Kenwood Prospero KM283 : Five Stars

Great gizmo good price just love it.

Bought this to replace the same appliance which burnt out due to over use. I cook professionally, from home and all my appliances get a real bashing, used almost everyday. The previous one died after 5 years, couldn’t get it repaired. It’s difficult to find a mixer/processor combined, so,limited choice. When space is at a premium, this is perfect. If i’d had unlimited space and cash, i’d have bought separate appliances, but this does the job(s) well. This newer model is even better, speed settings are perfect. I’ve had it just a week and it’s been used every day.

V very good all rounder, works well came to spain well packed.

Brilliant alternative to the ultimate kitchen aide. The item itself is of good quality and the attachments are suitable for a wide range of recipes. This makes baking so much easier. It’s surprising how much more adventurous you become when you’ve got this by your side. There is one drawback, your wasteband will expand.

Very practical mixer with blender and processor. Not as large and sturdy as the original kenwood mixed but takes up less room and has managed everything i have thrown at it so far.

I absolutely love my new machine. It’s not too big and very good quality and it does everything. If you are a weekend baker like me there is no need to spend money on one of the more expensive machines.

Always wanted one so i treated myself. The first thing i made was bread, it was easy to make and it came out lovely. The prospreo is easy to use and easy to clean. Its not too big either, so i can store it in my kitchen cupboard. Just wish that a recipe book came with it, but solved that by going on line. I would definitley recommend this mixer.

A quality product which we would have expected from this manufacturer. The product arrived on time, in good condition. So far, no complaints, other than some of the wifes recipes .

  • it is what its worth
  • Happy cook!
  • My mom is really pleased! 😀

Kenwood Prospero KM283 (KM280 series) Stand Mixer – Silver

Product Description,
Kenwood Prospero KM283 Stand Mixer, If space is at a premium and you’re looking for an easy to use kitchen machine with Kenwood’s trademark versatility then Prospero is the product for you. Prospero is the ideal food preparation partner for everyday use in a family kitchen.
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Box Contains,

  • 1 × Kenwood Prospero machine, silver
  • 1 × Installation leaflet (English)
  • 1 × Stainless steel bowl
  • 1 × Rasping disc
  • 1 × Citrus press attachment
  • 1 × Blender
  • 1 × Food Processor
  • 1 × Fine slicing and shredding disc
  • 1 × Coarse slicing and shredding disc
  • 1 × K Beater
  • 1 × Dough Hook
  • 1 × Splash guard
  • 1 × Whisk
  • 1 × Drive shaft
  • 1 × UK Plug
  • 1 × UK Registration card
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    Thoroughly enjoying our new food processor. Blender is great for smoothies, and the blades for the processor give a good range of food preparation choices.

    Great service – delivered on earliest promised date. , machine is excellent, better than the processor it replaced for mixing/dough making, that was also from kenwood though that lasted 20+yrs until a small part broke and we decided to start anew, and so hope this mixer all-in-one will do to.

    A good compact mixer at a competitive price looking at argos which comes in some £50 more it is a good saving with amazon. Good powerful machine for its size,i did wonder whether to buy the larger kenwood but pleased i decided on this model as it does the job well. Regardless of whether you re mixing small or larger amounts-i whisked one egg white up which it could do fine- whereas some mixer reviews on other makes complain that not all of the mixture gets mixed in and the need to scrape the bowl down to incoporate all the ingredients. As other reviews say the casing is made of plastic but does not really matter as the mixer has strong suckers underneath so will not move far, i have not used the citrus press or processor as yet,the processor looks a good size and a good extra which will be very useful. It is quite noisy but all the other positives outweigh this. Ordered this on sunday and it was delivered on the tuesday-superb delivery.

    The title may make you think oh its worth the amount i paid but these machines have been seen in shops with a much higher price tag. The machine itself does a great job in mixing all the usual ingredients, the only gripe i have is that you have to stop te machine to scrape around the bowl to make sure that all is mixed well. The machine comes with heaps of extra’s & hopefully one day i will get through all of them, what i do like is the stability of the machine & all be it compact in size it does sport a 4. 3 litre bowl so its enough for the domestic house hold. Definitely one to consider & i would recommend i am in no way disappointed with this machine & hope to get many years usage out of this little time saver.

    Since i have the kenwood prospero life is so easy at cooking and baking time. Its not too big and fits well in the corner of my worktop. I have only used it for the dough and baking so far and i am happy with the result.

    Its quite fiddly to put things together. I am disabled and found it quite hard. 3 weeksalso when you are making dough either at no 2 or 3 speed the top of the machine keeps bobbing up and down. Apart from that it works okay. Could have been a bit more robust.

    I use this all the time for; cake making, smoothie making, soup making, veg slicing. It’s great i love it for cakes. Everyone says my cakes are lighter. I find it whips up buttercream really well.

    Worktop space is limited in my kitchen and so this smaller kenwood suits me fine as it fits nicely in a corner. Have used the shredder disc today for both potato and carrots with brilliant results.

    • it is what its worth
    • Happy cook!
    • My mom is really pleased! 😀

    Kenwood Prospero KM283 (KM280 series) Stand Mixer – Silver

    My item arrived on time and i am happy with it although i find it a bit big for my kitchen, but i still kept it for when i move out.

    We purchased this mixer for our daughters birthday on the acquisition of her new house – the item looks terrific but on first use the stand wouldn’t lock down and so the mixer had to be held tightly to prevent it rocking around the worktop. We exchanged it very easily with amazon and have just received the new one – so heres hoping the new one is as good as it looks.

    Love this machine as make my life easier since we bought it early this year. I can say it’s well spent money. Does what it says, from cakes to bread making, shred veggies, beats eggs etc.

    I am very impressed at the speed my new kenwood mixer was delivered to me. I love how it came with all the mods and accessories. Usually a kenwood like this only comes with the basic wisk, dough hook and k-beater; but this came with everything i need to begin cooking and baking up a storm, i can’t wait. Even though it was a big price to pay up front, (just finished being a student) it does come with alot of good perks as mentioned and a 900w motor. It’s a very worthy investment.

    Bought it for my daughter and does everything my full size kenwood does. This product is only a tad smaller and most would not notice the difference. I have heard that the silver finish can scratch easily if roughly handled.

    The comment that i had read that it does all the things a bigger and more expensive mixer does is quite right – but at a lower price. Perhaps a glass blender would have been good but at the price this is excellent value. The more powerful motor than the earlier edition is also good for cakes etc. Why pay more when you get so much with this machine.

    As all kenwood products are this is a perfectly example of there build quality and design. Real nice craft to it and good all round mixer for perfect for baking to give an even mix.

    Has been in regular use and we have had no problems at all.

    Very good wife as used it alot had some great cakes.

    I found this mixer very easy to use and i just enjoy using it, it has made baking so much easier. It is not as noisy as i thought it might be. So very pleased with my purchase.

    This mixer is so versatile and does so many jobs that normallyyou would need countless machines for i highly recommend it to anyone.

    This is a gift that i made to my mother and she just loves it. She is a fan of the kitchen and cooking and this was just perfect for her. She loved the design and all the extras that you can make with it and her all time favorite is the accessory for the dough. She loves to make bread , pizzas etc and this thing just makes her hands rest, because she used to make them with her own hands. The thing is that now i loved it too and i wanted to buy it but my problem is that i need some space in the kitchen and this is not possible since my kitchen is tiny. It’s not that this appliance needs crazy big space, just i don’t have any. It takes regular place as all of this kind of stand mixers.

    Easy to use, compact, powerful. You can do everything with it. Good value for money, looks nice too. The big bowl is very good, easy to wash too.

    This was my first processor and i have to say i have no problems with it. Its looks better than it feels to be honest but its a sturdy machine never the less. The processor is a bit flimsy as the blades cant take to much pressure. The plastic cover does get anoying as you have to use 2 hands to remove it as you lift the head unit or it will just fall off. Surprizing the guys in white coats and lots of pens in their top pockets didnt sort this one out in the first place. Im still happy with it for the price though.

    Its my first proper stand mixer. I make bread all the time and it makes it quick and handy. It will do me a couple of years till i get the next better one.

    Absolutely overjoyed with this device. Since this arrived i’ve used it pretty much every day. I wanted a mixer with a powerful motor so that i could make bread. This fits the bill perfectly. It has only a small footprint and so can stay out on the work surface. The food processor and blender are great too. Since i already have a blender and food processor, i wasn’t sure how much i’d use them. The convenience of having the unit out and being able to slot in the attachment means i use them instead of the other bits that are stored away in cupboards.

    This is a good little machine. It has no problem with large mixes though the head does move around a lot. I’ve noticed that it does this anyway and it doesn’t seem to affect performance. I think it’s due to the swirling motion which i haven’t seen before on a kenwood. This motion makes it very quick, though it does mean you need to use the splash guard as it splashes a bit at the beginning. I can’t comment on the attachments as i already had them all in one form or another and so i haven’t tried them. My only complaint was that i couldn’t buy the mixer without them.

    This was a present for my girlfriends aunties and they are very picky when it comes to quality and design of a mixer. Well, this one is still in use to this day 18 months later so the proof is in the pudding (groan i hear) on how well this one does the job. Not cheap, but you do get a decently built and robust mixer to stand the rigours of living in a kitchen.

    Features and Spesification

    • 900W, great for everyday use in a family kitchen
    • Large 4.3L stainless steel bowl
    • 3 bowl tools with Kenwood planetary mixing action
    • Fully interlocked machine for added safety