (not something i ever thought i would write hahaa ) as you cannot beat a real kettle for making tea. Unfortunately its not dementia proof , which is no fault of the makers (i would think it is impossible and unfair to expect them too do) and my relative left it on the hob to long and severely damaged the lid so i am going to try and buy a replacement as the kettle itself is totally fine which others i have bought have been consigned to the bin or may use as garden pots hahaa. If i cannot get a new lid i will happily buy another one of these.

Whenever i hear it it reminds me of my past as a kid in the 60s. So in my view its worth every penny. Plus it gets you of your bum to go turn it down or off. When used with a water filter to fill it , boy great flavour in a cup if tea for a change.

I’ve been using this kettle everyday (i don’t use an electric kettle) and i’m very happy with it. Previously i was using a much cheaper whistling kettle and the handle would get too hot to touch, and the colouring on the outside turned brown quite quickly. This kettle is very good quality and large. 5l of water up to the ‘max fill’ mark inside the kettle. It’s quite heavy without water which is normally a good indicator of quality. The spout mechanism works very well and seems like it will last a long time. The handle can be touched almost instantly after the kettle has been boiled which is useful. There is slight browning on the outside but this is expected from a gas hob. Ultimately after using the kettle 4/5 times everyday for the last 3 months i would definitely recommend it.

Really like this kettle would have been 5 stars but the whistle is not loud enough.

Features and Spesification

  • 3 litre capacity
  • Audible whistle on boiling
  • Stainless steel