KAMTRON Levin Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – Latest CVC 6 : KAMTRON Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone

Wanted a set of noise cancelling headphones at short notice for a trip to new zealand, an amazon search suggested these. Sound is very good with excellent clarity, noise cancelling completely removed the drone of the aircraft and some chatter / children crying. Battery life is outstanding, two flights totalling 25 hours on one charge. Bluetooth connection fiddly at first, don’t try and connect with other multiple bt sources around you. Only slight negative would be that they feel a little lightweight and i’m not sure how long they will last before breaking if mistreated. The ear cups are quite narrow so if you have larger ears then you might want to consider another brand. All in all a great set of phones, especially at this price point.

Fantastic value for the money. I was a bit sceptical about the headphones, but a number of good reviews on amazon was a decisive factor. Headphones arrived very quickly, thanks to prime. Packaging:the box had an overall black theme about it. There were no surprising elements or wow factors. Inside the box, the headphone was laid out very neatly. Regular set of accessories were included, along with an air-plane travel adaptor. Designthese headphone has an unmistakably striking resemblance with the bose qc-35. There are a number of differences, but a quick glance at someone wearing it, chances are that you will be made to think its a bose.

Excellent headphones for the price. Set up was easy – worked straight out of the box.

I have a pair of bose comfort wireless headphones that are brilliant, that cost about £300. These were £40 and there’s not a huge amount of difference. The bose are better as you’d expect, but for the money, these certainly cut the mustard. Pros:price, sound quality, battery lifeoks:build quality (they can creak a little) noise cancelling is adequatecons:bluetooth connectivity – connects quickly, but you need to re-pair every time you change the source. Overall, the price trumps the lot and on that basis, i highly recommend them.

I had a slight problem in pairing with my phone, but the seller responded immediately with a solution that solved the problem. Very pleased with the sound quality.

I bought these headphones because the reviews were so good, the sound isnt bad, plenty of bass however the noise cancellation feature seems to do nothing as when i have music on i can hear the tv in the room as well as other people in the room talking, as for build quality they look ok, but if you move your head or raise your eyebrows or smile all you can hear is the sound of cheap plastic cracling in your ears, if you are perfectly still then they do sound pretty good (just dont move). Mine also arrived turned on in the box so not sure if they were previously returned by another customer or not ?.

The headphones have a switch on the side to turn on/off the noise-cancelling function. I find the sound quality better when the function is switched on. I’ve only given 4 stars because the headphones aren’t greatly comfortable for glasses wearers, especially when wearing earrings as well. However, as headphones go, these are fairly decent. Not 100% sure it’s worth £40 though.

Holiday flights but also listen to music when other people listen to rubbish on tv.

  • Comfortable noise cancelling headphones
  • Small price, impressive performance
  • Really good value – good for your own space!

KAMTRON Levin Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – Latest CVC 6.0 Active Noise Reduction Technology, Hifi Stereo Deep Bass Sound,Support Hand-Free Calling, Design for Phone, PC, TV and Air Travel

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Noise cancelling works great, can keep volume far lower than i used to with my original earbuds and hear it better.

First time i have used this type of headphones and am very impressed with the quality and sound. The blocking out of external noice is very good. Would definitely recommend this to everyone.

If you are looking for a decent pair of bluetooth headphones at a decent price these are well worth considering. I use mine for walking or being active when i don’t want the inconvenience of the lead that is on my bose. Very good sound for the money and feel like they will be durable.

I bought these to replace some older sony headphones where the ear pads and covers had perished. Easy to set up bt with my iphone 5s, sound was clear with good bass and the noise cancelling feature worked well to reduce the background cabin noise on board the aircraft. Battery lasted throughout the 4 hour flight and holiday but i recharged before they had run out so can’t verify the 25 hour play time. The headphones are comfortable to wear with good size adjustment and appear to be well made. There is no carrying case supplied only a plastic bag.

Got for christmas, really good pair of headphones, active noise cancelling was noticeable and effective in a room with background noise.

Ok once you get the fit right, good base.

Really soft on the ears even after hours of use, my old headphone hurt my ears and these are perfect and crystal clear and no lead to get in the way.

Noice cancelling is equally good to leading brandssounds quality ia good, but i am well satisfied. Batter last for week on averrage use. Not as posh as high end ones, but have a decent look. Foldable earpieces is a space saver. One recommendation to the supplies is, add a carry case to this, which is the only negative i have on this. Try this before u go for an expensive pair.

  • Comfortable noise cancelling headphones
  • Small price, impressive performance
  • Really good value – good for your own space!

KAMTRON Levin Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – Latest CVC 6.0 Active Noise Reduction Technology, Hifi Stereo Deep Bass Sound,Support Hand-Free Calling, Design for Phone, PC, TV and Air Travel

I’ve had these for about 6 weeks so far and to date i haven’t charged them. I’m not the heaviest user, i use them about 2-5 hours per week but the battery life seems fantastic. The bluetooth connects instantly with a maximum of 5 seconds but normally even quicker. They are comfy to wear for a few hours (not worn them for longer than that in one go). They also have the headphone wire jack so you can easily connect to non-bluetooth devices. The sound quality is great for me, i’m sure dre beats or skull candy headphones are better but these are very clear and love the sound quality from them. I was really curious by the noise cancellation feature and when used with no media you hear a white noise sound that does reduce the amplitude of noises but you can still faintly hear them, i think it struggles with cancelling some frequencies. The addition of sound through the speakers makes the nc way more effective. When playing music or online videos and there’s noises like someone shouting you or other loud household noises are completely inaudible, great for those times you want to switch off.I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for new headphones.

These headphones are light and comfortable to wear, but not too bulky. The sound quality is good, with decent bass and the noise cancelling is effective too. I found this very useful on planes and trains when travelling. I’ve used the ‘phones over a couple of days without running out of battery and they charge up pretty quickly too. Connection has been no problem and i’ve used them with a number of devices. Overall they are a very good but for the price and i am happy with my purchase.

I wanted something for commutes where i can enjoy working in my bubbly by blocking out what goes on around me without spending a lot. The sound quality is pretty good and the fit is really nice, secure and light and easy to fold and fit in my bag. The noise cancellation is satisfactory but it’s definitely better when the noise is coming from the right because that’s where the mic is when detecting the noise. I sometimes just wear the headphones and turn on the noise cancellation when doing work or revision on the train or in a coffee shop just when i want some peace and quiet – a very underused feature i think.I used to do that with earphones – so people won’t talk to me or so that background noise is more quiet.

Very good sound is very good this is a good product and well priced.

I share a home with a deaf person who likes to watch tv programmes that i don’t like really loudly and so i got these so i cancel out the noise and listen to my own thing – it works. I am happily listening to my spoken word books and knitting away without having to watch police interceptors at full volume. The are comfy and light enough not to feel intrusive and they look okay too.

Quality headphones with great noise cancellation.

To say that i am impressed is an understatement, for headphones this good and with such a small price, i am impressed. The battery life lasts a long time and connectivity with my phones and laptop via bluetooth was seamless. I initially had my doubts about them, but upon arrival, i started to change my mind, the packaging looked and turned out to be very professional. Once charged, i connected them to my phones and then tested them, the sound quality was impressive and used them in the gym (the control buttons were easily accessible) and that made it easy to use while in the gym, just a touch of a button. The noise cancelling is good, not perfect but there is a big difference in quality once the noise cancelling is on, it’s good and impressive. Overall, they are very good value for money, and i recommend them.

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