Kenwood Chef / XL AT320 Multi Mill Attachment – : Good piece of kit

Firstly, how anyone even thought this would chop carrots. Secondly, enormous apologies to the seller, i started a return as this wouldn’t fix on to my new chef titanium. After several kenwood support queries, i twisted it very very very firmly and voila . It fitted, as they said it would. They assured me wouldn’t break attachment or machine by being firm. Now pleased and return cancelled. Grounding really well, tho leaks a little fluid if chopping fresh chillies/fresh pepper.

Every jar has it’s own lid, which is very handy when storing them.

Bought this at the same time as the kenwood chef & it has proved to be a great hit. I no longer buy ground herbs & spices as it is so easy to grind my own with this mill & as the seeds (cumin, coriander etc) don’t lose their flavour as quickly as the ground product it’s more economical & always fresh.

Does its job well, although more suited for dry ingredients than wet as you may need to scrape down the sides and reattach (which is a pain) with wet ingredients. Good sturdy jars which double as useful storage containers. Haven’t used it as much as i thought i would – this is no reflection on the product itself, but i’d just advise that you think whether you really need all these attachments as they do take up a lot of space to store.

You can watch a short video on the kenwood website to show you how this works. It works exactly like it says it does, efficiently and quickly. The blurb says it comes with 3 lids, 4 jars, it actually ahs a fourth lid, so the same mixing jar doubles as a storage jar. Blade section ops out, well drops – so don’t drop it and is easy to clean under the tap – use a brush – not your fingers.

It was a gift and the gift was well received. Another very good kenwood product.

As described, nice to get four containers with lids as well as the chopper mechanism. Look good for making small amounts of frozen dessert.

Mainly for grinding coffee, jars are fab for storing.

  • Great attachment for the kenwood chef

  • Difficult to fit at first, great item

  • Good Purchase

Kenwood Chef / XL AT320 Multi Mill Attachment – White

Product Description, This highly versatile attachment is perfect for many different types of chopping, milling and grinding. It’s also ideal for hard spices used for curries and marinades and can also be used for grinding fresh coffee beans depending on grinding time; different coarseness can be obtained for filter machines or cafetieres and percolators. Three additional glass jars are included and can each be used to ‘mill and store’.

Box Contains,

  • Kenwood Chef and Major AT320B/AT320A  Mini Chopper/Mill Attachment
  • 3 additional multi-mills
  • 1 x Multi-language instruction leaflet

  • From the manufacturer


    Compact Chopper / Grinder

    A great little accessory for chopping, milling, grinding and blending small portions of food into glass jars. Great for baby foods, spices, coffee, marinades, dressings, purées, herbs and nuts. And it comes complete with three glass jars for handy storage. The smaller container means you can chop much more quickly and finely than you can with a larger mill attachment. The flat blade is great for coffee beans.

    Kenwood attachment mini chopper grinder


    Create fresh sauces, dressings and dips from a vast array of ingredients.

    Kenwood chopper storage cans, jars


    3 additional jars included that can each be used to ‘mill and store.’

    Kenwood kitchen machine spice miller grinder


    Herbs – 10/15g

    Coffee Beans – 50/60g

    Capacity to mill hard spices in Kenwood spice miller


    Ideal for hard spices used for curries and marinades.

    Compatible Machines

    • A901/A907 (1976 onward) C
    • hef/Major (Pre 2014) models beginning with KM S
    • ense/ Sense XL C
    • hef/ Chef XL models (post 2016) beginning with KVC or KVL F
    • or other models an adaptor will need to be purchased separately

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    I needed to grind up puppy food. So brought this attachment for our kenwood. It is a fantastic piece of kit.

    I read the rest of the reviews and i wonder if people got the same attachment. I got it mainly as a coffee grinder. No mess at all, coffee grinded in under a minute to the finest of dust really, good enough for either an espresso machine or even a filter. So on for the purpose of buying alone it scores a 5. On value for money a 5 again as i have not seen a cheaper coffee grinder than this. Not to mention that that this can be used for more uses. Grinding spices for currys, mini blender for baby food etc. Highly recommended, should it ever breaks i’d be buying the same one again without a second thought.

    Great seller —o00o—//’°`(_)’°` \\—o00o— will recommend to all.

    It does the job a high quality with 3 extra glass jars for your grains, and at least £10 cheaper on amazon then on other stores,.

    Quality, easy to use, easy to clean.

    I was in two minds about this, but it works well, so i need not have worried.

    Just use for blitzing garlic and the like.

    I was worried about the glass mill, but it is fantastic. The glass is really thick and you get 3 spare containers with lids ( just in case you’ve butter fingers like me). I only tested it on spices but it did a good job, it blitzed them in seconds. It was all evenly done as well, i’ve used ones in the past which have left contents unevenly ground. The blades are really sharp so you have to be careful when washing. It is also aesthetically pleasing and good quality, the pictures do not do it justice. Overall i think it is an excellent buy.

    • Great attachment for the kenwood chef

    • Difficult to fit at first, great item

    • Good Purchase

    Kenwood Chef / XL AT320 Multi Mill Attachment – White

    Really good – and easy to clean. Use it mainly to grind coffee beans (quite coarse but tastes good).

    I was firstly amazed at the weight of the package, then delighted with the very solid and useable contents. Makes chopping (and storing) harder items like nuts and seed, and softer items like hard cheese, etc, a doddle. As ever, kenwood quality is tops.

    Excellent all round – there is a great advantage in new parts being available for old machines.

    Very pleased with the quality of this item and well worth the money. Does a very good job and the glass storage jars mean you can keep excess for long periods and still maintain freshness.

    This is so easy to use and is so handy for small amounts and has 3 spare jars for storage. I used it to make castor sugar out of ordinary granulated sugar. With no effort at all it was ready with 2 or 3 pulses on the mixer. It is equally good for breaking down chocolate for toppings for my trifles.

    If you’re into making your own spice mixes or teas, this accessory for a kenwood mixer is a must. Even the tiniest contents sink to the bottom ready to be chopped up.

    Works perfect for my kenwood cooking chef. I use this attachment solely for baby food.

    Good result when grinding coffee beans but has a tendency to come loose and fly off machine.

    I bought this at the same time as the grater/slicer attachment. I really like this accessory and find it easy to assemble, use and clean. I am very glad to have this for chopping small amounts.

    This is a great addition to my chef titanium. I take some other reviewers’ point about handling the blades – the blade mechanism comes completely away from the white plastic housing, meaning if you were a bit ham fisted (or a child) you shouldn’t handle it – but to be honest, i’ve not had any problems with it at all. It grinds coffee and spices well, and the glass jars with lids are perfect for storing leftovers until next needed.

    Comes with four high quality glass jars with lids – i use it for spice grinding and for coffee beanscan also make great dressings, or small quantities of pesto or hummus.

    Don’t expect it to do anything but coffee beans.

    Its a good product but wont get you a really smooth curry paste.

    Great mini chopper, one of the best accessory i’ve purchased for the kenwood cooking chef gourmet. I did grind spices and turn granulated sugar into icing in seconds.

    It’s a little tricky to attach, but not unduly so. It didn’t chop nuts so well, which was the main reason i bought it but it did okay. Maybe i had extra hard nuts. I kept it anyway for grinding coffee. That said it has four nice jars to store stuff in.

    Very happy with the mini chopper attachment to my kenwood chef.

    Works well with wet mixtures, although because the blade is very raised,any dry or solid food trapped underneath especially things like rnuts, etc will not be efficiently chopped,so you are forced to stop, open, stir, repeat; since it is encapsulated. The blade also feels too chunky and square, it should be a lot sharper, which tells you that it willlack grinding efficiency. Overall it is a quite good product for basic pureeing or chopping in small quantities.

    I bought this for grinding coffee which it does a brilliant job of and also making porridge oats into a fine powder for making into home made shampoo. It works brilliant, i am delighted with this product.

    Features and Spesification

    • Versatile attachment for preparing smaller quantities of food
    • Sharp stainless steel blades
    • Includes 3 glass storage jars with airtight lids
    • Ideal for chopping, milling, grinding and blending
    • Note: The product code may be AT320A or AT320B and it is the same product.