Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH Stand Mixer : Work great.

Very good machine especially if you don’t have too much space in the kitchen. One appliance and lots of attachments so no need separate equipments.

Great value for money but the glass blender underneath was broken waiting for a reply to renew it.

This stand mixer is not powerful enough for bread making as i wasn’t able to make bread successfully with multiple attempts. The mixer shakes a little bit while mixing which shows it is a little bit flimsy for bread making. In the end i stopped using this mixer for bread making and hand knead my dough instead. A little disappointed because i bought this specifically to make bread. Other functions of the mixer is fine though.

Great for soup making as well as cakes.

Love my new kenwood has everything you need easy to use and keep clean well worth the money, you do need some space to keep the attachments tho,.

An implement for all my needs. I don’t now need all my other tools.

Item is not in original package. I decided to return it because it is a present for friend.

I have made loads of stuff with this. Might be better ones out there but it’s worked well with me and i’m very happy with it.

  • The juicer is a great add on and can handle most things
  • Fantastic and versatile
  • very good machine especially if you don’t have too much space

Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH Stand Mixer, All in One Kitchen Machine in White, with K-Beater, Dough Hook, Balloon Whisk, Juicer, Blender and 4.3 Litre Bowl

Product Description,
Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH, The Kenwood MultiOne stand mixer is the all in one solution for all your baking and food preparation needs. You can slice, chop and grate.
Your way to easier and quicker healthy meals with the food processor attachment or for creating delicious desserts and treats, use the bowl tools to whisk, beat and mix your way to tasty results every time. Cooking just got easier.

  • Powerful 1000 W motor
  • Food processor function
  • Mixing function
  • 360 Degree planetary mixing action
  • Generous 4.3 Litre bowl capacity
  • Three non-stick bowl tools: K beater, dough hook, whisk
  • Food processor comes with knife blade and three slicing and grating discs
  • Centrifugal juicer and citrus press attachments
  • 1.2 Litre glass blender attachment
  • Meat grinder attachment
  • At Kenwood, Kenwood proudly design and manufacture cutting edge, stylish and efficient kitchen appliances since 1947. Kenwood was founded on the guiding principles of quality, innovation and design. These principles remain steadfast today at the very heart of Kenwood company and Kenwood products. As the expert in food preparation, Kenwood focus is to ensure every Kenwood product enhances your enjoyment of cooking, producing consistently quality results. Whichever Kenwood product you choose, you can be sure to create the ideal dish every time.

    Box Contains,

    Kenwood Multione3 x Bowl tools, dough hook, whisk and K-beater4.3 L mixing bowlGlass blenderCitrus juicerSplashguardMeat grinderThick slicing and shredding discThin slicing and shredding discRasping disc

    From the manufacturer




    Quality. Innovation. Design.

    At Kenwood, we proudly design and manufacture cutting edge, stylish and efficient kitchen appliances since 1947. As the expert in food preparation, our focus is to ensure every Kenwood product enhances your enjoyment of cooking, producing consistently quality results.

    Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH Stand Mixer

    One solution for everything

    Kenwood MultiOne stand mixer is the ultimate solution for all your food preparation needs. Family meals are made easier with the powerful motor, which allows you to prep food with ease. Prepare amazing food with little effort with the Kenwood MultiOne.

    • Motor: 1000W
    • Bowl size: 4.3L stainless steel
    • Planetary mixing for complete ingredient incorporation
    • Variable speed control + pulse
    • Stainless steel knife blade + disks
    • K-beater, whisk & dough tool included
    • Splash guard included
    • Slow speed power outlet for 6 optional attachments

    One solution for everything




    Prepare amazing food

    The MultiOne machine comes with a wide variety of attachments to make food preparation faster and easier. Chop up vegetables in seconds with the food processor complete with stainless steel knife blades and 3 discs for slicing, grating and rasping. Blend quick smoothies or fresh healthy juices with the juice extractor and glass blender attachments. Or prepare fresh burgers and sausages from scratch with the food mincer attachment.

    Making mixing simple

    Our iconic K-beater is a stylish and highly effective dry ingredient mixer, designed to reach every area of the 4.3 stainless steel bowl. With the specially designed balloon whisk, delicious meringues and creams are a breeze. Our spiral dough hook will knead your bread to perfection, so you do not have to worry about it.

    Know your limits

    No one likes to overbake, to make sure your MultiOne lasts a lifetime and that you don‘t waste ingredients here are our capacity recommendations:

    • Cake: 1.6kg

    • Dough: 800g

    • Egg whites: 8 Maximum

    • Flour for pastry: 450g

    Kenwood Kenwood Kenwood Kenwood Kenwood
    Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH Stand Mixer Kenwood KM240 Stand Mixer Kenwood kMix KMX754RD Stand Mixer Kenwood Chef KVC3100W Stand Mixer Kenwood Chef Titanium KVC7300S Stand Mixer
    Bowl size 4.3 litres 4.3 litres 5 litres 4.6 litres 4.6 litres
    Speed control Variable Variable + Pulse Variable Variable + Pulse Variable + Pulse
    Folding function
    Planetary mixing action
    Dishwasher safe tools
    Motor power 1000w 900w 1000w 1000w 1000w
    Oven function
    Optional attachments 6 attachments 7 attachments 10+ attachments 25+ attachments 20+ attachments

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    Not had this long but it can do all that i want it too. It makes cooking so very easy and can easily cope with all that i throw at it. It takes the chore out of cooking and makes cooking fun again. All the bits appart from the machine itself, are dish washer friendly too so cleaning up after ‘playing in the kitchen’ is easy. Well done kenwood, so very happy with what you have kindly created for us kitchen buffs.

    This is a pressi for the household’s head of kitchen – after a couple of extra accessories are obtained this should do very nicely.

    Very useful in the kitchen, lots of parts so take a bit of space to store them all.

    Present for my wife – didn’t disappoint – well made, good price for a really well established brand.

    This thing has been in my kitchen for well over a year now and has seen almost daily use. It is a little unsteady mixing big batches of bread dough but i just do two smaller loads if needed. This is about the only complaint i have about it. It is versatile and does the job of many other kitchen gadgets as well as single purpose devices. The juicer is a great add on and can handle most things. It isn’t up to handling whole apples as the opening isn’t that big but is designed for things cut in half. The mincer is a great feature but yesterday i broke the pegs on it that turn the screw inside it. This was down to following the cleaning instruction that state put bread through the mincer to clean out meat from the blades. The bread clogged and it proved too much. When mixing it sometimes needs a scrape down but so do most stand mixers. An attachment is available that has a built in scraper but for now this would not be required if you keep an eye on things. I have read of other people receiving duds but so far mine has been very reliable. On the whole a great bit of kit.

    It make bread perfect and shreds the veg for stews and soups and it is just one great machine for all your preparing need for food.

    I like everything about this mixer, must advise a large plastic box for all the attachments would be a bonus.

    This was such a bargain when bought. Has all the attachments you could need and more. Managed to get rid of 3 other standalone devices.

    • The juicer is a great add on and can handle most things
    • Fantastic and versatile
    • very good machine especially if you don’t have too much space

    Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH Stand Mixer, All in One Kitchen Machine in White, with K-Beater, Dough Hook, Balloon Whisk, Juicer, Blender and 4.3 Litre Bowl

    This product make my kitchen looks great and it is so helpful. Just make your daily operation easily.

    This item came with a lot more stuff than i expected and has so far even brilliant. I’ve used it for the last 6 months this and can’t think of a single complaint.

    Everything i expected and more arrived as expected.

    Been using it for more than a year now. Its a sturdy little machine. Buyer will have to be careful with the jug because it is made of glass and if it falls during mishandling, that will be the last of it. Be carful will the blades when washing them because they are very sharp and i have cut my fingers few times. Motor is decently powerful and can take the load of any kind easily without burning out. Would recommend if anyone is thinking of buying one of these.

    Great all in one machine, very easy to clean and use.

    There is no sausage attachment for the meat grinder.

    Quite good but a lot of little pieces to be cleaned.

    I tried and used almost every piece of the multione and i’m really comfortable. If you are not a professional baker/chef, it really works.

    Good around for a multitude of jobs. The plastic is a bit flimsy and cracked within the first week of use.

    I love this machine and used it most days. All the accessories arrived in good order, though i haven’t yet managed to use all of them. I’ve always wanted a stand mixer and this hasn’t disappointed and the baking that i’ve done so far had turned out great.

    Looks fab, works and looks the business, will be making first cake later if i can find some instructions in english :-(.

    It as every attachment you could need. Only down side is the bowl could of been bigger. And it is a pain in the bum to use the guard as you have to put attachment ice beater through guard. But that said i would recommend it.

    A little disappointing but then i have used to have chef, i am sure it is just me adjusting to something slower and smaller than a chef. Everything seems to work well just differently.

    The dough function makes the whole machine act like it’s falling apart.

    Whatever you need to do in the kitchen it helps.

    The wife wanted a new food processor etc etc but i was not in agreeance until i dropped our old onethought this was an excellent price for everything we wanted it to do and it does even more than we need/expect. Juices well, whizzes up soup perfectly and makes great pizza dough.

    Basic mixer & liquidiser seem good, but a couple of the other extra attachments do not appear to be made to last and do not function that well. If you want to make smoothies get a smoothie maker not this product.

    Amazing product but small bowl. Should have been bigger for the money.

    Features and Spesification

    • Cooking just got easier with the MultiOne, thanks to the built-in mixing and food processing features to handle all your food prep needs, it’s easy to create delicious, healthy meals
    • Dedicated MultiOne bowl tools such as the iconic K-beater, spiral dough hook and balloon whisk help to bring your baking creations to life, breads, cakes and meringues can be easily created
    • Total mix planetary action provides thorough mixing of all ingredients within the supplied and generously sized 4.3 Litre mixing bowl / Design, create and enjoy your dream culinary dishes
    • Stay in charge of your baking with the electronic speed control and keep your kitchen clean with the supplied splash guard, baking tools are also dishwasher safe, allowing for quick and easy cleaning
    • Items delivered: Kenwood MultiOne KHH326WH kitchen mixer and food processor in white, with K-beater, balloon whisk, dough hook, food mincer, citrus press, blender and juicer