JVC HA-FX3X Headphone : Perfect for electronic music, comfortable and bassy

Clear and good quality sound.

The sound quality is absouletly amazing i love this product and would definatly recommend it to anyone.

Good clear sound but i find it hard to keep them in my ears.

Bought these to replace my ha-fx1x. Just as good if not maybe better sound. Recommended if you are looking for earphones around this price.

For the price, these are passable. The bass is nice and heavy but the overall sound is muddy and most of the time when listening to the music the vocals are difficult to hear. Low-end performance for an alright price.

Best earphones with bass guarantee forget beats by dre.

Not much clarity to them still just use apple earphones.

These headphones are brutally good. I know they are a bit on the pricey side, but believe me, the performance is just fantastic. Cord is good and strong and the right size. Comfort wise these are just fabulous. If you are looking for some medium range phones with some serious kick, then get these.

  • Breathtaking, dynamic, incredible!
  • Great bass response!
  • Awesome earphones but BEWARE OF FAKES! Only buy from reputable suppliers like direct from amazon – not 3rd parties.

JVC HA-FX3X Headphone

The HA-FX3X Xtreme Xplosives In-Ear Stereo Headphones from JVC provide high-quality audio in a rugged design. The 10mm neodymium drivers and Extreme Deep Bass Ports deliver clear audio with ultimate bass. The earpieces feature rubber protectors for lasting durability. The gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini plug provides compatibility with MP3 players, CD players, laptops, iPhones, iPads, and more. A hard carrying case is included for convenient storage and transportation. Specification: – Manufacturer: JVC – Model: HA-FX3X – Series: Xtreme Xplosives – Colour: Red – Weight: 0.22oz(6.2g) – Headphones Type: Headphones – Binaural – Frequency Response: 5 – 25000 Hz – Sensitivity: 104dB/1mW – Max. Input Capability: 200mW(IEC) – Impedance: 16 Ohm – Magnet Material: Neodymium – Plug: Gold-plated plug, iPhone compatible – Connector Type: Headphones (stereo 3.5 mm jack) – Headphones Form Factor: In-ear – Sound Output Mode: Stereo Additional Features: – Noise isolating – Extreme Deep Bass – Metal housing & Carbon Diaphragm Included Accessories: – 3 pairs of silicone ear piece(small, medium, large) – Carrying case – Cord keeper – Headphones cable – Integrated – 3.94ft (1.2m)

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Quite powerful earphones, they’re very bassy and comfortable. I use them mainly for electronic music, they’re very satisfying and at very nice price.

After the first pair arrived with a large crack down the right ear-bud, i promptly contacted the seller via email, and within under 2 weeks a replacement pair were delivered. Great customer servicethe headphones have good sound quality, and yes, the bass can be overpowering, but thanks to my trusty nexus 5, i can tone it down for certain songs if required. Would recommend, good purchase.

I gave these four stars since they are not perfect for general listening. My sennheiser px200 headphones are more expensive, so you’d expect better quality. Yes, they are, but they couldn’t handle the amount of bass i needed for playing my bass guitar through my church pa and back to my in-ears – they’d just distort too much. If i had about £500+ i would get the bespoke in-ears that are actually moulded to your ears and come with three drivers inside them. On my meagre budget, i thought these worth a try. Sound isn’t perfect but very little distortion of the lower end compared to the sennheisers, so if bass is what you’re looking for, if that’s where you want to hear the beats and throb, these do the trick. Very good for the priceupdate 22/4/14the left ear stopped working after about 2 months’ use (and only used for 3 or 4 short spells a week). I had a problem with earwax buildup so i got peroxide solution (any chemist should sell it for a £1 – no more than 3% solution) and had cleaned them thoroughly but the left ear later just went down to about 10% of the volume on the right. I cleaned it again to be sure, but no improvement. I have ordered denon c300s since it’s my birthday soon and i can go that bit extra.

Fast delivery :)very well donei am impressed by the great sound, especially for the bass and treble equalisationi use an s4 mini phone with it.

I have the ha-fx1x headphones and they’re good. I have been through a few pairs of these jvc xtreme xsplosives and i’m never disappointed. These will trump so many much more expensive headphones hands-down.

I found these headphones when looking for some real deep bass from in ear phones. I wanted sometihng that would really pick up on sub bass sounds that you’d normally only hear via a subwoofer as part of a loudspeaker set up. Properly fitted in your ear these phones do the job. Oodles of lovely bass that doesn’t swamp the rest of the sound. They are so comfortable to wear too and feel well made and solid. I don’t know how they do it for the price. One tip is, like most headphones and speakers, they need ‘burning in’ before they sound good. I plugged them in to a radio and left them playing for a few hours by themselves, by which time the strong bass was coming through and the treble and mid range had mellowed. You can’t go wrong with these, especially for the price. They are not subtle ‘audiophile’ headphones but at £14 they are the bargain of the year.

These earphones are amazing. The sound quality is great and the bass is fantastic. The sound is clear and high quality i would def recommend these earphones.

Superb sound and great value.

  • Breathtaking, dynamic, incredible!
  • Great bass response!
  • Awesome earphones but BEWARE OF FAKES! Only buy from reputable suppliers like direct from amazon – not 3rd parties.

JVC HA-FX3X Headphone

Low price – excellent sound – absolutely perfect.

Take my review of the jvc ha-fx1x’s, times it by 10, give the mid range more transparency, the treble more openness, clarity and breathing room with less harshness, and make the subs sound deeper, more dynamic, punchy and musical, without any bass overpowering the music, and you literally have the sound of a £80 pair of in ear isolating earphones for £15. Best pair of in ears for under £50-60 as far as i’m concerned.

First of all i have to state quite unequivocally i am a fan of the jvc xtreme xplosives range of in-ear canal headphones. I have 2 pairs of the ha-fx1x’s (1 pair a spare in my work case as i simply cant commute without my music). Both pairs bought separately from different amazon 3rd party suppliers but absolutely identical audibly. My main genre is jazz/funk/soul going back from mid 70’s all the way up to present, and the ha-fx1x’s are perfect for this musical style, no eq needed, they just sound perfect out of the box. After reading the reviews of the ha-fx3x’s (despite the on-line market being flooded with fakes) i thought i would bite the bullet and take my chances. Did my research on identifying the fakes before they arrived. And guess what, the packaging (while very good) bore all the hallmarks of being chinese fakes. So how do they sound ?, well like £14 earphones. Not as good as the ha-fx1x’s, bass isn’t as deep or controlled, mids are a bit harsh as is the top end.

Best earphones i’ve ever used, even better than my urbeats by dre.

As good as my dr dre beats in ears but i could buy about 10 of these for the price of them .

Despite what other reviews may say, these are brilliant and well made. The sound quality is really good (especially considering the price) and the look like i will have them for years yet. If you look after them, as well as you should do any similar product, you should have many years of happy listening – i certainly hope to:-).

I bought these to listen to edm etc. While out walking/cycling and for that type of music they’re ideal. Unfortunately there’s a few caveats, you will need a music player with an equaliser or the bass will completely overtake everything and it ends up getting too boomy. They also need burning in for quite a while as they sound awful straight out of the box. I tried them initially on a sansa clip mp3 player with and without a headphone amp and with due to the lack of eq on the mp3 player they sounded terrible, i then tried them using poweramp (android) on my phone and fiddled with the eq a bit and they sound much, much better. The sound isolation was good using the largest ear tips and they didn’t fall out, they are fairly uncomfortable if worn for extended periods of time though. A final minor annoyance is the cable sleeve at the headphone end has a large gap between it and the cable so it offers no protection whatsoever. If you want a decent budget pair of earphones, get the soundmagic e10’s instead, they consistently perform well over all types of music with or without eq.

The bass is good but the theres something about this headset missing, more mid and highs. Louder = better, this headphones have muddy sound at 70%. I would recommend this headphone to people who listenings to low volum.

Build quality isn’t anywhere near as good as the seemingly similar jvc hafx1x headphones. Cable came loose at jack after three months and stopped working. Others seem to have faced the same issue. Sound quality was good while they lasted.

When these arrived the right earphone had a loose piece inside that rattled. The cable at the jack does not stay in the stress relief housing and the cable has frayed. I have not had these problems with them when bought from a supermarket. After around 100 hours of burn-in, the bass gets a lot stronger and the music sounds much better than initial impressions but these are very bass heavy and can sound distorted at high volumes along with painful treble. \they are the best that i have had for under £15 but now that one of the earphones is now failing i have ordered a more expensive pair.

I have previously owned the fx1x’s and these are better by far from what i can remember. I got them 2 days before expected delivery and the packaging was ok. One part of the plastic packaging was cracked but that was it. One first use you should let them run (burn in) for about and hour or two on mid-high volume though. This will ensure you have best sound quality. The bass is insane and the mids and highs are great too.

The bass on these headphones are amazing, very clear, very in depth. I can clearly hear how deep and rich a bass heavy song or genre would be wearing these however the drawback is it lacks in general in other areas, example if im listening to a hip-hop tune which has great bass on it then this will perform well but if switch to a different rapper who is more lyrical and i want the vocals and the subtleness of the music to become more clear then it would not perform as good. Overall i say these are amazing due to its bass being unparalleled by other headphones and i use these as my secondary headphones when listening to music.

These earphones are extremely good with a very wide frequency response – deep lows and incredible highs and they pump out high level sound without distortion. They really are outstandingly good and are better than many top-end products 5-6 times the price. If you ordered and received a pair of these and are underwhelmed by very average/tinny sound with little bass and a poor stereo image, then you have almost certainly been sold a knock off. Yes the packaging is identical and cosmetically they look indistinguishable. If they don’t cut the mustard then you have been sold a fake. I have a pair which are unbelievably good and ordered a few more spare pairs from a retailer that has its orders fulfilled by amazon. Good, prompt delivery – but the product was clearly a counterfeit – and was returned for a refund. Beware and only buy direct from amazon who will source direct from jvc. 3rd party retailers (even those fulfilled by amazon) will source their stock from any cheap source and sell at the full price.

Had these about a few months now. Starting to see some signs of wear, i use these when i skateboard, walk to college and when i’m on the bus or in the car so they get unplugged and thrown around a lot but i have seen some signs of wear and tear on them where the headphone jack is the wires at the end fray which means the connection of the music goes all dodgy, and the middle bit where it splits of into two wires has came out resulting me having to use sellotape to protect the inside wires. Bass is good, but i wouldn’t say it the clearest when you want to hear acoustics these headphones are probably more for people who love bass and only bass and not much other music. I’d give these a 3 star rating as this is my second pair as my first got delivered to my house already damaged, so be careful when buying these because they might not turn out as good as you think.

These earphones not only sound amazing, look amazing. I have had both the jvc ha-fx1x (plastic with much more bass) i now have the ha-fx3x earphones, these truly sound amazing they rival many pairs of earphones i have had, although the cable is not long enough for me personally but this can be avoided. I believe these earphones are truly amazing and i would recommend them to anyone who likes bass in there music, do not be fooled they are brilliant for all types of music. You may want to leave them playing music at high volume before you use them they sound better when burned in.

When comparing these with my brothers docter dre hadphones, they sounded nearly the same and for the price, it just shows how much of a rip off docter dre headphones are. If you are looking for a cheap headphone, i suggest this. The headphones also came with a box as well which i did not expect.

Top quality product exactly what i needed. Best headphones in this price range without a doubt. Definitely recommend this product.

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