JVC Xtreme Xplosives – HA-MR55X-E On-Ear Headphones : GO FOR THEM

Don’t get me wrong they are great, however they are very large in size, and living in london i want to have my music loud however they were struggling however this is not a problem of the headphones but my phone output as i tries on my subwoofer port and sounded great but if you want heavy bass and deep sounds consider the in ear. However good for general us and customer service is great.

I have been an audio engineer for thirty years. Anyone saying they are not loud enough, should understand that the volume is down to the input volume, not the headphones.

If you’re looking for headphones with bass this is not the pair for you. Pros: cool design very good material quality for the price gloss finishcons: not loud no extreme bass a little uncomfortable, quite tight & hot. Not compatible with ps4 controller. Overall not as good as i expected. Might be good for someone who isn’t into loud bass kicking tunes. The jvc hafx1x xtreme xplosives earbuds are way better much louder & have more bass.

Awsome quality best headphones i’ve ever had nice sound would recommend.

The sound is rich and the bass is deep, love them. Better than all the other other headphones in this price range i’ve tested.

Very nice product:) go grab urs.

The maximum volume is too low. Even then the music is audible to ppl around you disturbing them. Nevertheless good quality sound, extremely comfortable and stylish. Good for ppl who like big and sturdy headphones.

Quite good sound from these headphones and not uncomfortable to wear, reasonably good length cable and just perfect for me.

  • Amazing product but with a big design flaw
  • 50/50
  • Good value

JVC Xtreme Xplosives – HA-MR55X-E On-Ear Headphones Black

Product Description, The ultimate XX Xtreme Xplosives Headphones by JVC. Powerful as your passion for performance and rugged for the city life. Dampen the noise of life, while enjoying safer awareness of the world around you.
Sleek and trendy, designed with soft padded headband and ear cups to provide extended comfort. Also with tough rubber protectors giving added protection for body durability. The Xtreme Xplosives headphones have built-In remote control and microphone for iOS / Black Berry / Android with smart switch for compatibility with most smartphones. Additional features include a thick and robust 3.94ft (1.2m) pure copper cord (Y-type) and an iPhone compatible gold plated slim plug. The Extreme Deep Bass Ports and 1.97″(50mm) Neodymium driver units deliver high output, fantastic bass response and explosive sound.

Box Contains, 1 x JVC Xtreme Xplosives Headphones – HA-MR55X

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Bought these as a christmas gift for my son to use for gaming and general music etc. He’s picky and looking for performance quality, i’m paying so out for a bargain. Rich tone and clarity across the range and equal if not better than the wife’s sony mdr-xb500. Superb voice and music production without compromise, great bass fx sounds with a bit of tweaking. Comfortable to wear for a long while if a bit heavy, but otherwise the dogs b*. I paid under 30 quid but cant find them that price any longer. No real leaching from the cans unless up very loud so you can be in the same room as a user without issues.

My son picked these for part of his xmas great sound from them and the red and black design look good.

I loved this headphone, that i could not go anywhere without it and it got complements from people who used it oncepros1, the size is just amazing and looks good, very noticeable2, it’s extremely comfortable that i can put it on my head for over 7 hours with no discomfort3, sound quality is impressive the bass is extremely good depends on what music player and fx you use some music player are not well optimized i recommend ( power amp ) android app to feel the bass4, the wires are tangle free and the wires are really longcons1, this headphone is not foldable for the size, i had to bring my school bag with me to hide it when i’m not using it , its just extremely large2, the two wires are the biggest design flaw, which was a shame as i liked working out with headphones on and this one doesn’t let you workoutas i was doing my ground routine the my caught the wires and snapped them off the headphone,my opinionif you are not a clumsy person like me and you just want to listen to music i will recommend this headphones , but if you are planning to do sport otr workout i wouldn’t recommend it.

Great product great sound but a little on the large scale and had a slight issue with my xperia z1 “headset not supported” but got it working in the end.

Love these headphones for working.

Very good quality, well worth it.

The are great, look strong, sound quality is good, and they don’t fell very heavy although they are huge. Down sides are they leak sound (people around you can hear it ) and they are not very portable. And this might be just me but after long use they made me dizzy.

The design it is just gorgeous. But as a woman i should have bought the smaller size, the ear piece it is just too big, actually the whole of it. Plus the top red part was actually itching me and hurting my head/hair. The actual downside for me was the sound – i love a full unscrambled sound and even though i had in-ear xx earphones before and adored those terribly, about this pair i was not happy. On whatever a or b mode the sound was not full, and was not clear. The bass was awesome, but when the song is jammed – for me was a no. Maybe your pair will be better, after all could be a manufacturing problem.

  • Amazing product but with a big design flaw
  • 50/50
  • Good value

JVC Xtreme Xplosives – HA-MR55X-E On-Ear Headphones Black

Fantastic quality headphone – crisp sound , deep bass. Better than most i have tried – and i have tried a fair few. I have previously used the xtreme xplosive in ear ones – and they are just as good. The quality of this headphone over a range of frequencies and sound is unbelievably good.

Really good quality great or purpose.

For the price i got them at i cannot complain but generally it has a weak build quality but other than that its bass is alright and the fit every one perfectly but for some people they are a bit too big. Other than that they are perfect.

Great purchase would recommend or you may want to check the bluedio ht which are cheap looking but more powerful and wireless.

My son said this is the very best headphones that i got him.

Bought these for myself as they look quite manly and was expecting some decent bass. On the audio side they are okay, not powerful bass but as soon as my other half tried these on, she’s loved them since and has taken ownership of them as they hug her head. The overear design makes a snug and comfortable fit.

They have replaced my denon ones, as the denon ones made a lot of noise if you moved when wearing them. I went for this pair as i have the xx in-ear ones and they are the best in-ear ones for quality, sound and fit/security. I think these show up my ipod/ipad etc and may well benefit from an portable amp like below?http://www. Uk/fiio-kilimanjaro-e11-headphone-amplifier/dp/b0053kwdes/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pc_s_nc?ie=utf8&colid=zckdt1vyied8&coliid=ibuj82c4xelggwould recommend, value for money. Couple of areas improvement are sound insolation. The wearing can’t here much external noise, but or so i am told there is a lot of noise transmitted to the surround area.

Loved them, sound quality was impeccable and the bass, phenomenal. Until the wire broke and rendering them utterly useless, was probably my own fault, but nevertheless be careful.

They arrived quickly and the quality is just sublime. My only issue is that they are absolutely huge. I am getting used to the size.

The best headphones that i buy till now. One minus only: they are too heavy. After 10 min, mi neck hurt me. . Is like that i put down weight of 10 kg.

Love these still have them after 3 years.

I personally thought they were ok but not as loud as i expected them to be. Bit clumsy and bit plasticy but for price paid not bad at all.

These are the ones with 50mm drivers complete with inline control, whereas some others at higher prices have only 40mm drivers, nice deep sounds, i use them mainly with my synthesizers and grooveboxes, they pick up frequencies (8 – 23,000hz) that cheaper 20 – 20,000hz headphones cannot deal with and block out a lot of outside noise. I paid less than £25 delivered.

Cancels some background noise. Having said that, also be careful when on the move, so you don’t hurt yourself.

Fantastic value, fantastic sound, fantastic sound quality.

Easily the best headphones i’ve ever bought, the bass is perfect. I would recommend to everyone.

Features and Spesification

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  • Extreme Deep Bass Ports and 1.97″(50mm) Neodymium driver units
  • Remote control & microphone with smart switch for compatibilty with most smart phones
  • Soft padded headband and earpads for extend period of use
  • Rubber protectors for body durability
  • Gold-plated iPhone compatible slim plug