JVC HA-M55X Xtreme Xplosives Stereo Headphones : 4.5/5

Set your mp3 player to classical mode and it sounds okay.

I needed a good music headphones for my ipad and i have found it. This headphones adds some bass to your music with amazing sound quality. The ear pad around the speaker is leather and has memory foam in it. So it’s comfortable and it has great sound quality. So i recommend buying these headphones.

Good overall sound as expected from a jvc product.

Quick delivery good headphones.

I’ve brought only jvc xtreme xplosive headphones since i first tried them because they are that good. In my opinion they beat some of the more well know expensive brands of headphones out there hands down, and the price off these jvc headphones are a fraction of what the others cost. The bass on these are brilliant.There amazing for dubstep all the way through to rock, they let you hear the music clearly and pick out all the individual sounds. When my daughter accidentally broke my old pair i was gutted having to use any other type of headphone as its just no where near the same. Cant recommend them enough their fab.

Bass is spot on even at low volume, add a equaliser off an app store and these will produce even more sub bass.

I’ve been very happy with these headphones. I wondered if the quality of them wouldn’t be too great but they actually put my previous pair to shame.

  • Very good, but wont last forever
  • Does size matter?
  • Overly bassy, with recessed vocals, but okay once tweaked.

JVC HA-M55X Xtreme Xplosives Stereo Headphones

Customer Package Type:Standard Packaging
Product Description, The ultimate XX Xtreme Xplosives Headphones by JVC. Powerful as your passion for performance and rugged for the city life. Dampen the noise of life, while enjoying safer awareness of the world around you. Move to Ultimate Bass beat delivered by the Extreme Deep Bass Ports and 1.97″(50mm) Neodymium driver units. Delivering high output, fantastic bass response and explosive sound.
Sleek and trendy, designed with soft padded headband and ear cups to provide extended comfort. Also with tough rubber protectors giving added protection for body durability. Additional features include a thick and robust 3.94ft (1.2m) pure copper cord (Y-type) and an iPhone compatible gold plated slim plug.

Box Contains, 1 X JVC Xtreme Xplosives Stereo Headphones – HA-M55X

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Warning this product is not for the faint hearted, at first the design is a little more showy then the previous model now taking on a gloss effect, the headphones themselves have a slightly lower spec range then its predecesor but personally i cant hear a great deal of difference, they still provide an intense immursive amount of bass and exceed in all other ranges of music and sound, the sound cancellation on the bins is good. These are a huge fashion statement especially on the bus or any public transport they will attract various looks but when you put these puppies on and get into your favorite music, trust me you wont care. Great headphones from a great brand, if you are looking at this item your not generally browsing your looking for something amazing to knock your socks off, if you have the money sure you can diddle around with the bose and senheisers and overprices beats, but if like me you are an average user looking for a mighty kick look no further as these have similar specs to the pricey tags with a reasonable price on them.

A low value pair of over ear headphones, the price caught my eye most of all. However, do not be put off by the price, with 50mm drivers for upgraded bass, they are more than a match for most high end headphones. Having used them on a variety of systems including tvs, phones, cd players and in car stereos, i can happily report that the audio is crystal clear, without a hint of clipping or distortion. The headphones are not overdriven, the midrange is as good as on any sennheisers i have used and the cord is extremely long. Some people may find this to be a disadvantage but not myself. Overall, i would rate this product a 9 out of 10 as the only letdown is that the ear cushions could be made of a slightly better material.

Very good product but took 45 minuets to remove very thick plastic packaging.

These head phones are large and do look as if they would be very powerful,however they are not as good as i expected them to be. They are loud but not overly. My problem with them was the leakage of sound from them. I but headphones so people do not have to put up with my terrible taste in music,but unfortunately my husband he was sat on the other side of the room could hear my music. So i had to return them,as they didnt do what i wanted,which was to enjoy my music but no inflict it on others. Overall a decent pair of headphones,and good if your listening to them in a room by yourself.

I brought these because they looked big, they look appealing and the sound was said to be good. Don’t get me wrong the sound is good but as soon as you pump it up past a certain point on a song that contains bass you have a distorted sound. I know they aren’t described as noise cancelling headphones but they could do a bit better in cancelling some sound. I just want to lose myself in my embarrassing and loud music but i cant because i have to be wary of who can hear my poor choices. Bottom line is, you get what you pay for. My advice to you, buy a pair of skull candy hesh 2.

Really nice headphones, with seriously crisp range and bass, i was very impressed. A bit on the big side so i would say for indoor use only and they can seem a little tight at times but i’m thinking they could need breaking in. Other than that, quality set of phones.

Having previously bought panasonic headphones i am amazed at how much better these sound for not much more money. They are large enough to be comfortable even for extended wearing and do a passable job of blocking external noise. I would like them to have a dedicated volume control like my old panasonics, but that really isn’t a serious enough omission to justify the removal of a star.

I am really fussy with headphones and sounds but these headphones are perfect, amazing and just stunning i would buy these over and over again these even beat the top brands that i normally buy from and the value for money is phenomenal don’t hesitate if you want quality and value for money here is it.

  • Very good, but wont last forever
  • Does size matter?
  • Overly bassy, with recessed vocals, but okay once tweaked.

JVC HA-M55X Xtreme Xplosives Stereo Headphones

Had these for just over a month and they’re amazing. They’re big and go over my ears perfectly, the bass is good without distorting the music. Some have complained they are made of plastic but this helps them be lighter than they look. Would recommend these to friends & family.

These headphones are superb. From the moment i put them on i was blown away. For all types of music, the bass and clarity of these headphones is way above par. Although they are pretty darn big (and do look a bit silly, so perhaps not ideal for public use) they are rather light and comfortable. One other point, is that the headphones muffle any background noise, so you won’t have to damage your ears by turning the volume up to try and hear the music over the loud bus that’s driving past you. Overall, very happy with this product, would definitely recommend.

Give good sound, good value for money and they seem quite robust as they belong to my 11 year old son who has dropped them a few times.

The fit is snug with plenty of space around the ears. A tight seal around the ear is very good for preventing noise pollution. The headband is reasonably comfortable, i have felt comfier such at those on the ath-m30x from audio-technica, but they are 3 times the price. Bass is not overpowering but is definately present which is great. The mids are decent while the treble seems to be a little overpowering for my ears and what i listen to (metalcore/deathcore/metal/deathmetal) but it isn’t terrible. If i’m honest th only thing i didn’t expect was the lack of ‘overpowering bass. ‘ the in-ear jcv xx series are a lot more bassy and overpowered my ears.

Excellent product and fast service.

Comfortable and good frequency response. I use them to listen to classical music on you tube.

This headphones are very goodi had the previous version which was called something like ha-mx50. And this once are better than they are. Good bass and they are loud. Especially with my xonar pheobus sound card on the highest volume the sond still stayed at the high quality and the bas made the headphones nearly jump on the table. Love them and recomend to everyone even though they are a little bit big.

Best headphone i had so far. Bass is quite high compared all my previous ones. When you bass boost, you feel the real difference. Feels comfy and isolates outside noise pretty well. Drivers are quite large, i mean really large, quite shocked when i first saw it. Not sure if i will walk on the streets wearing it, may be thats just me, but absolutely enjoy listening.

These can only be described as a substantial piece of kit. I’ve just sat and watched 12 years a slave with the ‘phones’ on. They are extremely comfortable and provide a more than acceptable sound quality. Because of their size (they are big), they fit extremely well around the ears thus providing a pleasant experience. I would be somewhat surprised to see any owner wearing these outside of the comfort of their own home. Most probably, the nearest lookalike in size would be worn by an airside operative marshalling aircraft. These however, have a much-improved design quality to the ear defenders that i refer to. They are of robust construction and should last a fair time under normal use.

So i have had 3 pairs of these headphones. Here is why:pros- sound is really very good for the price- bass is deep- get more comfortable over time- they are big- look good- cord is a usable length, especially if they are for walking about. Cons- they are big, i mean be prepared to make space in your bag. – they can be a bit tight at first. They slacken to be more comfortable after a week or so. And here is the reason i have had 3 pairs. The jack/wire connection has went on all three of mine, they used to claim it had a “specially robust 3. 5mm jack” to prevent such things happening. Dont get me wrong, they have lasted a year before this has happened, and i do walk/skate with them on a lot, so they may go through a little more wear and tear. I would still recommend these very highly.

Ok, for me the sound they produce is muffled. There is plenty of bass but no crispness in mids and highs. Listened to primal scream dont fight it,feel it and they cant handle the bass very well either in my opinion. As other reviews state, they are big and comfortable to wear. Cant see the cord lasting at the jack end as is very flexible. For 20notes they are only just ok.

Not as good as the in ear versions in my opinion.

Really good bass, the phones are a little heavy on the ears, but worth the effort.

I’ll admit i had these for a long time before they broke on me and now only one headphone works now. They are quite bulky which was a bit of hinderance and too plasticly for my liking. But they did what they neded to do and were fine when i throw them in my bag and if they fell were perfectly fine. I liked the time i had with them but i’ve repalced them with audio techinca mt 30x’s.

This was definately worth the amount i had paid for it, i previously tried these on in a curry’s/pc world but they had no stock, i was after some new headphones as i previously ones used to sit on my ears and after prolonged use would start to feel uncomfortable or hurt,the ear pads on these cover the whole ear and cause no issue. Great crisp sound allowing a lower volume to be used as these kick out some xx sound. A fairly thick wire, it’s not braided or anything special but it is a slightly thicker jacket around the lead so hopefully this will give it some good use. Slight disadvantage is the lead length is not very long, it’s perfectly fine so sitting at the pc and listening, but if i were to stand up from my desk it will usually pull the wire from my tower so it’s not made for wandering, but that’s not exactly an issue if your stationary or if you have music player in a pocket etc.

Great product couldn’t be happier. My only issue is that after a while it can hurt your head.

After having alot of headphones. Studio type ones , sound quality ones , bass heavy and so on . These headphones for the pure amount and quality of bass they produce are fantastic thats meant that mids and trebles are bad either overall they are awesome for the price they cant be beat.

Great quality, excellent noise cancellation, very happy with this product.

Features and Spesification

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  • Extreme Deep Bass Ports and 1.97″(50mm) Neodymium driver units
  • Soft padded headband and earpads for extend period of use
  • Rubber protectors for body durability
  • Gold-plated iPhone compatible slim plug