Kenwood Flexible Beater Ax500 Kmx – Excellent item

Adjusting nut seems to be fixed to the shaft of the blade so when you tighten the nut it just screws the shaft back into the blade. I have returned the item as there is no option to leave seller feedback or i would have asked for advice. I’m sure if it worked it would be a good item as i am pleased with my kmix and its other attachments.

Still leaves some mix in bowl. Need to use spanner tool supplied to disconnect from mixer.

I have used this product to cream butter and sugar. I am really pleased with it. The flexible paddle sweeps the bowl so the mixing is thorough and quick. I then changed over to the k beater for the rest of the cake, and i feel this flexible creaming beater speeds things up.

Fit properly and very helpful.

Absolute amazing, very good quality.

Brilliant edition for my kmix.

Excellent addition to my cake making kit.

I’ve been wanting one of these for ages so seen this on amazon and ordered. Arrived the next day & i’ve been using it every day as i’m a cake maker. Easy to clean & i don’t have to keep scraping the sides of the bowl.

This makes spectacularly smooth creamed mixtures that bake beautifully. I know that’s not something that’s solely down to the way the mixture is combined, but i’ve definitely noticed a difference in my latest bakes. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about improving their cakes. The flexible blade is easy to fit to the frame, and equally easy to remove for cleaning.

So pleased with this flexible beater for my kenwood k mixer, agree with some of the other reviews it should be added with the mixer instead of the k mixer. Scraps all the mixture from the bottom and sides of the bowl, so pleased i bought it would really recommend.

Great for making cakes, etc.

This an excellent attachment for creaming mixtures.

Where has this been all my life?. Best buttercream you will ever make. Here are the specifications for the Kenwood Flexible Beater Ax500 Kmx:

  • Removable wiper
  • Works to evenly mix in all the ingredients
  • Easy to clean

Mixing my bread dough ,helps make my bread in first stage. Then i change to dough hook fantastic result perfect bread.

I was a bit sceptical about this item but thought i would thought i would try it as i was fed up with having to scrape down the sides of the bowl when making cakes with my kmix. I am very pleased to say that it works beautifully, the only bit of unmixed cake is on the inside of the paddle, a very small amount which is easy to deal with as opposed to scraping the whole bowl. But even better the beater is so much better than the basic one for mixing, it has produced much more volume in the mix and my cakes have improved enormously.

I haven’t used this yet but i’ve read many reviews and think it will be very useful but why is it not included with the kmix?. The price varies on different sites and kenwood didn’t have any and didn’t know what it was when i contacted themthis was a reasonable price and in stock so i ordered but rather annoyed that it cost over £40 to be able to use my mixer to its full potential.

It does what you ecpect it to. Need 2 hands tho to tighten the bolt.

Excellant piece of equipment for my kenwood kmix.

It does as it says, creams wonderfully. My cake mixture was so light and fluffy and it keeps the mixture from going up the bowl.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Far, far superior to the ordinary K beater

  • Useful but temperamental

  • So glad I purchased this

Light and airy cakes – no more issues where the regular k mix beater left unmixed butter where it couldn’t quite reach.

Expensive but worth it, mixes ingredients well, no need to scrape the bowl with a spatula.

This is a good edition to my kenwood k mix and is kind of a must for creaming. I think it should be provided with the machine and for what it is it is pretty expensive. However as i say it is a must for making cakes as it does an excellent job of creaming and the adjustment is handy to get the right height for the bottom of the bowl.

Needed this as one was not includes with the machine. Came with little spanner for adjustment which i needed to do to reach all the mixture.

The best decision that i ever made, regarding the purchase of this beater. Creams butter and sugar together far lighter, and quicker, with less need to ‘scrape the sides’ of the bowl down. Far, far superior to the ordinary k beater. Wish this had been available when i first bought my k-mix, but glad that i invested in it. Would recommend anyone who has the older ‘k’ beater to purchase one of these; you won’t regret it.

Does exactly as it says, good quality.

I have used this beater several times for making sponge cakes. The beater is quite fiddly to set up at the right height for the bowl (i have the glass bowl). Once set up however it does sweep the sides of the bowl well to include all the cake mixture. It gives a very light sponge. The only beef i have is that for some unknown reason the thing comes in two parts. You have to remove the flexible blade from the central beater for washing, and i have to warm the two pieces in hot water before they will go back together. On one occasion, the blade came away from the centre piece while mixing softened butter and caster sugar, and i had to take it all out, scrape off the mixture into the bowl, and wash both parts before trying again. After that it did stay together, but it’s going to be a pain in the proverbial if that keeps happening.

Does what it says on the tin.

It’s very good for creaming butter & sugar, although it does need to be properly adjusted and even at the sides do still need a bit of wiping down with a spatula. It’s also a little involved to clean, as the ‘wiper’ detaches from the main beater. Still, i use it all the time.

It is an amazing piece of equipment, a real shame that it wasn’t supplied with the kenwood mixer originally.

Made light work of making buttercream, with no need for scraping sides of bowl.