JVC HAS4X Xtreme Xplosives On Ear Headphone : Ok with their faults

Well, they arrived in 2 days – thanks amazon. I’ve got fed up with the in-ear type ‘phones as they never stay in properly and i can’t believe they’re any good for your ears. Anyway, i chose these because they’re cheap, and based on the reviews offered good all round performance. I only buy cheap ‘phones because they get chucked in a rucksack and normally end up bouncing around a train carriage or geeting snagged on something / someone on the tube. These ‘phones perform well enough for me (i’m not an audiophile but can tell the difference between good and bad sounds), and i reckon they’re incredibly good value for the sound. They’re better than a set of (pretty flimsy) denon’s that i had a while back so i’m happy. I would have preferred a single side cord outlet and that’s the only reason i’ve taken a star off. . Yes, i did know this before i bought them but i don’t think it would cost any more to do this so why stick with the outdated twin cords?i’d recommend these to anyone, and i’d say try these out and compare them to anything in the £50 – £80 bracket before you invest.

Reviewers suggesting these headphones are too small must have huge heads. Great product for the price you’re paying. I listen to a lot of drum and base and can confirm that the base is in no way poor for those concerned by other suggestions. Not the most comfortable when wearing them for prolonged periods, but for the low price you quickly forget this. By far the best among others in the market at this price.

Got these today, after breaking them in for a few hours i can attest to the pretty excellent sound quality of these, they can certainly do better quality media justice in terms of what you’ll hear (once you’ve broken them in, of course). However, as a few other reviewers have noted, they are quite a bit smaller than they might appear in the available product images, and of course as the product title states, they are “on-ear”, which for some people (especially if you’re not really used to these kinds of headphones) can feel very uncomfortable, this smaller issue is unfortunately exacerbated by the headphones being just a bit too tight, which can make the generous amount of padding feel quite restrictive on your ears. But over time, an average person would probably get used to this. In short, the quality you’ll get with these is very cost effective, but if you’re not used to these kinds of headphones, go for the jvc ham5x xtreme xplosives around ear headphone (which are over-ear, and only like £2 more) or the jvc hafx1x xtreme xplosives in ear canal headphones (very comparable quality to these, but are in-ear).

I have now had these for about three weeks now. I do not find them uncomfortable at all. Granted they are only used for my bus journey to work, ( an hour a day) gives very good sound for me. Could do with a bit more bass, but all in all, for the price very good indeed.

When i ordered these a week ago i also ordered another pair of jvc ‘gummy’ in ear ‘phones after mine broke. These are my first pair of headphones like this, as i thought they would just be too large and ungainly and frankly look a bit stupid. However, i shan’t be going back to in-ear after using these. They are by no means incredible, but they are definitely impressive. In comparison, in-ear phones sound tinny, and are also less comfortable. These do take a bit more settling to get comfortable, but once they are you’re set. They aren’t exactly as subtle as in-ear, but by no means look ridiculous. The bass they deliver is not exaggerated, especially if you have an equaliser, bass boost or similar function. As proof, i recommend dialling in all the bass you can, turn the volume up, and listen to the intro of ‘in for the kill’ by la roux, thank me later.

Just plugged them into my phone. I actually brought them to listen to films on my new kindle when it arrives. Will be using on my phone until then. People next too you cannot hear any noise escaping from them, so will be watching films on my kindle in bed without waking the other half.

Really nice sound, i’m no audio pro but i love the sound. They are also surprisingly comfortable but wearing them for a long period of time might make your ears a little clammy. Lasted me about 2 years, now 1 connection is dodgy where sometimes my right ear goes. They would be a 5 if there wasn’t dumb camo on the top and bigger ear pieces.

Been using them for the 3 hours since they arrived & can’t stop grinning. The only drawback is the very short lead. If you’re planning on using them with a home stereo you may as well order an extension now as there’s no way a one metre lead is long enough. Would’ve made sense to make the lead longer or include an extension. That’s my only gripe though. Otherwise, they’re comfortable to wear with excellent sound quality & seem reasonably robust too. Very happy with my purchase.

  • JVC HAS 4X on ear headphones
  • Good headphones
  • Cracking headphones for the price

JVC HAS4X Xtreme Xplosives On Ear Headphone

Product Description, On-ear headband headphones that reproduce powerful and dynamic deep bass sound. The new three-model Xtreme Xplosives, or XX, series combines aggressive new design with JVC’s traditional high-quality build and style to meet the needs of today’s music enthusiasts in comfort, sound and price.The series includes an inner-ear headphone, on-ear model and an around-the-ear headphone. All three XX series models feature a bass port for outstanding bass reproduction, a durable rubber protector for impact protection and to help withstand heavy use, and a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug. The HA-S4X on-ear headband headphones are lightweight and feature a 40mm diaphragm with neodymium magnet and Extreme Deep Bass Ports for powerful bass reproduction and high quality sound. The earpads ensure noticeable sound isolation and the headphones’ lightweight construction make them perfect for traveling.

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I just brought a philips shl5205bk/10 citiscape shibuya headband headphone my god there in box ready to go back. I then decided to go with these headphones they just arrived they defo have plenty of bass and nice sound. No complaints, look very nice and strong too.

Tried these headphones against several others in currys and loved them, but decided to see what the price was like on amazon. I am well pleased, so gave the two pairs i ordered as xmas presents and ordered a third pair today just for me.

They are amazing they are better than beats by dr dre they are so comfy too and i like the camouflage background on the head piece fantasticmust buy.

Great sound, not as crystal clear as dre headphones but for this price you are getting way more than your money’s worth. Yes, they are tight at first but shape themselves to your head fairly quickly. Bigger than i expected, they are not much smaller than the over-ear model. I have an ipod with a pathetically low volume so i wanted something that would crank it up a bit, these do a good job although occasionally i wish it were a little bit louder, however that’s a criticism of apple, not jvc. The lead twists up after a couple of months although this has not affected the sound (yet). Can’t really criticise these considering the price. These will certainly fill the gap until you have silly money to spend on a top of the range set.

Bought these in dec 2012 after seeing ebay offer for sony mdrzx300r fashionable monitor style headphones – black for £20. Looked around for better prices & found same on amazon for £15 but a friend had similar one(sony mdrxb300 extra bass) & it leaked sound past half volume + i’ve had many sony headphones over time. I had been looking awhile, here & there & once in while for on/over ear headphones & suddenly wanted a pair & since my sony dj ones broke in 2008, had been using only in ear headphones but the deciding factor after listening to the in ear jvc xplosive which a cousin had, i got the on ear versions. They were quite tight upon first few times using but after few times it loosens & can be worn for longer periods. They do stand out while wearing them but i brought them for bass & sound isolation, which it does both perfectly. The bass is excellent & if u fiddle with sound/equaliser settings u can get even more bass while overall quality remains unaffected. As for sound leakage there is none unless volume is at more than 90%. I’ve tested with various genres(dance,trance, rock,pop) while sitting next to someone in a quite room & are unable to hear anything, & u can barely hear them. I’ve used on phones(iphone 4s, samsung s2, htc desire, sony xperia ray, nokia n8- 5310- e72- c3) mp3 players(sony nw-e507 -50 hour battery, creative muvo,samsungyp u2), tv(sony + toshiba) and laptops(acer aspire + samsung rv510) & sound quality is very good on all devices. When volume is very high on laptops they seem to leak bit more soundall in all great sound/build quality, deep bass, sound isolation & the price – i got for £19.

Really good headphones but are shockingly tight on the head and caused my head and ears to hurt after just 1 hour of usage. Plus i have a really small head anyway so that has nothing to do with it. Good sound quality and bass.

Tried them out as soon as they arrived with my iphone and i was pretty impressed to begin with. Great bass and loudness even with the low power of the iphone. Plugged them into my macbook pro and it was even better. Had to fiddle with the equalizer to get the treble to come through a bit more as the bass is initially a bit overpowering, however once i’d changed some things around it was perfect. Snug and comfortable on the head, even these smaller versions are on the large side but if you are after some excellent headphones instead of a fashion accessory, these would be a great choice.

Good sound, from a long standing company. Keeps others sounds out and prefer to wear the large phones rather than the in the ear gadgets, as they don’t keep out other sounds when outdoors. Quality product, and value for money.

  • JVC HAS 4X on ear headphones
  • Good headphones
  • Cracking headphones for the price

JVC HAS4X Xtreme Xplosives On Ear Headphone

These are a tight fit and after a while don’t feel to good on the ears. Sound wise they sound ok but i have cheaper sony ones that have much better base then these. I would only get these for voice work. (like for a video camera) to check sound. As for music i would look else where.

I like a good bass to the music i listen to along with clarity. These headphones give you lots of bass but i think are more suited to the modern highly processed music of today. I prefer the other sets of headphones i have as these are a tight fitting on your ears and does begin to hurt after about half an hour or so.

They are good quality for money, but i will say the picture is a little deceiving, they are much smaller than they look in the picture.

Good crisp sound like retro headphone always have been and the bass. Wow its better than my skull candies that i bought a year ago and for half price.

I have been a dj / producer / sound engineer for over 25 years, so feel fairly well qualified to review these headphones. They work perfectly well and give an acceptable sound, they do not however:i) match the sound given by the in-ear jvc xx’s, which i also bought at the same time and am delighted with, orii) match an expensive pair of headphones – dr dre ‘beats’ for example. Anyone who tells you they do is mistaken. As far as these headphones are concerned, you get what you pay for. They sound ok and weren’t expensive [£22. I shall use them for dj’ing so they’ll be just fine for that, although they are very plasctic-y, so it’ll be interesting to see how robust they turn out to be. Update – i’ve now owned these for about 4 days. As at least one other reviewer has said, the headphones are very tight, wearing them for over 30 minutes is uncomfortable. ]

These headphones are amazing, sits on the ears nicely and without any discomfort. I can enjoy my music in peace now, without being distracted by any extraneous noises. The current price for these headphones are £18. 47, don’t let the low price trick you into thinking that the headphones are of lesser quality because they’re not.

I have never witnessed such great audio on headphones at this price range, koss porta pro headphones being and exception. The bass is very deep which really brings out the best in the music and they are comparable to sennheiser audio quality. Unfortunately i had to return these headphones due to their very tight fit. Being a lad with quite large ears, they did put on a lot of pressure which did lead to me getting a headache. I would highly recommend these but only to be wary of their comfort. I will be placing an order for the slightly more expensive ham5x model, at only £5 more, i hope not be disappointed as i haven’t read any reviews regarding bad comfort. Also, i have to commend amazon on their, always great, service. Ordered on friday and arrived on monday.

After buying many different kinds of headphones all for around the £30 – £50 mark, these are by far the very best. They drown out the sound of my kids beautifully – ‘peace’ at last. There are only two tiny little issues; 1: the headphone cord is quite short but that will be easily remedied with an extention cord – problem solved.2: i can’t hear myself singing which is really annoying my kids. Hang on, surely that’s another plus.

Those headphones was the best thing i could imagine for such a low price. The sound is really good, same as the base in them. I have recently switched from my beats for these and i am happy about that, even my manager was comparing it with his beats monster. Beats don’t stand a chance ;).

For the price that you pay for these headphones, they have a fantastic sound. A great frequency response and a beautiful smooth and heavy base, not too far off monster beats. I highly recommend these headphones if you love your music.

I bought these for my son’s birthday. Prior to buying them we went to curry’s and tried out all the different types, including the well known expensive ones. These headphones were right up there with the best but at a fraction of the cost and buying them through amazon gave even better value.

Brilliant bit of kit for the money, have been well impressed with the sound quality and microphone, an essential bit of kit for gaming.

These headphones are decent for daily listening to, the only down side i have experienced is that the pads hurt your ears after a while of been used, i also have these as small ear peices that fit inside your ear and you get more sound and bass with them.

Padding on headband feels really hard. Not sure if it’s because i have piercings (i have two in each ear, 8mm and 10mm in left ear no pain,12mm and normal piercing in right not a normal earring it is a small togue bar with balls on each end so no spike like you’d get with a normal stud) but after about 10 minutes my ears and head hurt also feels like i’m getting a migraine. Might just be me but be warned. Also annoyingly iv’e noticed that the bigger 50mm driver over ear versions are only 2 pound more so gett them they will be amazing.

The sound quality is epic and makes these headphones the best. Before i purchased this product i read other coustomer reviews and 26 of the 48 were 5 star so i decided to purchace them. The only down-side is that they are very tightly packed making them very hard to get out of the plastic.

They’re a very stylish cool pair of headphones. 2m long, for me not long enough but i just used a 3. 5mm extender and it works perfectly stillthey’re not the loudest headphones ive had but certainly one of the bassiest, great frequency response, loud and clear. The only downside with these are the fact that they start to hurt on your ears after a while. I am aware that this isnt meant to be avoided with on ear headphones but if you want to wear these with comfort and for long periods of time definitly skip straight past these and go for these jvc ham5x xtreme xplosives around ear headphone for about £10 more they are definitely worth it as you get more comfort with them for longer periods of timeoverall a very good pair of headphones but the around ear ones are the ones that get 5 stars from me.

I have been into dj’ing for about a year now, but have only just bought some proper equipment, and these are the headphones that i chose. It turned out to be an excellent choice, as they have a lovely clear, deep bass sound, are very comfortable and look good as wellalthough i don’t have much experience of headphones, i doubt you are likely to find a decent pair of headphones with better value for money than these.

I wouldn’t say the quality of sound fits it rpp price of £39. 99 but for around £22 it definately excells to other products around the £30 mark, beats my £30 skull candies, jvc xx offer firm and strong build of the product, and seem more attractive then other more expensive eye candy products. Definately a best buybass tones are produced very well and strong without drowning out the treble, it also helps to have an equalizer to tweak your sound to perfection (android power amp, can have a unique preset per artist/album) this helps through the genres i listen to such as drum and bass, dubstep and metal.

Features and Spesification

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  • 40mm large diaphragm neodymium driver units and Extreme Deep Basse Ports deliver ultimate bass sound
  • Rubber protectors for body durability
  • Soft earpads for excellent sound isolation
  • Soft headpad for wearer comfort
  • 2.6mm-thick and robust 1.2m pure copper cable (Y-type)