Kam KWM1900 HS – UHF Wireless Headset Microphone System Ideal For Aerobics : Item was delivered quickly which was great as my last one broke and I was loosing

Items arrived on time and both my son and i are very pleased with the unit.

+ wireless+ lightweight+ compatible+ portability- battery life indicator – is this discrete?.

The mic is brilliant , there is two very small things that happen ,is the connections go rusty after a while if you don’t put some sort of grease on them , all so after a while the screws come out of both pieces ,because of putting the batteries in. But it is really easy to use , well worth the money , i have a had a couple of these mic’s , and so as many of my friends.

Fantastic quality mic bought as a spare for my current kam that is in for repair.

Great set, no base station, no mains plug needed, ariel etc. Just a small unit with jack plug fixed to it, plug into the amp and away you go, best ever, and good sound quality, easy to use.

Finally a device that doesn’t require you to carry around some pack on your body. Easy to set-up and works well. Only drawback is that it drains battery, so be prepared.

Bought several of these over the years and it has done me proud every time. Love its price, and love its freedom as it has no wires. Would highly recommend to anyone who does fitness classes / zumba or anything involving headsets.

  • Item was delivered quickly which was great as my last one broke and I was loosing
  • Wirelesss mic

Kam KWM1900 HS – UHF Wireless Headset Microphone System Ideal For Aerobics, Churches, Schools

UHF for Better Reception & Performance Small Plug in Receiver Transmitter Built into the Headset No Beltpack Required Suitable for Aerobics & Zumba InstructorsA very good solution for aerobics classes, singers and public speakers. No belt pack is required for this unit as the transmitter is built into the headset, perfect for the performer on the move and you will not have to worry about your beltpack falling to the floor during all fitness activities. The receiver is very small and simply plugs into your mixer using a 1/4 inch jack. The signal is transferred using ultra high frequencies; this will give better results than VHF solutions. The head set has a range of up to 30m. Please note that the beltpack has some scratches on it.Carrier Frequency: 863-865 MHz Range: Up to 30m Weight: 50g

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So when my microphone finally went up to the aerobics studio in the sky, i looked around for something cheap to replace it. All the comparable headsets with a base receiver were coming in at over £200, which is far more than what i’d paid for my little gemini package 8 years ago. Then i spotted this little beauty. It’s fully portable, no wires at all & runs from batteries. This is great as it can be used in portable battery-operated music boxes for aqua. I was worried that the quality wouldn’t be that great, but it’s just as good, if not better than some trantec systems i’ve used. The only outlay is the batteries, but if you use rechargeables you’ll save a fortune. All this for £114, it’s great, i’d recommend it. One this which does limit it somewhat is the connection. Many industry-used stereos utilise an xml connection for the mic, whereas this is a 3.

I bought this product for instructing fitness/aerobic classes, thinking the fact that it doesn’t have a body pack & wire was a major bonus. It’s quick & easy to set up. Fantastic that i can just plug & play so easily, however i find the microphone picks up every little breathe & static noise but doesn’t pick up my voice so well. It is not very clear, almost muffled and has an echo to the sound output. I guess this is a case of ‘you get what you pay for’, as this was the cheapest set i could find. I would recommend this product for small venues & speakers, but don’t really rate it for aerobics. Plus the instructions say to keep the headset dry-impossible in my case as i sweat buckets in every class. Overall a good budget product, but pay more if you want something more professional.

I bought this as a backup to a much more expensive, professional wireless headset for use in stage performance. Truth be told, i actually prefer this little package to the pro model i bought it to understudy. The battery life isn’t great but let’s be honest, what do you want from a aa battery. I wouldn’t be without it and would definitely buy it again.

Great little headset – love the fact that you dont need to plug it in – i have been using a samson airline 77 for the last 3 years and the headset broke, i bought this in the interim while trying to get it fixed and have decided it is actually just as good (if not better) than the samson. I use it for zumba – it stays on well and once you get used to using the volume control on the ipod rather than the speaker (depending on your setup) its fantastic.

I have been using this for flute. Only a couple of things,, the mic falls done. I put extra stiff wire around it and its cured it. Its a little uncomfortable until you get used to it. I am a proffesional musician. I have used mics that fit on the flute and i am selling them all and keeping this i have tried loads in the past. This is the best for me for vocals and flute. This mic comes everywere with me.

This product is just as described and is ideal for those seeking a completely wire-free microphone headset. A little tricky to set and match frequency between transmitter and receiver but a boon if yoiu need a mic headset without the hindrance of the trailing cables.

Not brilliant but ok as emergency backup where power not present for portable speaker.

Great product , works perfect.

  • Item was delivered quickly which was great as my last one broke and I was loosing
  • Wirelesss mic

Kam KWM1900 HS – UHF Wireless Headset Microphone System Ideal For Aerobics, Churches, Schools

Item was delivered quickly which was great as my last one broke and i was loosing my voice shouting in my fitness classes. This is a great piece of kit although i have to adjust the headset as its made for people with bigger head than me.

It has a 30 metre range in a large hall and is very sensitive. The batteries last about an hour in continuous use. The receiver battery compartment is small and rechargeable batteries are difficult to insert and remove.

Bought for the wife for a present, she can’t stop praising this. Literally plugs it into the mic port and its done. No tweaking of settings, no testing of the mic, brilliant. Would suggest people get some rechargable batteries as if you are using this regularly it will go through a stack of aa batteries quite quickly. For the money though, this is excellent.

After trying other brands, this is by far the best quality head set x we teach zumba and have previously had the same product x it is used on average for 13 classes per week and worked perfectly for years. We are so happy with our new one after trying out others first x.

Easy to use and set up and will fit in a small box for transportation no mains power supply needed bad points are it drains the battery quickly if used continually and the comfort pads are a tad on the small side don’t forget to switch off when not using it.

Excellent – arrived on time – very good service – brillint.

Quick delivery and product in really good conditions.

Head mic ok but not easy to keep steady while singing and feels odd balanced on ones neck. Quality of sound is good but putting batteries in is very difficult. Small aaa battery runs out quickly so suggest rechargable.

Very easy to set up and also very good coverage. Highly recommended for the money.

Features and Spesification

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  • UHF wireless microphone system
  • PLL system with multi-channel receiver and built-in ACT system
  • Comes in many different kits to suit your needs
  • Battery powered receiver – ideal for cameras
  • Ultra portable