Kenwood Chef / XL AT312 Citrus Juice Attachment – & – Five Stars

What a fantastic citrus press. So easy to press the oranges and lemons. And good capacity too (600ml).

A quality item from a reputable company. The delivery was very quick and the product well packed. The service received from amazon was fantastic. Friendly and extremely helpful customer service staff – a pleasure to do business with. If only more company’s were as helpful we would have more satisfied people in the world.

We had previous juicer and with this one we have to press much harder. As it sits on top of the kenwoond chef it is higher up than a stand alone juicer and having to press harder make it alot more work. Upside, one less machine on the kitchen worktop.

One of the best attachments for the kenwood. It is well engineered, easy to use and quick. The strainer keeps pips out of the juice and with a 600ml chamber you are not forever emptying the juice out.

I pop this out every time i need to juice more than two lemons. Speeds up the process immensely and increases yield too. It consists of 4 parts, out of which only 3 need to be washed, so there’s not much additional cleanup compared to using just your hands and a bowl. If you make orange juice for a family, it’s a no-brainer. Gives a nice palm massage too.

I bought this citrus press last week to add to the other rapidly growing attachments for my kenwood chef, a little sceptical after some of the comments but it has hardly been off my kenwood mixer and to date i am really, really pleased with it. To address a couple of the more negative comments; yes it does sit high but i am tall so it is no problem for me but i can see that it may be too high for some (although a small mobile step would solve this problem). I was a little concerned about the reports of the smoothness of the spinning cone but it is perfect for my 12 year old son to use without worrying about him hurting himself – it works a treat and there is no waste. You do not have to be strong to push down the fruit either; i juiced a pomegranate today with ease. For small limes, after i have halved them, i cut a centimetre line up the side of the with a knife before juicing which makes it fit the cone a little better. It is simple to put together, easy to clean and has been in the dish washer. A little messy on the hands but that is a minor con against the many pro’s. Very speedy delivery from amazon. I have just bought a pasta maker so i hope that turns out as good as this citrus press.

One of the great things about owning a kenwood (chef or major) is the number of attachments that one can use with it ( far more than with a klunky kitchen aid lol ). This review is for the at312 citrus press. This is not one of my most used attachments as i also own a manual chefin citrus press which is great for one off lots with lemons and limes. This press is slightly more efficient and better for larger citrus fruits and to be candid i can’t fault the job it does.

I am not pleased from this buy, because it is not so user friendly, the position is too high so my hands don’t have enough power to squeeze oranges on the propeller, and the propeller(the cone) is not so pointy, and it needs a lot of effort to extract the juices. Further more, this attachment due to the gears to make it slower, it produces too much noisei wouldn’t recommend it to a friend especially for girls without muscles. The good thing is that i got it for 25 euros only 30% cheaper from the shops prices.

Very pleased with the results.

Here are the specifications for the Kenwood Chef / XL AT312 Citrus Juice Attachment – &:

  • Makes fresh fruit juice in seconds
  • For use on the high speed outlet
  • Fits both Kenwood Chef and Major
  • Centrifugal juicer extracts from all citrus fruits quickly and effortlessly
  • Juice flows into a bowl with handle and spout for easy pouring

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • A Citrus Press that Works
  • A relatively cheap but very useful attachment