JVC S50BT On Ear Bluetooth Wireless Foldable Headphones : They are good for the price

Battery life is excellent and i get up to 20 hours use out of my phones without any trouble. They are comfy and fit well, and easy to pair with my android phone. I have been using them for about three months now, on a more or less daily basis. For the price the sound quality and build quality is excellent. My only negative is that the button position does make it easy to inadvertently switch them off when absentmindedly removing them. Other than that i don’t think you can get a better pair of wireless phones for under 30 quid.

Great product does what it says on the tin. Good for listening to sport and music and u tube.

Work well but the covers on headphones started to split and wear quite quickly.

Decent quality for the price range.

Got these for work to cancel out the background noise and wanted cordless headphones, more than happy and would recommend them. Suppose some nerd will pour scorn on this review but these headphones do a job for me, excellent sound and comfortable.

I bought some for myself and then another pair as a gift for my friend and we both like them.

Pros: this price for wireless headphones is def a bargain. Good battery so far, too early to tell. Cons: the lowest volume is still bit loud for me, like full on conversation voice volume, bit exhausting for me ears tbh. So those of us (or maybe just me haha) who like background slash whisper kind of volume, this doesn’t do that like normal earphones. Noise cancelling: not cancelling.

  • and was not disappointed with the sound
  • Underwhelmed
  • Superb!!! read loads of reviews on here,was between a few good brandssoo happy we chose this

JVC S50BT On Ear Bluetooth Wireless Foldable Headphones with Dynamic Sound – Black

Colour Name:Black  |  Style Name:S50BT
Product Description, The JVC S50BT Superior Sound Foldable Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones are ready for streaming audio wirelessly from a compatible device within a 10 m range.
They feature a built-in three pre-set equaliser giving you flexibility to customise the sound to enjoy a variety of music.
The S50BTs offer up to 17 hours of listening on the go and are rechargeable via USB. For your comfort and long periods of usage, these light-weight on ear headphones feature synthetic leather ear pads and come with a soft cushioned headband.
The control buttons are on the headphone allowing you to play, stop or skip tracks, as well as answer phone calls.
The flat swivel foldable design makes them easy to transport no matter where you’re heading.
The S50BT is finished in niche piano black for a high quality look and feel.

Box Contains, JVC HAS50BTBE Superior Sound Bluetooth On Ear Headphones – Black

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I have had these headphones before. I like a decent sound quality but i am not a hi-fi geek. I was also looking for foldable ones which are not too bulky in my bag. I don’t want over-ear phones as i don’t want to feel isolated in the street. I want to be aware of my surroundings. These phones fit all of my requirements. My only criticism is that when pressing the on-off button, the blue pairing light is too close and can be obscured.

A good sound and works well with my phone. . Slips off head too easily.

Love these headphones, fit around my head perfectly, easy to connect, buttons are easy to access. I’ve noticed my headphones sometimes starts losing signal and the music starts going crackly and jumps and skips like a scratched cd, despite my phone being in my pocket (less then a metre) not sure if it effects everyone but it happens to me on a daily basis, bit annoying but i can live with it.

Really nice looking kit, the dual connectivity is a nice addition to the functionality. Occasional blip in connection even when source is nearby, but that’s bluetooth i guess.

I didn’t expect too much from these as they’re on the cheaper side of prices – however they are brilliant. Sound quality is great, i can barely hear any outside noise when using these. I love that they can fold to fit in my bag. The battery life has been good. The only thing is that sometimes my devices don’t connect straight away if they’re older, but if i hold down the pairing button for a few extra seconds they soon pair up.

Very impressed with the sound quality of these for the money. Easy to connect to my ipad or phone. Only downside is that there’s no storage bag or case for them, but it’s not a deal breaker. I’d recommend if you’re on a budget and you just need a set for watching films or listening to spotify.

Ideal for work, no wires and the battery life is excellent.

Great sound, very comfortable feel, jvc quality.

  • and was not disappointed with the sound
  • Underwhelmed
  • Superb!!! read loads of reviews on here,was between a few good brandssoo happy we chose this

JVC S50BT On Ear Bluetooth Wireless Foldable Headphones with Dynamic Sound – Black

I find the buttons a bit fiddly otherwise they would have got 5 stars.

Owned these in black for many years and they work great and looked good. My wife is using those ones now so got the red ones for me. They looked very sleek on the listing/ad but the reality is much cheaper. Metallic red is instead a rubbish matt salmon. They do work great but my advice is go for the black ones.

So pleased with these headphones and they are half the price of those in our local supermarket.

Can only recommend this headset.

My daughter is very pleased with the earphones.

Easily set up long battery life.

I literally love these headphones, i use it for the gym and it makes doing exercises so much easier because there’s no wire to worry about, the battery life is so so good, the only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is because the mic is too far from your mouth so it’s hard for people to hear what you’re saying.

Or has jvc farmed them out to someone else for some cheap quality?they’re okay. They’re not especially comfortable. They don’t fold down as lots of other headphones at the same price point do. That’s a real disadvantage because you expect bluetooth headphones to be able to travel around with you – but these ones you can’t put them in a bag very easily and you worried that they could break. They don’t have a good quality feel about them. For the price, they are okay – but nothing like the quality of mpow headphones at pretty well the same price. I don’t see why jvc want to put their reputation on the line for this kind of stuff but maybe they are too big to care.

Bought this pair as i was getting tired of wired ones. The syncing process is reliable 9 times out of 10, sometimes it takes two attempts, but never more than three. Got it connected to both my laptop and my phone, the latter being a fickle mistress, so props. When watching videos, there will be a slight delay in the audio popping in when hitting play, but it’s rare and i have to actively listen out for it for the most part. The deep bass function is underwhelming to be brief, effective with certain tracks but the majority of the time, the audio just seems quieter without the function. Battery is solid, range is good and normally i blast the volume at earshattering levels, so the quieter max volume is probably better for my health. And the biggest positive, only occasionally do my gigantic ears hurt when wearing these for long periods of time. Definitely worth the purchase, if discounted.

I was very disappointed to discover that there is no option to plug a lead in. When on a plane (bluetooth cannot be used). Otherwise good for the money.

I have jvc wired headphones, and my ears seem attuned to their sound; so when i decided to have a foray into bluetooth, i decided to to go for these, and was not disappointed with the sound. For my ears it has a good bass, without muffling the treble sounds (that’s about as far as my technical knowledge of sound goes). I don’t use the bass boost function, as that is too much bass for me. So, i’m very pleased with the sound. However there may be an issue with some users about pairing with more than one device. I had no problem pairing with my samsung phone, but i cannot pair the phones with my wife’s huawei, or with my laptop. I contacted jvc and was told to delete the headphones from my phone bluetooth list and then pair with another device. Then the jvc’s wouldn’t pair with my samsung. Contacted jvc and they suggested a “hard reset” (hold the power button down for 10 seconds to clear, then hold the power button down for 7 seconds to pair) which wasn’t a procedure detailed in the included instructions.

They are good enough quality fir the money you pay.

The bass in these are rubbish the only reason i got them because my last pair of sony’s the bass was awesome i was surprised and these being advertised with deep bass made me think they would preform better but it’s like they take away any treble and just smash up the bass with not an ounce of care about equalising anything. The highs are just drowned out and the lows just distorted so it leaves you with bland and muffled mid ranges 🙁.

Good build quality, very good on battery life, very comfortable can’t compare as they are my first pair in this category however i was slightly disappointed with the volume ( don’t need it louder but it would be good to have). The sound quality is ok nothing to get excited about.

Sound quality isn’t fantastic but is good for the money. They fit comfortably on the head and are good at insulating sound both inward and outbound. Battery life seems to be reasonable, which is good as there is no aux-in socket in case they go flat. The item description says they are ‘foldable’ which is not the case – the headband is fixed but the cans rotate so they can lie flat.

The quality is great but i receive the headphones broken, the foam from the left ear was broken and wasn’t attached to the headphones, i manage it to glue it but is not the best solution. Overall the headphones sounds is really good and the bluetooth connection is good something you get some distortion but nothing mayor.

My sons loves them, beats can do one for £150, these are just as good, maybe even better.

Not the world’s best headphones, but perfectly good for the price. Nothing wrong with them in fact i really like them.

Features and Spesification

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  • Dynamic sound reproduction with 30 mm neodymium driver unit
  • Listen wirelessly to your favourite music
  • 17 hours of listening with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Flat-foldable design for ease of portability
  • Soft head-pad for comfortable fit