Kenwood Chef KVC3100W Stand Mixer – : Quality product

L used it to make bread dough.

I have been using mainly for bread making and i can confirm it is a very good machine i just love it.

Very nice and hogh quality machine. Loads of extras one could buy as well. Been using this to make doughs for bread, cakes, etc etc, not once been disappointed with it.

My dad thinks this is absolutely marvelous – my dad usually makes cakes by hand and didn’t use any mechanical mixers – he is awaiting a hip replacement so he is not able to stand and mix any thing at the moment as it causes him to much pain – so this was a life save for my dad as he was going to give up baking – he has made bread and cakes up to now – he is very happy.

I can put all the ingredients to make my delicious cakes into the bowl and the mixer does it all for me. Very handy when you have a small baby to look after and if you want to keep on top of cleaning as you go along. Very sturdy and the quality is great. I suspect this will last many years. I strongly recommend separately purchasing the flexi beater as it mixes and creams mixtures so beautifully. Looks great beside my kenwood food processor.

This is a great mixer, wish i had bought one years ago. Makes eveything quick and easy.

If you’ve ever had a kenwood chef, you know how good they are.

We started our stand mixer exploration with relatively cheap model from a well known high street supermarket. It did well until trying to make more pizza dough than normal for my daughters birthday when the plastic gearing insaide failed. After realising that the kenwood was about 10 weeks worth of take away pizzas equivalent price we purchased one. We have not been let down even on larger batches of pizza dough and are now spreading our wings and using it for a variety of other things.It’s a little disappointing that more attachment s aren’t included for the price but hey you can’t expect durability and all the toys.

  • Compared with old mixer it’s fantastic
  • Very nice!
  • My new kitchen essential!

Kenwood Chef KVC3100W Stand Mixer – White

Product Description, The Kenwood Chef has a 1000W motor, which maintains the power under heavy loads. It has electronic speed control with an indicator, plus pulse. The 4.6L bowl comes with a splashguard which is easy to fit and has an extra wide feed tube.

Box Contains, 1 x Kenwood KVC3100W Chef, 1 x 4.6L brushed stainless steel bowl, 1 x flat k beater, 1 x whisk, 1 x dough hook

From the manufacturer


As the expert in food preparation, our focus is to ensure every Kenwood product enhances your enjoyment of cooking, producing high quality results with the greatest of ease.

Whichever Kenwood product you choose, you can be sure to create the perfect dish every time.

With the confidence to prepare great food for all occasions, you will find the versatility of our products really help you to create. You will quickly discover new ideas, new dishes and new recipes to make every meal special.

Kenwood Chef KVC3100W

Whether you’re trying out a brand new recipe, or an authentic dish tried and tested by generations, the Kenwood Chef enables you to explore your culinary capabilities. The dedicated bowl tools, together with the precision of Total Mix Planetary Action, give you control over every last detail. Chef has evolved so that you and your skills can too.

  • The planetary mix action maintains speed and power even under heavy loads.
  • The 4.6L large capacity non-stick stainless steel bowl helps you effortlessly prepare food.
  • Electronic speed control with pulse keeps you in control.
  • K beater for silky smooth cake batters, Dough hook for perfectly kneaded dough, Whisk for light, fluffy whipped cream and egg whites.
  • High speed outlet; perfect for blending and food processing.
  • Slow speed outlet; perfect for pasta rolling and meat grinding.
  • One piece splashguard for easy fitting and a large chute for adding ingredients easily.
  • Multiple additional attachments for the high speed and slow speed outlets are available.

The planetary mix action

Maintains speed and power even under heavy loads.

4.6L large capacity non-stick stainless steel bowl

Helps you effortlessly prepare food and is perfect for entertaining groups of friends and family.

Electronic speed control

Gradual speed build with pulse keeps you in control.

3 bowl tools included

Included in pack: K beater for silky smooth cake batters,dough hook for perfectly kneaded dough and a whisk for light, fluffy whipped cream and egg whites.

POWER 900W 1000W 1000W 1000W 1200W 1500W
BOWL CAPACITY 2.9L 3/ 5L 4.6L 4.6L 4.6L

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But only 2 stars for durability because two of the wires on the whisk have broken already after only 5-6 uses.

Made some bread with it, seems to be pretty good. Quality of surfaces, look and feel is pretty good. I bought this smaller one as a gift.

My old one died on me it was purchased in a charity shop and lasted nearly 40 years this one is so much better thank you.

An excellent machine – or so my wife tells me. The cakes are lovely – that i do know.

My wife said “that she liked the fact that her old liquidiser fitted the new machine perfectly”.

Excellent for making dough and mixing cakes.

Haven’t cooked anything yet but i’ve no doubt about it’s ability.

This ‘beast’ is worth every penny. It’s really substantial and robust. I’m so pleased with it and has made bread-making so much easier. One tip, when in use, it tends to move across the worktop if not standing on a rubber or non-slip mat. Mine actually fell on the floor. Thankfully, it’s such a strong piece of kit, that it was unscathed and still in normal working order.

  • Compared with old mixer it’s fantastic
  • Very nice!
  • My new kitchen essential!

Kenwood Chef KVC3100W Stand Mixer – White

Quick delivery, everything was great. Even more stylish than i anticipated and when compared to my 40yr old model that still works i was so pleased that i’d bought the new version. The whisking speed was at least twice as fast on the new mixer with a totally different action. Whereas before i’d struggled to get sugar, butter and eggs whisked to the right consistency quickly, the new machine was super efficient. Very pleased with this purchase.

Can’t go wrong with a kenwood, great cakes that mix well and quickly. Only thing i noticed was it didn’t mix well on a small batch but i believe the attachment is adjustable, maybe i need to adjust it a little.

A replacement for a “very old” kenwood. Only used it twice so far but happy with its performance.

I’m over the moon with my new kenwood. Had my previously one since 1986 so hope this one will last as long.

This was my absolute favourite black friday dal of all time. I don’t think i would i would have been able to buy it at full price because my conscience wouldn’t let me. However i have recently used it and it works amazing it is so steady and powerful enough that i can just leave it and get on with other things (like clean up or greasing tins) while it’s busy mixing batter or beating the eggs. The k beater handle is phenomenal and the whisk works really well as well.

Have used it twice yet and only used the dough hook but so far so good, makes perfect atta dough, better quality than atta machines , with k beater and whisk attachments for making a lot of other things.

We did a lot of research before committing to buy this and we have not regretted it. This mixer looks elegant and it’s very sturdy with some nice accesories available to experiment with.

Features and Spesification

  • 1000W Planetary mix action, maintains speed and power even under heavy loads
  • 4.6L mixing bowl- Large capacity, brushed stainless steel with no handles, straight sided
  • 3 coated aluminium bowl tools. Body material is die cast metal
  • Splashguard- One piece style with chute, easily fitted.
  • Electronic speed control with indicator-Variable speeds + pulse”