JVC Noise Cancelling Foldable Headphones : Great phones for the money

Despite being a little flimsy they work really well on an airplane.

Jvc hanc120 these headphones in my opinion the best in its class and price range. The sound is super and its amazing in the way that the detail is crisp and full of bass. You can go wrong on suspecting that there is noting special about these headphone but when you compare them with another then you realize that you have a good product in your hands. As far as noise cancelling is concerned it is very effective on a flight and yes it does take away 75-80% sound. The sound is loud and when i compared it to my altec lansing in ear headphone i was shocked as i could not hear many sound in the altecs and these headphones made the movie sound so much good. 100% recommended but if you have the cash then simply go for bose but i do think that these ones are lounder then bose.

Sound is good but there is hardly difference when turning on noise cancelation. Cable is also a little bit thin so i do not expect it will last for a long time.

These are comfortable and good sound quality, but using them on the tube there was no difference with noise cancelling on/ off. I’m not flying for a few months so can’t test them on a plane. They are beter than my previous phones so keeping them as not prepared to spend the +£100 to get real noise cancelling.

Bought them for my husband and they were so good i bought another set for myself.

Good comfortable units that deliver good sound. However, they are not fantastic on a plane, the background noise comes through. Better to opt for audio t units if you are a regular traveller.

These headphones have good sound – particularly in the bass end – and they are very light and comfortable. The big disappointment is the supposed noise cancelling feature which is pretty poor. Jvc claim it blocks out 80% of external noise but from using it i would say it only blocks out about 20% of external noise. I’ve used it on the london underground and it does make a difference but it’s slight. At one point i was thinking about returning them but for £35 i think they are worth it considering the good sound and portability. If you are looking specifically for noise reduction then do not get these headphones.

The real test is yet to come with a ten hour flight but so far very happy with these.

  • Good for the money. Probably better available
  • JVC Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Ok headphones

JVC Noise Cancelling Foldable Headphones for iPod / iPhone / MP3 Devices – Black

Product Description, 18.5dB (88%) ambient noise reduction at 200Hz;0-1.2m adjustable cord length with retractable system;Multi-foldable design for ease of portability;30mm Neodymium driver units for dynamic sound;Excellent sound isolation achieved with soft memory foam ear pads

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Very well make, the retractable cable is great.

Actually i do like this headphone, however, if the noise cancellation is important for, do not even consider to buy it. That is something, which is not working at all. Basically there is no difference, when it is on or off. However, the sound quality is really nice on the bass range and alsonin the high range.

These phones seem good value for money, i’ve not tried the noise cancelling on a plane, but they seem to work well at home. A like the cable tidy and the sound quality is as good as my other sony headphones.

Brill item bought again for my son who travels a lot on planes.

I would give this five stars in every sense except for the noise cancellation. I don’t know if it is not working for me or something cause so far i have tried in office, tube, and street but can’t tell the difference. That aside i really like the headphone. Great quality, comportable, compact, love the sound. It also folds nicely and comes with cable management and a nice carry case. Prior to this i bought bought a cheaper sennheiser but i didn’t like the sound on that send it back.

The look isn’t the best feauture but the sound quality it’s extremly good. One cool thing is the ‘reel’ chord. By pressing a little button with the back of your jack , the chord goes back in the headphone like a fishing string. It leaves people amazed ahah.

Have now been using these for a few weeks on frequent flights on a turboprop plane – and the noise cancelling does what it is supposed to do. Sound quality across the frequency range is very good and headphones sit comfortably on the ears. Retracting lead is also very useful – partial retraction of lead especially useful when using the headphones while working on a computer. At £45 these are fantastic value.

Got theses for my partner to use with her ipad mini, and can report that they sound really good and feel very comfortable on-ear. My one concern is the retractable wire for plugging into the ipad headphone socket, which is super thin. About half the diameter of the same wire used on my own jvc headphones. Hopefully, with gentle treatment, it will last well enough.

  • Good for the money. Probably better available
  • JVC Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Ok headphones

JVC Noise Cancelling Foldable Headphones for iPod / iPhone / MP3 Devices – Black

These headphones are brilliant, i use them every day, their sound cancellation is perfect for drowning out the sound of bus engines, i have yet to use them on an airplane. They muffle low voices, but not high ones- that’s not a big issue though.

Ordered to replace a lost pair. I did not feel inclined to search further as these are as good as it gets in that sort of price bracket and better than some more expensive ones.

Thought this could do with a review from a less casual listener. I do a fair bit of sound editing as part of my career so i’m fairly picky when it comes to sound equipment. My general impression is that for the money these are a solid purchase, *but*, they do need a fair bit of tweaking with eq to get the best out of them in terms of sound quality. Noise cancelling: people expect far too much from noise-cancelling headphones. The technology is simply not advanced enough to achieve anything like the ‘88%’ that is advertised, but what they do achieve is as good as it’s going to get with this style of ear-on headphones as far as i’m concerned. For a start i feel it’s important to note how well they keep out noise simply through their design. As stated the material that’s in contact with the ears is optimised for this purpose (they’re effective at absorbing/insulating outside noise) and you can notice this straight away. Very good isolation for on-ear phones with nc turned off. What they achieve in terms of cancelling essentially builds on this by taking the edge off what does still get through. The end result is pleasingly effective.

I had some of these before (left on a plane-drat) and i would highly recommend them because they are compact and the cable connects to one side only.

Does everything it,s supposed to.

I was looking for a pair of nc headphones as i had a lot of airline flights coming up. Since these were reduced and had generally good reviews i thought i’d give them a shot. They are comfy to wear and around the house are excellent. A few of the other reviews say the noise cancelling is rubbish. I wouldn’t say its rubbish but full over-ear headphones will obviously be better. Nc always works best on constant frequency noise hence you should take the complaints about not working in office settings with a pinch of salt – they aren’t really designed for that although you will get a reduction in noise. On aircraft where the noise is constant the nc is better. It certainly isn’t total but there is a noticable difference between the noise cancelling on and off on aircraft. The retractable cable is handy. If you want total noise cancellation go for full over-ear headphones as these are on-ear headphones.

I couldn’t be more satisfied,i choose because the noise cancelling and priceit keep the noise and good sound quality, i recommend.

Bought for flight and cancelled out all the background noise, comfortable to wear and look stylish. Retractable cord was a clever design feature.

I have been looking for some sound cancelling headphones for the last month or so but really didnt want to part with several hundred quid for the privilege. I saw these and was skeptical due to the price, but after getting them next day delivery, i have been very impressed with the lack of sound leakage even on high volume from the cans. The noise cancelling also works a treat, and you really struggle to hear people talking to you when you have them on unless you lip read. I use these on the tube and it really makes a difference, the tube roar is diminished substantially when using these. The sound output is excellent for the price and the cable tidy is one of the best innovations i have seen for dealing with annoying cables getting every where. The compartment for the battery is also ideally located in one of the cans (right hand side one) so its not on the lead like other makes/models.

While these do block out some noise they don’t block out the loud noise of the airplane engines which is what i wanted.

Great phones for the money, the sound is pretty amazing, even though the bass is a bit lacking. The nc is not that good, i honestly can’t tell the difference when i turn it on and when it’s off, even when playing music. However, i don’t know if it’s the muffs or what but they do provide good nc by themselves. I can’t hear myself typing with no music playing, and when i do have music playing it;s just perfect.

I like the noice cancelling feature, the headphones are comfortable and good quality. It folds up easy and fits into a neat pouch.

The build quality is good and the retracting cable is a neat idea, in all, they are good value for money. I am not impressed with the noise cancelling technology, used on a recent atlantic flight i found the effect pretty minimal. Others have stated that the noise cancelling is comparable with far more expensive units, i can’t comment on this having not done a market comparison, but if this is the case then it is not a technology worth any extra in terms of investment, you get a much better effect from just wearing in-ear headphones.

These are not bose noise cancelling phones,but are good as normal phones and just adequate at noise cancelling,i haven’t tried them on a plane yet, i am sure that they’ll be better with that type of noise. Look at the price, you could by eight pairs for the price of one pair of bose, which are terrific, admittedly. I am happy to have the cash in my pocket, these are a good product, and very compact,light & inexpensive.

Good quality headphones, cancels out most external noise and certainly worth the money. I would recommend them to anyone travelling on the tube or airplane.

Good sound for music but noise cancelling aspect absolutely non existent and so waste of battery. Retractable lead very useful.

Bought these for my hubby for christmas the sound that comes through these from the ipod is truly amazing, they are work every penny.

These earphones are of very solid construction and produce a high sound quality. However, i have not yet tried the noise cancelling feature on flights. It does cut down some surrounding noise in the home such as tv and talking etc but does not fully eliminate it. I am very pleased with the earphones overall.

Features and Spesification

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  • 18.5dB (88%) ambient noise reduction at 200Hz
  • 0-1.2m adjustable cord length with retractable system
  • Multi-foldable design for ease of portability
  • 30mm Neodymium driver units for dynamic sound
  • Excellent sound isolation achieved with soft memory foam ear pads