Jura 15074 Z6 Fully Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine : Great coffee machine, but some tweeks would be helpful.

This machine is an amazing machine. Since it has been a few months since i used it, it has shown great potential in making awesome coffee. I used this together with dallmayr coffee beans and it exceeds all expectations. The multiple types of coffee this machine can make is by far one of the best in the market for home use. The lcd is clear and easy to navigate, maintenance is fairly straight forward. The cost of the machine is slightly higher, however if this suites your budget it is an excellent purchase.

The jura z6 is a masterpiece of coffee design. I bought a jura s9 from amazon in 2004 and the machine gave me 12 years of excellent service. The z6 improves on the s9 in every single aspect. Firstly, the quality of the espresso is now even better thanks to the pep process. One of the criticisms of the s9 was that its espresso was a little watery and not quite up to coffee shop standards. The z6 espresso shot is now on a par with that prepared by an expert barista. Secondly, the milk system was hard to clean. The z6 has an automatic milk cleansing cycle that is very simple to use, works at the press of a button and only takes a couple of minutes. Cleaning the tray which collects water and used coffee pucks is also far easier in the z6. The edges of the coffee grounds collector are now rounded which stops grounds collecting in corners.

Makes a good latte, although at times the strength of the coffee seems to vary. For an expensive automatic machine it would help me (being now somewhat forgetful) if some parts were more automated; so, if the automatic milk cooler is not properly connected, the machine does not know and makes a ‘latte’ with no milk. The machine seems well made, strong and attractive in appearance.

Depending on your point of view somethings are expensive, for us this was a lavish purchase. However the quality of this machine is second to non, simplicity of use is exceptional. The coffee tastes out of this world and milk based drinks are a pleasure to prepare and consume. Cleaning is simplicity itself and almost fully automated. Easy to adjust and customise, it really is out of this world. We had a cup to bean machine prior to this and all it ever made was expresso, it was just too much of a faff to make anything else, that just isn’t the case with the z6. One piece of advice is to buy the optional cool control milk unit cool control basic it really is with it. I once heard someone say that apple products are expensive they are not, everything else is just cheap, its the same with jura.

You may play with settings and options so it will be doing the coffee of your dream. You can name your favourites coffees.

This machine was an indulgent birthday present to myself (not from amazon as i found it a little cheaper elsewhere), and aside from being very expensive, it really is ‘the bee’s knees’. After moving away from my nespresso capsule machine, the difference is astounding. Almost infinitely programmable, it produces amazing flat whites, cappuccinos, macchiato latte in layers, as well as excellent espresso and ristretto, macchiato etc etc. Variables include fineness of grind, amount of water in a shot, temperature and volume of water, milk and foam separately. . Plus the ability to save all you favourite ‘recipes’ – e. My wife likes a weaker flat white than me so we name them accordingly. The cleaning routines are always signalled on the colour screen and it looks amazing (it is a talking piece with visitors). Check that it will fit under you kitchen units though – see photo. It also has bluetooth connectivity to my iphone so i can review how many coffees it has produced since the last deep clean (which it does automatically). A credit to swiss engineering but as jura only make coffee machines they should be experts, and for this price i expect top quality results. My local coffee shop has lost my business.

  • Best coffee machine ever!
  • I love it
  • Expensive, no all other bean to cup are just cheap!

JURA 15074 Z6 Fully Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, 2.4 Litre, 1450 W – Satin Silver

Style Name:Coffee Machine Only
Product Description, JURA continues to be the leading innovator in coffee excellence with the new Z6, an impressive showcase of Swiss engineering. The whole coffee experience has been re-imagined. Enjoy truly inspiring coffee specialities, personalised to the finest detail to suit your individual taste using your smartphone or tablet. Use the JURA Coffee App to personalise and select your drink, and watch as the Swiss made JURA Z6 expertly prepares your drink with fresh coffee beans and fresh milk. Another world first, the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), was developed by JURA to extract the maximum flavour and aroma from ground coffee. This allows even short speciality coffees like ristretto and espresso to be prepared with an intensity and breadth of aromas like never before. Delight and entertain with milky specialities such as a latte macchiato, cappuccino or the popular flat white, all at the touch of a button. Fully automatic switching from steamed milk to frothed milk is now possible for the first time in household coffee machines with the Z6, another first from JURA. Fine foam technology ensures that milky specialities are topped with a feather light milk foam every time. All features are conveniently accessible from the front. Conveniently refill the removable 2.4L water tank or top up the coffee beans with very little headroom required. Automatic water filter detection is possible with JURA’s Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.). It’s now easier than ever before to change your CLARIS Smart water filter exactly when required, ensuring your coffee is always prepared with freshly filtered water. We are JURA UK. Our team of JURA experts are available Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 17:00. We would be glad to provide more information or just talk about how you can get the most out of your JURA, so please get in touch on 0800 652 5527.

Box Contains, 1 x JURA Z6 Satin Silver Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine with integrated P.E.P (Pule Extraction Process)2 x CLARIS Smart water filter and cartridge extension1 x JURA 2-Phase coffee machine cleaning tablets1 x Pre-ground coffee scoop1 x Silicone milk tube1 x Microfibre cleaning cloth1 x Water hardness test strip1 x JURA Z6 User Instruction Manual25 Month JURA Warranty information booklet

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JURA Z6 Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, Satin Silver

The state-of-the-art JURA Z6 once again brings Swiss innovation and coffee technology into the home. The award winning design highlights the outstanding engineering that goes into the making of a JURA bean-to-cup coffee machine.

The espresso brewing process has been optimised with the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), the only process of this kind in the world. Developed by JURA, it optimises the extraction time and guarantees the best aroma even for short speciality coffees.

Style, Luxury, Power

Packed with incredible performance in compact dimensions, the Z6 always impresses. Create a wide range of specialities such as cappuccino, espresso, ristretto or the popular flat white, all at the touch of a button. Selecting your speciality drink couldn’t be easier. Turn the rotary switch and choose from 12 individually programmable drinks. Select your drink and watch the Z6 go to work without you having to assist or move the cup.

The Z6 switches automatically between steamed and frothed milk to create authentic drinks such as a latte macchiato. The cappuccino spout can easily be adjusted to suit glasses or cups up to 153 mm tall. An aroma protection lid keeps 280 g of coffee beans fresh, and active monitoring prompts you on the colour display to fill the bean container when running low.

Wireless technology has also made its way into premium coffee machines. The Z6 can communicate wirelessly with the JURA Cool Control Wireless (sold separately), which continuously monitors the milk level and displays a prompt on the colour display when insufficient milk is available for the next drink. The JURA Cool Control accessory keeps fresh milk refrigerated at 4’C, ready for preparation at any time.

  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) for maximum flavour and aroma
  • Compatible with JURA Smart Connect and Wireless Cool Control
  • TFT colour display with rotary switch for easy operation
  • Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) for automatic filter detection
  • Produces a creamy light-as-air milk foam of irresistible consistency
  • Integrated Aroma G3 multi-level conical grinder reduces time and noise
  • Removable 2.4 L water tank for convenient refilling from the front
  • Separate spouts for coffee, milk and hot water
  • Compatible with fresh coffee beans or pre-ground coffee
  • Swiss made

Refined functionality

The Z6 creates an authentic experience. An Aroma G3 grinder grinds fresh coffee beans in less than 5 seconds and quieter than ever, preserving the delicate aromas and flavours for optimal extraction. A modern thermoblock efficiently heats fresh water immediately before every preparation for consistent quality and excellent energy efficiency.

Using a water filter has never been easier, more effective or more reliable. An Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) automatically recognises when a filter has been installed in the water tank. It is the first fully automatic coffee machine to feature RFID technology.

The Z6 features a removable 2.4 L water tank, within which a CLARIS Smart water filter can be installed. The CLARIS cartridge filters the water before each preparation, removing impurities and improving the quality of the water for an ideal cup of coffee.

The Z6 allows the use of either coffee beans or already pre-ground coffee. This gives you the freedom to create many different blends and to accommodate different tastes in one household. The powder chute for ground coffee can be used for additional coffee varieties such as a decaffeinated pre-ground blend.

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JURA Smart Connect

Controlling the Z6 automatic coffee machine via a smartphone or tablet is now possible thanks to JURA technology. The “JURA Smart Connect” accessory (sold separately) uses Bluetooth communication to connect the machine to compatible devices allowing you to wirelessly operate and program the machine.

Use the JURA Coffee app to adjust your favourite drinks exactly to your taste using your smartphone or tablet without affecting settings on the coffee machine. Adjust the coffee strength and volumes of coffee, steamed milk and milk foam. To prepare your favourite speciality, simply touch your preferred drink on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the show.

JURA Standards

A JURA fully automatic coffee machine includes many features and benefits as standard across the range. Only high-performance 15-bar water pumps are used in JURA coffee machines to guarantee coffee is always brewed under the exact pressure required for the ultimate results every time.

Maintaining a JURA coffee machine is made easy, with integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs, completely eliminating the need to remove and clean the brew unit (infuser).

All new JURA coffee machines boast impressive energy efficiency features without compromising luxury and excellence. A patented Zero Energy Switch intelligently manages power to the coffee machine, disconnecting the coffee machine entirely from the mains only once any ongoing processes have completed. With Energy Save Mode the coffee machine can be adjusted to adapt to your individual habits and save up to 40% of the energy normally required. All new JURA coffee machines are rated Energy Efficiency A or better by FEA (Switzerland).

The JURA Z6 creates some of the most delicious milk specialities at the touch of a button. With JURA’s intelligent fine foam technology integrated into the machine, the light airy foam tops off a number of drinks with a silky smooth texture and a taste to match.

For those who like to make their coffee beverage quickly, the Z6 is ideal. The buttons for the espresso, coffee, cappuccino and milk foam functions are all positioned on the front of the display for maximum convenience. The Z6 can prepare two espressi or coffees at the same time. Thanks to the modern TFT colour display, operating the machine is self-explanatory.

The Z6 boasts an award-winning design with clean lines and a stylish satin silver front finish. This coffee machine is not just good at producing incredible coffee, its also an aesthetic showpiece that finds itself suited in most modern kitchen settings. It boasts a beautiful design and offers a truly enjoyable coffee experience.


At JURA UK a team of JURA experts are available Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 17:00. They would be glad to provide more information or just talk about how you can get the most out of your JURA, so please get in touch on 0800 652 5527.

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  • Best coffee machine ever!
  • I love it
  • Expensive, no all other bean to cup are just cheap!

JURA 15074 Z6 Fully Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, 2.4 Litre, 1450 W – Satin Silver

Features and Spesification

  • Fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine
  • Introducing a world first – P.E.P. for outstanding barista quality espresso and ristretto
  • Integrated Aroma G3 burr grinder, 15 bar pump and thermoblock heating technology
  • Compatible with JURA Smart Connect for control via your smartphone or tablet
  • Use with fresh coffee beans or pre-ground coffee