Kenwood KM330 Stand Mixer : Well made and very useful.

Just purchased this new kenwood after having my old one for 38 years. It would still be going strong if it hadn’t been dropped on the floor. Basically it is still the same. The old attachments still fit, it does the same great job, it looks very smart. As i already have the kenwood food processor which has a liquidiser, i didn’t need another one. This is very good value and a great mixer. My daughter has a kitchen aid but heartily wishes she had a kenwood.

A superb product for such a great price .

It is a real friend when making large batches of cakes.

This mixer replaced my old kenwood chef. I was very pleased to see that it was equally as robust as my old one that had been well used for more than 20 years.

Previous chef gave up after 30 years so didn’t see any need to change. This new version seems as well built with useful improvements like a pulse setting and flour guard. Will up date in 30 years of quality is the same.

Have always wanted one of these – since mum had one always on the go. So versatile and a great asset to any cook/baker. Now i can do lots of preparation in a fraction of the time.

Well i had my last kenwood for 50 years. It travelled 24000 miles there and back on a remote island in the pacific and several house moves in the uk. It was a heavy noisy,grinding machine but it sadly died two weeks ago. The new kenwood is much lighter and far quieter. It isn’t as smart looking (last one was blue and white ) but it does have a splashguard which means no more flour splattered around. It is very good value as it has portals so that you can fit other parts. I’m sure it will be great but i do miss that old smart looking machine in the corner of my kitchen that shouted kenwood. This one is a bit bland in comparison.

Great replacement for my old, familiar kenwood and it didn’t break the bank either. Really delighted with the prompt service too. Bit was delivered within 48 hours.

  • I still think the kenwood Food Mixer is the best, maybe not the quietest of those on the
  • Kenwood again after 50 years
  • Good to see some items don’t change

Kenwood KM330 Stand Mixer, 4.6 L, 800 W – White

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Good value for money easy to use light weight.

Bought to replace a very old kenwood chefette that had given up after many years service. The chef doesn’t disappoint. It’s is really easy to clean. Beaters are very easy to fit. Splash guard is a bit fiddly to fit but maybe i’m just not used to it yet. I do not have enough worktop space to leave the mixer out, so it is stored in a cupboard between uses. It is very heavy to move but the weight is a plus as it doesn’t move around on the worktop when in use. Overall i am delighted with my purchase and hope that it lasts as long or longer than my old chefette.

My wife loves it making lot of cake.

Bought to replace my 30+ year old one which had finally died. Unfortunately, only giving it 4* as i am still awaiting a new splash guard as the one supplied with the machine was broken.

Love this machine had one for years purchased new one disappointed that dough hook is missing from package. Have emailed hughes direct & will await response & dough hook then will hope to award 5 stars.

It’s a beast – and for £150 i don’t think you can get anything better. This version comes with just basic accessories (i. Kneading, k, and whipping attachments), but that’s exactly what we needed. And afaik, you can buy all the various equipment separately, when you find yourself in a need of one. It has ridiculous amount of power, i’m honestly scared it will damage itself when i go over level 4, but it’s a heavy, well made appliance, so i guess it can take it. Note, that it makes a lot of noise. There is quite a lot of gearwork inside that powers it’s planetary-movement, and you can hear the gear spinning furiously. It could have been quieter (using different type of gears), but i guess it would rise the price point a lot. Just look how much are the kitchenaid stand mixers with cast gears.

Another excellent kenwood product. Have been able to replace 3 separate items with one. It is heavy and therefore needs to be placed on a work surface.

Only used a few times so far but delighted with the results. Had no real previous experience of mixers so i’m unable to make comparative judgements. As a basic mixer, it certainly takes the strain out of mixing lots of ingredients, now i just have to see which of the wide range of accessory attachments i need in order to make maximum use of the machine. I’m looking forward to the flexibility the extra gadgets will give me.

  • I still think the kenwood Food Mixer is the best, maybe not the quietest of those on the
  • Kenwood again after 50 years
  • Good to see some items don’t change

Kenwood KM330 Stand Mixer, 4.6 L, 800 W – White

Mixer works very well and cakes come out tasting very light, however you need to be very careful when raising the mixer up to add more ingredients. The lever to unlock the stand to raise and lower is very close to the on/off dial which means that if you are not careful you turn the mixing switch on instead of the locking lever and all of the kitchen walls enjoy some of your mixture, which has happened more than once.

Very good for the price i paid. This was a gift to my other half , this has definitely made our time in kitchen much more productive.

Ok, so it does a really good job, while at the same time it’s loud as a hammering drill and looks like a sawing machine ;)it’s very easy to use (the attachments slide in easily, no fighting with lowering the mixer head, etc – i prefer it to kitchenaid, which is really annoying to operate), easy to clean. If only it was a little quieter, i’d absolutely love it.

I bought this because my first one ‘died’ after at least 20 years service. I would find it difficult to live without my trusty kenwood.

There are trendier/more expensive brands/versions of these available but the kenwood is surely hard to beat for the price. Previous one packed in after about 30 years – this one looks like it’ll do the same.

Having had one for years until it could no longer be repaired,just had to have a new one.

Good to see some items don’t change, this was an excellent design 40 years ago when i bought one for my first wife; now i bought a second one, hooray for a good product. Hope this one lasts as long. 40 years ago it was a mechanical speed control, hope the new electronic speed control lasts long.

I gave this as a gift to one of my neices and her family. It arrived earlier than expected and their youngest son is ‘over the moon’ with it as he loves cooking. Other than the fact that kenwood no longer include a liquidiser (although they can be bought separately) this is exactly the same kenwood as we have got. They are well made and very useful addition to any one.

It makes baking so much easier. Cakes, pastry, bread, everything is fun to make when you have a mixer like this. It is great quality, can’t fault it at all.

It does exactly what it says, i still think the kenwood food mixer is the best, maybe not the quietest of those on the market, but certainly the most user friendly, reliable and adaptable. Strongly recommended for all you budding and skilled cooks and budding chefs out there in ‘kitchen and pantry land’.

Im happy with the price however it did come with a cracked broken splashgard which iv had to replace however very pleased with the mixer as a whole.

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