Kalamera KR-21ASSE wine refrigerator : Delighted with the efficient service – speedy delivery and good

Great delivery service arrived early. Good sized storage for the dining room, only one issue is the low background machine hum, would be annoying in a quiet room.

I have been very happy with this wine fridge and the service i’ve received from the supplier.

It arrived within 24 hours of placing the order. Packaging in good condition. I followed the instruction in the handbook supplied. Looks good in the kitchen and the most important thing is it works very well keeping my white wines at 9 degrees and my reds at 17 degrees. Also if you compare the high street prices you will find it is a lot cheaper than other wine coolers that look as good and do the same job. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to others.

Great does everything you wish for. Set to chill just the way you like.

This fridge is very nice, good size, keeps wine at a good temperature the delivery was quick.

My wife and i love our wine fridge. Plenty of capacity, looks great and keeps our wine nice and chilled. We had a minor issue with the fan overheating but the seller was easy to deal with and helped deliver an expedient solution. I recommend both the fridge and the seller.

Love the fact you can set the temperature different for red and white wine. The blue light looks really good. Really pleased with the purchase.

Exactly as described, arrived within two days of ordering. All round brilliant buy, very pleased with the wine cooler.

  • Wine fridge
  • Very pleased.
  • Delighted with the efficient service – speedy delivery and good

Kalamera KR-21ASSE wine refrigerator for up to 21 bottles (up to 310 mm height), two temperature zones 7-18 ° C,Freestanding stainless steel Wine fridge,black

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The product is nice looking and reasonably finished. It cooled as expected but as some reviewers have pointed out, it isn’t silent, despite stating this on the packaging. The noise could be intrusive in quiet environments.

Don’t know why, but i was expecting it. The box came with few bump; result there is scratch on a corner of the wine refrigerator. Nothing serious, but annoying when it’s new. It does the work for the price, but you shouldn’t expect miracle. I wasn’t expecting this and the energy consumption is rated b. Again, for the price, don’t expect la crème-de-la-creme.

This wine cooler is only a single zone cooler and so is not suitable for both red and white wines. As i think red wines are better at room temperature, i use this cooler for white wine (and rose) only as it keeps them nicely chilled. Top tip: i also put certain cheeses at the bottom of the wine cooler. Cheddar, for example, shouldn’t be allowed to get too cold so i never put that in my main fridge. My only complaints with this cooler are (1) the shelves are slightly too close together which means slightly larger diameter bottles are difficult to fit in and remove and (2) the door needs to be open way past 90 degrees before the shelves can be slid out far enough to allow the slightly larger wine bottles to be removed. But, it’s the only cooler that will fit the gap left in my kitchen after the previous cooler packed up.

Its exactly what they state. Fits normal bottles of wine. Cools down fast and is quite lovely in our living room. Beautiful addition and im excited to continue filling it.

Nice look, simple to install, a little just a little noisy until temperature is reached, then quite. Looking forward to opening the first bootle.

Just got it, very nice, easy to clean and install. Very good looking, only a little bit noisy just at the beginning while reaching the programmed temperatures.

Purchased this wine fridge for my son for christmas. It worked ok for 4 months and then the bottom racks fridge stopped working.

Bought this aliitle based on the reviews and so far glad i did. We had a more expensive haer which was great but broke down twice and was refunded by the mfg. Looked for something smaller and cheaper and found this. It’s a freestanding unit for us so not under work surfaces. Unit is fan controlled and i don’t think it uses refreigerant. Fan runs all the time but must say is quiet and not obtrusive at all. Unit well packed and handle took 2 mins to put on. Materials very good for price point. After set up and loading of bottles it took around 7. Hours for the top to get to 7 degrees for white wine and we set the bottom to 15 for reds.

  • Wine fridge
  • Very pleased.
  • Delighted with the efficient service – speedy delivery and good

Kalamera KR-21ASSE wine refrigerator for up to 21 bottles (up to 310 mm height), two temperature zones 7-18 ° C,Freestanding stainless steel Wine fridge,black

After weeks of debating “should i buy this fridge”?. The answer is yes & i am so happy that i did. Down to the correct temperatures for each zone very quickly. Not noisy at all & looks fantastic in the kitchen.

Looks good and fits neatly into quite a small area. Takes all regular size 75cl bottles inc sparkling.

An attractive device – smart and modern in style. The blue lighting is functional but not to my taste but it is not on all the time so thats fine. Wooden shelves look good and give it a professional appearance. Appears to work well though id have preferred a larger area that could be set to the coolest temperature. In operation it is reasonably quiet – i certainly can hear it and personally would not like it in a place i sat as id find it irritating. That said it is by no means noisy. There is no discernible vibration. Very pleased with the fridge so far but interested to see how long the motor running the fan lasts.

Good product:bought this wine fridge some time ago, as i needed a not too big but good fridge. The door needed a bit more push to make sure it was airtight, but other than that a good build and kept the wine at desired temperature. Good service:the fridge stopped cooling several weeks ago. Tries this and that, but to no avail. So, i contacted kalamera service to ask what the problem may be. I have used bosch, hotpoint and many others, but i have not come across such responsive, helpful and result oriented customer service. Someone kept in touch via email, let me know what it may be and sent the parts to fix it. I am so impressed with the product and service that i actually bought another kalamera model (twin door/temp) and that sleek machine is now operating as well. Bottomline: i recommend itadditionafter the fridge’s cooling system had issues, i was sent a new one with easy to follow installation instructions.

Delivered the next day within the time frame said. Very pleased with the item, looks cool ( sorry ) works well, we have the top section set at 7 and the bottom at 10 which is the lowest temperature they will go to, i have tested it with our fridge thermometer and it’s spot on. All in all a good purchase, makes a lot more room in our ordinary fridge.

It was extremely well packaged in no less than two corrugated boxes, one inside the other. After removing packaging and fastening the door handle on, it was plug in time. The temperature soon fell to the required level and with the blue illumination it is the db of wine racks.

I was sceptical about this having previously bought a similar model and been disappointed. This is both quieter and more efficient. The temp setting actually keeps the wine very close to the chosen setting – even near the top.

It looks great but it is a bit noisy. It takes a day or so to get to the set temperature and there is no room for champagne. The shelves are a bit tight for odd sized bottles of wine. When it arrived, i had to put the doors on which dont hang vertically but i can live with that. There’s no mention of fitting the doors in the instructions.

Kalamera kr-21asse wine refrigerator for up to 21 bottles (up to 310 mm height), two temperature zones 7-18 ° c,freestanding stainless steel wine fridge,blackworked great for six months but temperature not working and its warming the wine but they did give me a full refund and let me keep the wine cooler.

Delighted with the product both for looks and performance. Superb after sales service – nothing was too much trouble.

Fans run all the time so i wonder how much electricity its cost me. It can definitely be heard 24 hours a day. It was dented when delivered but wont show on my installation so kept it.

I like the two section drink cooler with a diferance the racking being wood and not metal ideal for both bottle wine , cool can drinks and bottle soft drinks.

When fridge arrived the case was slightly damaged. The company were very helpful and prompt in responding and we were able to sort out the problem. The fridge is working perfectly top set at 8 degrees and bottom 14 degrees. It looks well and for us is a great size, not as wide as a conventional fridge.

We were seeking a wine cooler for a gap in our kitchen and this one fitted perfectly allowing for ventilation all around. It has needed to work hard in the heatwave to maintain the selected temperatures but appears up to the job so far and we are becoming acclimatised to the constant hum too. Remains to be seen how much our energy consumption will increase as a result but so far we are very happy with it for function and appearance and we use it to cool other drinks in addition to wine.

Quiet, lightweight, easy to set up and arrived in 24 hours. We have a lot of wines we are going to put in there to store for a few more years before drinking and this is an absolutely perfect solution for us.

Sleek design and keeps wine nicely chilled. Slight noise from fan but not very intrusive and no vibration. Very pleased with this purchase.

Delighted with the efficient service – speedy delivery and good packaging. Wine fridge fits perfectly in the gap i had planned for it and its colour matches the units either side. The two temperature settings are a real bonus and it is easy to remove shelves to accommodate wider champagne and prosecco bottles or to chill beer glasses. I’ve even got cans of tonic in there. Another bonus is that it is very quiet (i can barely hear it) and the temperature displays are clear.

I had an initial issue but the seller sorted it out to my 100% satisfaction. Problems can occur with electronic products and it’s important to know the seller will step in when needed. Now the fridge is installed and working brilliantly i am very happy. It’s filled an annoying gap in the utility room and looks smart and sleek. We use it for wine, beer and soft drinks to free up room in the main fridge.

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