KEF M200 Hi-Fi In Ear Headphone – / : Immersive, large-scale sound — but only under the right conditions

The following summarizes my impressions of these. Lookwise- clean modern design but nowhere as attractive or funky as others in this price range. Comfort – not too bad but not as good as sennheiser or applesound quality – good, but not the bestaccessories included – great, contains adaptor for using in aeroplane, a handy box, different size earbudsin short, these are not spectacular considering the price they sell for.

Note: the headphones now contain the comply buds. The amazon description does not refer to this and there are lots of recommendations to buy the buds.

Incredible, i was utterly amazed at the quality. Yes, attaching these took some considerable practice as a good fit is essential for clear articulate bass. The clarity and sheer reproduction of all genres of music is perfect, from opera to massed strings, voices solo piano and violin or led zeppelin, they just get on with the job and simply excel. I reiterate, getting the hang of wearing these will take a little effort, but worth every penny and i have a huge grin on my face.

Brilliant if you’re a bass junkie or for most types of pop music. Does not do well with mid-range/highs.

I bought a kef egg 5:1 sound system for our new movie room at home, and was give these headphones as part of an offer by kef. I have to say they have been sat on the side for a while, but now i have got round to trying them. My initial impression were how well packaged they were, and looked like a quality product as you would expect from kef. They come complete with a small hard wearing carrycase, which includes an airplane jack – gold plated – which will be handy for any long haul flights. Several different size ear buds and various small leaflets, such as a quick start guide etc. My initial impressions on trying them was not great, i expected a little bit more. However the ear buds were not the right fit for me. . 5 other sizes to choose from i fiddled about and found the right set up. I opted for the smaller memory foam type buds amongst the others and i have to say wow. The clarity of the speakers is second to none.

I read the reviews and found the negative comments a bit off putting. However i thought i’d give them a try, to be fair the supplied silicone buds aren’t the best and make them a tight fit but also prone to falling out. I then tried them with some comply t500 buds and wow, the sound was good before but with these buds even better. The bass is deeper than any in ears i’ve ever heard and is nearly as good as some expensive over ear phones and the imaging and treble are nice too, and just for comparison my main headphones for home listening are b&w p7’s ( don’t get me started on how good they are) if they fit (try the medium comply t500 buds) you’re looking at some of the best in ears out there. I had fancied a set of b&w c5’s but the reliability issues put me off, these however are built like a tank.

The 3 stars review is only because i had them returned after a couple of hours using them. The sound looks detailed and bass is ok but i just could,’t find a good position in my ear and also you need an amplifier. Tried on iphone and laptop (with dedicated sound card and nahimic2) and even on maximum volume it wasn’t great. They came with comfort ear adapters but i couldn’t fit them. All in all a disappointment. Shame as a kef is a great brand.

These are excellent earphones but i wonder if they are worth the money. They are very comfortable and have a bit to loop over your ear to hold them in place, this also makes it easy to know which ear they should fit as i always get that muddled. They look very smart in silver and black and come in a lovely carry box with extra silicon eartips. They are very comfortable to wear and secure. The sound is great but this is my problem: i’ve compared them to cheaper ones and i can’t tell the difference. I’ve asked other people to try too and they can’t either. Now perhaps to the real techie music people out there, they will be worth it but to the average user, i don’t notice any difference in sound and so don’t think they are worth the expense. Overall, these are excellent but to a regular music fan, there is no real difference in sound from other earphones at a fraction of the price; perhaps though to real music buffs there will be a big difference, i just can’t hear it and, therefore, can’t justify the expense.

  • Utterly stunning with the Comply buds
  • Immersive, large-scale sound — but only under the right conditions
  • Best IEMs for this price point.

KEF M200 Hi-Fi In Ear Headphone – Silver/Black

Product Description, The in-ear M200s make high fidelity sound truly portable. They utilise an innovative and comfortable user adjustable Secure Arm that helps to keep them snug in the ear, and a rigid aluminium driver housing that eliminates unwanted vibrations and raises sound performance to new levels. The M200s also use unique ‘DDD’ (Dual Dynamic Driver) tech, a two-way system with a 10mm driver for the bass and a 5.5mm dynamic neodymium driver for midrange and high frequencies.

Box Contains, 1 x pair of M200 Hi-Fi Earphones1x high performance audio cable (1.2m) with gold plated connector3 – button remote and mircophoneProtective case1 x Flight adaptor3 x pairs od replaceble silicon eartips (SML) Quick Start GuideWarranty

From the manufacturer

‘Of all art, music is the most indefinable and the most expressive, the most insubstantial and the most immediate, the most transitory and the most imperishable. Transformed to a dance of electrons along a wire, its ghost lives on. When KEF returns music to its rightful habituation, your ears and mind, they aim to do so in the most natural way they can … without drama, without exaggeration, without artifice.’ Raymond Cooke, KEF founder

KEF M200 Hi-Fi Earphones

KEF, one of the originators of British Hi-Fi sound, has for over 50 years pioneered award-winners from professional studio monitors, to the legendary Reference Series and the recent ground-breaking MUON, BLADE and LS50. Every KEF speaker and headphone epitomises the seamless integration of innovative engineering and outstanding design. The EGG M200 Hi-Fi Earphones are no exception.

With two dedicated dynamic drivers, the M200 Hi-Fi Earphones allow you to enjoy the most delicate nuances of the original recording. Like every KEF speaker, large or small, the M200 Hi-Fi Earphones embody the same ethos: quality engineering to enhance the enjoyment of pure sound.

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High Resolution Sound

KEF’s unique Dual Dynamic Driver (DDD) array creates an immaculately detailed and engagingly natural sound right across the frequency range, with the LF chamber connected to the light aluminium housing for tight, resonance-free bass.

The DDD is a full range two-way system, pairs a 5.5mm neodymium MF/HF unit with a dedicated 10mm LF driver to recapture the clear, intricately detailed and engagingly natural sound of a live performance. The secret to its immaculate balance is that the MF/HF driver is placed so as to accommodate a port from the bass chamber into the inert cast aluminium chamber that feeds the combined output into the ear canal.

More Comfort, Less Noise

KEF’s discreet, flexible Secure Arm folds neatly to the shape of your ear to hold each earpiece in place, even when you’re moving around. Together with an ergonomic shell and soft silicone tips that fit snugly over the ear canal to form a tight acoustic seal that eliminates external noise, they feel so natural that you soon forget you’re wearing them.

Premium Comfort, Premium Pleasure

For maximum comfort and listening enjoyment, Comply Premium earphone tips come as standard with M200. Made from a soft open-cell foam that compresses easily for insertion and gradually expands to the exact shape of your ear canal, they’re an ergonomically perfect fit every time. And because they create such an effective seal, they eliminate most of the ambient noise that might otherwise detract from your listening pleasure.

Fits All Your Devices

Compatible with most smartphones, computers and other mobile devices, the M200 has an in-line microphone and remote control for iPhone and other Apple products, allowing you to operate the play functions or switch between calls and music. With the flight adapter provided, it’s the ideal travelling companion.

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I love these headphones and can’t recommend them enough. Great design, real headturners. I have had three people on the tube ask me where i got them in a week. Work perfectly with my iphone 4s and sound better than anything i have ever owned – a massive upgrade from the cruddy apple ones i had before.

These are top class for the money if – and for most people i suspect this is really very important – new owners follow these simple instructions. Step 1: open the box and find the two different types of tips that are now included. Step 2: be prepared to throw the silicone tips (i. The ones without a comply label) to one side and don’t touch them again. These might fit the odd person’s ears and if they do they’ll probably be the best bet – but i’ve never found anyone who can get a good tight fit. Step 3: use the link in the box to find youtube instructions on how to get a good fit and follow those instructions carefully, taking care to roll the comply buds before insertion to compress them and let them expand to fit your ear canal. Step 4: experiment with getting the ear hooks out the way until you’ve got the earpieces locked in place – and then pull the hooks down into place behind your ear. It took me 20 minutes of work non-stop to get these set up properly, having figured out that all the standard silicone tips were a bad fit for me (and i can easily get a tight fit with medium sony or sennheiser buds). These put in a beautiful performance right across the spectrum. Bass performance is likely to get noticed first on an iphone or similar. It is thunderous but so tight and precise that it’s hard to believe these aren’t twice the price. But they are wonderfully balanced and accurate in the mid and upper ranges as well.

After wearing these smart, very light and comfortable headphones for a short time, it is possible to forget that you have them on. You just experience the quality sound. It is crisp, clear and is not drowned by heavy bass. The styling is quite minimalist and the colour scheme appearing. The ear-clips fit easily holding the phones snugly in place and help in eliminating external noise. Wearing them outside i still am aware of traffic conditions without my listening enjoyment being curtailed. Important if you don’t want to get knocked down. I listen to music mainly on the iphone and ipad mini and the phones work a treat with the on-line controls. I was impressed in the quality of the packaging.

At the price i bought mine, i definitely could not complain. It is a very nice ear headphone that is comfortable, fits well and sounds like a kef product for those who know the value of a kef.

I’ve spent a few hours trying to make my pair of kef m200 earphones work and just can’t. They come with three sizes of rubber grommet, but try as i might, i end up sitting there with desperately uncomfortable ears, not even coming close to enjoying my music. The sound is pretty good, albeit with rather too much bass, but i can’t say i’ve spent enough time to form a really strong opinion – and i’m someone who spends a lot of time with headphones. The problem is that they sit too far inside my ear canal, and every now and then when i’m pushing them in to try and get them positioned correctly i suffer a terrible ear pain. The thing is, if you don’t push them in far enough they sound like a cheap 1960s transistor radio in another room. You keep pushing them into place, there’s a pop, and they suddenly sound right. But the cost in discomfort is just not worth it for me.

A decent product, providing good sound quality. Lightweight and snug fitting they are reliable and don’t seem to pop out as often as other headphones do. There are two problems however:1: despite the amazon blurb saying they are compatible for android phones, they are designed specifically for apple – it even says so inside the packaging. As a result, the remote control on the cable doesn’t work fully with android products (certainly not with sony devices anyway). As such you can shuffle forwards an back but cannot change the volume without changing it on your phone. 2: the remote itself is situated close to the right ear, rendering it impossible to see what you are doing. As i say, an ok product but not brilliant.

If you are an apple person who flies alot and doesn’t wear glasses than these earphones could be the best thing since sliced breadhowever, i have an android phone and the controls don’t work althought the sound quality is great. I also wear glasses and i found and i am afraid i gave up with adjustment battle – i think my glasses won. I couldn’t get the earpieces to stay put – if i held them in place the sound was really good. It is great that an airplane adapter is included for frequent flyers a real bonus but otherwise it makes the carry case substantially bigger than would otherwise be required. Almost as big as my skull candyi don’t want to say that these earphones are no good – but they didn’t suit me at all.

Okay i have been on a quest for the perfect (affordable) headphone/earphone for a long time. So getting a chance to try out these kefs seemed a great opportunity. I won’t go into the technical stuff as it’s already in the product description (and i don’t understand it all anyway). – reasonable if a bit clunky. – fairly although i had to select the smallest earbud & normally i need the biggest one. I can’t imagine anyone needing the largest size they include in the box. Getting them to fit nicely in my ears & getting a good seal was a lengthy task. – yes reasonably so, but & it’s a big but, they don’t sound any better to me than the sony earbud earphones they came with my walkman. Nor are they better than the senheisser ones that were a fraction of the cost of these. Are they worth the price tag?. – as far as i am concerned, no. If you are a kef fan then i guess you might go for them. But otherwise go for something much cheaper from senheisser.

  • Utterly stunning with the Comply buds
  • Immersive, large-scale sound — but only under the right conditions
  • Best IEMs for this price point.

KEF M200 Hi-Fi In Ear Headphone – Silver/Black

These replace a pair of mid range klipsch earphones which went through a full wash cycle and amazingly still work, albeit with a washed out sound 😉 they had an articulate presentation but lacked bass fullness. It is important to have decent, accurate bass underpinning (without muddling) the higher frequencies – always a major challenge in hifi – but these kefs achieve this well. The heavy bass some reviewers refer to is only apparent when it is in the recording; after listening for a while i find them well balanced – the lack of bright treble (possibly compared to the ultra bright sound of bluetooth speakers we are becoming used to) some complain of sounds, to me, like the natural sound kef are aiming for. The fit is indeed essential and i ended up with a small tip in my left and a medium tip in my right ear, silicon for the spacious sound and adequate (for me) isolation. They are not particularly difficult to put on and the arms certainly keep them in place. Don’t all in ear phones depend on fit?last and least important is the look – discrete machined aluminium vs shiny plastic – no contestat the rrp i would have thought long and hard considering the competition at a similar price level but at this knock down price they are miles better than anything else.

Let’s get this out of the way first, these things aren’t the prettiest earbuds on the market. But the sound is,to my house ears, unbeatable at this price. I’ve owned sennheisers, akgs, shure, final audio, etc and i can’t think of anything that comes close. The last pair i had were b&o h3s, and whilst they were a thing of beauty to look at, the kefs crush them in every other area that counts. Isolation, sound quality, comfort, etc they have it all. A word of warning though, with the m200 fit is everything. If you don’t have the right seal, you’ll miss most of the bass and a fair bit of isolation. It’s worth trying all the ear tips provided. It’s perhaps more adviseable to get some comply t500 foam tips as an upgrade.

I’m the proud owner of small ears and i’m only 5”8 tall, so, as everyone tells me, i’m average. Fit is easy with the small size comply foam tips ( for me ), i’m not seeing the fit issues everyone else is experiencing with the comply tips. It gets a 4 because there are fit issues (a tight seal takes effort forsome users).

What makes these a little bit special is the sheer ease with which they reach down into the deep bass and up into the highest highs–as they should when using two dynamic drivers on each side. Besides the bass being very powerful, it is also well-textured and clear, and the highs have a sense of delicate detail too–you usually don’t get both at the same time. But the problem lies in between. The midrange isn’t very clean and in fact can be a little harsh. If you check the graphs for these at innerfidelity. Com, you’ll see that there’s a strong peak at 2 khz. On my fiio x7, i eq the 2 khz range down about 3-4 decibels, and also eq the rest of the treble range down just a decibel or two. Because of the excellent extension in both the highs and the lows, these provide grand, large-scale sound, but they’re not the best for voices or acoustic instruments since the midrange isn’t good enough. Still, for some kinds of electronic or orchestral music they can be impressive. Also they need a bit of power to run well.

Upon receiving these kef in ear headphones i thought how strange they looked, lovely cast aluminum bodies with a rather ugly malleable rubber ear hook, however they look fine when being worn. These headphones come with a very small inline remote that for some reason refused to work on my andriod tablet, the buttons on the remote are also very small for my sausage like fingers. Sound quality wise these headphones pack a big bass punch, rather like traditional headphones with larger drivers, bass is tight but can become overwhelming at times. Treble is crisp and clear but i did find mid range a little muted, guitar solos just didn’t cut the mustard and vocals sometimes got lost, tweaking around in the eq provided a little more mid range. I used my xperia tablet z and a fiio e17 dac and utilized the digital usb output of the tablet into the dac, so had plenty of power on hand to drive these headphones, which seemed to take a little more driving than my ue triple-fi 10s. Kef have supplied these headphones with a small zip up case with in flight adaptor inside, 3 sizes of silicone ear tips, i would have liked to have seen some memory foam tips included as well as these seem to provide a tighter fit on my iems. If you love bass then these kefs are for you.

Features and Spesification

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  • Sound engineered by KEF – with two dedicated dynamic drivers, M200 Hi-Fi Earphones allow you to enjoy the most delicate nuances of the original recording
  • Combining a 10mm LF driver and a 5.5mm neodymium MF/HF driver, KEF’s unique Dual Dynamic Drive (DDD) array creates a highly detailed and engagingly natural sound, right across the frequency range.
  • The discreet, flexible Secure Arm folds neatly to the shape of the ear to hold each earpiece in place, even under vigorous movement.
  • Together with an ergonomic shell, soft silicone ear tips fit snugly over the ear canal to form a tight acoustic seal that eliminates external noise.
  • The M200 is designed to work with most smartphones, computers and other mobile devices, and features an integrated audio cable with in-line remote control for iPhone and Apple products with full remote functions, allowing to switch between calls and music.