Kenwood Chef Flexible Beater Attachment For Kenwood Chef Mixers : I would recommend it.

My mum has one of these with her kenwood, so as soon as i ordered the stand mixer i added this as well. I use it all the time, so good for creaming butter for cake mix and frosting etc.

Very glad i purchased this attachment. It was exactly right for what i wanted:.

This beater is fantastic, no more stopping to scrape down the bowl sides mid mix. There are two spindles and a spanner in the box, i needed to change to the circlip spindle so it engaged in the head of my ageing kenwood chef, it has brought new life to it.

Works exactly as intended, and straightforward to clean.

Excellent product fast delivery.

I almost always use this beater now. It’s much better for getting everything combined, with nothing stuck in the bottom of the bowl.

Creams my sugar and fat nicely for the cakes.

Although the flexible beater is supplied as 2 components (the frame and the flexible fin) for the customer to assemble, kenwood advise me that it is not possible to buy the fin separately. This can only be because they choose not to make it available separately. The fin on my flexible beater split within 3 years, and whilst i can appreciate that this is out of warranty period, i don’t wish to replace the whole beater – consigning the existing useless beater frame to landfill. I think this is poor thinking and decision making for such a reputable company. So, although the flexible beater is a useful tool, i won’t be replacing it, and am disappointed by this aspect of kenwood’s service.

  • Fantastic beater – the best ever!
  • so good it should come as standard 🙂
  • Should be standard for Kenwood Chef.

Kenwood Chef Flexible Beater Attachment For Kenwood Chef Mixers

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It makes the mixer vibrate badly other than that yes it smacks much better cakes.

If you are a kenwood chef owner then this is a must. . No more stopping machine to scrape down sides of bowl. Fantastic attachment, worth every penny.

I have used this time and time again and i am very pleased with it. A good product should last the same as the other attachments.

I thought i had done this one but here goes – works so well it takes half the time and what a pleasure not having to keep stopping to clean the sides of the bowl. Easy to put together and just as easy to keep clean after use. I did check if it would fit my size kenwood so i would recommend people do that first.

Very worth while buy and i wish i had found it earlier or it was part of the original purchase, my cakes have improved since using this.

A little bit of scraping still required but overall v pleased.

I’ve had my chef for over twenty years. In business jargon i would say that this beater represents a step-function improvement in performance. It wipes the sides of the bowl as it beats. I have found that 1) it saves time and effort in not having to stop the machine to wipe around and incorporate mixture that the k beater blade used to miss 2) it seems to be more efficient, taking less time to mix 3) it is much better with small quantities than the standard k beater 4) all this and it’s okay in the dishwasher. It’s a bit of a fiddle at first mastering putting the silicon blade on and off for the wash, but very simple once you get the knack of stretching it a little. It comes with a spare spindle so it can match earlier machines like mine which have a small o ring. It’s easy to spot which one you need and very easy to change and adjust to make a good fit with your bowl. All of my kenwood owning friends are jealous and want to get one.

No more scraping of the sides of the bowl and the mixture is easy to scrape off the beater itself. After i bought one for myself i gave another to my daughter who makes wedding cakes and she wishes she’d had one years ago. The best beater you’ll ever have.

  • Fantastic beater – the best ever!
  • so good it should come as standard 🙂
  • Should be standard for Kenwood Chef.

Kenwood Chef Flexible Beater Attachment For Kenwood Chef Mixers

Very good service and very happy with this product.

Purchased this to replace my original one that broke. Was worried if it would work with my older model mixer but it works a treat.

Brilliant beater which creams and mixes cake mixtures beautifully in my kenwood chef. This, i feel, is an essential addition to the kenwood mixer if you are serious about making beautiful, light and fluffy mixtures.

Great beater, produces evenly mixed cakes – highly recommend.

This is great when beating cakes mixtures as i don’t need to stop as often to clean side of bowl. I do still stop to scrape mixture of beater but only once. This should be standard attachment with kenwood chef.

My sons kenwood has one of these, & whilst dogsitting there,i used it & found it so much better than mine. As mine is an older model, i checked the comments online ,to make sure it would fit before i ordered. It’s perfect and so much better then my old one.

Mixes really well, scraping the sides of the bowl without scratching and easy to clean. Resulting cakes have been excellent.

Amazing, my cakes are so much better.

Very happy with this gadget. Cuts out the need to scrape the bowl whilst mixing cakes.

Brilliant must have for cake making and the likes. Works on the smallest amount of food in the bottom of the bowl. Comes with two spindle attachments for the newer and older type kenwoods. Easy to clean, highly recommend.

Bought for kenwood k mix which did not come with this attachment- to make more money i guess kenwood?. It’s quite good, certainly better than trying to use the ‘k’ mixer, but it makes the machine rattle – perhaps it isn’t fitted correctly. If you make a lot of cakes, it will come in very handy. It’s good but pricey and it * should have been included with the machine *.

Great success with this tool. Its flexibility is better than the original beater as it clears the edge of the bowl easier.

Just bought new chef and weren’t sure we needed this beater as k beater works very well. But swayed by the reviews we went for it and are very pleased we did. It seems to ‘cream’ instantly.

Because of the confusion with kenwood accessories where i had previously been told that a certain product would fit my machine but didn’t, i had carefully checked kenwood’s site to ascertain which of their flexible beaters is appropriate for my kenwood chef model km-336; this was supposedly it. Once unpacked and assembled, it looked rather narrow and seemed inappropriate. Although it fits in the machine and the lowest point touches the bottom of the bowl, it fails to touch the sides and is about 1-1. 5cm away at the top of the flexible portions and progressively less approaching the lowest point. With a current tv promotion for the kitchenaid machine with free soft blade still very much in memory and where their soft blade was demonstrated and explained to ‘continuously wipe the side and bottom of the bowl’ i had expected kenwood’s product to follow the same principles. A telephone call to kenwood resulted in a claim that the soft blades ‘press the butter into the sugar’ (an impossibility) and are ‘neither designed or intended to wipe the bowl’. As the normal k beater comes into close proximity with the bowl (much closer than this) and does an excellent job of creaming butter and sugar, i shall stick with that. Buyers should also be aware that some assembly will be required as the soft blade needs to be stretched into place and it demands some strength. A spare spindle and the adjustment spanner are included.

Should have bought one years ago, beats beautifully light and fluffy cakes, gets every bit in the bowl :).

Why didn’t i buy this sooner?. Creams cakes so efficiently.

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