Kenwood KAH647PL Accessories Food Processors – But the attachment does extend the mixer’s range hugely and I am really pleased with it

I really love my kenwood in general, and this attachment makes it even more useful. The mixer is really sturdy and solid. The funnel has two sizes, so there’s a wider version for chunks of veg and then narrower version for drizzling oil or liquids in — very clever. The attachments make it great for coleslaw — you can use the grater for carrots and apple, and the slicer for white and red cabbage. Great for chopping onions, great for whizzing up some hummous, great for whizzing up curry pastes and dips.

I wish i had bought this years ago. Saves me so much time and super easy to use.

This has made my life so much easier i have searched the web for a long time, hoping that kenwood had a processor for my chef mixer. This has arrived just in time for christmas.

Brilliant, does all what it is supposed well worth the money.

Great purchase, kenwood quality per se. The only flaw for me is that i cannot detach the drive from the bowl. So have to be careful when washing it after use. Brute force has not worked, the brute being my neighbour.Is there a design fault or knack for undoing which i have not found yet?.

I am very pleased with this item, it is very robust and well made. It attaches quite easily to my kenwood mixer, the only slight disappointment was that a leaflet was not included to show what each blade could be used for. Seemed expensive at the time of ordering, but having looked at other stand alone brands the quality is well worth it.

This is probably one of the best things i have ever bought. I have severe arthritis in hands and wrists, and grating, chopping, and slicing fruit and vegetables, had become almost impossible. This zips through everything in seconds. The various blades produce everything from very fine, to fairly chunky. I can now make proper curries, at it grates the onions, garlic, and ginger finely, which i always hated doing, and no more runny eyes. It is a dawdle to clean, and easy to attatch, and detatch, to the mixer. I can seriously recommend this, as being a fabulous addition to any kitchen.

It does exactly what it is expected. A few different blades for the different cuts. One thing would be nice to have from kenwood thou would be an image of the cuts for each blade, once these are numerated already 1-6, just to save you time do try them for the first time.

But it’s well made: robust and substantial and there are a lot of sensible cutters with it. The only issue i’ve got is the difficulty of taking the bowl on and off when i am slicing several batches at the same time. It takes some time to learn the technique which does require a bit of muscle at the beginning and is frankly clumsy. But the attachment does extend the mixer’s range hugely and i am really pleased with it. It also arrived very fast and was beautifully packed.

You get all the attachments with it (blades etc).

I wanted to be able to grate large quantities of things quickly, and also needed a food processor. Kenwood has put these two functions together in the one attachment. So i got it, and am pleased with my new toy.

I brought for myself for christmas. Was bigger than i imagined and very good value for money. There are 6 (ish) different attachments which not convinced will ever get used. I used as soon as it arrived as was making a casserole. So, chopped onions, carrots etc then, used to make base for my cheese-cakes. I love my mixer (titanium xl) and this processor has been on my wish list for a couple of months.

Superb kenwood kit, much better than its predecessor. Quality, but expensive, but worth the extra. Here are the specifications for the Kenwood KAH647PL Accessories Food Processors:

  • The food processor features bowl is made from Tritan, an innovative, shatterproof and dishwasher-safe material
  • Knife blades for chopping, discs included with this attachment will help you with thin and thick slicing, fine and coarse grating, julienne and rasping a wide variety of foods.
  • 1.2L working capacity

As someone who owns way to much kitchen equipment, i really didn’t want to have to buy yet another appliance in order to have a food processor. This is the perfect solution. I would say it’s as powerful as any of the other food processors i have used at work or that friends have owned. Plus, it’s easy to clean – all comes apart easily and doesn’t have any annoying nooks that food gets stuck in.

Product arrived very promptly and securely packaged. The best price i could find for this item and the contents were exactly as expected. Minimal use so far but appears to be of a very good standard.

I wish i’d bought this ages ago. Well made and sturdy, bit pricy but i’ve used it so often since i bought it i think it was worth it.

Works really well with our kenwood chef. Comes with all the accessories you would need and well packaged.

Ordered on thursday and received it on friday before my amazon account had even shown it as dispatched. Delivery speed excellent and the product was exactly what i wanted, really sturdy and fits my kenwood chef perfectly.

Excellent quality as always, lots of different discs, makes light work chopping, shredding and grating.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great processor, horrible to clean

  • Good but may be tricky to disassemble

  • Expensive but

Usual kenwood quality – bit of a nack to getting it on the mixer but once you got it its easy thereafterbit expensive compared with some free standing processors but you get the build and kenwood support.

Same as other accessories, all meet my expectation. With the same amount, you may an independent machine already.

Oh ho ho, this attachment is amazing, the side the colour the quality and 6 blades to use each of different slicing.

Good quality , as described and works well. The cost a bit on the high side.

For the price of this accessory you can buy kenwood’s own standalone food processor. But there is still a reason why you would buy this accessory – it is well built, superior quality, everything you would expect from a high end product.

Excellent but a little disappointing for shredding cabbage for coleslaw.

Great, so pleased with this addition to my kenwood chef.

Fits my 2019 chef elite perfectly. Blades are razor sharp and it makes light work of chopping and grating. Not had any issues with it being difficult to take to bits like other people have complained of. Very happy with my purchase.

Purchased as added attachment. It is easy to use with multiple blades. Makes light work of chopping saving precious time in the kitchen. Seemed pricey until i started to use it and realised worth every penny.

Bought as a gift for my mum, she is really pleased with it & says it is ‘very sturdy’ & excellent quality.

I found this a useful and versatile attachment for my kenwood chef. It has a wide range of slicing blades – i have not tried them all. However, it may be difficult to detach the connector from the bowl, especially if it has been used in pulse mode. Don’t try beating it with a hammer and chiselthe full instructions explain how to do it: put the assembly back on your kenwood chef and then rotate the bowl anti-clockwise until it hits a stop, do not lift off but, continue rotating the bowl anti clockwise applying some force. If necessary get some one else to hold the chef or jam it against the wall. Hey presto – even the most tightly jammed connector will detach using this method. Try using a little silicone grease on the connector lugs and boss, don’t operate at high speed. You will have no further issues. Nevertheless it is a good product and i am pleased to have bought it as i can do more with my chef.

Excellent addition to my kenwood.

Great that all the accessories use the one powerful engine.

Works well and solid construction, however could have a few more blades particularly one to slice biltong.

I was contemplating getting a food processor for a while and thought of getting a standalone unit. They are cheaper than this attachment so my thinking was that it is overpriced. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. This attachment is really well made and i can see it lasting a really long time. Had my kenwood machine for 8 years now and it still looks and works like the day i got it – with so much use that it has seen. In the meantime, i had two mini food processors that did not see much use but broke anyway.

Sadly my wife has used this exclusively, but one particular job she does has caused the struggle and death of two other food processors in two years, this one doesn’t even break stride.

Got this to go on my kenood machine. It is very sturdy and arrived same day as order was made.

Great food processor, just what was needed. So pleased that finally kenwood released this attachment to fit all kenwood chef models.

Excellent piece of equipment for my beloved kenwood chef wonderful and prompt service from amazon.

My loving french family bought this item for my christmas, but i already had it. Food processor works really well, it is very well made and comes with a great panel of grids – the only downside is, the connector gets really tight after use and i have to ask my boyfriend to take it apart. Coming back to my story, i had to contact ireland electrical, who they bought from and their customer service was amazing. They let me chose another item without having to go through amazon (which would have made things more complicated in my case) and even advised me when i picked something that was not actually suitable for my machine.

Feels solid and all blades and finishing of the whole product is very good. Must say – regardless of all above it could be a bit cheaper.

When my 30+ year old kenwood food processor finally gave up the ghost i bought a dualit for £179. I was disappointed from day one but being a parsimonious soul i put up with it for two years. I bought a kenwood chef kvc3100 last year and was wowed with the quality and so eventually bought this food processor attachment. It’s fabthe grating discs are so sharp that the vegetables almost fell through under their own weight. The attachment is superior to the preceding old kenwood and dualit by far, being of a heavier construction and more robust looking design. Also – it was easy to disassemble too. Unlike as said other older reviews i found it no trouble to remove. Excellent performance and value for money.

Love it, use it all the time, slicing,dicing and generally having fun with it a great item would recommend it a good investment.

Perfect for my kenwood major classic.

It works perfectly and i am completely satisfied.

Wish i had brought it years ago.

Don’t know how i managed without it. Had one of the original kenwood food processors years ago, but didn’t replace it when it died. Having this as an attachment to the mixer is awesomely brilliant.

Brilliant product – and in my view easy enough to clean.

Slices and grates extremely fast.

. Just what my kenwood needed.

It’s a fantastic addition to my kenwood chef, giving you a top processor which would cost you £100+. You know what food processors do and this one does a stellar job and doesn’t get bogged down because it’s driven by a meaty stand-mixer motor. However, this thing is a nightmare to clean. You cannot wash the middle (where the bearings and whatnot are), seems fair, right?.Wrong, it practically welds itself on after use. I’m a healthy 30y/o man and every time things needs washing, i need to spend 10 mins doing warm ups and stretches just go i can safely exert the required energy to untwist this nightmare. Even if you don’t tighten that much during assembly, it will tighten itself when twisted onto the mixer and during use. Honestly, if you’re not in your prime, this thing is tight and you won’t be able to unscrew it. Either take the risk and use some kind of lubricant for the threads (cooking oil maybe) or skip this.