Kenley Electric Ice Cube Maker Machine – Four Stars

In my household we use lots of ice. We like it in cold drinks, while cooking ice is useful for blanching and keeping kebab meat cool etc. For the last twelve years i’ve had a very expensive (£2k+) fridge freezer with a built in ice-maker. However, the ice maker in my fridge has been repaired about fifteen times. I’m going to replace my fridge freezer. Meantime i needed an ice maker and my son has the same model (kenley) but he lives in america.

Really good product for the home.

Takes a while to get going, but an essential part of my kitchen.

I just love a quick it makes the ice icart falters at all i just love the machine.

Produces ice cubes within 20 minutes from switch on.

The only thing you should think of is that when shipping to the continent, is that we don’t have british sockets, so i had to change the socket myself.

Quick easy and very easy to drain out.

. Takes 13 mins then ice ice ice. . Ive been using it every day for nearly 8 months.

Just into week 2, quick delivery and works well.

Worked ok for a few weeks 😥can i send it back?.

This is the second one i have bought . First one is mine & still works a treat. Second one a gift as i was so impressed. Purchased mine mainly for camping. Now use it at home making it in batches & freezing. Yes – they are not solid blocks but they really do what i want. Friends very impressed & i know they have purchased it.

We love love this our ice machine, we use it everyday all through the winter and to date, it’s a case of whoever get home first (work, college, uni ) turns it on. Ice is produced quickly , for everyday use fantastic for both parties that we’ve had christmas , new year & 5 birthdays parties / family get-togethers.

Due to medical problems i use a lot of ice and was spending £6 per week on packaged ice from the supermarkets. As the price of bags of ice went up i invested in this machine. I have used it constantly since i bought it with no problems. It makes decent sized ice cubes in a matter of minutes and is very efficient at ice production. If you are looking for a domestic machine you cannot go wrong with this one. It has already saved me money and it is so quiet to run i can say that i am delighted with the machine. Here are the specifications for the Kenley Electric Ice Cube Maker Machine:

  • All the ice you need, when you need it
  • Fresh ice cubes in just 7 minutes
  • Make up to 12kg (26lb) of ice per day
  • Ideal for parties at home, picnics and BBQs
  • No plumbing required!
  • NOTE : Not to leave the machine on when not in use. When the machine is not to be used for a long time, to drain water completely and dry the interior
  • NOTE: – Fill the tank with water first than press the power button.
  • NOTE : Avoid too high temperatures. The room temperature should be 50℉-105℉ and water temperature should be 15℉-90℉ for the ice maker to function properly.

Arrived promptly and works well made small ice cubes in about 6 minutes very quiet.

Broke down a few days after return day so now stuck with an ice maker that keeps shorting my electrics. Amazon have now sorted this problem for me due to that i’ve changed my star count.

Looks great and makes plenty of ice. First 8 it makes are very small but once it gets going they do get bigger. I usually put it on when i’m cooking in the kitchen and bag up the ice to stick in freezer for when we need it. It makes loads and keeps on going but does take an hour or so for a whole basket of ice. So best to make in advance if you need a large quantity.

Only small niggle is the ‘plug’ to drain off the water if you are going to leave the machine off for a long-ish time, is fiddly.

I’ve always mocked people who own one of these but you know what?. It was a gift to my better half and it’s worth it’s weight in gold. If you can’t be bothered to put fresh water in just turn it on and let the first few batches meltbinto the water to cool the water down as then it’ll start working better. Fresh water is always best though. It’s near silent and the only noise you can really hear is the clatter of freshly made ice cubes falling into the basket. The control panel decals could be fitted a bit better as it bubbled up a bit but otherwise it’s perfect.

Much quieter than the last machine we had and the clean white design fits well with our decor. Fast and safe delivery; great for christmas parties.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My large fridge freezer has an integrated ice maker which produces far better [proper] cubes
  • We bought this for our boat and was so pleased we bought one for home
  • Ice always available

With in minutes i could have built an igloo.

Produces ice blocks within 10 minutes.

Bit noisy, ice cubes aren’t that big. But hay, it does what it says. As the ice melts it goes back into the compartment to be used again. So you just leave it on to do it’s thing. It’s stops when the ice is full and stops when the water runs out. Very happy now where’s the rum.

We bought this for our boat and was so pleased we bought one for home. There’s rarely ice ready in our freezer for a unexpected hot day, or never enough and when available almost impossible to get out of the tray without a hammer and a spike. Enough ice in 10 mins for one drink, speeds up so that in an hour it’s working fast enough to satisfy the whole family.

I wanted a small, compact ice maker, mainly to take on long camping holidays – since you can’t buy ice in italy, croatia etc. My large fridge freezer has an integrated ice maker which produces far better [proper cubes. For the low price, i would not expect this small machine to be as good and it isn’t. But it is probably good value for money. The ice comes out as ‘thimble-shaped’ rather than square cubes, and because the holding basket is not particularly cold, they melt rather more quickly when surrounded by gin & tonic in the glassi fill the machine with water and a reasonable quantity of ice is available within the hour. It starts to get full after a couple of hours or so. One thing i notice is that if, having made enough ice for a few drinks, and i turn the machine off, the water reservoir is still quite full. No problem, but the next day, i just top it up and make more ice – and then there is a hint of a ‘plastic’ taste to the ice. Therefore, it needs ideally to be emptied and re-filled every day. However, for the price, it does the job and will – i am sure – suit anyone who wants something for camping, or someone who doesn’t want to keep filling up plastic trays and leaving them in the freezer for 12 hours or more. ]

Good price and does a good job.

Much enjoyed by our grandchildren over the summer.

I should have bought one of these years ago. It provides virtually unlimited, hassle-free ice on demand – with no fiddling with freezers and ice trays. It also has a health advantage in that regular iced drinks ensure i remain properly hydrated. One of my favourites is iced mocha. I dissolve some drinking chocolate and instant columbian coffee in a small amount of hot water; then add some almond milk. I then place the mixture in a large glass and fill it with ice bullets. Brief stirring produces an instant iced drink. (add rum, whisky and/or amaretto to taste. )i wondered initially if ice bullets instead of cubes would be okay. I now actually prefer the bullets to cubes.

Does what it says on the tin.