Kenwood Premier Major kmm710 Kitchen Machine 6 – a Chef in the 70s and it was great – this is just as good and makes preparing

Excellent machine with the power to do large mixes. Just the job for my cake making.

Great quality,expected nothing less then kenwood, the mixer came with 3 different heads.

Not used it yet but gave a switch on and so far all is working well,cant get splash guerd to stay on is only prob so far.

Always great performance by kenwood.

My favourite machine its working perfectly arrived in time. Really happy with the product.

It is a kenwood and it knocks kitchen aid into a cocked hat. It has power and capacity and keeps going forever. Don’t think too long, just buy one.

I had a kenwood chef in the 70s and it was great – this is just as good and makes preparing food so much easier.

Kenwood majors are good machines as numerous people already wrote. I chose this model without any additional attachments because i need it mainly for bread and and pastry dough mixing. For this purpose the price is unbeatable. Thanks to the low pound i paid 229€ including delivery to germany. Of course it has a uk plug but you can get the original eu replacement power cord from every kenwood/de’longhi repair shop (kw696433, 6,57€). Let them install it if you can’t do it yourself. For dough mixing i would also recommend the spiral dough hook (kw71165) which costs another 37€.

Excellent build quality,fantastic price,cannot say anymore.

Excellent machine very good price, very fast delivery very very pleased all round.

Used it many times already to bake cakes, scones and buns.

I’ve had this machine for a few years now and pleaseed to say it’s still working. I don’t need the large capacity but the bowl is shaped such that you can mix smaller quantities. Over the years i’ve purchasd mincer and blender attachments which have proved very useful, i use the machine more for these tasks than for normal mixing. It seems quite noisy but this isn’t much of a problem. It will overheat if it is worked too hard. I did this when making marshmallows with my grandson and grey oil dripped into the bowl. I thought i had wrecked the machine but i don’t think i have. I opened it up (easy – one nut) and scraped out the grey grease. Pleased to say nothing has leaked since. In short, this machine would be nigh on perfect if kenwood had built in an automatic cutout to prevent overheating, and perhaps made it a bit quieter. I would have thought this would be simple to do.

Works perfectly, no faults at all. I have had mine for over six months now. Here are the specifications for the Kenwood Premier Major kmm710 Kitchen Machine 6:

  • Powerful 1200W motor
  • 6.7 Litre bowl
  • 3 power outlets
  • metal construction
  • Variable speed

The traditional kenwood mixer, but larger. Powerful and durable, this machine made light work of everything we have tried to do with it so far – dough, cake mixes and grinding spices ( with the attachment). Maybe not as trendy as the retro looking alternatives, but it is more powerful and capable of mixing a large batch of dough without even sounding as if it is under load. A relative bought the kitchen aid mixer a couple of years ago and it looks very nice on her work surface, but she doesn’t use it because it is not powerful enough.

Great mixer, bought it for my mum to replace her original 40 yr old kenwood major, i have a kitchen aid but i much prefer the kenwood.

I bought it and shipped it to my mum. In africa and she is happy because it durable and very good. I can recommend it for anyone.

Everthing worked very well – again at any time.

I use it almost everyday with great results all the time.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great mixer for all EU citizens
  • Works like a Dream
  • great mixer, bought it for my mum to replace

This was a birthday present for my son who delights in creating stuff in his kitchen. He was absolutely thrilled with it’s performance.

Bought this for my sister great for all baking, and bread is done perfect only i paid £304 00 and its now only £199 00. Feel like ive been ripped off now.

Top class a great mixture cant beat kenwood.

I have always wanted a kenwood, but with enough ‘revs’ for bread making. This was a complete bargain, having done loads research (which you should always do when purchasing items like this) and read heaps of reviews. Well, this has been brill, rise and texture of the loaf stunning. I have been hand making bread on and off for years, and this has to be the best loaf ever.If the kw keeps helping me to produce all the goodies i like to bake then i will be well happy. Only grrr is the splash guard is a tad fiddly. In my research i noticed another make has the splash guard attached to the bowl.

Have had a smaller kenwood in the past handed down the family, the old one died and decided to go for a larger one, if you are thinking of choosing a new kenwood you will not be dissapointed. Value for money and a very reliable product.

I previously had the same mixer and it is still working although noisy but at 35 years it gave excellent service.

Looking for a mixer that could allow for enhancements i. Looked at high street stores, all ones that had these facilities were £350+. Found this online – just what was required at a attractive price.

Well what can i say kenwood??. I bought this expecting it to be more or less a similar quality as that of my kenwood professional. But alas definitely not the case. For all the hype i have read that it is a ‘lovely piece of kit’ i m afraid i have to disagree. It is tinny and wobbles like mad when asked to make a largish batch of buttercream. Something it should be more that able to do given that it one of the top of the range. Definitely a huge disappointment and all i can say is unless you have used the kenwood professional you would probably be non the wiser. I also see that the kenwood professional is no longer available. A real shame as its the best one you have ever made.

Good machine, which would be 5 stars if i didn’t have a km001 before. Comparatively good price at £184 compared to equivalents. Beaters / whisks etc are not stainless steel (compared to my previous km001) which is disappointing but can live with it. I think it’s a good machine but not as ‘premium’ as the km001 chef i had previously from 2005 (only bought this one due giving my chef away to a deserving cause). Current equivalent ‘premium’ machines don’t appeal as overpriced and underpowered.

Everything perfect from seller thank you.