Kenwood FPM810 MultiPro Sense Food Processor : Excellent high quality equipment – watch the grommet! – Update oversensitive cutout switch

Fabulous, used it regularly since it arrived and it makes such easy work of food prep i wish i’d had this years ago.

Very powerful, really easy to use, the integrated scales are handy (not necessary, but super handy), really wide range of attachments, good solid containers (you’ll be surprised at the weight in blender jug), and the base is quite solid and heavy so it holds steady when in use (can wobble a bit if solids in the large mixing bowl are uneven to start with but rapidly settled down – and only a little wobble). The dough blade is a handy item; very quick for turning out simple bread. Handy hint – chop onions with the main (or mini) chopping blade and not the thin/thick slicer, they are too slippy. But the slicers are awesome for quickly prepping sliced hard veggies like carrots, potatoes etc.

I’ve had the multipro robot for about two months now and i’m very satisfied. I’ve used it to make cakes, pizza dough, salads, juices, and everything went as promised. I’ve tried to use almost all the accessories and i am very happy of the results. Perhaps the only accessory that seems a little flimsy is the dual whisks, i think that the plastic attacks are a little too weak. But to be honest they advise to only use it for liquid mixtures (beating eggs, making whipped cream etc) so it should be ok. Other random thoughts: the box wich it came with is pretty big, but not too heavy. The instructions might be more detailed in describing what each accessory is needed for but are fine overall. The blender jug is heavy (it’s glass after all) but not heavier than most similar blenders’. The materials in general seem very good and robust and the modular design is pretty clever. It doesn’t vibrate much and it’s not extremely noisy.

The rolls royce of kitchen equipment.

Absolutely just what i wanted. Great price, fast delivery and very well packaged/ protected. Spending many happy hours using all the attachments (which come in a sturdy roll top style box).

I have only tested the slicing and grating blades. Imo the slicing is not that great on soft veg. I used the auto function to be sure i was using it at the correct speed. There is a significant gap between blade and lid and that means there is usually a largish piece of uncut veg left over trapped on the blade – which can then be sliced by hand but is a bit difficult to extract because the blade is very sharp. I really wanted something that could slice onions finely but the small slicing blade does not give thin enough slices for my needs. I am disappointed because i wanted the processor primarily to cut vegetables. I have an old moulinex processor that is mainly plastic but that produces finer slices than this one and traps much less veg under the lid. However it is too small now for my needs.

The kenwood multi-pro sense food processor with scales is every bit professional and hard wearing as you’d expect from kenwood. With a multitude of attachments it is the ideal kitchen accessory. The adjustable power/speed dial gives you superb control over your slicing, mixing, folding, blending, soup making activities. The attachments are simple to fit and are easily removable to allow cleaning. You can feel the high quality of the product as you assemble the attachments. This may be slightly more expensive than some of its counterparts however the combination of quality, simplicity, variety of attachments, and a 5 year guarantee make this a must have for those who love to cook at home.

Got mine in a sale for £189 and then bought one as a gift for a friend elsewhere for £199 (amazon had put them back up to almost £300). Worth googling the item description to find the best price.

  • Fabulous
  • An excellent addition to any kitchen
  • Heavy duty machine!

Kenwood FPM810 MultiPro Sense Food Processor, 1000 W, Silver

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Fantastic processor that pretty much does everything.

I’ve had two kenwood processors before. It is true that they are noisy – but this is true of all of this kind of kitchen equipment regardless of make. I see that there has also been criticism – apparently of poor quality plastic parts. I have to say that i don’ agree. Of course, a good deal of the processor is made of plastic of one type or another but as far as i can see, there is nothing wrong with the quality and don’t forget that kenwood is about the most established and quality mark for this kind of item. My processor is solid, well-built and has the feel of quality and longevity about it. The heat-proof bowl and liquidiser are an excellent improvement on their previous technology for this kind of thing. The whole unit is pretty heavy but maybe this is a function of the quality of the build materials. It would be nice of they could reduce the level of noise but then you never switch it on for more than a minute or two at a time – and usually not more than a few seconds. The parts are easy to clean and most of the accessories can go in the dishwasher.

Very pleased with the food processor, and i like there is a case to put the discs in.

Best kitchen gadget i could have wished for. Does everything as advertised and more.

Do not hesitate to buy this model as it really does everything. Delivered by amazon to me on my greek island with no problem too.

The fpm910 takes some getting used to, theres a lot of power,a lot of machine and so many accessories its big powerful and heavy. It is delivered in a huge box just slightly under a meter or so in size(box). I have had my kenwood for a few weeks now and i am still getting used to how it works. If any aspect of it isn’t locked in properly it wont work so that means the safety features are very robust. This item would not suit a small kitchen you really do need a good amount of storage space for the accessories etc. Once you start using the food processor you will want to spend as much time as possible slicing, dicing, chopping and grating before you wash up and pack it down. I love every aspect of this machine i spent a whole year thinking about this purchase and finally made the decision to buy it. The build quality is excellent, the precision of the design engineering is wonderful. The unit is too heavy for me to pack it away and take it out again so at the moment it has pride of place on my work top. I have a large kitchen so it works well for me.

I bought this back in march. I run a little cafe and it has gone through semi-professional use daily for the last six months. Im especially happy i bought the model with built in scale. Huge time saver (and less washing) it is holding up well to being knocked about and washed in a commercial dish washer. Good volume capacity (it’s twice the size of my home one) and the glass blender jug is good quality heavy glass can stand the heat. The machine and accessories do take up a lot of space so if you have a small kitchen bear this in mindvery happy customer. I will absolutely recommend this to anyone who bakes/cooks a lot.

I bought this product 2 months ago and have been using it constantly. This has great build quality, very powerful and solid but compared to multi-pro excel it lacks tools. Theres is no centrifugal juicer or small mixer. I would have given it 5 stars if only these extra tools were available.

  • Fabulous
  • An excellent addition to any kitchen
  • Heavy duty machine!

Kenwood FPM810 MultiPro Sense Food Processor, 1000 W, Silver

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