Kenwood kMix KMX80 Stand Mixer – Barcelona Stripes : Great design, quick delivery, excellent price!

Have used this almost every day since buying it a few months back. It is great for all it’s jobs and has improved my baking results, as well as encouraging me to be more ambitious and experimental. Even my other half, who had no previous interest in baking, loves playing with it.

I got this in the sale and i love it always been after a kitchenaid but since getting this there’s no going back i have brought a pasta maker and recently i brought a mincer that came with a sausage maker not used yet but will do.

I did a lot of research before choosing this one – trying to decide whether to spend more on the kitchen aid one or the kenwood chef etc. I bought this one as it seemed to be great quality without being an outrageous price. I’ve had it for nearly a year now and use it a lot. My only regret is not buying one years agoi can now make perfect cakes, easily. Sponges are light with great texture. Bread is easy and quick too, i hardly ever buy a loaf now.

Had to buy this twice as found it cheaper the following day= from the same sellers. This is by far the best machine i have bought/used, the blenders reach the sides and base perfectly- collecting all the ingredients. There is also an ajustment tool but this wasn’t necessary. One problem- haven’t found a way to secure the shield- tends to wobble when the head is lifted. Very attractive style- am keeping this on display in the kitchen- not in the utility as previous one.

Its rare that i cant find anything at all wrong about something, but this must be the only thing i ever bought that seems perfect. Before buying i was on the flip flop between this and a kitchenaid which im sure many others would be in a dilemma over. Mostly it was over the kitchenaids look and design but to be honest the kmix is quite handsome in its own right. Sometimes it feels like im cheating because my cakes taste so much better because of it, but i guess thats the idea. I think the most invaluble features that stand out with this model is the splash guard (which i think the kitchenaid models lack), not sure why this isnt standard with all mixers. Isn’t it common sense that putting ingredients in and closhing it all together will get messy?. Also the fold feature is incredible useful for people like me who lack the delicate hands for the operation. If anyone is debating between the kitchenaid and this, im finding it hard to think what the kmix would not be as good at doing, plus its miles cheaper so bit of a no-brainer.

My husband purchased a kitchenaid for me for christmas but when i got wind of the price tag i decided to return it to john lewis and hunt for something in a more sensible price range. I had read many reviews on the kmix and decided to bite the bullet. The price had dropped on amazon and whilst i would usually go through john lewis for these kind of appliances, the reduction was too big to miss out on. I have not been disappointed since.It looks fab in the kitchen, does everything it says ‘on the tin’ plus some great extra attachments you can get too. It arrived quickly and was well packaged. So pleased i decided to go with a british designed and manufactured product instead of the american rival. This mixer is like a modern equivalent of the original kitchenaid but i believe this design will stand the test of time and still look great in years to come.

Loved it from the moment i unpacked it, looks absolutely brilliant in my kitchen. I was a bit apprehensive when i read some of the reviews but having had a kenwood mixer many years ago and always liked it i went ahead and bought it anyway, i am highly delighted with it, it does everything i expected of it.

Soooo happy 😊 just perfect for baking.

  • I want to like it but could be better
  • Great, reliable, heavy duty mixer that does the job and looks good too!
  • Best kitchen item ever purchased.

Kenwood kMix KMX80 Stand Mixer – Barcelona Stripes

Product Description,
kMix: When food preparation meets design, kMix stand mixer range With its ergonomically designed body and controls conveniently placed at the front, the kMix stand mixer is not only stylish but easy to use. All attachments are used at the front of the machine, making them quick and easy to fit.
With a 5 Litre stainless steel bowl, 500 Watt power and planetary action, the kMix will work with large quantities perfectly. For delicate mixing, there is a unique fold function that mixes at an extra slow speed, allowing ingredients to be perfectly incorporated without losing air that is important for baking mixtures.
The kMix stand mixer brings together form and function, ensuring the most simple to the most indulgent recipe can be created. Choose from our traditional colours (Raspberry, Almond and Peppercorn) and make a statement in your kitchen with the kMix stand mixer and other matching kMix products in the range.
Alternatively choose from the new Amazon exclusive colour range (Candy, Maroon or Citrus), the coconut kMix or the new striped version of the kMix; the Barcelona, an exciting mix of colours, sure to stand out in any kitchen.
The kMix stand mixer is supplied with three non-stick, dishwasher safe mixing tools for specific baking tasks.
Power Outlets, The kMix stand mixer has two power outlets:

Box Contains,

  • 1 x Kenwood kMix KMX80 stand mixer (Barcelona)
  • 1 x 5 Litre stainless steel bowl with handle
  • 1 x Non-stick K Beater
  • 1 x Non-stick balloon whisk
  • 1 x Non-stick dough hook
  • 1 x Splashguard
  • 1 x Recipe cards
  • 1 x Spatula
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Registration card
  • 1 x UK plug
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    I had one of the original kenwood mixers years ago which was very good with a break in between and i am amazed how good and nice looking this item is. With arthritis making jobs harder this machine takes the strain and delivers perfectly. I am still astonished at how quick everything is prepared with little effort on my part.

    We’ve had other models made by other companies, but this one is the best for us. Not too noisy and works a charm.

    I have read so many reviews on so many mixers, i made the choice of the kmix kmx51, i have to say i am not disappointed, it is one of my best buys. I havent had any trouble like some people with not mixing at the bottom, very pleased all round :))).

    Great product but the colour way sold it, looks custom made for my kitchen. Only downside is i would hav preferred the glass bowl.

    I absolutely love this kenwood mixer, it is very easy to use and to fit the attachments. It takes all the hassle out of making cakes etc, just add your ingredients switch it on and you can get on with weighing out other ingredients or tidying up. The fold function is brilliant, it incorporates all the flour without leaving clumps at the bottom and without knocking all the air out of the mixture.

    Wonderful mixer and great price, arrived on time and am very pleased with it. Did consider kitchen aid, but as my mum alway had a kenwood and it looks attractive and huge difference in the pric i went for this. Only criticism is i wish it had come with a recipe book instead of half a dozen recipe cards.

    It makes lovely cakes and mixes smoothly. Having read the other reviews i will not be using the dough hook to make bread – this seems to be the source of any breakdowns. For making cakes it has plenty of power. The scraper mixer which was supplied free with my mixer works perfectly. Just make sure to adjust all the blades to the correct depth before you use the machine – this is explained in the instructions. It only takes about 15 minutes to set-up the mixer the first time, then it is done for evermore. If you try to use the mixer without doing this then don’t expect anything like perfect mixing – you have been warned.

    I was all set to buy the kitchenaid artisan mixer when i came across the kenwood kmix kmx54 stand mixer, in reviews it scored higher than the kitchenaid plus it also featured a 500w motor compared to the 300w kitchenaid. The price was also appealing being almost £150 cheaper. After much consideration i decided to go for the kenwood mixer. When it arrived i was not disappointed, it is a sturdy quality appliance and does a great job mixing. The only tiny issue is that you have to scrape the sides of the bowl down occasionally when mixing cake mixture as the beater doesn’t touch the bottom although i imagine this is the case with all stand mixers. On the whole a great quality machine with a very reasonable price, highly recommended.

    • I want to like it but could be better
    • Great, reliable, heavy duty mixer that does the job and looks good too!
    • Best kitchen item ever purchased.

    Kenwood kMix KMX80 Stand Mixer – Barcelona Stripes

    I like this but haven’t done enough baking with it to say ‘yay get it’. It takes the effort out of most baking, cheesecakes and even mash potatoes are easy. Bowl comes out beautifully from the dishwasher and it’s all cleaned in a flash with a quick wipe down. I have used a kitchen aid since and this does feel slightly more robust and i think seemed a bit quieter. Would be good to test this in the shop. Also this model is often on offer in stores with a blender worth £99 or a hand held mixer, saw this in john lewis, kitchens and currys respectively so i felt a bit cheated having made my online purchase with no matching freebie. Otherwise a good all rounder and looks good but think i should have got white now.

    Not used it yet but have had a kenwood mixer in the past, so have no doubt this will be of the same quality. It looks amazing, beautiful sexy design. Solid but not too heavy, easy changing of tools. If it lasts as long as its predecessor, this one will see me out, and then i will bequeath it to my granddaughter.

    I did a lot of research around mixers as i knew i wanted one but didn’t know which one to get. After much deliberation, i chose the kmix, then i just had to decide on the colour. Delivery was excellent and i bought this at a very good price, so i am very pleased with my purchase. I have only had it a few days but i have used it twice already and i am pleased with the results. I noticed at first the bottom of the bowl wasn’t being mixed, but i have adjusted that now and it is working fine. Practically it is heavy (but that is not a bad thing in this case) and it is very easy to clean. I love the handle on the bowl as well, something which helped me make my decision between a kenwood chef and this one. It is a very sturdy machine and i look forward to using it to make many wonderful treats for my family.

    You do need to push down mixture from sides often in order to get a good mix. This can only be done with the machine off and the head up. When trying to register it on line for warranty this colour is not an option on the list – so a call to the kenwood office will be needed which is a bit of a hassle.

    Great, sturdy and reliable mixer. I’m a baker and have used this to death in the first 4 months of purchase – including a day where the mixer was in constant use for about 8 hours (to make a cake weighing 25kgs. Very reliable results – i particularly like the close-fit splash guard which is great for mixing any powdered ingredients e. Flour and icing sugar, as it prevents clouds of air-borne particles flying all around the kitchen. The ‘fold’ option is also great for adding flour without over-mixing, however, keep an eye on it as it’s easy to leave it to ‘over-fold’. I had a old k-mixer which was reliable but this new model is just so much better. I love the metal bowl and attachments as they are more robust and also have better aesthetic appeal – the red version i have looks great on the kitchen top so i leave it out all the time and then just ‘plug and go’ when i want to use it. It’s also significantly quieter than the old version i had. All in all, a great bit of kit that can cope with a high level of use. Just read the instructions and ensure that you don’t overfill the bowl. It does mix very well but i still find that i need to do a mid-cycle ‘scrape’ with a spatula even though i adjusted the height of the k-mix attachment such that it is a snug fit against the side of the bowl. To be honest i think this is unavoidable with any mixer. Very happy, it’s a real pleasure to use.

    We have both recently retired and as we both love baking and cooking we decided to invest in a good stand food mixer. The kenwood kmx52 is more than good, it is excellent. It is so easy to use, the first thing bob did was to adjust the settings for the mixer blades and the mixtures have been first class so much so that we have made superb biscuits, scones and the best victoria sponge cake ever. We are looking forward to baking a christmas cake and all the other extra trimmings that go along with the cake. No complaints at all, well done kenwoodwell done kenwood.

    A superb piece of equipment. Toyed fleetingly with lesser priced items but after reading reviews realised, once again, that you have to pay more for the best and this, in my view, is the best. Superbly designed,soundly constructed, easy to use and gives excellent,stress free results. A gem of a purchase and nice david cameron has just offered me the money to pay for it. Ok i’m going to freeze but i’ll have some decent food to cheer me up.

    There is no doubt this is a beautiful looking machine which looks perfect in my kitchen. I had this bought as a christmas present dec 2010 thinking this would be an investment piece to last a life time like my mother in laws has, not so it has given up after 14 months. It has/had a perculiar starting process, i would have to turn it on and off, now i think this must have been something else. It sound silly i know but when you read the manual it says say you can’t have it on full power straight away with a heavy load. I have emailed kenwood and i am waiting a reply. I have a hand held mixer from asda which cost £5. 99 and is still in perfect working order, box and all, after 12 years. I have used this machine about once a month just to make cakes so there has been no heavy over use. Two of my friends bought new mixers, one a kenwood(not this model, uglier one but more expensive)and one bought the kitchen aid. They have used each others and rated the kenwood the better of the two, which is another reason i went for it.

    Always wanted one of these machines as i used to use a kenwood chef when growing up. . But i wanted something a little more ‘funky’this is an excellent machine that looks stylish in any kitchen and the additional tools that came with it (under an offer) are easy to use and add an extra dimension to the standard equipment. Have whisked, beaten, kneeded, minced with this machine and it nevers fails to produce excellent results. The various speed settings are very useful as is the slow start up speed, helps prevent the flour shower out the bowl.

    After much research i chose this mixer because it looked solid and stylish and was considerably cheaper than the artisan mixer. I am very pleased with it, it performs beautifully and makes lovely light cakes. I had a slight problem with the splash guard, but contacted the kenwood customer care line and they could not have been more helpful and sent a replacement out within a few days.

    We were after a kitchenaid originally but couldn’t justify paying £200 odd difference. It does everything it says and a solid machine. Well worth the money for a mid range mixer.

    Originally purchased an andrew james mixer having been on a one day bread making course where we used kenwoods and also hand mixing. The andrew james one didn’t mix properly and was returned, however although the kmix was much more expensive it does the job properly.

    Cannot believe i have this 2 years already. I use very often for both small and big jobs from whisking cream to making wedding cakes and everything in between, even including making delicious pastry. This machine is value for money and i would highly recommend buying it, especially how well it looks on my work top.

    I must give this one 10 stars. Its unfair with my kenny (kenwood). Its a brilliaqnt machine and works very good so efficient an dthe color looks fabulous on my kitchen top. Easy to clean and works very well with all kinds of stuff.

    This was bought for my daughter she absolutely loves it. It’s her first stand mixer and she could not belief how quick it was with the power and speed. At the moment she’s not used the dough hook and looking forward to using that. It came with an unexpected rubber edge paddle beater which was a nice surprise. I bought this in a lightening deal, so it was a fantastic price. Half the price at what it cost me for my kitchen aid. Seeing my daughter’s in action i would say they are on a par. Reading the reviews it does say the kmix is more powerful. I’m sure it will last her many years. I was disappointed there was no recipe book included, just a few recipe cards.

    Great looking mixer so much better than our previous device.

    Only issue the egg whisk lost a couple of its wires but still works.

    After wanting one of these for some time and the children taking an interest in baking we thought we would splash out and treat ourselves. We looked at the kitchenaid as well as this and there was no real difference between them on the various review sites online so we plumped for this because of the splash guard and price. It works very well, takes the arm ache out of mixing and has improved the quality of our baking and the speed in which its done. The splashguard is very useful as it keeps the mixture in the bowl where it should be. We did wonder whether it would get much use but it is at the moment and even if it isn’t used it looks very nice on the worktop. Tip: make sure you adjust the height of all the attachments as they are quite a way off the bottom of the bowl. It only takes a matter of seconds to get them to the right height so don’t let it put you off.

    Features and Spesification

    • The 500 W motor has electronic speed control, giving the machine a soft start function which increases speed gradually
    • Planetary mixing action and a fold function are an integral part of this machine
    • kMix Stand Mixers come with three non-stick bowl tools: K beater, balloon whisk and dough hook for every mixing requirement
    • The machine has two power outlets allowing the possibility to add an optional range of easy-to-use attachments