Kenwood 1 Litre Ice Cream Attachment AT956A – – Perfect to make creamy ice creams

Hope this will save me on buying icecreams for my grandchildren (watch this space).

I was a little secepical about this product given some of the reviews. However if you follow the instructions exactly it works perfectly. Recipe has a bit too much sugar for my taste, but texture is amazing. Just like the ice cream van if you eat it as soon as made, haven’t tried freezing yet it never lasts that long.Went down well with the kids.

Works well as long as one lets the chiller properly freeze, in a freezer.

If you have the kenwood chef and you like home made ice cream then this item is a must. I have owed this for less than a month and already i don’t know how i managed without it. I love my kenwood machine and the attachments that you can get just make even more necessary in my kitchen. Granted they are fairly pricey but shop around for a good deal. I have the mincer, juice extractor, food processor, high speed slicer shredder, collander and sieve, potato peeler, and the citrus press. A fabulous addition to the kitchen.

Love this ice cream maker, we have made so brilliant healthy ice creams. Avocado pear makes ice cream so smooth – who knew :-).

First batch worked perfectly, will be using again very soon.

Item as described, fast delivery.

Used it twice, takes over one hour to get a decent (yet very very soft) ice cream.

Makes lovely ice cream although you need to ensure that you take it off at the right time, i have made the mistake of giving mine a few more minutes to stiffen it a little more, only to find it had started to soften a little.

Every thing fine and delivered as expected and why do i need to say any more?. This is a needless waste of my time.

Perfect ice cream in 10 minutes.

Doesn’t freeze so easy and ice-cream becomes lumpy. Also you have to have a big freezer to keep the device in it, so it’s always ready for use. Otherwise it takes time and you have to prepare it at least a day before. So if you are good making the home-made ice-cream yourself you better do not need this kenwood attachment.

A great value alternative to a stand alone machine. Makes decent ice cream and you get a nice bowl too. Purchase a couple of good ice cream recipe books as the short manual isn’t great for recipes, though they would be ok to get you started. I keep the frozen churner bowl in the freezer permanently so i can use it whenever i like.

Excellent addition to my kitchen gadgets. I’ve made the vanilla and strawberry icecream recipes in the booklet and they were fab.

I’ve made ice cream using a simple custard base, and left it in the machine for 30 minutes, and it turned out delicious and perfectly creamy and soft. I don’t have to stick to one recipe, i can make any recipe that i want. As for the reviews about the plastic padle, i just followed the instructions and started the machine before pouring the bater in the machine, and so far so good. This already comes with a spare plastic bowl. The only not so good thing is that the plastic cover for the bowl doesn’t fit well and sometimes it rattles when the machine is working. Overall, i’m very happy with this accessory, and very happy that i bought it, and i recommend it.

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream. . Its coming for goodness sake its in the freezer. Makes grand ice cream and can be fun to go for some random ingredients. Chilli and tangerine was surprising.

A realy useful addition to my kenwood mixer accesery collection mixes the ingredent’s well but do’s not seem to freeze the mix will need to try again.

Used it to the instructions but it didn’t make ice-cream i had to freeze it separately.

I needed to combine all my bits and bobs to save on space. I did have a fairly good small ice cream maker by philips that i hadn’t been able to use for a while, which replaced a magimix that stopped being effective. Decided to take the plung and replace it, even though the kenwood set up actually was bigger. The freezing bowl is much wider and the freezing mix goes up the sides so it has a much larger cold surface area. The paddle is much bigger and everything seems to work so much more effectively. I read many reviews about issues with the paddle. Seems to be first you need to check it has a moulded c on it for chef. Despite tales of it shearing off, the material used to make it is exactly the same plastic on my two previous other manufacturers machines. I think the issue is caused by letting the mixture freeze for too long. I’ve cautiously stopped the machine at 20 minutes, when the mix was just starting to freeze up the sides. Don’t expect the stuff to be exactly like manufactured stuff. Let it firm up a bit in the freezer. All you are trying to do is beat in some air and stop large ice crystals forming.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Way better than a standalone machine
  • Great Ice Creamer
  • Doesn’t freeze so easy and ice-cream becomes lumpy

Easy to use and works well so far.

Not completely sure about this product. Have used the suggested recipes and although the ice cream is fantastic when newly made, it freezes solid and forms crystals. Perhaps other recipes will be better. A great way of using up surplus fruit though.

So far i’ve made two batches of delicious ice cream; one vanilla, the other mint choc chip. I let the mixture cool to 5°c before starting, the freezer is at -20°c and the custard took about 30mins to churn, resulting in a soft scoop consistency. Even after the ice cream had been left in the freezer overnight it was still quite soft and easy to serve. I’m sure with proper care this attachment will work well for a long time to come.

Read all reviews before buying this and am not disappointed, you do have to have it running before adding mixture as the blade is only plastic and would break easily. Only problem was no instructions in box, left feedback for amazon but, not been contacted yet. . Downloaded free instructions from kenwood website and soon got going with an old family recipe. Delicious – having to make a batch daily for my husband, he loves it.

I use this to make ice cream all the time. I too did manage to break the paddle once, kenwood uk asked for the receipt and sent me a replacement, no questions asked. So i guess the paddle could be stronger, but honestly, when it broke, my ice cream mixture was way too thick. It was 25% ground pistachios in an all cream custard, cooked to 84℃. It was almost solid out of the fridge. Now i keep my recipes more conservative – 16% milkfat content and careful with the solids. I don’t worry about the paddle snapping again. I keep the thing in the freezer at all times, together with the paddle and some spatulas/spoons i use for portioning the ice cream. It does take up considerable space, but is worth it. Prepping a day ahead is essential, or the ice cream won’t freeze.

Maybe i was expecting too much.

Excellent attatchment ,especially for making luxury quality ice cream at cheap ice cream price (excluding cost of mixer etc). My children and grandchildren love this.

This ice cream maker is absolutely brilliant. It comes with a kenlyte bowl and a bowl which is a bit smaller (1l) that you freeze for 24 hours before use. It also comes with a plastic paddle which stirs the ice cream as it freezes, which i agree sin’t the strongest paddle, but it is good. The last thing it comes with is a safety guard which fits onto the bowl. What you do is fit the kenlyte bowl into the stand mixer and then add the pre- frozen bowl and then put in the beater. You then put in the guard and make sure the beater is fitted through the hole correctly. You the lower the head and the beater fits straight on. You then get the machine going on the minimum speed, and then add the mixture, not before because if you do the ice cream will freeze the the bowl, and if you start the mixer afterwards the beater will snapso if you do everything correctly the ice cream maker will make absolutely superb ice cream.

The bowl sits in the freezer permanently housing frozen veg. It provides an additional plastic bowl which is great for many kenwood functions. Ice cream is quick & easy to make & delicious.

Wasn’t too sure about buying this kenwood ice cream attachment but i’m so pleased i did. I’ve made fantastic frozen raspberry yogurt and next to come will be basic vanilla ice cream. Just follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong.

This is great and takes up little space. I mix all of the ingredients first before putting them into the bowl as there is a layer that forms quickly in contact with the bowl.

Used it for a while now and definitely worth the money (even better if you buy it at a discounted price). Just make sure you have it in your freezer at all time. For best results keep it in the freezer for 24/36 hrs in a plastic bag such that no water freezes on the inner surface. Forget about cheap icecream from supermarkets, just use milk, cream and the flavour you prefer. You decide how much sugar or non natural ingredient you want in your icecream.

Since i got the ice cream maker i have tried so many recipes for sorbets (my favourite) and they all come out delicious and creamy. I have a happy homeyou do have to make sure the machine is on when you pour the mixture in though otherwise it freezes and the plastic paddle would snap. I am now experimenting with frozen yoghurt.

I bought the kenwood chef titanium km010 4. 6 litre kitchen machine, 1400 watt, titanium by kenwood for my husband and he is very pleased with it. So we got the above attachment. The ice cream we made was absolutely delicious. I do stress that care is needed & read the instructions well. We are over the moon with this attachment. Would definitely recommend it.

I am very happy with this purchase on amazon uk. Much cheaper than in amazon. The delivery was very fast and seriously by ups. The article is of very good quality as all accessories kenwood. It is very comprehensive and bowl can be used for other than ice cream mixes.

Actually it came with extra plastic 4. 6l bowl (you can also use it as normal bowl in food processing). Plastic cover keeps mixer blade in right postition (and also prevents room temperature from heating up ice cream). You can easily make 1 litre home made ice cream at one time (this is not possible for many other ice cream makers). Only downside is that you’ll have to keep inner bowl in freezer for 24h before making ice cream (and of course before making new portions).